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review 2017-07-27 16:22
Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann
Killers of the Flower Moon - David Grann

This book pieces together a brutal piece of history and unravels an ugly murder mystery. It’s disturbing, depressing and, at least for me, not at all the fast moving read I was led to believe from some of the early reviews. Maybe it’s just me, but I had a difficult time sticking with it. There were so many people involved and random details tossed in that didn’t seem to move things along that to me it seemed a little too over-stuffed and hard to follow at times. Perhaps it should’ve been a little longer? I don’t know. I tried it first in its Kindle version which includes photos of the people involved and then I moved on to the audiobook when I found myself putting it down and not wanting to pick it back up again. The audiobook is read by three narrators and one of them, Will Patton, is one of my favorites so that definitely helped. Something about his voice just pulls you in and forces you to pay attention.

This is a story about those in power who systematically attempt to eradicate an entire tribe of Indians in order to nab their wealth. First they remove them from their homeland and stick them on an unwanted patch of land (which turns out to be worth a fortune later when oil is struck), then they take their buffalo away making them dependent on the government’s money and then after the tribe has accumulated millions because they were far savvier than anyone assumed, the murdering begins. It is a terrible, awful story and it makes me heartsick that there was no justice and that these people were treated as if they were stupid children – or worse. I wasn’t expecting hearts and rainbows but I was hoping someone, somewhere would pay for all of the atrocities committed but no, the greedy and the powerful get away with murder. It’s sickening.

Do I recommend it? Yes, I do. It’s an important book and appalling true story that needed to be documented. We all need to know about the evil that was done to the Osage Tribe and I am not sorry I read/listened to it but I can’t honestly say I would ever read it again. 

Previous reading notes:
I'm putting this one on hold for a bit. I've been really struggling to get through it and am instead going to continue to wait for my number to come up for the audio version via Overdrive and read it that way. It's dense with information and history and I feel I'll absorb it better that way. My brain is too tired to read this at night after a never ending day. 

UPDATE: My number has come up and this is read by Will freaking Patton! Yes, this was most definitely a good decision on my part.

Starting over with the audio today. I'm kind of glad I have both as I can read along with the Kindle and look at the pictures smattered about while listening to Will Patton's voice. I feel so spoiled ;)

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review 2017-07-26 01:51
The Amish Face the Technological Apocalypse with Grace
When the English Fall: A Novel - David Williams

I'll admit I was trepidatious about being assigned this novel to review at first. Much as the setup is catnip to me -- a fresh take on technological shutdown and societal collapse? Sign me up! -- I have a real thing about how the Amish are sometimes portrayed. They're sort of infantized and fetishized in a lot of contexts, like they're just these adorable weirdos who don't have electricity. Not to get too far into it, but any religious group who practices shunning is on my shit list, and that goes for Scientology as well. But! The Amish are no monolith, like any group, and embrace a number of societal ideals I find admirable, non violence being the main one. Anyway.


David Williams managed to sidestep all of my fears, and spin a compelling tale. His main character, Jacob, is not without faults, but his very active engagement with the rough realities of the technological failure of the English (that's us, to them) is deep and thoughtful. A very good book. 



My latest at B&N Sci-fi & Fantasy

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review 2017-07-25 18:50
Will blow away your House Hunters International fantasy!
L'Appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home - David Lebovitz

Lebovitz is an American chef and cookbook author who moved to Paris to advance his career. I have read his previous books, and he is a talented and engaging author. This particular book is about his search for, purchase of, and renovation of a home in Paris. And what a great story it is!
I found myself surprised at the difficulty in even locating a property for sale in Paris (House Hunters International makes it look so easy and fun on TV!). Upon finally finding the property, the author experienced the infamous Paris bureaucracy in the purchase of it. And then, just when you think it should all be smooth sailing, the real trouble begins in the renovation stage!
I cannot believe what Lebovitz went through. His stamina and perseverance are amazing. I am sure that I would have gave up many times, escaping back to the safety of the United States. Kudos to him for his overcoming of all the obstacles thrown at him.
I found the book to be fascinating, and could not put it down. I literally devoured it in two evenings. The author is very engaging, writes extremely well, and manages to keep the reader "pulling for" him. I highly recommend this book, even if it does lay to rest my "House Hunters International" fantasy of moving to France!

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review 2017-07-25 11:22
Auch so verspannt?
Massage-Techniken: Die heilende Kraft de... Massage-Techniken: Die heilende Kraft der Hände bei Beschwerden von A bis Z - David Chang


Auf dem Cover sehen wir verschiedene Massagepraktiken, die bildlich dargestellt werden.

Meine Zusammenfassung und Meinung:

‚Massage-Techniken‘ von David Chang ist eine Ansammlung an Massagepraktiken, welche für alle möglichen Leiden ist. Hinten gibt es ein Register mit geschätzt 200 verschiedenen Behandlungsformen für z. B. Migräne, Nervosität, Ohrenschmerzen, Periodenschmerzen, Müdigkeit oder aber auch rheumatische Leiden. Es gibt aber auch Themen wie z. B. Aromatherapie, Akupunktur sowie einfache „Grundtechniken“. Bei jeder Erklärung wird sich ausführlich Zeit genommen, und mit Ganzkörperbildern die Nervenbahnen dargestellt.

Besonders erstaunlich fand ich, wie viele Nerven an ganz anderen Stellen behandelt werden können. So gibt es zig Zonen, die in den Füßen behandelt werden können. Es gibt ausführliche Tabellen zu verschiedenen Chakra-Punkten. Akupressur fand ich für meinen Geschmack etwas zu viel bzw. würde ich mich nicht trauen, aber die Stellen zu kennen, wo man überall behandelt werden kann, war sehr interessant. Zusammen mit meinem Freund habe ich versucht, einige der Druckpunkte auszuprobieren. Ob es nun wirklich, z. B. bei Kopfschmerzen geholfen hat, kann ich leider nicht sagen, wahrscheinlich fehlt mir auch noch das Fingerspitzengefühl für einige Techniken und Punkte.

Mir hat das Buch sehr gut gefallen und ich werde es auch Freunden weiterempfehlen. Es wartet mit einem wirklich fairen Preis auf und ist sehr gut ausgearbeitet mit hilfreichen Bildern. Etwas lustig fand ich auf Seite 204 beim Thema „Menstruationsbeschwerden“, das man wohl aus Versehen ein Portrait von einem Mann zur Erklärung genommen hat. Aber kleine Fehler passieren ja wohl überall <img class="emoji" draggable="false" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2.3/svg/1f642.svg" alt="

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review 2017-07-24 19:00
[ [ [ Preston Falls (Vintage Contemporaries (Paperback)) [ PRESTON FALLS (VINTAGE CONTEMPORARIES (PAPERBACK)) ] By Gates, David ( Author )Apr-06-1999 Paperback - David Gates

Preston Falls by David Gates
This story is about a family, man wife and 2 kids. They travel to VT for their weekends to get away from the city.
Jean the wife is tired after working every day to drive 4 hours to get to the weekend house.
Willis the husband is on a leave, unpaid and is at odds with himself. After relatives leave early things fall apart for them.
She leaves with the kids to camp out one night before heading home because school starts. Willis ends up coming after them, gun in the truck along with the dog and gets into trouble and ends up in jail.
Story continues and we learn about the past as the kids grow older year after year. Roger is the oldest and has a mind of his own. Mel is a teen also and has her way of getting things done.
Interesting to learn about the northern town but I found a lot of abusive vulgar swearing-so unnecessary to get the point across.
He goes through his mid life crisis and she goes to find him, having no idea where he'd be...
Liked walks through the woods and other places described.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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