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text 2018-09-03 21:32
Za darmo e-book „Rowerem w stronę Indii” w prezencie od Roberta Maciąga
Rowerem w stronę Indii - Robert Maciąg


Bardzo lubię sposób pisania Roberta Maciąga. Może dlatego, że podoba mi się kierunek jego wyjazdów (Indie) i sposób postrzegania świata. Na swoim blogu już wcześniej zachęcałem Was do przeczytania choćby „TukTuk Cinema” czy „Rowerem w stronę Indii”. Teraz jest okazja do przypomnienia tej drugiej pozycji, ponieważ można ją pobrać za darmo. Autor właśnie udostępnił bezpłatnie e-booka. Ja o tej akcji dowiedziałem się z postu Anity, zamieszczonego w grupie FB Polskie Kundelki.


Wpis Roberta Maciąga udostępniony przez Anitę na grupie Polskie Kundelki


Kiedy przeczytałem (cztery lata tamu) „Rowerem do Indii” w wersji papierowej, tak oto zrecenzowałem książkę na moim profilu w lubimyczytac.pl:

Po prostu bardzo fajna książka do (prze)czytania i (po)oglądania. Robert zrobił to, o czym wielu rowerzystów śni po nocach. Opisał drogę do Indii niby chronologicznie, niby w formie dziennika z podróży ale ani chronologia ani rzeczowość sprawozdawcy nie rządzą. Raczej wrażenia, przemyślenia, małe i duże radości podróżowania. Przykrości są opisane taktownie albo może nawet taktownie przemilczane.”


Czytając w 2014 roku książkę "Rowerem do Indii", raczyłem się herbatnikami popularnej (indyjskiej) marki Britannia :)


Nie pozostaje mi więc nic innego, jak przy tej okazji gorąco zachęcić Was do lektury książek Roberta Maciąga. A (literacką i nie tylko) przygodę zacząć można na przykład od pobrania „Rowerem w stronę Indii”. Na stronie autora, trzeba tylko po dodaniu książki do koszyka, podać kod rabatowy „RoweremDoIndii”. Publikację można pobrać w tutaj postaci pliku ZIP z EPUBem i MOBI w środku. Oferta ważna jest do środy 5 IX 2018 r. Miłej lektury i podróży do Indii!


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text 2018-08-23 06:31
Author as a salesperson

The only way I have been able to sell my books is in person, directly to a potential reader.


When I did the math, I realized that I could order my books, mark them up and sell them cheaper than someone could buy them from Amazon, when you factored in the cost of shipping.


Here’s an example: For me to order a copy of Local Rag costs $4.40 CA, plus $2.43 shipping = $6.83 For anyone else to buy a copy of Local Rag from Amazon Canada costs $13.29, plus $4.98 shipping, plus GST 91¢ = $18.95 The difference is $12.12 (I don’t have to collect the GST because my sales are under $30,000 annually).


If I deduct the $2.86 royalty from my Amazon sale, I'm  still ahead $9.26.  I can offer a $2.00 discount to the purchaser and make more than $4.00 more than I get from a sale on Amazon.


About a year ago, I started researching venues where I could sell my books in person. I rejected flea markets and other events unrelated to literature and soon found opportunities to participate in public readings and talks. You speak briefly about your book or a related topic and sell your work after the event while mingling with the audience.


I took it a step further and developed mini-seminars in self-publishing and memoir writing which I conducted free. The audience was very sales friendly. This system worked at book fairs as well, but since the table rental had to be taken into consideration, I had to be a little more aggressive.


In sales, it’s essential to engage the customer, so you have to get out from behind the table and chat up the passers-by. I printed up cheap bookmarks to give away, had them fill out an entry form (don’t forget their email address) for a free draw of some of my books, and talked about the event, even the other authors.


I’ve made a living at direct sales so this is second nature to me, but even so it was exhausting and not a lot of fun.


After six months I had a decision to make. I now had lots of opportunities to speak, teach and sell my books, but I needed to invest in more stock. If I ordered more books, I’d have to get out there and flog them.


I decided I’d had enough.


So what have I learned?


Selling a book is a lot like writing one. There’s no easy way,


and nobody can do it for you.


Too bad.


Stay calm, be brave, watch for the signs.



Amazon Author Page (still the easiest way to sell books)



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text 2018-08-21 08:36
Promoting your books on discount book sites

The internet has a plethora of sites that offer free or deeply discounted e-books to members.

They get their product from authors who are enticed by the opportunity to have a promo template of their book sent free to the site’s membership in hopes that some members will download it, read and review it.

The free offer is a teaser to encourage you to pay for their enhanced list - more members and prolonged exposure.

They also offer a free author interview template. Answer the questions, add your picture and they’ll post it for free.

I discounted Local Rag to 99¢ and submitted it to the four sites listed below, taking advantage of free option only. I work hard to write and produce a decent book and I won't pay to give it away for free.


Like so many things that are free, and I suppose that goes for most free e-books, you get what you pay for. I didn’t see a whiff of interest.

I’ve researched a few authors who have documented how much they spent versus how much they made in sales using this approach. They claim to have broke even, but I have my doubts. I’m reminded of my friend who makes frequent trips to Las Vegas. When he wins, I hear about it. When he loses, well, he’s back talking about the time he won.

The other thing I noticed is that their book sales were not sustained. There may have been a blip, but there was not enough reviews, word of mouth, or buzz, in general, to elevate their book from self-publishing oblivion.


Stay calm, be brave, watch for the signs


Discount book sites






My Amazon Book Page in case you want to purchase Local Rag for 99¢ until the end of August




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text 2018-08-01 17:42
Novellas in Paperback!

For those who have been patiently waiting, the paperback volume of my novellas is here!



This paperback edition includes:

The Last Lancastrian: A Story of Margaret Beaufort

Once a Queen: A Story of Elizabeth Woodville


Prince of York: A Story of Reginald Pole

Source: mybook.to/Novellas
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text 2018-07-18 14:00
New Release! Prince of York: A Story of Reginald Pole

I am so excited for this day! Reginald Pole has been the most fascinating person that I have had the pleasure to study. I admire him in so many ways, and, while part of me wishes he had been a bit more ambitious, another part has to admit that is one of the characteristics that makes him so honorable. I hope that you enjoy reading this novella as much as I enjoyed writing it!




Source: mybook.to/PrinceOfYork
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