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review 2017-03-13 15:00
Atavus Falls Review
Atavus Falls - Jack J. Carroll

I always feel bad when I'm reviewing a debut book with a negative opinion. Especially when it's obvious that the author tried really hard. I'm going to be as constructive as possible.

Atavus Falls was a great idea. The idea of language being a virus is one that has been played with a few times, and I'm definitely open to seeing more exploration of the idea. However, I think that type of story needs the hand of an experienced writer to guide it, and Atavus Falls did not have that.

-The multiple points of view did not work well. Maybe if they had been pared down a bit, it would have seemed a bit more cohesive. As it was, it was more a scramble to remember who was who when they were talking.

-The language was, ah, over the top. I think most of it is typical first book stuff. Everyone imagines him/herself to be the next great literary figurehead. They lose their story in the desire to make it sound gorgeous.

Not all stories need to sound gorgeous. Sometimes one needs to err on the side of sparsity rather than give in to the urge to be loquacious about the mundane.

-Between the excessive language and the overpopulated POV changes, the story came across extremely muddled. I spent several moments trying to figure out when and where we were in the story at times. I don't like the switches in time and space even when it's very well done. When it's not, my dislike deepens until another word fits it entirely.

There are other things, but these are the big ones.

I will say that I did like the ending. I do feel that the book got a lot better around the 65% point. I think if the author learns to make sure what he's saying is important to the story, and clear, he'll improve by bounds.

Unfortunately, I just can't recommend this story.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author for review consideration.

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review 2017-01-05 00:00
Fall 2016 Debut Fiction Sampler
Fall 2016 Debut Fiction Sampler - Variou... Fall 2016 Debut Fiction Sampler - Various I really love these samplers put out by Netgalley, this one specific to fall 2016, as a way to get more insight from a book then a synopsis gives and it's a great way to preview a novel prior to purchase. There are six novels featured in this sampler and the preview you are given for each is quite significant and more than just a couple of pages. I read this on my Kindle and received at least the first 30 pages per book which is definitely enough to get a feel for the writing style, the storyline and plot and an introduction to the characters in order to judge weather or not the book is something you want to continue reading. The six featured samples included in this publication are as follows:

The Mothers: A Novel by Brit Bennett (Riverhead)
The Girls: A Novel by Emma Cline (Random House)
Dark Matter: A Novel by Blake Crouch (Crown)
Sweetbitter: A Novel by Stephanie Danler (Knopf)
Homegoing: A Novel by Yaa Gyasi (Knopf)
A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel by Amor Towles (Viking)

Of that selection I have personally, so far, read The Girls and Dark Matter because of my piqued interest after reading the sample of each book in this publication and they were both 5 star reads that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm looking forward to reading the other four novels featured in this sampler as well, especially The Mothers.

This is a great way to get inspiration for your TBR shelf and i highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading fiction novels especially if they like to have an idea of what they are getting before they go out and purchase a book. I especially enjoy this because 99% of the books I purchase I buy from online companies so I don't have the luxury of actually flipping through the book like I would at a physical bookstore so I usually have to rely on the brief description provided in the synopsis, or from the reviews of other readers, so this publication is a great resource for me, and for the countless other out there who purchase their books online.

I received Fall 2016 Debut Fiction Sampler from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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review 2016-12-19 00:00
Spring 2016 Debut Fiction Sampler
Spring 2016 Debut Fiction Sampler - Bill... Spring 2016 Debut Fiction Sampler - Bill Beverly,Amber Brock,Siobhan MacDonald,Sylvain Neuvel,Sunjeev Sahota,J. Aaron Sanders,Martin Seay,Holly Seddon,Mark Tompkins,Shawn Vestal,Helen Brown,Yaa Gyasi,Swan Huntley,Jowhor Ille,Martha Hall Kelly,Paul Krueger,Lynne Kutsukake,Beth Lewis This is a difficult publication to review...obviously it's not my typical fiction read but I wanted to include it on my blog all the same because it's a wonderful little reference for readers out there, one that I've grown very fond of and slightly dependent upon. I received this little gem courtesy of Netgalley, and rely on it to gain insight and ideas for what to add to my "to read" shelf and in deciding what to read next. It's made up of a group of different books that were recently released and includes the first couple chapters of each. It's a great way to learn of new releases and get an idea of weather or not a book is going to be enjoyable before purchasing the entire novel. The only problem is when a book starts off so intriguing that I'm frustrated that I don't have the entire publication to enjoy! But I suppose that's a good problem to have.

I received a copy of this publication from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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review 2016-11-13 15:58
Sunday Street Team Review | Timekeeper by Tara Sim
Timekeeper - Tara Sim


The Sunday Street Team is a group of bloggers led by the marvelous Nori @ ReadWriteLove28 who aim to bring well-deserved attention to new and upcoming books and their authors. 


This month's post is featuring Tara Sim and her steampunk debut novel, Timekeeper. 


I would recommend Timekeeper to fans of historical fiction and steampunk, especially if you are looking for a new take on the genre. I would also recommend Danny's story to anyone looking for a diverse novel that does not shy away from the tough questions. Even though the middle was a little bit slow, anyone who enjoys a good steampunk will enjoy Timekeeper.


If you want to hear more of my thoughts about the book and enter in the giveaway, then click on the original link.

Source: 4evercrazyforya.blogspot.com/2016/11/sunday-street-team-timekeeper-by-tara.html
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review 2016-10-25 15:02
*Recenzie*: "Vrum-vrum" de Cristina Frîncu
Vrum-vrum (Romanian Edition) - Cristina Frincu

Autor: Cristina Frîncu

Titlu: Vrum-vrum

Editura: Adenium

Colectia: Punct Debut Ro

Nr. pagini: 149



Vrum-vrum! si-am pornit la drum, alaturi de Clara B.,“Cea mai buna (cu sageata)”, pe Hondita ei din hartie, sa ii gasim lui Poeteski Muza cacacioasa, pentru a-l ajuta sa isi scrie cartea. Nu va fi o calatorie obisnuita. Pe drum vom de peste tot felul de personaje care mai de care mai ciudate si mai sarite de pe fix: Bitchy Witchy si piticii ei, Triunghiularul, Discordianul, ah! si sa nu-l uitam pe Johnny Depp – da, da, apare si el pe-acolo.



Vrei sa vii si tu cu noi? Pentru asta nu trebuie decat sa citesti cartea Cristinei Frincu.


Nu e o carte simplă, previzibilă si nu are prea multa logica, dar are in schimb umor, umor si…am mentionat umor? Este cea mai non-sens, total lipsita de logica si cea mai incurcata carte pe care am citit-o pana acum, deci o reprezentare foarte buna a literaturii absurdului, dar pot spune ca mi-a placut la nebunie.

Cel mai mult am adorat stilul autoarei, care stie sa jongleze cu cuvintele, nu gluma. Daca vorbeste la fel cum scrie, atunci este una dintre persoanele pe care as sta sa le ascult toata ziua. Cartea contine o doza mare de sarcasm si ironie. si este perfecta pentru cei care vor sa citeasca “altceva”, o carte iesita din comun, din banalitate, neconvențională.

Se citeste foarte rapid si usor, daca inainte sa incepi a o lectura iti golesti mintea si lasi deoparte logica. Nu incerca sa intelegi ce se petrece, just enjoy the ride!


Ei, ce mai astepti?! Nu mai sta si beli ochii pe-aici, du-te si citeste cartea! “Hepede hepejoh” - cum ar spune Eris Discordia, pisica raraita a Clarei.

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