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text 2018-11-05 00:44
Starting: Jurassic Park - audio book version!
Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton,Scott Brick

Jurassic Park

by Michael Crichton
narrated by Scott Brick
Book 1 of Jurassic Park

Progress:  31 of 910 minutes listened to

So the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of "rereading" Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.  Jurassic Park is really one of those old favorites you will always think back on fondly of, if only because it was such a novelty of a movie and book back in the day.

I don't often reread books, especially books I loved when I was younger.  I'm deathly afraid of finding out how much my tastes have changed and how much I DON'T like certain elements of a once favorite read.

But with the reading of our Flat Book Society book, The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs by Steve Brusatte, my mind started wandering to Jurassic Park, both the movie and the book.  Then I recalled one of the 24 Festive Tasks' Book Tasks for 'Dia de los Muertos':  "Re-read an old favorite from a now-deceased author, a book from a finished (dead) series, or a book set in Mexico."

The next thing I know, I'm thinking it might be a great idea to add Jurassic Park (or maybe another old Michael Crichton favorite) to a list of possible books for this square.  "Re-read an old favorite from a now-deceased author."  It fits perfectly!

Then I decided to just go for it!

I will be listening to the audio book version, narrated by Scott Brick.

And crossing my fingers that I enjoy this book as much as I did so many years ago.



24 Festive Tasks

Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2018/11/starting-jurassic-park-audio-book.html
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review 2018-07-27 13:17
Fun, slow, with flawed science
Jurassic Park - Micheal Crichton

And I should clarify: some parts of this books are fun, mostly everything with dinosaurs.   The baby raptors, the dinosaurs chasing everyone and terrifying them in the process?   So much fun!   Even the descriptions of dinosaurs, or the remains as Alan Grant and Ellie Satler are on the dig in the beginning?   A lot of fun. 


Other parts are slow.   The whole history of genetic engineering?   Necessary, especially the part about how a lapse in ethical and legal guidelines could allow this to happen.   It didn't have to be quite so long, however. 


More scenes were simply drawn out in the middle, and towards the end of the book, as well.    I can't see myself rereading those parts, but with the X-Ray function in Kindle books, I can see myself rereading the parts with the baby raptors, or with the adult raptors. 


This also plays at being morally 'responsible' by showing how you shouldn't play god, especially with dinosaurs, but it's really all Ian Malcolm nagging everyone, bless him, and no one really listening or learning.   There is no real nuanced exploration of what it means to bring dinosaurs back, and so I found this lacking in that regard.   I found it a little pitiful that it tried, since it was so obviously an action book with one character pretending to be a moral compass without truly encompassing what it would mean to societies and the world - ecologically - to bring these dinosaurs back.   Although I mentioned I was reading this to a customer, and he scoffed: dinosaurs couldn't exist in this world, as the percentage of oxygen in the air, for example, was different.  And that, he pointed out, was just brushing the surface of the issues of bringing dinosaurs into the modern world. 


Like I said, super shaky science.   Of course, I wasn't reading it for realism.  I know velociraptors are really turkey-sized, not-very-smart beings, or so we think.    But I didn't really care: I wanted the super smart, human sized predators that I find fascinating to the point of obsession.   (And I mean like little boy obsessed.   Y'know how little boys tend to love dinosaurs?   Yeah, that's me, just I focus on raptors.)


And this provided me with enough compelling raptor scenes that I stuck with the book.   

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text 2018-07-27 00:04
Reading progress update: I've read 398 out of 480 pages.
Jurassic Park - Micheal Crichton

Not loving Grant right now...

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text 2018-07-23 03:10
Reading progress update: I've read 340 out of 480 pages.
Jurassic Park - Micheal Crichton

I hope Muldoon gets eaten next and the most horribly off all. 

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text 2018-07-21 23:54
Reading progress update: I've read 262 out of 480 pages.
Jurassic Park - Micheal Crichton


Tim's going to turn into one of those ladies who gets mind boggled when we don't want babies, isn't he?


Don't be that lady, Tim. 


Leave me and Dr. Grant alone, okay?

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