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review 2016-06-11 00:00
Breaker - Kat Ellis Breaker - Kat Ellis I enjoyed this on a lot.

It was a bit of a slow burn YA thriller with some romance thrown in. Likable characters, and a great plot that kept me guessing about who the baddie was right until the end.

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review 2016-04-05 16:30
Review: "Blackfin Sky" by Kat Ellis
Blackfin Sky - Kat Ellis

Hey you! …?...Yes, you! The one reading this. Are you looking for a book full of mysteries and plot twists? If the answer is yes, then "Blackfin Sky" is perfect for you.

What I liked about this book is that it kept me guessing until the end. After a long search, I’ve finally found another book, with an extremely well thought and very unpredictable plot! I couldn't put this book down! Warning: I’ve made the mistake to start reading this while I’ve been through an extremely busy period at school, so I had to stop reading it for two days and believe me that meant a great suffering for me. I’ve wanted so bad to find out what was going to happen next and if Sky would get all the answers in the end (what is she, what happened to her and so on) that I couldn't wait to restart my read. So before starting "Blackfin Sky" make sure that you have the possibility to read it without interruptions because it is a real page turner. There are lot of questions since the first pages of the novel and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the author adds another twist to keep you turning the page because in Blackfin, nothing is as it seems.

A little description:

Skylar (I have to mention that I find her name to be quite awesome) falls from the pier and drowns on her sixteenth birthday, everything seems normal until now but the weird part comes when she shows up after 3 months like nothing happened. She’s trying to find out what happened with her in the night she was supposed to have died and where she was this whole time. As she works to unravel the mystery surrounding her death, she discovers some pretty strange happenings around the town of Blackfin, a town filled with secrets just waiting to be unearthed.


I wasn’t too attached to the characters at the beginning. I’ve needed some time to get accustomed with them because there where so many mysteries and questions surrounding them, especially Skylar, but through the end, after I’ve started to find out more about their stories and understand them better, I grow to like them more and more .

Skylar was ok. That’s all I can say, I don’t hate her but she don’t fall into my favorite heroines category.
As for the main couple, Sean seems to be a good guy and he and Skylar really match with each other. I like that the romance between them is natural and never forced.

One thing that had bothered me was the fact the Cam and Bo didn’t really make any contribution to the plot, so their existence seemed unnecessary. I was expecting more from them because they were supposed to be Skylar’s friends, even though they didn’t react like her friends, especially when she returned from the death.

The ending was a good one but I think there is always room for a sequel because Blackfin and Sky's family seem like they have many more mysteries inside of them.

Unpredictable, FULL of mysteries, original plot, a little bit spooky (maybe), fast-paced, some paranormal stuff, that’s what "Blackfin Sky" has to offer to you. So what are you waiting for? Go find a nice nook, make sure no one interrupts you and start reading it! ^.^

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review 2016-02-29 00:00
Blackfin Sky
Blackfin Sky - Kat Ellis Intrigued...

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review 2015-02-23 19:37
Blackfin Sky - Kat Ellis

A really well written, interesting, fun read. I can't go much further into it. I would hate to ruin it by giving away too soon the well paced unraveling of all its secrets. 

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review 2015-01-13 15:29
Blackfin Sky by Kat Ellis
Blackfin Sky - Kat Ellis

I found this book confusing, it seemed to go and go and then finally at the end the puzzle was solved and I was left standing for more. In the beginning, I was following along and then all these fragmented pieces came into play and I couldn’t tell whether I had missed something or the character had just had one of her experiences.   Stopping, I had to go back and reread what I had previously read, it was all so confusing, like a senseless mind trip for which I wasn’t totally submerged.   After reading the novel, I looked at the reviews and many people praised the book for its unpredictability and its mysterious nature and I have to agree that it sure had that.


The story is told from the perspective of a haunted weathervane, Silas who watches everything in the town of Blackfin. This town along with its population is unique; the town has a reputation of messes with its citizen’s heads. Sixteen-old Sky makes her way into school one day, except this is not a typical school day. Everyone is shocked to see her as she has been dead for 3 months after her birthday party. Retrieved from the water, they buried her and mourned her but to Sky that was just a dream that she had. Where has Sky been these past three months and how can she be alive? Sky must retrace her steps the night of her party to uncover the truth. The story gets twisted complete with a circus, a gypsy, a Blood House, dreams, and time travel, so hold on as this book will definitely take you on a trip. I liked the beginning and the ending; I just wished that in the middle I could have had something more to hold onto.

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