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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-03-10 20:39
#BuffySlays20: My Favorite Buffy Episodes that You Won't Find on Most Lists on the 20th Anniversary of the Show!





Everything about Buffy is amazing, except for maybe the outfits as this Twitter account, Bad Buffy Outfits will tell you. Anyway, #BuffySlays20 and every blog/website will be listing the top ten episodes/plot points etc from the series. On most of them you will find mentions of amazing episodes, such as this one, which according to io9:


Hush” was nominated for a writing Emmy, even though it only has 17 minutes of dialogue. That’s all you need to know to understand how groundbreaking this season four episode was. The Gentlemen, some of the show’s creepiest villains, steal everyone’s voices so they can silently steal some hearts, and the Scoobies struggle to express their feelings to each other in the wake of losing something as integral as human communication. A bold and risky episode of TV, the episode ends up saying so much with so little.


and The Body, which according to News.com.au:


“Mummy?” All it took was one word and all of our hearts broke. Buffy finding her mother’s dead body sprawled on the couch, struck down by an all-too-human disease and not anything supernatural was one of the most wrenching Buffy moments. The sequence that followed of her wandering through the house in a daze, with no score and an almost saturated aesthetic brought home the completely uncomfortable truth of human death.


Of course, how can we forget the scene where Buffy kills Angelous in Season 2, which WhatCulture says is one of the iconic moments from the show! The kiss, the music playing in the background (yes, it is one of the ringtones on my phone), it was all heartbreaking!


All these scenes are undoubtedly amazing but the scenes that stayed with me also include those you won't find on such lists. Here are a few of them:


Killed By Death was one of the scariest episodes for me. It doesn't add to the overall theme of the show and the monster seems like a ripoff of on-screen villains, which it was, and yet I liked how it left me...too scared to go to sleep! 


Xander: You don't know how to kill this thing.

Buffy: I thought I might try violence.

Xander: Solid call.



Halloween (Second Season) is another favorite because of so many reasons. Willow was crushing on Xander and felt invisible like the ghost she dressed up as. Xander went as a soldier and the experience that he gains in this episode filters down to us in the future ones. We also get to see what Giles was like before he became so prim & proper.


Willow: Poor Xander. Boys are so fragile. Speaking of, how was your date last night?

Buffy: Misfire. I was late due to unscheduled slayage. Showed up looking trashed.

Willow: Was he mad?

Buffy: Actually, he was pretty unmad. Which probably had something to do with the fact that Cordelia was drooling in his cappuccino.

Willow: Oh, Buffy. Angel would never fall for her act.

Buffy: You mean that 'actually showing up, wearing a stunning outfit, embracing personal hygiene' act?



Helpless is heartbreakingly sad and damn scary! The vampire that Buffy has to fight, Gile's betrayal, the Watchers' Council politics...all of it made one helluva episode. And then there was this:


Angel: I saw you before you became the Slayer.

Buffy: What?

Angel: I watched you, and I saw you called. It was a bright afternoon out in front of your school. You walked down the steps... and... and I loved you.

Buffy: Why?

Angel: 'Cause I could see your heart. You held it before you for everyone to see. And I worried that it would be bruised or torn. And more than anything in my life, I wanted to keep it safe... to warm it with my own.

Buffy: That's beautiful. Or taken literally, incredibly gross.

Angel: I was just thinking that, too.


I don't remember much about Homecoming but what I do remember is that Buffy looked amazing when she dressed up for the event.
I also remember that I fell in love with Oz when he said:

Oz: As Willow goes, so goes my nation.

Band Candy is memorable for me because I can still see Giles & Joyce behaving like two teenagers and smooching in front of Buffy. Funny as heck! I realized how detail-oriented the show's creators must be when I came across this piece of trivia:


The Cream song that Giles and Joyce listen to is played after Joyce's funeral. Giles listens to it in the season five episode "Forever".
Pangs is another favorite because Angel comes back to visit in this episode. I loved everything about the brief return! It is also funny because of what happens to Spike and Xander.

Spike: A bear! You made a bear!

Buffy: I didn't mean to.

Spike: Undo it! Undo it!


Read other quotes here because the humor in this episode was ah-mazing!

As you watch the episode, you try to hate the entity responsible for the sickness and yet can't...
I can't leave Buffy vs. Dracula off this list for the same reason: humor! Of course, Xander would be the Count's choice for a Reinfeld.

Xander: Where is he? Where's the creep that turned me into a spider-eating man-bitch?

Buffy: He's gone.

Xander: Damnit. You know what? I'm sick of this crap. I'm sick of being the guy who eats insects and gets the funny syphilis. As of this moment, it's over. I'm finished being everybody's butt-monkey.

Buffy: Check. No more butt-monkey.


Some quips that you'll love:
Forever makes the list, as well. I loved how Dawn couldn't think ahead of the fact that she wanted her mom back. I also loved how Buffy tried to dissuade her at first and then couldn't help herself. While we never see the Joyce they raised, this was one scary episode for me!
Here are some more scary Buffy moments:

Chosen is both the last episode of the series and on my list. What comes to mind immediately when I think about it is the conversation between Angel & Buffy. It goes something like this but is way funnier to watch. It is also the episode where Anya, one of my most favorite characters on the show, dies trying to save Andrew.
IMDB lists this on the trivia page for this episode and I thought I'd share it before I ended this post:
Buffy's final line in the show is "Spike." Anya's is "Bunnies."



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review 2016-09-24 17:52
Soros by Vi Voxley Review
Soros: Alien Warlord's Conquest (Scifi Alien - Human Military Romance) - Vi Voxley

Kat Edwards is a woman who doesn't consider failure as an option. As a bounty hunter, she's seen the worst that the galaxy has to offer and she's not afraid of it. Or, at least she thought she'd seen the worst. But a certain Corgan warlord might just change her mind on that.

Soros is more myth than man. The warrior who has trained all the warlords of note, he is feared and respected, lauded and despised in equal measure. Wanting no part in the wars being waged between his own people with the recent upsets in Corgan society, the warlord still finds himself getting swept away in the madness, held at sword-point by one of his own students.

It only takes one woman for this warlord to realize that he can remain neutral no longer. It only takes one night for him to realize what is at stake - not only the universe, but her safety as well.

Being pushed by impossible odds, Soros and Kat have no other choice but to push back. No wonder that they can't help but keep finding one another in all that tragedy.

Can Soros become more than a myth and claim his rightful place on the side of good, or are some sacrifices just too hard to make? Can Kat capture her bounty one last time?




This is a fun series full of action and insta love (sometimes annoying and sometimes not) and this might be my favorite in the series.


The hero is a complete badass. However, he isn't undefeatable and his choices are more interesting than his skills. 


While the set up to getting the hero and heroine (also a badass) together is lame the time they spend on the run and fighting together gives them a compelling romance which this series is often lacking.


Good stuff! 

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review 2016-09-17 17:33
The Gryphons' Dream (The Soul-Linked Saga Book 5) by Laura Jo Phillips
The Gryphons' Dream - Laura Jo Phillips

Recently rescued from being kidnapped by the reptilian Brethren, Aisling Ametsa, a beautiful redhead with a mysterious past, awakens on the planet Jasan with a huge gap in her memory and a painful back injury, to find herself hundreds of light years from her home on Earth. She immediately finds herself surrounded by more questions than answers. Why is she on Jasan, guarded by the Dracon princes and the fiercely protective Gryphon brothers? How is it that she can read and understand alien languages that she has never before encountered? And why do the Gryphons stir her heart and her body in such disquieting and exciting ways?

As Aisling discovers more about the Gryphons, gorgeous but forbidding triplets who shape-shift into enormous Griffin-like creatures with lion’s bodies, eagle's heads and wings, the Gryphons slowly delve into the secrets of the enigmatic Aisling: from whom is she hiding, or who is she chasing, or both? Is she a frightened mouse, or a lioness in disguise? Together, Aisling and the Gryphons unravel the tangled skein of each others' secrets, while they share an interstellar adventure to avenge cold-blooded murder, and to unravel an ancient puzzle that may hold the secret to the survival of the Thousand Worlds against the threat of the Xanti, evil invaders from another galaxy. And, along they way, they must fight against obstacles of the heart and barriers to understanding, all the while struggling to build a love that bridges the light years between their worlds.





I think this is the best book in the series. The series world building if very good as is the overall series arc. It is a series that should be read in order.


It is a sexy series with lots of fun alien races, animals, and cultures. 


However, the romances are usually not well developed because the action of the overall plot takes over the story so we don't get much couple time. Also, this is a fated mate trope which I like but in this series rather than sink into the trope and allow the couple (or square in this case) to be together and learn each other, there tends to be annoying conflicts. Bleh,


In this story, we get a ton of time between the lovers and the conflict is well done and not stupid. 


The heroine has friendships and a great backstory. The heroes shape shift into griffins and do only one dumb thing but overall adorable. 


So, I highly recommend this book. The series is enjoyable but this book is all around great. 

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text 2016-02-21 19:49
Kickass Anthology - All proceeds benefit Eric Arvin
Kickass Anthology - Eleanore Pavelle,Tara Bluhm,Angela Irvin-Young,Jackie Keswick,Nancy Hartmann,Jade Crystal,Keira Andrews,Taomi Ray,Sophie Bonaste,J.P. Kenwood,A.L. Boyd,Mia Kerick,Tali Spencer,Kate Pavelle,Michael J. Bowler,Brandon Witt,Connie Bailey,Jonathan T. Penningt

A collection of some pretty great stories - like a big bag of candy, a little something for everyone - and for one of the best causes I can think of. Buy it, read it, finish it with a smile on your face. That is all.

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review 2015-11-24 15:12
Feel the Burn (Dragon Kin #8) by G.A. Aiken Review
Feel the Burn (Dragonkin Book 8) - G.A. Aiken

I, Gaius Domitus, one-eyed rebel dragon king of the Provinces, know that better than most, since I have to fight off half my ungrateful family on a regular basis to keep law and order here in my lands. But I never expected to have to consort with a barbarian human woman.

Kachka is beautiful, if you like them fierce—and of course I do. But she keeps complaining about how spoiled and decadent I am, and how a feared Daughter of the Steppes has no time for foolish dragons. I think she likes my eye patch, though. It is quite dashing. With death always at our tails, we take our passion like we take our allies. As they say, love the barbarian you’re with




This book made me snort laugh.  Just like her sister in the last book Kachka's deadpan delivery is so funny. You get the whole cast of characters from the series and this is wonderful. 


The romance is slow building and hot. 


The action is marvelous. 


As must I loved seeing everyone and the series arc in this one is grand, I wanted more romance. I wanted more pages in the book. 


But I am happy. I will go reread the last book now. Yep.


I was given this book for my honest review. So, there you have it! 


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