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review 2019-01-29 13:07
Juicy Rebound (IceCats, #1) by Toni Aleo
Juicy Rebound - Toni Aleo

Toni Aleo scores with JUICY REBOUND, the first book in the IceCats series. I had been looking forward to reading Amelia Justice’s story since reading WHEN YOU'RE READY, which was released in the Hockey Holidays Anthology. WHEN YOU'RE READY is Amelia’s parents’ book. The ending of the novella started Amelia’s story prior to JUICY REBOUND. In JUICY REBOUND, Amelia runs into her college crush and brother’s best friend, Chandler Moon, who is a defenseman for the South Carolina IceCats. Amelia’s brother is Ryan Justice from book four in the Bellevue Bullies series, END GAME. Both, Amelia and Chandler are in that story.

I loved JUICY REBOUND. Amelia and Chandler are both divorced and scarred from their previous marriages. They were interested in each other in college but since Chandler is Ryan’s best friend, Amelia was off limits. I love that these two get a chance together. Ryan and Amelia are the perfect people to help each other heal.

The character development was noteworthy. Amelia is the niece of Shea Adler (TAKING SHOTS, Nashville Assassins book #1); needless to say a lot of the characters have been around for a while and made many appearances in multiple books and series. Toni Aleo does a fantastic job of making the characters feel believable and grow throughout the series. They are not perfect. They are relatable. The characters have weaknesses and strengths. They have high and low points. In this story, Amelia is trying to come off a low point. She hasn’t spoken to her family in four years. She’s embarrassed and trying to make a new life for herself. Chandler is at a high point in his career but not in his personal life. Chandler is an amazing guy. He is patient and kind. Amelia has lost her confidence and on the journey to healing.

The plot was relevant and skillfully executed. I love the similarities between Amelia’s and Chandler’s story and her parents’ life. Amelia is a lot like her mom and Chandler is like Amelia’s dad, James. It’s sweet and heartwarming. I don’t think I have read a book by Toni Aleo that hasn’t made me cry; JUICY REBOUND was no exception. I love that Toni Aleo’s books tug your heartstrings. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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review 2019-01-23 12:30
Juicy Rebound (IceCats #1) by Toni Aleo
Juicy Rebound - Toni Aleo



Juicy Rebound spells a second chance for two battered hearts. Chandler and Amelia wear the scars of a broken and a bruised soul. He's the guy that has it all, except for the one thing he really wants. She's the woman with a ton of love to give, but a spirit in need of rebuilding. When the one that got away walks back into your life at the most inconvenient of times, can a new beginning be on the horizon? Aleo prides herself on finding strength in weakness. Her characters give a voice to the overlooked, inspiring and hopeless hearts in need of a helping hand or a kind word.

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review 2018-11-20 06:23
Misadventures on the Rebound (Misadventures, #18) by Lauren Rowe
Misadventures on the Rebound - Lauren Rowe



Rowe continues to deliver great stories and wonderful characters. On the worst day of her life, Savvy let's fate guide her to the best decision she's ever made. Misadventures on the Rebound is full of laugh out loud scenarios, heartwarming moments and life lessons. Hidden inside tempting entertainment.

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review 2018-11-14 06:10
Rebound - Eden Finley

This is book #2.5, in the Fake Boyfriend series.  This story is a Free Read through Insta-Freebie.  It can be read as a standalone, but my recommendations is that you read this amazing series in order.


Wyatt and Aron have been friends since they met in college.  He had a serious crush on Aron back in the first couple years in college.  Then he realized they would be friends and gave up.  


Aron is very thankful for his group of friends.  He is especially grateful for Wyatt.  They have been a support for one anther for almost a decade.  Can he take a chance and show he loves him more?


This series is just getting better and better.  I found this book to be short, sexy and sweet.  I love the characters.  I also love how loyal and sincere the friendships come across.   I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!


***This copy was provided by the author.

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review 2018-06-20 06:11
great book and great characters
Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend - Kerri Carpenter

Lola’s best friend and roommate was Frankie. Lola was getting over her breakup with Mark who had dumped her for a younger,prettier, and more fun girl per Mark. Lola preferred being in a committed relationship to randomly hooking up. As a homebody Lola’s preference was to spend the night with her boyfriend cooking together, binging Netflix rather than being drunk at a bar making idle chit chat with some douchey guy who smelled like beer and way too much aftershave. Whereas Frankie loved going out. Frankie was an expert flirt and men always seemed to flock around her. Basically she was Lola’s polar opposite. Lola was a librarian . Frankie wants Lola to crash a H S reunion that wasn’t theirs  with her. Then Frankie managed to get her way as she always did and she stood outside with Lola at Kennedy H S reunion and Frankie had also made Lola over.Luke had a feeling he wasn’t going to like this his ten year H S reunion. But he had promised some friends he would make it. Then Luke sae Ryan and then his other friends from his old crew. Oliver had been Luke’s best friend since kindergarten. Luke was an architect. Luke love's to date but he doesn’t do commitment. Luke has sisters that are triplets, and all three plus his mother keep trying to set him up with someone. Luke saw Lola but her tag said her name was Kell Martindale but Luke had dated Kelli and this woman wasn’t her. So Luke goes up to Lola and starts talking to her then lets her know she is not Kelli but he won’t say anything if she will come to his family reunion next weekend as his pretend girlfriend.Luke and Lola are attracted to each other. Lola had been an only child and so had her parents and when they died young that left Lola with no family. Luke shows up  at Lola’s bocce game Monday night and even plays and they have a good time. Then they meet up again to get to know each other better for when they go to the reunion. Lola gets sad when she says she has no family and Luke kisses her. Luke felt her lips were intoxicating. Luke had kissed a lot of women but none of the kisses had felt like this. After the kiss they shared a glance of wonder , lust, and curiosity. Lola went to Luke’s reunion and Luke was the only man there until Oliver gets there later in the day. Lola had a great time and loved being with Luke’s family and wished she still had a family. But she hated the lie about the fake relationship and told Luke why. Luke ended up staying the night and sleeping and staying with Lola all week. Frankie had pulled Lola aside at the girls night as she was really worried Lola was going to be hurt as she had feelings for Luke. Then Lola went to Luke’s family again- as they had invited her at the family reunion- for a barbecue.

I loved this book, it was a great romance. I loved how close Luke was to his family and how they interacted. I loved hoe Frankie took the place of family for Lola. I was sad for how Lola’s family had passed on and left her alone. I felt like I was there with everyone and that is a tribute to this author. I also felt bad how Luke’s father abandoned his family and it still messed Luke up and hurt him. I loved Lola and Luke together and how they interacted. I also loved how Frankie and Lola interacted. I loved the plot and pace of this book. Happily I could find nothing to criticize in this book and I highly recommend

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