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review 2018-08-01 22:14
Review: The Small Chandelier
The Small Chandelier - Mary Lynn Plaisance

I have a question do you ever think that maybe you can go into the spiritual world? Well, I cannot answer it for sure but you can experience it a bit in the book called “The Small Chandelier.”


We some our see what our world could become and that there a mission for Peace on Earth. It starts once Jenny gets bitten by a snake? We go adventure with Joseph and then things start to get more exciting as he starts to investigate and find out if his wife was bitten by a snake.


Mary tells the tale and the story quite well. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It funny a little bit but it shows what could happen to our world if it not already happening now. We may be experiencing some of what been going on in this book. With some of the events that we had this year and last year with ellipses and the leaders around the world. Peace on Earth could be in the works here on earth.


Please do know that this is a work of fiction so please know that I have not really an idea that it really happening in our real world. It could be just coincidence that what is mentioned in this book that the author is using it for some of her plots.


Other than that the author plot is done well and grabs your attention. I have read a few other books by her and they are just as good. I would suggest picking up one of her books and reading it.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2018/08/review-small-chandelier.html
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review 2018-07-30 19:03
Giveaway – The 12 Terrors of Christmas by Claudette Melanson @Bella623 @SDSXXTours
The 12 Terrors of Christmas: A Christmas Horror Anthology - Claudette Melanson,Lynn Lamb,Rachel Montreuil


Christmas in July? Why not? I know here in Florida, some cool thoughts will be a good thing…unless The 12 Terrors of Christmas by Claudette Melanson is too hot to handle!

Let’s find out.

The 12 Terrors of Christmas
by Claudette Melanson
Genre: Horror Short Stories
Claudette Melanson has been on my radar for some time now, but this will be my first reading of her work. And what a fabulous way to start. Overall, I give this short story anthology a rating of 4. Plenty of thrills and chills to whet your appetite and maybe think twice about what you want for Christmas. Do you believe in Santa?

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars

Terror #1 – No one really believed in Santa, but Willa knew he was real. This look at how Santa came to be, how Christmas came to be, how he found his love and who he really is may shock you, yet explain his magic and immortality. Loved it and the fabulous twist on….  4 Stars

Terror #2 – Ya know that saying, no good deed goes unpunished? It applies here in a tragic tale of a boy taken and the young boy who steps up to save his life. 4 Stars


Terror #3 – As I read of Amy’s ability to see into the future and talk to ghosts, I wonder if I would want to know, especially if all I could do is wait for it to happen… waiting with no hope. 4 Stars


Terror #4 – Love Krampus, who is not what he appears to  be, as is Lamia, a four year old girl that works her Christmas magic, as Vaughn can attest to. 4 Stars


Terror #5 – Will…vampires and were of the Christmas kind abound in this sometimes vicious tale of the paranormal and magical world of Santa, reindeer and elves. 4 Stars


Terror #6 – A vampire is a vampire and a cookie could be his downfall, if he tries to make a bargain best left undone. 4 Stars


Terror #7 – This Christmas poem is filled with zombies, weres, demons, and  Santa unlike the Santa you know. 4 Stars


Terror #8 – Would the sea witch bring down Santa and the North pole? She fooled me good! 4 Stars


Terror #9 – She may work for Scrooge, but her boyfriend wants to give her the ultimate gift. I saw the grisly coming. 3 Stars


Terror #10 – Elves, dwarfs, zombies, even a zombie shark. LOVE IT. 4 Stars


Terror #11 – I have not read Riptide YET, but I enjoyed this look into the family’s holiday celebration. 3 Stars


Terror #12 – Lynn Lamb’s contribution. Want to know how Santa can make it around the world in one night? What would happen if he lost his mind? Can Cinnamon Styx and the children save Christmas? Loved it. 4 Stars



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Source: www.fundinmental.com/giveaway-the-12-terrors-of-christmas-by-claudette-melanson-bella623-sdsxxtours
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review 2018-07-20 16:05
Audiobook Review: Strangers at Sunset (Betrayal to Bliss #1) by Tiffani Lynn (Author), Jack Leonard (Narrator)
Strangers at Sunset - Jack Leonard,Tiffani Lynn


Audiobook Review: Strangers at Sunset (Betrayal to Bliss #1) by Tiffani Lynn (Author), Jack Leonard (Narrator)

At her darkest moment, she finally saw the light. Betrayal tends to be a wake up call. When Lisa discovers she gave her heart to the wrong man, will she let sadness and regret consume her or will she set about finding her bliss? Strangers at Sunset is a tale that thrives on a maturity of heart and circumstance. One woman's quest to heal a broken heart leads her right where she's meant to be. Even at it's most painful the road to romance is a thing of beauty, if you look through the eyes of love. Flynn and Leonard give voice to doubt, hope and new beginnings. Garrett and Lisa prove it's never too late for love.

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review 2018-07-09 16:41
Book Review: What The Hail (Hail Raisers #4) By Lani Lynn Vale
What The Hail - Lani Lynn Vale


I liked this book more than I was expecting to. Though the events of this novel seem like coincidence after miraculously dangerous events on repeat. Overall, it was a straightforward story with nods to past and future storylines in this series.


Baylor was protective and sweet but had a mean side when dealing with infuriating situations that required a heavier hand. Though the cover threw me off and I still haven't gotten over it. The way he's described doesn't reflect in the eyes of the cover model, in my opinion. It was one of the reasons why it took me so long to read this novel.


Lark's situation broke my heart. She was set up from the beginning to fail and not have a chance at an actual life without her knowledge. It hurts to know that her situation isn't uncommon around the world and that not everybody finds help in time. I liked Lark's personality. She's introverted and isn't the most easygoing person you'll meet, but she'll help friends in any way she can even though she may not be open about how she feels most of the time.


This was a good novel! It started off slow and built up into something worthwhile. I was expecting a different kind of conclusion (based on a few other novels I've read by this author), but I was pleasantly surprised with this ending.


Favorite Quotes:


"I learned to protect myself the only way I knew how. By walking away."

"I love sarcasm. It's like punching people in the face with your words."

"You can't blame yourself for other peoples sins [...]. I've tried. It doesn't turn out well."

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text 2018-07-08 08:43
Pro Keto Genix
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Source: www.shtylm.com/pro-keto-genix
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