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video 2016-03-27 09:06
Allegiant - Veronica Roth

So this is the last movie of the divergent series!

The soundtrack, just as the other movies, awesome.
The special effects, getting better.
The cast, am... not fill my expectations, but it is a good cast.
The plot... I'll just say it looks like is true to the book, like it looked it was going to be in the second movie (considering that the plot of the last movie was so differently from the one of the book)

Definitely the first movie is my favorite!

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video 2016-03-24 07:54
The Scorch Trials - James Dashner

I can't deny I don't like it, it is amazing.

The effects just like in the first movie are greats;

the new cast, like Brenda or Jorge,are so perfect;

and the soundtrack was just marvelous...

But why they have to change so much the plot!!!!!
once again I have to say the post- apocalyptic city is awesome *O*
I think the party was my favorite part! o(*^▽^*)o


By the way I promise to finish my updates this week e.e

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url 2015-11-06 00:56
Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (90)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent MG/YA/NA book related news. I'll post about articles from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. If you would like to follow along with cover reveals during the week, see my Pinterest. (If you're interested in how I make these posts, here's your guide.)


Rights Report 0, 1, 2

  • The Black Hole of Broken Things - Scott Reintgen (debut sci fi YA trilogy; In the novel, a Detroit teen accepts an interstellar space contract only to realize the promised millions must be won in a brutal competition where winners face the ultimate choice – take the money and become pawns in the corporation's sinister plans or find a way to fight that won't compromise their humanity. Publication is scheduled for 2017; Crown).
  • The Romantics - Leah Rowan (a YA romantic comedy told from the perspective of Love as a character, about a teenage boy who is hapless in love until Love steps in to help him, only to find that her meddling yields unexpected results. Publication is planned for fall 2016; Abrams/Amulet).
  • Borderlines - Mitali Perkins (YA; The book links 15 stories about a Bengali family in Queens. Publication is slated for fall 2017; Farrar, Straus and Giroux).
  • The Valiant - Lesley Livingston (The book tells the story of 17-year-old Fallon's journey from fierce Celtic princess to female gladiator and the darling of the Roman Empire. Publication is set for spring 2017; Razorbill).
  • The Memory of Things - Gae Polisner (a YA novel about two teenagers finding friendship, comfort, and first love as their fractured city tries to put itself back together in the days following 9/11. It is slated for publication in fall 2016; St. Martin's).
  • The Loser's Club - Andrew Clements (The Loser's Club tells of a resourceful boy figuring out how to survive sixth grade and bullying by using what he's learned from books to become the hero of his own story. Publication of the first book is planned for fall 2017; Random House).
  • The Castle in the Mist - Amy Ephron (The middle-grade novel follows siblings Tessa and Max, who discover a magical key that gives them access to the ancient castle, and gives the indecisive Tessa a chance to have a single wish granted. Publication is scheduled for spring 2017; Philomel).
  • A Small Zombie Problem - K.G. Campbell (Debut MG series which he will also illustrate. The story follows the adventures of a boy who accidentally unearths a family curse – and raises a lot of zombies in the process. Publication will begin in summer 2017; Knopf).
  • We Are (So Not) the Trevors - Jake Burt (MG debut; The book is about a 13-year-old pickpocket in the foster-care system who longs for her own family. When a clan called the Trevors offers to take her in, it seems like she's gotten exactly what she wanted – until she learns that the family is being pursued by a killer and is about to enter the witness-protection program. The book is set for spring 2017; Feiwel and Friends).
  • The Art of the Swap - Jen Malone (l.) and Kristine Carlson Asselin (When two teen girls living in the same Newport, R.I., mansion, but in different centuries, accidentally switch places, they must solve a 100-year-old art heist in order to return to their proper time periods. Publication is scheduled for fall 2017; S&S/Aladdin).
  • Untitled - Jan Greenberg (l.) and Sandra Jordan (Middle-grade biography of Cindy Sherman, widely celebrated as one of the world's most significant contemporary artists. It will be illustrated with the artist's work. Publication is slated for spring 2017; Roaring Brook's Neal Porter Books).
  • Bad Guy - Hannah Barnaby, illustrated by Mike Yamada (about a boy who relishes playing the villain and his kid sister, who must endure his antics. Publication is planned for summer 2017; Simon & Schuster).
  • Sci-Fi Junior High - John Martin (l.) and Scott Seegert (In the illustrated novel, Kelvin Klosmo, a 12-year-old boy whose parents' jobs take the family to an intergalactic space station on the far side of the galaxy, must learn to deal with alien teachers and classmates of all types – and an evil plushy bunny who wants to rule the universe. The book is scheduled for February 2017; the new Jimmy Patterson imprint).
  • The Dragon in the Leaves - Emily Arsenault (debut YA novel about a teenage girl who reads tea leaves for fun until a classmate asks her to do a reading about his missing friend, drawing her into a world of dark secrets and possibly murder. Publication is slated for June 2017; Soho Teen).
  • Fever Dreams - Maurene Goo (a YA novel about a girl who decides to take control of her lackluster love life by following the “love rules” found in Korean dramas – staging her own perfect romance. Publication is planned for 2017; Farrar, Straus, & Giroux).
  • Teddycats - Mike Storey (a middle-grade debut that was inspired by the 2013 discovery of an elusive mammal species that lives high up in the cloud forests of South America. This jungle adventure novel follows Bill Betancourt, a wily young Teddycat who becomes an unlikely hero after accidentally exposing his previously hidden species to the most dangerous predator of all: humans. The first title is set to publish in July 2016; Razorbill).
  • The Duke of Bannerman Prep - Katie Nelson (debut; a YA retelling of The Great Gatsby in which a teen is recruited to an elite prep school to bring their debate team a victory at Nationals, and is drawn into a glittering world of parties and after-curfew bonfires, only to discover that the thrill-seeking playboy who has taken him under his wing is more conman than caviar. Publication is tentatively scheduled for spring 2017; Sky Pony Press).
  • Kiss/Kill - Amy Rose Capetta (the story of Zara, a teen who wins her dream role in a Broadway show and the love of the young female lighting designer – only to find herself surrounded by mysterious deaths that are hastily blamed on the theater's curse even though everyone on stage has a motive or two. Publication is set for fall 2017; Candlewick).
  • Ultimatum - K.M. Walton (two teen brothers, whose father's health is deteriorating rapidly, must come face to face with their demons – and each other – and set aside their differences if they are going to survive an uncertain future. Publication is planned for fall 2016; Sourcebooks Fire).
  • The Wood - Chelsea Bobulski (YA debut; Winter is the guardian of the woods behind her house, rescuing travelers from madness and death. When a mysterious boy shows up, knowing more than he should, it's up to the two of them to learn the truth about her father's disappearance and to stop a killer from striking again. Publication is slated for spring 2017; Feiwel and Friends)
  • A Flag for Harvey - Rob Sanders (the story of Harvey Milk and the creation of the gay pride flag. Steven Salernowill illustrate; publication is scheduled for spring 2018. Random House).
  • Karma Khullar's Mustache - Kristi Wientge (contemp MG debut; It tells the story of a biracial Indian-American girl who must navigate big changes in her friendships and family life as she starts sixth grade, all while trying to rid herself of an unexpected problem: 17 hairs that have sprouted on her upper lip. Publication is planned for summer 2017; Simon and Schuster).
  • Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe - Jo Hackl (debut which combines a quirky southern ghost town, survival in the woods, and an art history mystery. Publication is set for fall 2017; Random House).
  • The Gravedigger's Son - Patrick Moody (MG debut in which an 11-year-old boy must reluctantly embrace his ability to speak to the dead after awakening the inhabitants of the graveyard his ancestors have spent centuries tending. Publication is planned for spring 2017; Sky Pony Press).
  • Untitled YA - Adi Alsaid (the story of Carlos, a wealthy Mexican teen who is struggling to come to terms with his older brother's death – and unbeknownst to his family, is hearing and seeing messages from that brother. Convinced by his brother's spirit to risk everything to pursue his dreams, Carlos runs away from his sheltered life in Mexico City and apprentices himself to a famous American chef, finding love and a sense of purpose along the way. Publication is slated for 2017; Harlequin Teen).
  • Of Blood and Shadow - Kerri Maniscalco (The debut gothic thriller, inspired by the Ripper murders, is about a Victorian-era lord's daughter who defies society expectations by secretly apprenticing as a forensics examiner, and soon finds herself embroiled in the investigation of a serial killer who is stalking London's East End. The book is scheduled for fall 2016; Jimmy Patterson Books).
  • Keep Me in Mind - Jaime Reed (Contemp YA about a girl who doesn't remember and the boy who can't forget her. Publication is planned for April 2016; Scholastic).
  • Bad Romance - Heather Demetrios (about a 16-year-old girl who tries to reclaim her life from bad relationships with three men: her father, an alcoholic ex-Marine; her stepfather, who would rather she didn't exist; and her dangerously abusive boyfriend. A publication date has not yet been set; Henry Holt).
  • Queen of the Sea - Dylan Meconis (debut; a hybrid graphic novel/historical fantasy inspired by the early life of Queen Elizabeth I, about a girl raised in a convent on a small island, whose happy life is shattered when she discovers the convent is actually a political prison... and she herself one of its most dangerous prisoners. Publication is scheduled for fall 2018; Abrams).
  • Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo - Ben Costa and James Parks (graphic novel series about a walking, talking, singing skeleton bard who embarks on an epic quest with his gelatin sidekick to discover his origins in a world of ogres, gnomes, haunted woods, and a kick-butt knight who is not all she seems. Publication will start in summer 2017; Knopf).
  • For the Love of Double Dutch - Doreen Spicer-Dannelly (debut MG tells the story of a girl who must salvage her double-dutch dreams after her parents' rocky relationship takes her away from Brooklyn – and her beloved team – to spend the summer with her cousin in North Carolina. Publication is slated for fall 2017; Random House).
  • Lifeboat 12 - Susan Hood (MG debut; The story, based on true events, follows six boys who survived a major naval disaster in September 1940. Publication is planned for fall 2017; Simon & Schuster).
  • The Sun Race - Wesley King (a middle-grade novel told in three voices about a school field trip to the Carlsbad Caverns that goes horribly wrong. Publication is set for fall 2017; S&S /Paula Wiseman).
  • The Mortification of Fovea Munson - Mary Winn Heider (debut MG; a 13-year-old girl is forced to spend her summer vacation working at her parents' cadaver lab, where friendships form under the most unlikely circumstances. Publication is scheduled for summer 2018; Disney-Hyperion).
  • The Glittering Court - Richelle Mead (a romantic fantasy series set in a mix of Elizabethan and frontier worlds, which follows three girls as they embark on a journey in search of empowerment and love. Publication is planned for April 2016; Razorbill).
  • Hour of the Bees - Lindsay Eagar (debut; part of a previous two-book contract, is slated to publish in March 2016. Candlewick has bought these two additional titles to make Eagar a staple of Candlewick lists through 2019. The books for this latest deal are untitled and will publish in 2018 and 2019; Candlewick).
  • Untitled - Peadar Ó Guilín (The as-yet-untitled books tell the story of a girl, ravaged by a childhood disease, who fights to defend herself against an evil that targets the children of Ireland. Publication is scheduled for fall 2017; Scholastic).
  • Spurt - Chris Miles (debut about Jack Sprigley, an eighth grader and former reality TV star who decides to fake puberty to avoid embarrassment. Publication is slated for spring 2017; Simon & Schuster).
  • Words in Deep Blue - Cath Crowley (about two teens who find their way back to each other while working in an old bookstore full of secrets and crushes, love letters and memories, grief and hope. Publication is set for spring 2017; Knopf).
  • Thornhill - Pam Smy (a dark yet ultimately uplifting novel that explores themes of bullying, identity, and friendship. Publication is scheduled for fall 2017; Roaring Brook).
  • Far from Over - April Lindner (a digital original novella and spinoff of her novel Love, Lucy, about restless traveler Jesse Palladino as he leaves behind his summer romance in Rome and must decide where his heart lies. Publication is slated for May 2016; Poppy/NOVL).
  • Blobby Blobson - Evan Kuhlman, illustrated by Merrill Rainey (first in an illustrated middle grade series. It features the adventures of a blob boy from the sewer who tries to fit in at a suburban middle school. Publication is planned for spring 2017; Razorbill).
  • In Darkling Wood - Emma Carroll (In the story, a girl named Alice is shipped off to her estranged grandmother's house when her brother receives the chance for a heart transplant, and finds herself entangled in a battle to save the magical woods next to her grandmother's home. Publication is scheduled for spring 2017; Delacorte).
  • Nana in the Country - Lauren Castillo (This was part of a previously unreported deal that encompassed Caldecott Honor book Nana in the City. Nana in the Countryfinds Nana visiting her grandson, who sets out to share with her all the lovely things the country has to offer. Publication has not yet been set; Clarion)

From Publisher’s Lunch:

  • Ross Welford's TIME TRAVELLING WITH A HAMSTER, when young a boy is given a letter from his dead dad, it leads him to something extraordinary: a time machine; but his dad has a mission for him too: go back in time and prevent the accident that eventually killed him, to Schwartz & Wade.

From last week

  • Feathers Like Rain - Sharlee Glenn (MG novel; The book is a coming-of-age tale set on the Uintah-Ouray Indian Reservation. Publication is set for 2017; Charlesbridge).
  • The rest weren’t on Goodreads, so I’m leaving them now.

: Publisher’s Weekly announced its list of the best books from 2015. The winners for the Woodcraft Circle Awardswere announced. We Need Diverse Books announced the recipients of the Walter Grant. The YALSA Top Ten was announced. The Goodreads Choice Awards Nominees were announced. Jacqueline Wilson is being presented with the JM Barrie Lifetime achievement award. The NYT released its list of the best illustrated children’s books of 2015. The Guardian children’s fiction prize shortlist was announced.

Authors/Interviews: Persuasion - Martina Boone, Upside-Down Magic - Lauren Myracle, Emily Jenkins, Sarah Mlynowski,Save Me Kurt Cobain - Jenny Manzer, Liars and Losers Like Us - Ami Allen-Vath, Anne & Henry - Dawn Ius, Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here - Anna Breslaw, Life Before - Michelle Bacon, Underneath Everything - Marcy Beller Paul, Consider - Kristy Acevedo, Ruby Reinvented - Ronni Arno, Unforgiven - Lauren Kate, Traffick - Ellen Hopkins, Need - Joelle Charbonneau, A Madness So Discreet - Mindy McGinnis, Jeff Kinney, Anna Bond

Book Trailers: How to Be Brave - E. Katherine Kottaras, Bleeding Earth - Kate Hart, Manners & Mutiny - Gail Carriger, The Awakening of Sunshine Girl - Paige McKenzie

Excerpts: The Forbidden Wish - Jessica Khoury, Outrun the Moon - Stacey Lee, Their Fractured Light - Megan Spooner & Amie Kaufman, The Square Root of Summer - Harriet Reuter Hapgood, Don’t Get Caught - Kurt Dinan, Truthwitch - Susan Dennard, My Kind of Crazy - Robin Reul

Eric Smith’s INKED is getting a sequel, RISE OF THE UNPRINTED. (“...introduces a class of characters that get brought up in book one, but aren’t really explored. The Unprinted, the citizens without the magic, moving tattoos that define one’s place in society, who have opted to live off-the-grid and away from the mandatory practice of magical Ink…”)

Alexandra Bracken has sold four more books to Disney. “She’ll start a new middle-grade series, pen a stand-alone YA novel and write a fourth to-be-determined book. The new series is called The Last 13 Nights of Prosperity Redding. The story follows a 13-year-old New England boy who must rid himself of the demon sharing his body and break the family curse.”

Michelle Hodkin has sold the spin-off series of Mara Dyer called The Noah Shaw Confessions. (“The series will be told from the point of view of character Noah Shaw, and will explain “what happens after the happily ever after,” according to the publisher. Noah’s father is murdered in the first book of The Shaw Confessions, and while Noah inherits both knowledge and wealth beyond his wildest dreams, he also has a chance to find others like himself. As Noah and Mara begin their search for others, it becomes clear that they have vastly different goals — and Noah must choose between the girl he loves and world peace.”)

Super cool stop-motion animation on Hogwarts, all built from the pages of a Harry Potter book.

If you’re interested in reading The Girl on the Train, the publisher recently hosted a tumblr Q&A with the author.

Benjamin from the booktube channel Benjamin Of Tomes has created a book publishing imprint, oftomes.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a sequel. No more epilogue - things may not be as happy and idealistic as they were left.More details here. Are you one of the people who wishes JKR would leave Harry Potter alone, or will you be seeing the play (if you can)?

President Obama on reading: “fiction helps us to find truth in a complex world.” And kids talk about the impact of reading.

Diversity in publishing is not where it should be. A storify with the perspective of several authors from September but still highly relevant. Related-ish article: what should editors be doing?

Scholastic and We Need Diverse Books are teaming up to create a poster with over seventy-five diverse recommendations for younger readers. I’d love to see more publishers do something similar.

Lee & Low and Simmons College have created a diversity scholarship to help solve the “pipeline” problem of getting more people of color into the publishing industry.

Several authors discuss romance in YA Lit, with diverse themes. And for intersex awareness day, Gregorio some great tweets into a Storify.

Latino authors weighed in on reaching readers for a NYPL panel. (I liked getting to read about what they related to & also how that ended up influencing their own writing-- like Silvera’s comment on women being the heroes of his life & novels).

I really liked what I’d read of the Reading While White posts I’ve seen so: on creating safe spaces & what they mean (safety vs. comfort); on “be kind” and other BS; and a guest post from Brendan Kiely on his presentations with co-author Jason Reynolds (“But I’d never thought that the book might do danger to the very people I claimed to be working with in the Black Lives Matters movement. I had to take a breath. I’m so glad I did, because if I’d just answered straight from the gut, I’d have said something dumb, no matter how factually correct, and I would have done exactly what he was warning me about.”)

Has “Diversity” Lost Its Meaning?

At SCIBA, diverse books were the focal point. (The education sessions included a financial session on the economics of publishing, a panel on how to sell high-end gift books, a panel on diversity in YA books, and a session on Independent Bookstore Day.)

James Dawson has come out as transgender.

Here’s a summary of the EW fest for YA books & five things the writer learned from the panel.

I wish I was going to YALLFEST. 60 YA authors. All so soon.

J.K. Rowling is writing a new children’s book! No plans yet but AAAAHHH

The Hunger Games theme park keeps expanding.

A panel to discuss the latest trends in YA from the editors -- what do you think? (But the new trend is a style of books that Julie Strauss-Gabel is championing now, and always has been, is contemporary realistic fiction. “There are also a lot of readers interested in a new genre that could be called ‘heightened contemporary,’” she said... “Also, sci-fi is gaining ground again.”)

Another panel - Think That I saw It - this time discussing a variety of topics, from middle-grade, YA, and picture book authors and illustrators.

Another panel discussing the hell that is Middle School (When kids are reading past middle grade, which is typically considered for ages 8-12, and aren’t quiet emotionally ready for the heavier themes of YA suggested for 14-18 year olds, where do readers, booksellers, and librarians turn?).

Youtube authors are all over the NYT Bestsellers list.

Twilight Reimagined is still selling really well (24k copies/week).

Amazon opened its first brick and mortars bookstore.

Teen Book Festivals are a win-win for all. Check out the photos from the Texas Book Festival.

A brief summary of author and industry events this last week and the one before.

I am so interested in this book - it maps famous literary locations (and the maps look so gorgeous!).

Cover Reveals:

Project Unpopular - Kristen Tracy
(slight redesign from last bookish rounds)
*note: this says cover not final

You can vote for the cover for Night Flower by Kate Elliott.

Discussion & Other Blogger Posts:

One of the best costumes… sexy Gandalf. Oh la la.

As is usual when I’ve not done one of these posts for a long time, there are a ton of recommendation posts. You can read books with haunted houses, adventure books, YA books with multiple narrators, books for Gilmore Girls fans, diverse horror reads,amazing YA books by Latino authors, book recommendations from YA Highway, YA books to keep you warm in the chilly weather, for fans of the Scream Queens, books that prove you should be afraid of the dark, 9 fantasies to make your fall more magical, 7 books that will help you win your book club. And if you’re looking for NaNoWriMo inspiration, these books might help. These books started as NaNo projects. Of course, you can always reread Harry Potter for inspiration.

On one end: the 15 most anticipated November YA books. On the other: November’s top picks for young readers.

You can also use an emoticon chart to determine which horror book is up your alley.

Do you recognize these YA novels from the 2000s?

How many of these YA books have you read across the states?

17 Beautiful Rooms for the Book-loving Soul. CAN I LIVE THERE???

Have you read any of these popular November books?

6 Ghostly YA book quotes & 18 stories you should not read in the dark.

Can you read a book to death?

How often do you read over people’s shoulders?

27 excuses to use when you want to stay home & read. I use #1 a lot.

YA authors who also rock middle grade. This list will only be increasing as the years pass...

An open letter to those who give kids banned books: rarely, too rarely, do we talk about the good things that come when you share dangerous books with teens.

Movies & TV Shows:

Dolphin Films has optioned The Jenna Fox Chronicles by Mary Pearson.

I missed this and technically it’s not YA, but I’m sure there are a lot of crossover fans -- did you see the Magicians trailer from NYCC?

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda was acquired by Fox 2000.

Check out your first look from Fantastic Beasts… and did you know the equivalent of Muggle in the States is No Maj?

The BBC will be adapting His Dark Materials into a TV show.

Selena Gomez and Jay Asher are working on a 13 Reasons Why show to be picked up by Netflix.

They released the second tv spot for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II.

Halston Sage, Logan Miller, and Kian Lawley have been cast for the Before I Fall adaptation.

Dreamworks has optioned John Connolly’s MG trilogy (including the Gates) for a possible movie franchise.

Jerry Bruckheimer & Paramount optioned the rights to YA novel, The Cruelty by S. Bergstrom (self-published).

Johnny Depp is in talks to join the Neil Gaiman adaptation, Fortunately, The Milk.


Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, US, ends 11/14/15.

Adventures in Children's Publishing giveaways: New Releases 11/2/15! Win TWO great new YA novels that release this week, plus read interviews and a round-up of all this week's new YA novels. Giveaway ends 11/8/15; Win one of SEVEN packs of FIVE popular or recent YA titles, plus swag to help reward readers, for underfunded classrooms, schools, or libraries. Know a school or library who needs books? Nominate them! This month's donations from Martina Boone, Maggie Stiefvater,Danielle Paige, Laurie Halse Anderson and Maria Dahvana Headley. Ends 11/1/15; Win signed, personalised copies of COMPULSION and PERSUASION, plus signed copies of Laini Taylor's DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE.

Giveaways listed at Saturday Situation by Lori of Pure Imagination and Candace of Candace's Book Blog.

Don't forget to enter YABC's giveaways for the month.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday {SF/F Reviews and Giveaways}.

You have until January 1st to complete your Storyboard Sprites board and win a book up to $15.

If you have a giveaway, you should let me know.


New Releases:

October 25th - 31st: These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly, The House by Christina Lauren, What We Left Behind by Robin Talley, Persuasion (Heirs of Watson Island #2) by Martina Boone, The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch by Daniel Kraus, Underneath Everything by Marcy Beller Paul, Gabriel (Styclar Saga #2) by Nikki Kelly, Diamonds are Forever (Secret Diamond Sisters #2) by Michelle Madow, The Winter Place by Alexander Yates, Placebo Junkies by J. C. Carleson, Dark Heart of Magic by Jennifer Estep, Unspoken (Shadow Falls After Dark #3) by C.C. Hunter, Fathomless (Redemption's Heir #2) by Anne Pillsworth, Frosted Kisses (Cupcake Queen #2) by Heather Hepler

November 1st - 7th: Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young, Traffic (Tricks #2) by Ellen Hopkins, Ten Thousand Skies Above You (Firebird #2) by Claudia Gray, NEED by Joelle Charbonneau, The Conjurer's Riffle (Inventor's Secret #2) by Andrea Cremer,Manners and Mutiny (Finishing School #4) by Gail Carriger, All In (The Naturals #3) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Until We Meet Again by Renee Collins, The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett, Hollow Girl (Twinmaker #3) by Sean Williams,The Sister Pact by Stacie Ramey, Girl with the Wrong Name by Barnabas Miller, The Lies About Truth by Courtney C. Stevens, The Revolution of Ivy (Book of Ivy #2) by Amy Engel, Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn, Captive by A. J. Grainger,How to Be Brave by E. Katherine Kottaras, Fearless (Arena #3) by Marianne Curley.

Recent Recommended Reads: I will be filming a booktube video tonight about the three audiobooks I have recently read!

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.

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url 2015-09-19 03:53
Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (84)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent MG/YA/NA book related news. I'll post about articles from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. If you would like to follow along with cover reveals during the week, see my Pinterest. (If you're interested in how I make these posts, here's your guide.)

You should probably check out the bookish rounds post from last week. This one is a lot shorter, since it’s back to normal scheduling around here…


Rights Report:


  • The Canny Town of Ingot - William Alexander (about a girl who moves with her mother, a librarian and Ghost Appeasement Specialist, to the curiously un-haunted town of Ingot, where she must learn what has happened to Ingot's ghosts and what will happen if they ever come back. The first book is scheduled for summer 2017; McElderry Books).
  • 17 Years - Ava Dellaira (a YA novel told in alternating perspectives about a mother and daughter, each at 17 years old, on the brink of adulthood, and struggling to imagine her future and to discover her place in the world. Publication is slated for 2018; Farrar, Straus and Giroux).
  • My Shelf Life - Lilliam Rivera (a YA novel about a girl named Margot Sanchez who charged $600 on her father's credit card and is stuck spending the summer working off the debt at the South Bronx location of the family chain of grocery stores. Publication is set for spring 2017; Simon & Schuster).
  • Remember to Forget - Ashley Royer (debut; The novel tells the story of Levi, who, depressed after the death of his girlfriend, moves from Australia to his father's home in America. Publication is planned for spring 2016. HarperCollins/Blink).


From Publisher’s Lunch:



From last time:


  • The Well - Jake Wyatt, illustrated by F. Choo (YA fantasy graphic novel; The book follows Lizzy, a girl who steals coins from the town wishing well and is then forced to grant the wishes attached to them. Publication is set for 2018; First Second).
  • Shakshuka series - Galia Oz (bestselling in Israel. [The three books] will be published as one middle-grade volume titled Dog Trouble & Other Julie Stories featuring Julie's candid narration of the ups and downs of school and family life. Publication is scheduled for 2017; Crown).
  • Struttin' with Some Barbecue - Patricia Hruby Powell (a middle-grade book in verse about jazz pianist, composer, and bandleader Lil Hardin Armstrong... Ahead of her time and in a man's world, Lil Hardin Armstrong – Louis Armstrong's second wife – made a career in the early days of jazz. Publication is slated for fall 2017; Charlesbridge).
  • Lucy and the Rocket Dog - Will Buckingham (a middle-grade story told from the alternating perspectives of Lucy, an aspiring astrophysicist who has built a rocket ship in her backyard, and Laika, Lucy's beloved dog who wanders into the rocket ship and is subsequently shot into space. Publication is set for summer 2017; Knopf).
  • Monsterville: A Lissa Black Production - Sarah Schauerte Reida (MG debut in which 12-year-old film-obsessed Lissa discovers a shape-shifting monster in her woods and decides to film the greatest horror movie of all time. Then her little sister is taken to the monster homeland of Down Below and she needs the monster's help to get her back. Publication is tentatively set for fall 2016; Sky Pony Press).
  • Blues Bones - Rick Starkey (MG debut in which a 13-year-old boy uses voodoo to overcome stage fright and has to suffer the consequences of dabbling in dark magic. Publication is planned for spring 2016; Leap Books Seek)
  • Howard Wallace, P.I. - Casey Lyall (debut; a lonely middle-school gumshoe reluctantly takes on the new girl in town as his assistant as they hunt down the stolen student council treasury and foil a would-be blackmailer. Publication of the first book is slated for fall 2016; Sterling).
  • PhilanthroParties: A Party Planning Guide for the Social Activist - Lulu Cerone and Lucy Keating (The book will serve as a DIY guide for teens to partying with a purpose and incorporating philanthropy into their social lives. Publication is slated for fall 2017; Beyond Words and Simon Pulse).
  • Higher, Steeper, Faster: The Daredevils Who Conquered the Skies - Lawrence Goldstone (MG narrative nonfiction debut about the men and women who pioneered modern aviation and popularized flying through their aerial feats in the first decade of powered flight. Publication is set for spring 2017; Little, Brown).
  • Family Poems/Poemas familiares - Francisco X. Alarcón, to be illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez (The bilingual collection of original poems, the sixth collaboration of the author and illustrator, celebrates the days of the week along with familiar family life experiences of Latino children in the U.S. Publication is set for fall 2016; Lee & Low Books).
  • Naughty Claudine - Patrick Jennings (about a girl who does not doubt the existence of Santa, but is not comfortable with his spying and judging and breaking and entering, so she decides to act naughty to stop him from coming down the chimney. Suzanne Kaufman is slated to illustrate. Publication is scheduled for fall 2017; Random House).
  • How to Survive Extinction - Paul Acampora (a middle-grade novel about 13-year-old Leo, his cousin, his sometimes forgetful grandmother, and a dog named Kermit, who hit the road together in search of dinosaurs. Publication is scheduled for fall 2016; Scholastic).
  • Just Fly Away - Andrew McCarthy (YA debut; In the story, 15-year-old Lucy discovers that her father has a son from an affair, an eight-year-old named Thomas who lives in the same suburban New Jersey town, causing Lucy to question everything she thinks she knows about her family and her own life. Publication is scheduled for spring 2017; Algonquin Young Readers).
  • The Sweetest Sound - Sherri Winston (about a shy but talented 10-year-old girl who needs to build up the courage to enter her church's singing competition – while grappling with the fact that music was one of the few things she and her estranged mother had in common – only to have the stakes raised when her anonymous recording leaks. Publication is slated for fall 2016; Little, Brown).
  • Garbage Island - Fred Koehler (MG debut; In this animal fantasy, young inventor Archibald Shrew lives on a massive garbage patch adrift at sea, but dreams of leaving the island to discover things, especially news of his long-lost family. Publication of the first book is planned for fall 2017, Boyds Mills).
  • Will Nolan Eats Bugs - Rebecca Petruck (in which a class clown tries not to worry about how his parents fight all the time by being funnier than ever. But a “hilarious” presentation with insects as snacks leads to heckles, retaliation, and possible expulsion. Publication is set for fall 2016; Abrams/Amulet).
  • Confessions from the Principal's Kid - Robin Mellom (a middle-grade novel about a girl whose insider status at school leaves her an outsider among her classmates. Publication is scheduled for spring 2017; Hmh)
  • There Will Be Blood: The HelloFlo Guide to Puberty - Naama Bloom and Glynnis MacNicol (With the support of a panel of experts, the book will incorporate real-life stories along with facts and illustrations. Publication is scheduled for 2017; Dutton).
  • How to Save an Elephant - Linda Oatman High (MG; In it, 12-year old Lily Pruitt and a circus elephant are drawn together by the shared loss of the same man – grandfather, best friend and keeper – and journey through a series of life changes to save not only themselves but each other. Publication is scheduled for winter 2017; HarperCollins).
  • Claiming My Place: Coming of Age in the Shadow of the Holocaust - Planaria Price and Helen West (nonfiction YA memoir; This eyewitness account tells the story of Barbara Reichman, West's mother, who took on a different identity and hid in plain sight to make it through the war. The book is planned for winter 2017; Farrar, Straus and Giroux).
  • What a Beautiful Morning - Arthur A. Levine, to be illustrated by Katie Kath (in which Grandma's support helps a boy accept his grandfather's gradual memory loss, and to enjoy the moments they still have together. Publication is slated for fall 2016; Running Press Kids).
  • Maud and Grandmaud - Sara O'Leary, to be illustrated by Kenard Pak (In the book, a girl visits her grandmother's house for a sleepover; they have breakfast for dinner, watch old films, and enjoy other simple pleasures made sweeter for doing them together. The book will be co-published with Tara Walker at Penguin Random House Canada/Tundra Books in summer 2018. Penguin Random House).
  • Wolf in the Snow - Matthew Cordell (in which a girl, caught in a fierce blizzard, stumbles upon a lost wolf pup and must choose to find her own way home or return the pup to its pack. Publication is planned for fall 2016; Feiwel and Friends).
  • Q & Ray: The Case of the Mola Lisa - Trisha Speed Shaskan and Stephen Shaskan (Graphic novel series; In the book, two animal sleuths set out to solve cases using wits, disguises, and teamwork. Publication is planned for fall 2017… Lerner/Graphic Universe).
  • Debut illustrated middle-grade series Marty Pants - Mark Parisi (Parisi is the creator of the long-running Off the Mark comic. The first book is slated for winter 2017; HarperCollins).
  • One Hundred Spaghetti Strings - Jen Nails (In the middle-grade novel, Steffy's mother has a severe brain trauma, and isn't able to care for Steffy and her moody older sister. When their long estranged father returns to live with them, Steffy hopes that the special recipes she loves to cook will bring her fractured family back together again. Publications is scheduled for winter 2017; HarperCollins).
  • City of Secret Rivers - Jacob Sager Weinstein (MG debut about an American girl transplanted to London who discovers a dark secret lurking beneath its streets, with terrifying repercussions. The book sold at auction in a three-book deal; the first volume will publish in summer 2017. Random House).
  • A Friend Like You - Beth Ain (a middle-grade verse novel about a fourth grader and the small moments in her year that add up to big surprises. Publication is slated for 2017; Random House)

Unfortunately it seems that many books this week or from before aren’t up on Goodreads.

Authors: Queen of Shadows - Sarah J. Maas, Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon, Dumplin - Julie Murphy, Fans of the Impossible Life - Kate Scelsa, Into the Dim - Janet B. Taylor, The Fix - Natasha Sinel

Awards/Lists: Lesyle Walton won the PEN USA Literary award for YA. The Longlist for the National Book Award for YA/Young people was released.

You can vote now for YALSA’s top ten teen books of 2015 until Teen Week in October.

Book trailers: Ghostlight - Sonia Gensler, The Dead House - Dawn Kurtagich, Ascenders: High School for the Recently Departed - C.L. Gaber.

Excerpts: Every Exquisite Thing - Matthew Quick, Ice Like Fire - Sara Raasch, Consider - Kristy Acevedo, Sweet Madness - Trisha Lever & Lindsay Currie, The Sword of Summer - Rick Riordan, Untamed - A.G. Howard, Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

The tenth anniversary edition of Twilight will include some bonus content. Here’s a look back at Twilight and its legacy.

From September 2014 - September 2015, here’s Booklist’s list of top 10 YA romances. Similar list -- here’s one focusing on top 10 YA sports books.

On Sept. 6th, Corinne Duyvis started the hashtag #OwnVoices: “the hashtag focuses on recommending titles about marginalized groups of people by authors in those groups.”

And in unsurprising news, most authors earn below the poverty line for their income.

Independent bookstores are thriving because… they’re bookstores. They’re personal. They’re an experience. At least four reasons, but that just made me think of discussing the old closure of Borders with my mom last week: “No one goes to bookstores these days.” Not true.

Publisher’s Weekly did a profile on editor and author Leila Sales (which will hopefully become freely readable soon…)

A brief summary of recent author and industry events, including a bunch of photos from the 2015 National Book Festival.

If you’re a Red Queen fan, you’re getting 4 books, not three. Outlining the third book, VA admitted to needing a fourth book to end the series where she wanted.

The Unwanteds is coming to a close, while Zeroes is starting a new series with a novel spin on heroes and the Illuminae Files are also making their start.

This past summer, sales really increased for children’s books.

Queen of Shadows sold 18k print copies, with about 219k in print of the first three books.

So, Patrick Ness’s fundraiser ended up raising over $1 million, and even involved Suzanne Collins among other authors.

New Zealand bans its first YA book and the reaction isn’t pretty.

Remember when Courtney Summers’s book was censored/removed from a reading list? Well, the internet is a wonderful place sometimes.

Cover Reveals:

You should really check out last week’s post, since there were many then and then even a lot more in the two months I hadn’t made a bookish rounds. Now there are a lot because I am awful about keeping up with MG titles - I get the occasional one on my radar for cover reveals, but today I discovered so, so, so many MG I hadn’t posted. And that was just in the past two months! I cut myself off there, but I’ll be better about this. (Note: I’m also pretty bad about NA cover reveals - you’d best find some other sources for the lesser known NA).
The Transatlantic Conspiracy - G.D. Falksen

Discussions/Other Blogger Posts:

Have you read these popular September YA books?

The greatest female sci/fi authors of all time - I knew Le Guin would be on that list. Can’t wait to read more female SFF outside of YA!

Indianapolis has an interesting initiative with its Big Free Libraries.

Take a look at the most popular libraries in the U.S.

5 YA Books to Read after a Breakup, 5 Psychic Protagonists Whose Stories You Want to Read, 5 YA Pirate Tales to Bring Out Your Inner Swashbuckler - sometimes, looking at these B&N articles, I really want to know how they come up with these lists and recommendations. Because how is it that every time there’s at least one book I don’t recognize? Not having even seen its cover before?

Looking for some YA urban fantasy to kick the Cassandra Clare / shadowhunter craving? Here are three recently published ones that might help.

9 YA Novels That Every Woman Should Have on Her Reading List - it makes me sad that I’ve read like 3 of these novels only. But, hey, at least I’ve got some. What do you think?

32 Books Guaranteed to Give You Wanderlust & because it’s a community curated list, there are actually some YA novels!

17 New YA Books That Will Make Your Heart Happy - yaaas to A Thousand Nights and some of these other fall releases.

16 YA Books That Will Keep Your Attention to the Last Page - yasss to Poison Study and Grave Mercy and some of the others on this list.

The magic of Harry Potter will never be over - a HP themed bar is opening in Toronto, and Pottermore is expecting a radical relaunch.

Top 10 islands in children’s fiction - like with B&N, I actually haven’t heard of some of these titles.

Remember how these 24 YA books changed dramatically between hardcover & paperback?

If you’re ready for school, maybe you’re ready for a new book boyfriend.

Leila Sales discusses her favorite 10 YA contemporary books - love getting to see these from authors! And like with most B&N articles, some of these I hadn’t even heard of!

Movies/TV Shows:

Man, even though I posted a lot of movie/tv show news last time, I think I missed some things...

They’ve changed the title of the final Divergent movie from Allegiant to Ascendant. You can read Veronica Roth’s thoughts here. Here are the new posters. Also, they’ve released a teaser clip of Allegiant.

Zoey Deutch will be starring in the adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall.

You can watch an exclusive clip from The Scorch Trials here.

You can watch the first and second trailers for Goosebumps.

The official trailer for the 5th Wave movie was released. You can also see the new poster (which is on the movie tie-in edition, as shown above.)

Throne of Glass was optioned for t.v.

Check out the new Hunger Games: Mockingjay poster/banner.

Olive Cooke has been cast in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ready Player One.

The Sky Is Everywhere was also optioned - but by Warner Bros, for a movie.

Paramount optioned Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, with the hopes of starting a new franchise.

The Animorphs is getting its own movie.

Barry Sonnenfeld will be directing A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Do you think that these are the best YA films of all time?


I’ll be hosting a giveaway soon. Keep your eyes out for that!

Adventures in Children's Publishing giveaways: Celebrate Four MILLION page views with us by entering our MASSIVE giveaway! Giveaway ends 9/21/15; Win one of FOUR packs of FIVE popular or recent YA titles, plus swag to help reward readers, for underfunded classrooms, schools, or libraries. Know a school or library who needs books? Nominate them! This month's donations from Martina Boone, Kami Garcia, Liza Wiemer, and Jessica Porter at Crossroads Reviews. Ends 10/1/15;Win $50 American Express Gift Certificate, one of 5 beautiful Tiffany-style Key necklaces, Compulsion for Reading T-shirts, a What I'm Reading chalk mug, Fictionista Notepads, and much more in the PERSUASION pre-order celebration. Also TONS of free downloads, including stickers, bookmarks, magnets, door hangers, and wallpapers.; Win DAMAGE DONE by Amanda Panitch. Enter by 10/8/15.

Giveaways listed at Saturday Situation by Lori of Pure Imagination and Candace of Candace's Book Blog.

Don't forget to enter YABC's giveaways for the month.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday {SF/F Reviews and Giveaways}.

If you have a giveaway, you should let me know.


New Releases: Dumplin' by Julie Murphy, Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales, The Marvels by Brian Selznick, The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen by Katherine Howe, The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich, Mirrored by Alex Flinn, The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore, The Bamboo Sword by Margi Preus, Breakaway by Kat Spears, Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty, Queen of Always (Stolen Empire #3) by Sherry D. Ficklin, Imposter by Antony John, Ash & Bramble by Sarah Prunes, One by Sarah Crossan, Delicate by C. K. Kelly Martin

Recent Recommended Reads: You can read my review of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo :). And hopefully I’ll have a booktube video up soon as well!

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.
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Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (81)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent MG/YA/NA book related news. I'll post about articles from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. If you would like to follow along with cover reveals during the week, see my Pinterest. (If you're interested in how I make these posts, here's your guide.)

Yet another month has passed since I did one of these posts… whoops.


Rights Reports 1, 2, 3, 4:


  • Outward Blonde - Trish Cook (YA pitched as an outdoor Orange Is the New Black for the Gossip Girl set. When NYC socialite Lizzie Finklestein has an epic night on the town resulting in a writeup in Page Six, her billionaire parents send her to Camp Smiley, an Outward Bound-style rehab camp that forces Lizzie to come to terms with herself and nature. Publication is slated for 2016. Adaptive Books).
  • A List of Cages - Robin Roe (a debut novel in the tradition of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, told from the alternating perspectives of Adam, a charismatic 17-year-old with ADHD, and his foster brother, a sensitive boy in a dangerous living situation that Adam must save him from. Disney-Hyperion).
  • Untitled - Kim Zarin (debut YA novel; modern retelling of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. Publication is planned for fall 2016; Simon Pulse).
  • New YA series - Adrianne Strickland and Michael Miller (pitched in the vein of Joss Whedon's Firefly with elements of Marie Lu's Legend. The first, Shadow Run, follows the orphaned Qole, a young but savvy captain of a ragtag crew on a “fishing” starship, who have just become the focus of a corporate arms race; and Nev, the prince whose mission to exploit them turns into one to save them. The first book is planned for fall 2016; Delacorte Press).
  • Birds and Other Transdimensional Things - Leah Thomas (featuring a teen girl coping with her mother's suicide attempt amid the emergence of parallel dimensions; Birds will be published in winter 2018; Bloomsbury).
  • An untitled sequel to Because You'll Never Meet Me - Leah Thomas (which continues the story of Ollie and Moritz's friendship. The sequel is scheduled for winter 2017. Bloomsbury)
  • The Problem with Paris - Denise Grover Swank (in which a young pianist heads to Paris to see her father who abruptly abandoned the family months before, and spends the summer repairing their relationship while falling for the son of a local music teacher. Publication is slated for spring 2016; Blink).
  • Key to Heaven - Darcey Rosenblatt (debut set in Iraq and Iran in 1982, which follows a music-loving boy as he joins the Iranian army at the age of 12. It is set to publish in winter 2017; Henry Holt).
  • Vilonia Beebe Takes Charge - Kristin L. Gray (a debut middle-grade novel in which fourth-grader Vilonia must prove that she is responsible enough to get a dog, in order to help her mom get over her grief. Publication is planned for spring 2017; S&S/Paula Wiseman Books).
  • Prisoner of Ice and Stone - Ruth Lauren Steven (In the MG fantasy debut, 13-year-old Valor is accused of attempting to murder the prince and is sent to prison, where she attempts to break out her twin sister. But in the process, they discover that a much thicker plot may lie behind their crimes. The first book is scheduled for global release in winter 2017; Bloomsbury).
  • Seven Ways We Lie - Riley Redgate (debut told from the perspectives of seven teenagers – each seduced by one of the seven deadly sins – whose paths converge when they accidentally expose a life-altering secret. It's scheduled for publication in spring 2016; Abrams/Amulet).
  • American Kestral - Trudi Truiet (in which a U.S. teen battles evil twin sisters and overcomes her own worst fear to prevent the foreclosure of her grandmother's ski lodge. It's slated for spring 2017 publication under the MIX! imprint; S&S/Aladdin).
  • Graffiti Girl - Laurie Boyle Crompton (about a girl who is obsessed with painting graffiti lions in out-of-the-way spots, until her secret is discovered by the wrong person, with unexpected consequences. Publication is planned for winter 2017; Sourcebooks Fire).
  • Virgo - Alexandra Blogier (it centers on a girl who is the last human left on Earth after an alien race annihilated humanity. Publication is scheduled for spring 2017; Delacorte).
  • Pashmina - Nidhi Chanani (YA graphic novel tells the story of an Indian-American girl who struggles to fit in at high school, then discovers more about her family's history with the help of her mother's magical pashmina. Publication is slated for 2017; First Second).
  • Good Girls Don't Lie - Alexandra Diaz (Pitched as a Mexican-American Juno, a realistic coming-of-age story starring good girl Josie Figueroa. Publication is set for spring 2016; Leap Books).
  • Smoot, A Rebellious Shadow - Michelle Cuevas, illustrated by Sydney Smith (The book tells the story of Smoot, a shadow gone rogue who abandons his boy and inadvertently inspires a shadow revolution. Publication is scheduled for fall 2017; Dial).
  • Jack and the Beanstalk - Josh Funk (about a young Jack who is not keen on climbing any beanstalks and would much prefer to tell his own story. The book is slated for fall 2017; Amazon/Two Lions).
  • All American Boys - Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely (a YA novel that follows two teenage boys – one white, one black – who offer dueling perspectives, told in alternating chapters, on an act of police brutality. The book has been fast-tracked by S&S for release in fall 2015 because of its timely subject matter. S&S's Caitlin Dlouhy Books).
  • The Lost Property Office - James R. Hannibal (In the MG thriller, 13-year-old Jack is trying to find his kidnapped father while attempting to stop a villain from recreating the Great Fire of London. Publication is planned for fall 2016; Simon & Schuster).
  • Finding Marvin Gardens - A.S. King / Amy Sarig King (debut MG about a boy who encounters an entirely new creature in the woods behind his house – an animal that eats plastic – and the consequences that ensue. Publication is set for spring 2017; Scholastic's Arthur A. Levine Books).
  • You’re Welcome, Universe - Whitney Gardner (an illustrated YA debut novel about a Deaf teen artist who must decide between being painted into obscurity or getting caught after she finds herself locked in a graffiti war with an opponent who takes it a step too far. Publication is slated for spring 2017; Knopf).
  • Orphan Island - Laurel Snyder (pitched as Lord of the Flies meets The Giver. It tells the story of a girl named Jinny, one of nine kids who live on an idyllic island without adults where, every year, a new young child is mysteriously delivered by boat and the oldest is taken away. Publication is scheduled for spring 2017; HarperCollins's Walden Pond Press).
  • Words on Bathroom Walls - Julia Walton (debut. It's a teen boy's journal to his therapist as he starts an experimental drug trial to treat his schizophrenia. Publication is planned for spring 2017; Random House).
  • My Kind of Crazy - Robin Reul (pitched as Freaks and Geeks meets The Spectacular Now. After his promposal goes up in flames (literally), down-on-his-luck Hank strikes up an unusual friendship with a budding pyromaniac, who is struggling with her own darkness and thinks he may be a kindred spirit. Publication is slated for April 2016; Sourcebooks Fire).
  • Lucy and Linh - Alice Pung (a literary Mean Girls meets Fresh Off the Boat that follows Lucy as she tries to balance her life at home surrounded by her Chinese immigrant family, with her life at a pretentious private school. Publication is set for fall 2016; Knopf).
  • The Lotterys Plus One - Emma Donoghue (debut MG when Sumac Lottery's racist, homophobic grandfather nearly burns his house down, he has to move in with her family, a volatile situation about which no one is happy, least of all Sumac, who has to give up her room. Publication is scheduled for February 2017; Arthur A. Levine).
  • Summerlost - Ally Condie (MG debut follows 12-year-old Cedar, who is struggling to accept the sudden deaths of her father and younger brother. At the titular summer camp, organized by a Shakespearean theater troupe, the young heroine, in Condie's words, “finds herself surprised by the wonderful, magical feeling of falling into an unexpected friendship” as she “explores long-held mysteries within her community and concerning those she loves.” Publication is slated for April 2016; Dutton).
  • The Black Witch - Laurie Forest (debut first in a fantasy series set in the magical, diverse realm of Earthea. There a fiercely determined heroine must embrace a power she never knew she had in order to protect everyone she loves from the darkness sweeping across their world. Publication is set for spring 2017; Harlequin Teen).
  • Pablo and Birday - Alison McGhee (MG which follows a boy who, as a baby, crossed the ocean in an inflatable pool. Accompanied on his journey by a parrot, he is eventually raised by a small fishing community. Publication is projected for summer 2017; S&S/Atheneum's Caitlyn Dlouhy Books).
  • Dragons vs. Drones - Wesley King (New MG series Pitched as part Eragon, part Transformers, the books follow a young computer genius who is chased by sleek, high-tech drones into a land populated by Godzilla-size dragons, setting off a war that only he can stop. Publication for the first book is slated for spring 2016; Razorbill).
  • Joaquin's Rebellion - Guadalupe Garcia McCall (It's a YA Romeo and Juliet retelling set in 1915 Texas during the height of the Mexican revolution, about a Mexican-American teen trying to protect his family's ranch and his sweetheart's safety while caught between the Texas Rangers and Mexican revolutionaries. Publication is set for fall 2016, with a sequel,The Long Journey Home, scheduled for 2017. Lee & Low's Tu Books).
  • The Art of Losing - Alexandra Ballard (YA debut narrated by a girl in a residential treatment center for an eating disorder. Publication is scheduled for spring 2017; Farrar, Straus and Giroux).
  • The Memory Thief - Bryce Moore (in which 11-year-old Benji meets people who can show and manipulate memories; soon, a lot of people in town are acting like someone has stolen their minds, including Benji's twin sister Kelly. Publication is slated for spring 2016; Adaptive Books).
  • Vanguard - Ann Aguirre (set in the same world as her Razorland saga, which chronicles the adventures of Tegan and the warrior-poet who loves her. Publication is scheduled for spring 2017; Feiwel and Friends).
  • Find Me in Dobbs Ferry - Sheela Chari (a middle-grade mystery in which 12-year-old neighbors Myla and Peter search for clues surrounding the link between a coveted necklace and the disappearance of Peter's brother. Along the graffiti-covered train lines north of New York City, the unlikely pair encounter parkour-performing thugs, cryptic street art, and missing diamonds before uncovering the family secret that started it all. Publication is set for spring 2017; Abrams).


Kami Garcia's THE LOVELY RECKLESS, pitched as "The Fast and the Furious" meets Romeo & Juliet in a YA contemporary romance about the daughter of an undercover cop who falls for the car thief her father is pursuing, to Imprint, for publication in Fall 2016.

From last time:


  • Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts - Esta Spalding, to be illustrated by Sydney Smith (MG series features a band of loosely related self-reliant siblings who live alone in their car on a tropical island, populated with terrible grown-ups. The book will be published simultaneously in Canada by Tara Walker at Tundra/Penguin Random House in spring 2016. Little, Brown).
  • The Dark Lord's Daughter - Patricia Wrede (MG series follows a girl who discovers she has inherited a dysfunctional, depressed magical kingdom. Publication is slated for 2017; Random House).
  • Untitled - Candace Fleming (New chapter-book series in which historical figures make their way into a contemporary setting. Publication is slated for spring 2017; Random House's Schwartz & Wade Books).
  • Dead (But Cautiously Optimistic) - James Preller (pitched as The Walking Dead meets The Mysterious Benedict Society. In the “not-too-distant future,” a seventh-grade undead boy has to adjust to middle-school life as a zombie, and with three unlikely friends, he navigates a mystery involving global warming, disappearing bees, and billionaire developers... and more zombies. It's slated for fall 2016; Feiwel and Friends).
  • Mighty Jack - Ben Hatke (MG graphic novel sold to First Second (due in fall 2016 and 2017)) 
  • Miracle Molly - Ben Hatke (an illustrated middle-grade novel (due in spring 2017), sold to Roaring Brook)
  • The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming - J. Anderson Coats (MG novel; It tells the story of a headstrong girl with big dreams who boards a steamship bound for Washington Territory, as part of the Mercer Expedition of 1866. Publication is set for spring 2017; Atheneum).
  • Untitled - Candace Fleming (an untitled chapter book about Strongheart, the early canine film star. It's scheduled for fall 2016; Random House's Schwartz & Wade).
  • Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here - Anna Breslaw (debut; 16-year-old New Jerseyan Scarlett Epstein finds herself without an outlet for her online writing after her beloved TV show gets canceled, leading her to write fanfiction about the kids in her own high school. Publication is set for spring 2016; Razorbill).
  • Ryan Quinn: Freedom Run - Ron McGee (MG series follows the titular 14-year-old who, after his parents disappear, finds out his family is part of a secret organization dating back to WWII that performs dangerous rescue missions. It's planned for fall 2016; HarperCollins).
  • Matylda of the Bright and Tender Skin - Holly McGhee (MG debut tells the story of two friends, loss, and a leopard gecko named Matylda. Publication is set for spring 2017; Candlewick Press).
  • The World from Up Here - Cecilia Galante (a middle-grade novel following a 12-year-old girl who, in the wake of a family event, must confront her fears while moving to an aunt's house with her autistic brother and their dog. Publication is set for summer 2016; Scholastic).
  • Deleting Tenley Tylwyth - Jennifer Gooch Hummer (In the MG Debut, a 13-year-old girl who can create weather patterns must protect humans from an evil and vindictive Mother Nature. Publication is slated for 2017; Month9Books).


Interviews: Emmy & Oliver - Robin Benway, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids - Sarah Ockler, Proof of Forever - Lexa Hillyer, Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon, Freaks of Nature - Wendy Brotherlin, Crow’s Nest - Angelica Jackson,Between the Notes - Sharon Huss Roat, Secrets of the Dragon Tomb - Patrick Samphire, 5 to 1 - Holly Bodger, Made You Up - Francesca Zappia, Scarlett Undercover - Jennifer Latham, Burning Glass - Kathryn Purdie, The Edge of Forever - Melissa Hurst,Conviction - Kelly Loy Gilbert, Tiny Pretty Things - Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, Skyscraping - Cordelia Jensen,South of Sunshine - Dana Elmendorf, Extraordinary - Miriam Spitzer Franklin, The Witch Hunter - Virginia Boecker, The Girl from Everywhere - Heidi Heilig, The Sound of Life and Everything - Krista Van Dolzer, The Cost of All Things - Maggie Lehrman, Nearly Found - Elle Cosimano, Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Jesse Andrews,The Winner’s Crime - Marie Rutkoski, Daughter of Deep Silence - Carrie Ryan, Brutal Youth - Anthony Breznican, Tiny Pretty Things - Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, Fallout - Gwenda Bond, An Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir, Brenda Bowen, Nowhere But Here - Katie McGarry, Emmy and Oliver - Robin Benway, Anita Silvey, Cassie Beasley

Awards: Boston Globe-Horn winners. I know I missed some here. Sorry.

Excerpts: the Epic Reads Impulse sampler, Hello, I Love You - Katie Stout, Brutal Youth - Anthony Breznican, The Boy Most Likely to - Huntley Fitzpatrick, Unforgiven - Lauren Kate, The Accident Season - Moira Fowley-Doyle, Nightfall - Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski, A Book of Spirits and Thieves - Morgan Rhodes, Morrighan - Mary E. Pearson, Lair of Dreams - Libba Bray, Bone Deep - Kim O’Brien, Hollywood Witch Hunter - Valerie Tejeda, I Am Princess X - Cherie Priest, Mary Unleashed - Hilary Monahan, The Porcupine of Truth - Bill Konigsberg, Another Day - David Levithan, Siren’s Fury - Mary Weber, Trigger - Courtney Alameda, A Whole New World - Liz Braswell, All the Devils Here - Astor Penn, Black Widow Forever - Margaret Stohl, Far From You - Tess Sharpe, Illuminae - Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff, Passenger - Alexandra Bracken, Nothing But Shadows - Cassandra Clare, read by Nico Miralegro, The Witch Hunter - Virginia Boecker, The Artisans - Julie Reece, A Girl Undone - Catherine Linka, This Raging Light - Estelle Laure

Book Trailers: Extraordinary Means - Robyn Schneider, The Cemetery Boys - Heather Brewer, Burn - Sarah Fine and Walter Jury, The Last Ever After - Soman Chainani, The Witch Hunter - Virginia Boecker

BookCon Panels: Abigail Breslin: This May Sound Crazy, Lauren Oliver & Gayle Forman, (not sure if this still works but)Live Book View Now

I mentioned this briefly in my BEA recap, but here’s the actual article: Early Favorites for Young Readers.

BEA & BookCon 2015: Love is in the Air at YA Editors’ Buzz Panel, Editors Buzz about Middle Grade Books, YA Authors Talk Friendship, Growing Up, WNDB Advocates for Diverse Books, Chronicling Middle Grade Characters and Adventures,Talking Truth, Love, Diversity and Writing at ‘Reality Bites’ Panel, Children’s and YA Publishing in China, Writing about Tough Topics for Teens, Telling the Truth for Every Age, Wild at Heart: Animal Fantasy in Children’s Books, YA Panel Celebrates WNDB, Talks Diversity, CHildren’s breakfast speakers say Life is a Story, Judy Blume

A photo recap of BEA & BookCon.

I missed most of these, but here was a brief summary of author and industry events for May 21 and for last week.

Morgan Matson announced the title and synopsis of her new book.

Fan of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy? There’s a campaign right now to unlock extra material, including something between Brimstone & Karou.

Your monthly #WeNeedDiverseBooks articles: The Sweet Sixteens (authors debuting in 2016) discussed diversity on their blogs, #weneeddiversebooks has left its mark on bookcon (I would hope so! and why diverse books are more powerful than ever), 9 YA authors remind us why we need diverse books, a diverse summer reading list for kids, #WeNeedDiverseBooks hasannounced its internship project recipients, (and not from WNDB: why I teach diverse literature).

Curious about the new Princess Diaries books? Here’s everything you need to know.

A list of books that have gotten starred reviews so far.

Mark Haddon asks that people don’t use Curious Incident as a textbook to autism. To what extent can books serve as supplemental reading?

Lol, every month, there is at least one article on things that J.K. Rowling says on twitter (#twitterqueen). This month it is the marriage of Gandalf and Dumbledore.

Chris Riddell is named the U.K. Children’s Laureate and Jacqueline Woodson is named the Young People’s Poet Laureate.

Candlewick is the first publisher to partner with Zazzle.

James Patterson is starting his own imprint at Little, Brown: jimmy patterson

Sarah Dessen is a lot of things. Now also The George Clooney of YA. (didn’t realize they started using George Clooney as an example like that?). (Video of Sarah Dessen talking about female friendships here).

The #BooksArentDangerous campaign set out to help put books in the hands of kids in need.

What is Kindness? Thoughts from R.J. Palacio.

The one word John Green regrets using in Paper Towns.

Cover Reveals:

Pax - Sara Pennypacker, illus by Jon Klassen
Ascending the Boneyard - C. G. Watson
Jupiter Rising (The Icarus Corps) - Zachary Brown (saga press)
My Name Is Not Friday - Jon Walter
*forgot to include
Asp of Ascension - B.R. Myers
The Magnificent Mya Tibbs - Crystal Allen
**forgot to include as well…

Discussion/Other Blogger Posts:

Booktrust, reports the Guardian, says that fathers are not reading enough to their children.

Have you read any of these popular June releasing books? And are you anticipating these YA books releasing in June?

Even BookBub is getting on the YA trend and listing out which YA books it’s excited for in June. Pop Crush’s best YA books of June.

Books to read if you, like me, loved Brown Girl Dreaming.

Bibliotherapy: reading has a positive effect on mental health.

Less specific to June (but ugh to “adult” comments): 30 YA Books Every Actual Adult Should Read.

Check out this future library and think of the environment.

One reader on how Fangirl restored her faith in humanity.

Awesome YA books by adult authors: seems like this is going to be a list that expands with recent book deals & focus on YA.

An ode to school librarians.

9 Books you may have missed last year but perhaps you want to get into them now as paperbacks?

Have you ever had a hard time meeting an author at an event? I generally don’t know what to say and/or feel like what I have to say is not worth it. #booknerdproblems

As is usual with bookish rounds posts after a very long period, I have loads of recommendation articles for y’all: 6 YA Princesses Who Can Save Themselves (Even though I agree with the spirit of this list and am intrigued by the characters I don’t know, I dislike the implication that the other princesses can’t save themselves.), 7 New Badass YA Heroines for You to Love(Can’t wait to read Court of Fives…), 7 Classic Feminist YA Books Everyone Should Read (YASSS JANE EYRE YASS), 6 Reads to Keep You Geeking out All Summer Long (i had no idea that’s what Soulprint was about… *adds to TBR*), 12 of the Best Books to Read by the Pool (and Elsewhere) This Summer (interesting that We Were Liars still made the list though that was last year), 5 Things I Learned When I Met Judy Blume, 6 YAs that Made Us LOLFR (Denton Little! Still need to read that one…), 5 Near Future YAs Set in Awesomely Altered Worlds (one day, I will read a book by John Corey Whaley…), Relive Your Summer Camp Glory with These 5 YAs (I was that kid who wanted to go to summer camp but never did; therefore I fail at this already lol), 6 YA Stories about Life-Changing Summers (Sisterhood!), 7 of the Best Road Trips in YA, 6 YAs to Read after You’ve Binge-Watched Orange Is the New Black (aaah, I need to catch up / binge watch soon o.OO), 8 Must-Read Summer YA Thrillers. 10 YA Novels That Take You Inside Video Game Worlds, 5 YAs for Mad Max Fans (eep, I still have to watch that movie), 7 YA Superhero books for the comic book lover, 7 of YA’s best ballerina books, Go back to the future with these time travel YAs, 5 YA moments that made us lose our innocence, 7 YAs for the pop-culture obsessed

A round-up from SLJ of recent funny YA novels.

A round-up from YALSA of LGBTQ+ tweens in youth literature. And here are some more transgender titles for young readers & 30 LGBTQIA-Positive Children’s Books. (Transgender children’s books fill a void and break a taboo). Meanwhile, in North Carolina, the teacher who read the gay-themed fairy tale aloud resigned.

Top 10 fantastical pets in children’s literature.

Lol, 7 signs you’re living with a YA Parent. I guess I never experienced those, because conservative immigrant parents are a rare thing indeed in YA.

Oh, snap. Big claim: Legacy of Kings will fill the void left by Game of Thrones. Ah, well, I need to catch up on Game of Thrones. I’m essentially afraid to read any GoT article for fear of spoilers. Anyone read Legacy of Kings yet?

Do not look at this post if you are hungry: 21 Tastiest YA Book Covers of all time.

Have you ever gotten a book recommendation based off the donut you wanted to eat? Well now you can.

Haha, don’t even need to fill out this quiz (Which High School Stereotype Were You?) to say that I was the Good Girl.

#MentalHealthMatters: Neal Schusterman on Surviving the Depths.

#BookNerdProblems: Advance Copy Envy. If I have a physical copy of any book that you want to read and we’re friends, just let me know & I’ll send it to you.

Lol, listening while reading. Not possible. The easiest way to tell whether someone’s paying attention: how often have they just said ‘mmm’ or ‘yeah’ or something in agreement? And for running out of batteries… keep it on the charger while you read and you’ll never have to worry :P

Favorite Chase Scenes & 11 Songs That You Didn’t Realize Were Dirty.

Summer Reading recommendations! + Bustle’s Summer Reading Challenge. + 31 Perfect Books to Get Excited about this summer + what’s on your reading list (authors & illustrators share their summer reading list) + 30 YA novels to add to your summer reading list + 40 YA Books You Need on Your Summer Reading List + 32 enthralling summer reads. Clearly summer is the best season. Look at all these articles pumping out YA recs!

But watch out, too many good books and you might have the symptoms of a book hangover.

Top 10 reimagined fairy tales.

No book blogger discussions this time either! I know, it’s been over two months since I’ve linked to people. I promise that next time, I will. It’s just so very time-consuming to do a month’s worth of EVERYTHING typically in this post.

Movies/TV Shows:

Jason Reitman will write and direct the adaptation of Beekle.

Elizabeth Banks is in talks to direct the adaptation of RED QUEEN.

Fox has optioned NIMONA for adaptation & a director was named.

Kaitlyn Leeb is playing Camille Belcourt, David Castro is playing Raphael Santiago, Jade Hassoun is playing Meliorn, and Lisa Marcos is playing Captain Vargas on Shadowhunters. The first teasers were also revealed.

The second Paper Towns trailer was released.

Kirsten Smith’s YA novel, Trinkets, is being adapted by MTV.

The first trailer for Mockingjay Part II plus the first poster were released.

Eddie Redmayne has officially been cast as Newt in the adaptation of Fantastic Beasts. So far they are considering many girlsto play his opposites (“Saoirse Ronan, Dakota Fanning, Lili Simmons and Alison Sudol are up for the role of Queenie, while Kate Upton, Katherine Waterston and Elizabeth Debicki are being eyed to play Queenie’s older sister, Tina...”). Katherine Waterston was cast for Tina.

The official trailer for Pan was released.

The international trailer for Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was released.

They’ve started filming Allegiant Part I.

Fox & Temple Hill have optioned Andrea Portes’s new novel, Liberty.

There will be a new Anne of the Green Gables movie, and Martin Sheen is starring in it.


Adventures in Children's Publishing giveaways: New Releases 6/15/15! Win FOUR great new YA novels that release this week, plus interviews and a round-up of all this week's new YA novels. Giveaway ends 6/22/15; Win TREASURED CLAIM by Jami Gold, ends 6/20/15; Win 1 of 2 ARCs of THE NOTORIOUS PAGAN JONES by Nina Berry, ends 6/22/15; Win and ARC of THE WHITE ROSE (The Jewel #2) by Amy Ewing, ends 6/22/15; PICK ANY YA Novel, plus signed Compulsion, Tote Bag, Necklace, T-Shirts and more; Win Compulsion, Stolen, Like Water on Stone, Now that You're Here, and Dangerous Deception plus a prize back of "I Have a Compulsion for Reading" incentives, ends 6/30/15

Giveaways listed at Saturday Situation by Lori of Pure Imagination and Candace of Candace's Book Blog.

Don't forget to enter YABC's giveaways for the month.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday {SF/F Reviews and Giveaways}.

If you have a giveaway, you should let me know. NGL, this is the least important section to me.


New Releases:

May 24 - 30: P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys #2) by Jenny Han, Kissing in America by Margo Rabb, Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan, Tenderness of Thieves by Donna Freitas, Out of Aces by Stephanie Guerra, Outage by Ellisa Barr, The Death Code (Murder Complex #2) by Lindsay Cummings, The Cage by Megan Shepherd, Anything Could Happen by Will Walton, Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider, Immaculate by Katelyn Detweiler, Edge of Shadows (Whidbey Island #3) by Elizabeth George, Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry, Conspiracy of Princes by Justin Somper, Charmed (Hexed #2) by Michelle Krys, The Eternal City by Paula Morris, Dime by E. R. Frank, Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, Emancipated by M. G. Reyes, I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest, The Porcupine of Truth by Bill Konigsberg, Rusty Summer by Mary McKinley, Powerless by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs.

May 31 - June 6: The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker, The Devil You Know by Trish Doller, Charlie, Presumed Dead by Anne Heltzel, Where You End by Anna Pellicioli, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler, Children of the Earth (End Times #2) by Anna Schumacher, Deadly Design by Debra Dockter, Sweet by Emmy Laybourne, Like It Never Happened by Emily Adrian, Powerless by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs, Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer, The Hunted (Enemy #6) by Charlie Higson, Nearly Found (Nearly Lost #2) by Elle Cosimano, The Good Girls (The Perfectionists #2) by Sara Shepard,Joyride by Anna Banks, Modern Monsters by Kelley York, More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera, Skyscraping by Cordalia Jensen, Endgame (Night School #5) by C. J. Daughtery, Spelled by Betsy Schow, The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg, The Edge of Forever by Melissa E. Hurst, Dancing with Molly by Lena Horowitz, Secret of the Sevens by Lynn Lindquist, Drawn by Chris Ledbetter, Descent (Kissed by Death #2) by Tara Fuller, '89 Walls by Katie Pierson.

June 7 - 13: Hello, I Love You by Katie M. Stout, Last Year's Mistake by Gina Ciocca, To Hold the Bridge by Garth Nix,Delicate Monsters by Stephanie Kuehn, Alive by Chandler Baker, The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly - Stephanie Oakes, Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, Those Girls by Lauren Saft, Even When You Lie to Me by Jessica Alcott, Our Brothers at the Bottom of the Bottom of the Sea, The Truth About My Success by Dyan Sheldon, The Astrologer's Daughter by Rebecca Lim,Mindwalker by A. J. Steiger, The Stars Never Rise by Rachel Vincent, Crash (Game #3) by Eve Silver, I am the Traitor (Unknown Assassin #3) by Allen Madoff, The Consequences of Revenge (Consequences #2) by Rachel van Dyken.

June 14 - 20: The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi, Blood Will Tell by April Henry, Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone, Glittering Shadows (Metropolis #2) by Jaclyn Dolamore, Deadfall (Blackbird #2) by Anna Carey, Between the Notes by Sharon Huss Roat, Hungry by H. A. Swain, The Lure by Lynne Ewing, After Hours by Claire Kennedy, Get Dirty (Don't Get Mad #2) by Gretchen McNeil, In Search of Sam by Kristin Butcher, Shattered Memories by Susan Harris, Always Remembered by Kelly Risser.

Recent Recommended Reads: Ooh, it’s been a long time. If you want to know what I’ve been up to, I wrote a recap of May & June for the blog & booktube channel. In there I discussed books I’ve recently read. You can also read my review of A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston and my review of Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson. I also I talked about my experiences at BEA for Day 1 (VIDEO), Day 2 (VIDEO), and Day 3 (VIDEO).

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.
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