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review 2016-05-12 18:00
The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson
The Argonauts - Maggie Nelson

Personally, I loved the rambling style of the book. At first, it was a little annoying. I was never sure if she was talking to me as the reader directly, if she was talking to her partner, herself, or just the world in general the way any other nonfiction writer might. I was never certain what the topic was or what it might be leaning to. It came together for me when she started talking about how much of the book was written while pumping. 

I've sat and pumped for many cumulative hours as well. I've drifted in and out of the various thoughts on the world that come when you are not with your child but still giving him (in my case, he's a him also) nourishment. I've drifted in and out of that feeling of spirituality that comes with that I am somehow tied to being more animal than human, but never feeling less human than I had before. It's confusing and reassuring and painful, and so is this book. 

It may get a little weird sometimes, but people are weird. I used to think the weird ramblings of my mind were partial to me somehow, that there was something wrong with me. In the long succession of feminist writing that I've read in this fourth wave, I've learned that I am not weird. People are weird. Strange and uncomfortable thoughts come unbidden to our minds. Nelson has shared those thoughts with us. She has opened up her mind and her life for us to see, even for those who feel the need, to judge. That was the really powerful thing about the book. 

She doesn't really make a grand statement on transgenderism or living outside the gender binary or being a lesbian or the LGBTQ movement as a whole. She just exposes the feelings, the way that life doesn't have to be more complicated and the ways that it does. 

I very interesting book. I hope all feminists read it. I'm glad it was on the Our Shared Shelf reading list for May. I look forward to the discussions. 

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text 2014-09-25 11:21
Compare Books with Your Friends - Reading stats, Part Two


Check out if you and your friends have the same reading taste. Now you can compare books with your friends on BookLikes. 


You’ve been asking about reading stats and book comparison, and here they are! Recently we’ve launched reading challenge statistics and now it’s time to explore if your BookLikes friends are keen on the same books as you are. The book comparison will also allow you to sneak a look at your new followers' shelves. 


New feature Compare Books can be found in the new tab, Apps, which presents now three features: Reading Lists, Reading Challenge and Compare Books. If you wish to update your challenge or create a list make sure to go to the new place in the menu, Apps.


You can compare your shelved books with any of your Followings or Followers, just type in a blog name or a username to see the results.



The Compare Books page is divided in the following sections:

  • total number of books
  • books in common
  • book category compatibility 
  • total number of reviews and ratings
  • reviews and ratings in books in common

When you choose a blog to compare all data will be counted and presented on the page with the book details, reading status, rating stars and reviews.


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text 2013-09-19 17:56
Comments Open For All & Add Shelf in Book Pop Up

We have new updates and features for all those who love commenting and adding books to their shelves. Now commenting is open for all, including not registered to BookLikes. And if you like shelving books on thematic shelves you can do it quickly from book pop up. 


BookLikes comment box is a default option always visible under a given post and now it is also available for those who did not sign up to BookLikes. Now all your friends, readers and guests can add their comments under your reviews and all other sorts of your writings on your webpage on BookLikes. If a non-BookLikes member would like to add a comments, he/she should click on a given post, use social his/her media or e-mail address and then add a comment in a comment box below the text. Or simply sign up to BookLikea and add your comments directly on Dashboard (where you see blogs you follow) and under individual posts :-)


BookLikes have several commenting options that you can choose from:

- BookLikes comments (now open for all)

- Disqus comments (if blogger switches it on)

- Facebook comment box (if blogger connects Facebook account and switches it on)




The second features is all about books and shelves. So far you could easily shelve your books by clicking the book cover, choosing "Add to bookshelf" and right reading status (read, currently reading, planning to read). You could also create your own thematic shelves on Shelf main page (Add new shelf) which then would be visible in book pop up. Now we have shorted the process - you can add your thematic shelves directly in book pop up and put your book on your personal specific shelf straight away.


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text 2013-04-17 20:10
Bookshelf Standard Lost and Found - Rearranging home-based Bookcase

As I mentioned some time ago (if you still remember, I know it was several weeks ago) I wanted to rearranged my home based library. I was choosing from seven solutions that I've picked for possible usage:


Human bookshelf1. Rainbow Shelves - nice to watch

2. Alphabetical library standard - good to find

3. Literary genres - literary order

4. Book sizes - neat and steady

5. Publishing houses - 'family' order

6. Random - oh well, let it be here

7. Human bookshelf ;-)


So I started my project for serious. I've finished it in March as I previously planned but somehow lacked time to show off my outcome till now. So let's start and be honest.


I was defeated. All six solutions weren't for me.


When I cleared my shelves, put all books on my sofa, cleaned them from dust and started rearrangement I understood that none of the above solution is accurate for me. Let's be honest (as I promised) I'm a little messy person and quasi ordered bookcase wouldn't change that. Well arranged bookshelf wouldn't really represent me.


My motivation was big but it appeared that I discovered other solution which origins from ... my virtual bookshelf. How I could not think of it previously?


So I started from the beginning. And then it was obvious! I had to put my books on "Read" shelf, "Planning to read" shelf and "Currently reading" shelf - sounds familiar? I did as I thoughts. Additionally I created thematic shelves as well for: languages, reference, work and hobby.


Maybe it doesn't look great like 'rainbow bookcase' nor neat like size order and alphabetical list but for me it's lucid. And what's most important - it's mine.


Found my bookshelf standard which looks something like this:















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text 2013-04-11 14:24
NEW: Shelf Linked With Blog and Search Tags

We have new things for your on BookLikes :) Let us present you two brand new features and one improvement that we’ve released today. We linked your Shelf with your Blog, let you search tags and easily remove books from your Shelf.


We received many requests to link books on your Shelf with reviews on your blog. Now when you click on a book that was reviewed by you you’ll see “Review” status in a book pop up that will transfer you or anyone who visits your Shelf to review on your Blog. To make it even easier and faster we added “Reviewed” status on your Shelf where all your reviewed books are shelved.


We recommend to shelve and review the same book edition to make this bond. The easiest way to do that is to create a post by clicking on a book directly from your Shelf. Then you’ll be sure that a book will be linked with your review and automatically get status Reviewed.

We also made it easier to remove book from your shelf. We re-positioned the “Remove” button and moved it to more visible place. Now all book option are available in a book pop up, including removing books from Shelf (we hope though that you won’t overexploit this function :) ).


Another cool new feature is tag search. You requested ability of searching posts and reviews. Now it’s ready! Tag search box is on Dashboard on the right. 

Insert tag, author or book title in Tags Search Box and you’ll find all posts with a particular book title or tag, e.g. Hunger Games. We take into consideration book titles, book authors and tags that you add to you writing.


Enjoy new features, let us know what you think and prepare yourself for more :-)

We release new functions at the end of every week so stay tuned!

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