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review 2017-07-16 19:16
Great PNR
The Rest of Forever - Carrie Pulkinen

Carrie Pulkinen certainly shows just how good she is at what she does in this one. It is a different look at the guardian angel story than what most of us have come to expect. It's not about the battle between good and evil and there are no demons in this story - some not so good people, yes, but no demons for the angels to contend with. The Rest of Forever's guardians are quite human in nature. They fall in love, they get angry, they feel jealousy, they grieve, and like so many of us, they have trouble letting go of past hurts.
The story here is about Damian and April, their past relationship problems, and whether or not they can let go of those problems to find love with each other. The fact that they're guardian angels is an added bonus and quite interesting in its own right.
Overall, the story is sweet, romantic, sad at times, and even has a bit of humor in the bickering between April and Damian as they find their way. Pulkinen's writing style drew me in from the beginning and held me throughout the story. This is one that I have no problem recommending to anyone who enjoys the genre.

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review 2017-07-11 14:54
Księżniczka w opałach
Wishful Drinking (Audio) - Carrie Fisher

Przyznaję szczerze, pewnie jak większość "szarych ludzi" znam Carrie Fisher głównie z roli księżniczki Lei w Gwiezdnych Wojnach. No i jako córkę Debbie Reynolds, ikony amerykańskiego kina. Tyle. Nie jestem ani wierną fanką, ani zaciekłą przeciwniczką. Właściwie nic o niej nie wiedziałam (i pewnie dalej wiem niewiele), ale napatoczył się audiobook jej książki "Whishful Drinking" i pomyślałam, że spróbuję przynajmniej posłuchać fragmentu. Pierwsza zasadnicza rzecz, audiobook czytany jest przez samą Carrie, co jest fantastyczne i autentyczne. Co do treści samej książki, jest interesująca z kilku powodów. Pokazuje, z perspektywy Carrie oczywiście, dzieciństwo i dorastanie w Hollywood, w cieniu sławnych rodziców, w tym co w "Fabryce Snów" normalne czyli życiu towarzyskim na wysokich obrotach, wątpliwej jakości związkach i ich konsekwencjach. W zasadzie to będzie banalne stwierdzenie, ale warto sobie przypominać, że życie celebrytów nie jest takie jak je widzimy w mediach. Książka Carrie jest taka jak ona, bipolarna, jednocześnie bardzo smutna i dołująca, a równocześnie dowcipna (w żadnym razie nie jest wesoła). Wysłuchanie jej w wykonaniu Carrie to chyba jedyne rozsądne wyjście, chyba czytania tego tekstu nie strawiłabym. Mnie te klika godzin z Carrie Fisher pozwoliło poczuć wdzięczność za moje szare i normalne życie. Tylko tyle i aż tyle.  


Mała uwaga: w tekście jest sporo dosadności i wulgaryzmów, więc jak ktoś jest wrażliwy na to to odradzam. 

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review 2017-07-04 00:00
Summer's Lease
Summer's Lease - Carrie Elks Falling in love means never having to say sorry. How great that would be if true. Carrie Elks does something we all wish we could, but are afraid to try. Have characters admit they were wrong. Cesca and Sam have a history that may have seemed promising but ended in rivalry. When scandal and disappointment lead them to the same place, can these feuding enemies began to give peace a chance? Summer's Lease is my first Carrie Elks novel. Whether confronted with frenemies or seduced by lovers, this author can make an impression that was joyful to discover.
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review 2017-06-24 16:47
Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher
Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher

This was a fun and quick read albeit a bit disorganized. It was probably geared more to people who knew more about Carrie Fisher and her hijinks over the years, however. It was funny but not laugh out loud so and it made me hate George Lucas a little for the whole bra thing.


I’m counting this as my Free Friday #2 read for booklikes-opoly, so that’s another $4 to add to my bank (page count: 159), bringing the total to $140.

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text 2017-06-20 10:33
His Very Own Girl - Carrie Lofty
The Silent Governess - Julie Klassen

My reading was bogged down because I kept these two boring romances on my currently reading list and just kept finding other books tor read. I gave these books each a day and still couldn't muster the energy to put into reading more. Cutting my losses now so that I can make room for more interesting books.


His Very Own Girl at the 20% mark - tried to read this for BL-opoly, so I will take the $1.00 and move on.


The Silent Governess at the 29% mark - tried to read this for Pop Sugar challenge, but I have more than enough books that could fit the prompt.

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