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review 2018-01-21 19:46
Good Characters and story
The Crown Prince's Bride (The Prince Duology) - Donna Alward,Holly Ingraham

Raoul is the Crown Prince of Marazier who lost his wife and queen in a tragic car accident and wa snow doing his best to get over his grief and raise his two young children. Stephani was Raoul’s late wife’s cousin and had worked for Raoul for many years as his assistant. Stephani had been in love with Raoul but would never do anything about it even now. Raoul has no idea of Stephani’s feeling for him. Raoul is the next in line for the throne. Stephani was Raoul’s right hand woman. Raoul is conflicted when he starts to develop some feelings for Stephani raoul started to feel maybe the woman who helped him through his grief may be the woman who could make him whole again and that woman was Stephani.

I liked this book but I would have liked it to be longer. This was an easy fast paces romance. I really liked Stephani. I liked the plot and pace. I loved Stephani and Raoul I liked the humor on this book. I advise you to read the first book of this series to keep everything pulled together. I didn’t like how Raoul treated Stephani toward the end of the book. But the end turned out good. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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review 2018-01-11 00:00
The Crown Prince's Bride (The Prince Duology)
The Crown Prince's Bride (The Prince Duology) - Donna Alward,Holly Ingraham Knowing and facing the truth are two of life's hardest tasks. The third is facing fears, especially when it comes to love and loss. One woman changed the course of many lives, but can that one woman be instrumental in bringing two grieving hearts a new beginning? The mystic of a fairytale is that we always remember the beauty and forget the heartache. The Crown Prince's Bride forces the facing of some painful truths in order to get to that great big rainbow at the end of the tunnel. Donna Alward brings her own brand of magic to an awesomely majestic romance.
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review 2018-01-09 13:10
Review for: THE CROWN PRINCE’S BRIDE by Donna Alward
The Crown Prince's Bride (The Prince Duology) - Donna Alward,Holly Ingraham

THE CROWN PRINCE’S BRIDE by Donna Alward is book Two in "Royal Duology " series. This is the story of Raoul and Stephani. I have read the previous book, but feel you can easily make this a standalone if you choose to do so.
Raoul is a Crown Prince whose wife CiCi died leaving him with the kids to care for. Stephani is the assistant to Raoul and also has been in love with him since her first day and she was also CiCi's cousin. But knowing nothing can every be between them under than work makes it hard for her. When Raoul ask her go to a business dinner/function she goes...but Raoul hardly recognizes Stephani...she is stunning. They both feel the loss of CiCi but they both are feeling mixed emotions with each other.
This was a sweet second chance at love story that I so enjoyed having a chance to read it!


Source: www.amazon.com/Crown-Princes-Bride-Prince-Duology-ebook/dp/B0769Z8745/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1515361761&sr=1-1&keywords=THE+CROWN+PRINCE%E2%80%99S+BRIDE
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review 2017-08-10 21:12
Snark and Romance
Food Fight: An Eroticomedy Duology (Strip Mall Series Book 1) - Heather Ohhh,T. Torrid

Food Fight is great for combining some funny with the sexy. A good bit of humor is always welcome and both stories in this book have plenty of snark and humor along with being packed full of steam. The food euphemisms were a little over the top at times, but considering the title and the sarcasm involved in both stories, it was expected. This was my first read from either of the authors and I was quite impressed at how well-written these fast-paced tales are. Both are novella length and the pacing is good. I was also impressed that while it is pretty quick love in both cases, it's not instalove. The attraction and chemistry is there and almost palpable with both couples, but they aren't professing undying love from first sight. Overall, these tales are funny, sexy, and romantic - perfect for a quick bedtime read or when you need a chuckle.

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review 2017-07-04 12:00
Voiceless by E.G. Wilson
Voiceless (Voiceless Duology) - E.G. Wil... Voiceless (Voiceless Duology) - E.G. Wilson

This book was definitely unique and I was instantly intrigued by the idea that the main character had her voice stolen. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I did enjoy it and I ended up finishing it much faster than normal. 

The world that the author created was really interesting. It took me awhile to figure out that it wasn't set in a made up place, but in New Zealand. There were a lot of words that I didn't really understand and at first I thought they were made up because I know next to nothing about New Zealand. The setting definitely made the book stand out more. I also enjoyed the technology aspect of the world. I loved the idea of the virtual psychoreality simulator because it sounds so cool and something I would be interested in trying if I could. 


The majority of the book takes place within the virtual psychoreality simulator and while I think that whole idea was really cool, it also seemed to take up a lot more time than necessary. The beginning of Addy's journey through that virtual reality was a little bit confusing and the chapters involving the house was repetitive to the point where I wanted the book to move on, even though I was interested in the simulation.

Where the story fell flat, was with the characters and particularly with their motivations. The characters were for the most part, fairly well developed, but they were lacking a believable motivation for their actions. Yes, explanations are given, but they aren't really satisfying and it made the characters less real for me. The reason for the Vox Pox disease didn't really seem that clear to me and I was really hoping there would be something more to it, but ended up being a kind of disappointing ending to the plot. 

I'm on the fence about whether I'll continue with the next book. I really wanted to enjoy this book a lot more because the idea seemed so unique and interesting. Plus, I really liked the development that Addy goes through during the story, so if the next one sounds good I'll probably pick it up. 

*I recieved this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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