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review 2020-05-08 19:44
Murder on the SS Rosa: a cozy historical mystery - a novella (A Ginger Gold Mystery Book 1) - Lee Strauss


  Ginger is sailing to England to settle her late father's estate when the ship's captain is found dead. Time is of the essence when she becomes a suspect in his death. She must solve the murder before the ship docks in England.

I enjoyed this story. It's a good set-up for future books. There is the flavor of the 1920's--elegant and classy but a dark side also. Prohibition does not exist on the high seas. Ginger is always in the way of the inspector who is also traveling on the ship but they do have their moments. I look forward to reading more of this series.
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quote 2020-02-29 05:31
“It’s okay to be mad and sad, and it’s okay if you want to march up to that boy on Monday and punch him in the face. It’s okay if you choose to forgive him later, and it’s okay if you don’t. Just don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that any of this means you aren’t enough, because you are. He’s just not ready to deserve you.”
The Hail Mary (Waiting on the Sidelines #3) - Ginger Scott

― The Hail Mary by Ginger Scott

(Waiting On The Sidelines, Book #3)

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review 2020-02-02 17:16
Harlequin Violet: Blind Date (manga) based on the original novel by Emma Darcy, art by Mihoko Hirose, translated by Ikoi Hiroe
Harlequin Violet: Blind Date - Mihoko Hirose,Emma Darcy

Peggy Dean is excited to learn that she's a finalist on the Ross Elliot Show's special episode "Blind Date" contest. The first prize is a date with popular singer John Gale, but Peggy isn't interested in that. As a Media Communications major, she's primarily interested in seeing the set of the show. She's also hoping to win a stereo, the consolation prize given to the two finalists who aren't picked to go on a date with John. She attempts to sabotage her chances of winning by giving off-putting answers to John's questions, but instead she accidentally captures his interest.

The Harlequin Ginger Blossoms line fascinates me. As far as I know, they were all adaptations of 1980's Harlequin novels - Emma Darcy's Blind Date was originally published in 1986, while the Japanese manga adaptation was published in 2003, and the English translation of the manga was published in 2006. Wouldn't it have been a better idea to focus on newer romance novels? Was it a rights thing? The color-coding is also interesting. Harlequin Pink titles were printed in pink ink and aimed at younger readers - no on-page sex. Harlequin Violet titles were printed in violet ink and aimed at older audiences (ages 16 and up, according to my copy). They did have on-page sex, but, at least in the case of Blind Date, the nudity was of the Barbie doll variety (no nipples) and the sex scenes were sensual but not graphic.

I haven't read the novel on which this manga is based, so I can't comment on how accurate of an adaptation it is, although I do think it's interesting that, according to descriptions I've read, John's name in the original book was actually Adam Gale. I wonder why his name was changed while Peggy's remained the same?

The artwork is the best part of Blind Date. The character designs are attractive, everything is easy to follow and uncluttered, characters' facial expressions are well done (I laughed at Peggy's "deer in the headlights" stunned expression upon seeing all of John's gorgeous friends at the musical), and it's just generally a lovely looking volume.

The story...well. The first half is pretty solid. Peggy tries to sabotage herself and fails, and John admits that he chose her because he figured she didn't actually want to be chosen and therefore didn't have an ulterior motives. They eventually had a nice dinner, and he managed to convince her to let him buy her a stereo as an apology, since that's what she'd really wanted.

The problems started when they ended up in bed together. John realized that Peggy was a virgin and went from "oh no, what I have I done?" to "you were just using me so that you could sell your story about your first time with John Gale to the media" in two seconds flat. Both Peggy and I were stunned and wondering what the heck happened.

John eventually realized that he was an idiot and apologized, but that didn't stop him from acting like an idiot the next time they ended up in bed together. When Peggy got up first thing in the morning to go to class, John acted like she was completely rejecting him. Dude, she's a college student - you don't get to tell her which classes she can afford to miss and which she can't. I disliked that it was Peggy who apologized first this time, and not John. Peggy hadn't done anything wrong.

For some reason, Peggy continued to stay with John and even agreed to move in with him. All kinds of warning bells went off in my head when he told her not to worry about work ("I'll lend you money until you graduate"). Considering his behavior up to that point, I fully expected him to either remind her that he was lending her money and therefore deserved all her time any time she wanted to do anything on her own, or get mad at some point and accuse her of using him for his money.

I could see what the ending was going for, but it was missing a few key pieces...like an actual demonstration on John's part that he really understood why Peggy had left. A big bouquet of flowers and an "I love you" didn't cut it.

All in all, this was nice looking and decent for what it was, but there's definitely better romance manga out there.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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review 2020-01-08 08:19
Davies Chocolates - The best which someone deserves eternally


Davies Chocolates business was started by Sidney Davies in 1932. Sidney ‘s passion was making chocolates from his own hands in the kitchen in Paddington.  As time went by, he mastered his craft and had built a loyal customer following. Due to his diligence, some of Australia’s most mouth-watering fondants, hard centers, jellies and gingers coated with the finest chocolate were formulated. Sidney has deceased, but his however the passion that he created the recipes for fine handmade chocolates on which the brand of Davies chocolates was developed stands strong even today. Davies handmade chocolates Sydney wide sales are stronger than ever.


Davies Chocolates use of only young stem ginger ensures a maximum refreshing flavor. Enjoy the delicious and contrasting taste of ginger and Davies’ dark chocolate can be enjoyed with a  mouth-watering delicacy.


The taste buds of people all over Australia can be relished with centers of ginger coated with Davies signature dark chocolate.


Ginger chocolates that have been made in the form of candy are one of the great pleasures in life, offering a delicious, sweet flavor that is crisp and refreshing. Great care is taken by us in selecting only the finest ingredients to use in our sweets, including the young stem ginger in these morsels. At the top of it, to make these treats even more incredible, we add a coating of rich dark chocolate for a unique contrast.


Chocolate gifts could be for, chocolates for friends, family, and corporate clients.  Chocolates that melt in your mouth, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, flavor-filled with varieties like coffee cream, salted caramel, raspberry, mint, ginger and more.


The chocolates of Davies that are handcrafted are free of gluten and palm oil. You can order them online for speedy delivery to offices and homes throughout Australia!


The more chocolates you eat, the more you like it. The delicious handmade chocolates melt in your mouth.


Chocolate has been ready as a drink for nearly all of its history. The Maya grew cacao trees in their backyards and used the flowering tree seeds the trees created to form a frothy, bitter drink.


By the fifteenth century, the Aztecs gained the management of an outsized part of the geographical area and adopted a flowering tree into their culture.

They associated chocolate with deity.


The chocolates are a perfect treat to gift to a loved one of yours. If you really love someone their hearts are warmed by the gift of chocolates. Chocolates have that fudgy taste that everyone relishes them. If there were no chocolates to eat perhaps a lot of kids would go crazy. Chocolates are fun to eat for young teen girls also.  They are at times compared to chocolates. At times even some good looking guys are compared to chocolates as they are told that they have chocolate boy looks. The story ends here.

Source: davieschocolates.com.au
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url 2019-11-15 09:48
Ginger Market Report

Ginger is an important commercial crop grown for its aromatic rhizomes and is used both as a spice and a medicine. It is used as a vital ingredient in a wide range of semi-processed products for the food manufacturing sector and processed products for the retail sector. The global ginger market grew at a CAGR of around 5% during 2015-2019. The market is currently being driven by population growth, changing demographics, increasing health consciousness and busy lifestyles across the globe. This report by Expert Market Research entitled “Ginger Market Report and Forecast 2020-2025” provides a comprehensive analysis for anyone who plans to foray into the ginger market.



Get a Free Sample Report For Market Study - https://www.expertmarketresearch.com/request?type=report&id=35&flag=B

Source: www.expertmarketresearch.com/reports/ginger-market
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