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review 2017-08-13 15:27
First Strike #1 - Mairghread Scott,David Rodriguez,Max Dunbar

Mairghread Scott, who wrote Till All Are One, co-writes this crossover.   She is an amazing writer, but I tend to not like crossovers: many of them push an agenda which can detract from the storytelling.   Furthermore, this is considered the big, yearly event, and the last event was Revolution - which I hated. 


I was very, very skeptical going into this, and I wasn't bowled over.  I'd be willing to give it another shot, but this is an 'everyone fights Cybertronians' storyline, and it looks like the GI Joe aspect of being betrayed by their own is going to play heavily.   Add into this the fact that it looks like there's some Action Man coming in next issue, and I'm just not thrilled with this so far.   



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review 2017-07-13 00:47
So sad this is going away!
Transformers: Till All Are One #11 - Mairghread Scott,Sara Pitre-Durocher

This title has been cancelled.   And while this is one of my favorite authors, and she's said she hoped we'll follow no matter what other comics she writes - and if they have giant robots in them or not - I may or may not.   I'm partly in it for the giant robots.  Like a lot, actually. 


And what's a real shame is that while this series has been excellent from the start, I feel like it keeps getting better.   Starscream and his machinations are becoming just truly outrageous, in a way that's completely in character: cruel, malicious, and for his own good - as well as Cybertron's.   Or at least he believes they're for the good of Cybertron.   He's scheming, he's manipulating, and it's kinda... hot.   


Sighs.   Starscream is one of my unhealthy crushes, aka the way I process that type of person in a way that doesn't feel unsafe to me.   I've come to accept that I have these, and that it's not because I want to romanticize such unhealthy relationships, but rather that it's part of my process.   Of processing. 


Just a beautiful book and an all around gorgeous series.   The art, the writing, everything.   Just absolutely lovely. 

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review 2017-04-08 21:27
Good introduction to the new Batwoman series
Batwoman: Rebirth (2017) #1 (Batwoman (2017-)) - Marguerite Bennett,James Tynion IV,Jeromy Cox,Steve Epting

This isn't issue one; it's Rebirth #1.   The difference is that one will start of the first story arc, and this is a look back at Kate Kane's past, and what made her who she is, as an introduction to the character - I assume more for new readers like me than anything else - so that they can go into issue one knowing who Kane is and what she does. 


That being said, this wasn't as interesting to me as a I suspect the storylines in the series will be, but I didn't know that much about Kane, and so getting this full background was fulfilling.   I did feel it was a little too straightforward: and then this happened, and then she responded this way, to be really interesting.   Then again, I adore this author and I feel like I"ve seen stronger work for her. 


A decent background on this character and entertaining enough to rate four stars.   

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review 2017-02-23 00:30
Fascinating look at an alternate universe
Transformers: Lost Light #2 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence

Not only does some of what happened in More Than Meets the Eye come into play here, but Roberts really digs into the Functionalist universe he's created here.   Not only are things different, but everything is deeply controlled.   It's the kind of control Megatron has always fought against, although even he would admit that turned out poorly: he got corrupted by power, and millions, billions, of beings died.   


It turned into his own craven, and desperate, attempt to not only gain control, but hold onto it in the end.   It also goes a long way to explaining why he's so disgusted by those who cower and kowtow to those in control in this universe.   He wins a fight without fighting, but by strategizing, and wins a lot of respect, while fighting back against those who would hold others under their boot heels.   


And if we only had this?   It would be enough.   But we have things back on Necroworld, where Tailgate is being corrupted by his power, where he's running himself ragged with his new power, and where Cyclonus is worried over his physical and mental well being.  Anode has secrets that have come out, and she's running from Velocity, trying to keep her from knowing what Anode carries on her person.   When Lotty does find out, well, things get worse for Anode, and her lover, Lug. 


Also, there's mention of Drift and Rodimus being conjunx endura.  Drift's vision from issue one comes into play.   Ratchet and Drift butt heads over religion.   


One page of this can be packed with more character development and plot and one-liners than most issues in other series.   This continues to not only impress me but to be one of my favorite series. 


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review 2017-01-05 00:42
Um, hell yes!
Kim & Kim Vol. 1 - Magdalene Visaggio,Eva Cabrera,Claudia Aguirre

So, let's get this straight: The Fighting Kims are made up of two Kims, one the trans daughter of a bounty hunter - who insists on calling her 'him' and referring to her as 'his son' - and the other her mostly platonic significant other.   The two Kims love each other, and they make a perfect pair - even though the most sexual thing about them is holding hands or friendly kisses on cheeks.   They're pretty much an asexual couple as far as I can tell.   


And the sci-fi trappings are fun.   Robot gorillas, bounty hunters, shape shifters - the fantasy magic aspect - and alien worlds and spaceships.   But the most touching things, the most cutting details, are all about human experience.   So let's get the general - and generally said - things about this graphic novel out the way.   It's kick ass, it stars two women struggling to find their way in the world but who are both incredibly strong - physically, emotionally, and mentally - and it's got a lot of trans/LBGTQI+ positive messages.   


The way that Kim Quatro's father, Furious, keeps her image as a small boy on his phone and refuses to call her by her proper gender is telling.   It's also something I suspect many trans people deal with, and that causes pain and conflict for them: Furious loves his child, but refuses to accept their true gender.   Furious continues to try and interfere in Kim's life, sending her help, calling her, but she's angry enough at him to cut him off completely. 


It's also telling, I think, that Furious never corrects others, like Saar, who is Kim's former partner.   (Bounty hunting partner.)   Saar may believe that Kim should take her father's offers, but Saar also respects the fact that she is trans, and calls her by her proper gender - and name - in front of her father.   He never corrects Saar, so I think there's some inner conflict in Furious as well.   


Still, it's horrible to see, for both Kim and, to be frank, Furious.   (We see him from Kim's point of view, and get her reaction to him.   So far, he hasn't done anything so horrible that I think of him as evil, just misguided, just stubborn and unwilling to accept Kim as she is.   That is, I can still see how much he wants to see Kim safe, even though he's unwilling to admit how much his reaction to her being trans hurts her.)  It's painful for both of them, and I feel for both of them.   (More for Kim, to be sure, but I felt poorly for Furious during a couple points in this volume.  I don't think I was necessarily supposed to, but... I did.)


Regardless, this had action, humor, and two women who couldn't get their shit together.   They used 'like' a lot - which I do sometimes, too - and they just can't get a proper job that will keep them secure.   I know how overwhelming a normal life can be, how confounded I am at fitting into that world, and I almost wept with relief seeing this confusion out there on the page.   Finally, someone who was enough like me - and yet fun and successful on some level - that I felt a great catharsis.   (Not enough to make it's way through my current self-deprecating state since I'm trying to figure my shit out and I'm getting closer, but still.)


Love, love, love.  I will keep up with these artists and series. 

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