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review 2018-07-06 16:26
Marred by overly heavy Message
Champions (2016-) #20 - Stefano Caselli,Jim Zub,Sean Izaakse

And I'm not sure I really buy any of this.   And yet, I love the character interaction and I continue to love Viv. 


In Canada, the Master of the World may be trying to save the world.   Y'know, so he can rule it in the future.   How good is he?  How bad?  And is working with him wroth fixing climate change?  Can the Champions pass off the responsibility to the future - like a couple hundred years in the future?   


Also, his defense systems injured Nova and then he saved Nova.   And yet he might be hiding another girl in his factory.   Furthermore, the locals don't want him building there.  Do they have a right to land and to decide what to do with it - or does the Master of the World's good intentions cancel out anyone's rights?


The Champions are struggling with all these questions - and maybe they'll continue after they finish fighting Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight who just showed up.   (Alpha Flight is a Canadian super hero team although from what I remember from some Captain Marvel, Alpha Flight has been in space for a while/)

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review 2018-07-03 02:00
Amazing look at Jedao before the Black Cradle
Extracurricular Activities: A Tor.com Original - Yoon Ha Lee

It was nice to see him before he'd been imprisoned in the Black Cradle, and inside someone else's head: he was much freer in so many ways, and it almost felt like a guilty pleasure, especially knowing what would happen to him later. 


I will devour anything this author writes in this universe, pretty much.

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review 2018-05-08 00:00
Love, love, love
Transformers: Lost Light #17 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence

I still love this series, and this universe.  I'm crush that it's all going to be imploded, or exploded, or... well, it's going away.   But I'm especially crushed by this issue. 


They're all what now?  My heart may not be able to take this to the end because of all the feels.   I'm afraid I'll wallow and get spoiler-y, so that's that.

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review 2018-05-01 16:28
Loving Zub's take on the Champions
Champions (2016-) #19 - Jim Zub,Sean Izaakse,Stefano Caselli

And to be honest, I love the art more in this, too. 

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review 2018-05-01 16:17
Yet more Saga
Saga #50 - Brian Vaughan,Fiona Staples

It's a big issue: 50. 


And the group seems about to split, with Petri and the Robots off to live in domestic bliss while Alana and Marko and their crew go on the run again. 


I do hope we follow the Robots.  I have way more interest in them than in the Alana and Marko crew.

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