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review 2018-04-05 00:00
Pretend You're Mine
Pretend You're Mine - Crystal Kaswell Crystal Kaswell examines romance from all angles and finds humor in the tragic, hope in the hopeless and redemption in love. She humanizes the love genre without fictionalizing the romance. Pretend You're Mine begins with a lie and quickly becomes an irresistible reality. With fresh eyes and an open heart, she keeps me in love, with love.
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review 2018-03-30 00:00
Pretending He's Mine
Pretending He's Mine - Mia Sosa Pretending He's Mine is a handful of sunshine on a cloudy day. Mia Sosa never loses her sense of humor as she opens her heart to readers. To be open to love, one has to be willing to risk the consequences. Julian and Ashley had a bit of wreckage to work through, but watching them muddle through was the fun part. Ashley's looking to find herself. Julian's trying to keep his sanity. A relationship of convenience is the answer to both their prayers, unless their hearts end up being collateral damage. Ms. Sosa will help find your smile, even as she confiscates your heart.

Copyright of Night Owl Reviews
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review 2018-03-17 00:00
All Mine
All Mine - Piper Lennox Blake and Mel are a couple that gets under the skin from the first meeting and continue to haunt beyond the very last page. What began in trust, implodes with heartbreaking betrayals and gut wrenching secrets. Piper Lennox steals more of the heart with each shocking reveal, each accidental kiss and each emotion packed interaction. There is no pulling back from All Mine. One taste and it's all or nothing.
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review 2018-03-11 01:10
This Book Helped me get out of a reader slump.
This Heart of Mine - C.C. Hunter

I really loved this book a whole lot. I was in a major reading slump, but this took me right out of it. I loved both Leah and Matt so much. 

Leah was so brave with all that she was going through, and I really loved her relationship with her mom and dad. As well as her friendship with her best friend, I think her name was Brandy but not one hundred percent sure.

Now Matt I felt so bad for him, I couldn't imagine what he was going through, everyone thinking Eric killed himself and Matt just not believing that his twin would do that.

I have to say I also thought him and Leah were so cute in the scene before everything started to take place. I really wish we could have known Eric more before his death, that's one of my complaints. The little we knew about him before his death, he seemed liked he was really popular, well loved, but he also had problems. Somethings pointed to Eric killing himself but other things didn't. That's all I am going to say about that.

One of my favorite parts has to do with Matt and a certain book he was reading, and I am not going to spoil that, and tell you anymore. I knew pretty quickly how things would end in regards to Eric. But that didn't stop my enjoyment of the book at all. 

I really thought both Matt and his situation with his brother's death and Leah with her heart and finding out whose heart she received was handled very well.

I loved the ending it really had me in tears, but also loving Leah even more than before. 

I am so glad I bought and read this book. I give it 4 1/2 stars but had to round it up to a 5 star book or rating which ever way you would prefer.



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text 2018-03-08 03:16
Kill Your Darlings Yellow Guess - Suspect
You Will Be Mine - Natasha Preston

I read You Will Be Mine by Natasha Preston to get Suzanne Collins' card. The book has a young woman as the protagonist.




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