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review 2018-01-12 04:07
The Layover by Roe Horvat
The Layover - Roe Horvat

Tho I loved the book, I feel like I am stuck in a loop. One of the MCs is suffering from one illness or another and the other MC falls in love with him while taking care of the sick. This is my fourth or fifth book with the same premise in a row (ok, not in a row but extremely close to each other). I hate to say it, but it took away a little from enjoying the story, and it's not even the author's fault. 

There is a lot of insecurities, self-hatred, tho Ondro doesn't realise it at first, and self-digging (can I say it in English?) ...soul-searching maybe a better word, and coming to terms with the past, the present and the consequences/the future; letting fears go and grabbing the proverbial bull by the nuts horns.

It was at times a scary read, considering that here we are in the 21st century and we still have ugly nasty pockets in this world where hatred is worn proudly and in bright colors for all to see. On the other hand even full acceptance often comes with labels that can be hurtful, not letting us see a person beyond "gay". 

Both characters have suffered. Not all the secondary characters in this book survived, but in the end ... oh, no, that would be a spoiler ;)

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review 2017-08-26 18:48
Accepting the Fall
Accepting the Fall - Meg Harding

This is my first book by this author and it's a good one. It's a nice slow burn as Cole and Zander reunite and get to know each other again after their disastrous first attempt at love as teens. Cole's now a teacher and Zander's a firefighter with a daughter in Cole's class. While there's plenty of focus on their past and current relationship, this doesn't ignore the rest of their lives and I liked having that balance here. I might have found it a little hard to believe they'd still be hung up on each other after 17 years apart, but there was enough time given to them getting reacquainted that it didn't bother me too much.


I loved Savannah, and Cole's plethora of pets. Savannah was a realistic five-year old - not sweetly perfect but not out of control disruptive either. She had a lot of issues and I like they were taken seriously, and I really liked seeing Zander overcome his own issues to help  her deal with hers.


Aside from the inability to capitalize "Marines" ever, and one very wrong wording choice, there weren't too many editing issues, better than most stories out there today. 

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review 2016-11-29 00:39
Children of Noah (Mahu #9)
Children of Noah (Mahu Series Book 9) - Neil Plakcy

Oh, but this one was fun. It's the most domestic of the books in this series so far, and it's great to see Kimo taking on the dad role when he was so hesitant about having kids in the previous books. He and Mike are great foster dads to Dakota, and while we didn't get much time with the baby twins, what we did get was fun. And for once, it made sense that these two guys wouldn't really know what to do with babies, not having any previous experience. I really enjoyed getting to see more of their day to day lives than we normally get.


The mystery here was as well done as in previous books, though religious fanatics and cults are things I don't care to read about, so I didn't really connect with it. This is Kimo and Ray's first assignment with the joint task force with the FBI, and about the only difference so far is they have a wider jurisdiction and get to assign the grunt work to someone else. :D They still have plenty to do here, and they're not quite as out of the action as Kimo's family had hoped. I really loved how supportive Mike was of Kimo. He can be worried and protective without being possessive and smothering, just as Kimo has to be of Mike's job investigating fires.

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review 2016-11-23 03:19
Accidental Contact and Other Mahu Investigation (Mahu #8)
Accidental Contact and Other Mahu Investigations - Neil Plakcy

This is another volume of short stories, set in the time just before "Mahu Vice" to just after "Natural Predators". The cases are simpler and wrapped up more easily, so we get to see a greater variety of what Kimo and Ray get to do on a day-to-day basis. I thought the cases here were more mundane than in the first collection (with the exception of one that is just icky). I would say that while they're enjoyable enough, they're also easily skippable if you're only interested in the longer novels.

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review 2016-11-11 02:30
Natural Predators (Mahu #7)
Natural Predators - Neil Plakcy

This is another great installment in this series. I'm really enjoying seeing Kimo and Mike's relationship develop and grow stronger. They can have disagreements now without them becoming big fights, and they've learned from previous disagreements. They're also thinking about making that next step in expanding their family. And even Gunter gets to have some development in his character and the direction of his life, so it was fun to see how they're all growing up. There's even a possible job change for Kimo and Ray, whose partnership continues to be strong. (Oh, and apparently all that stuff Kimo was trying to keep from Sampson in Mahu Vice is now common knowledge. Not sure when that came to light, if this is a between-books development or an inconsistency. The way this series is written I can handwave it as a between-books thing.)


This book was stronger on the character development than it was on mystery. Not that the mystery wasn't layered and complex, because it was. But I would've thought that Kimo and Ray would've at least suspected the perp more than they did, and it certainly took them a little too long to connect all the dots.


There's also a short story at the end of this book that makes me wonder if Plakcy has ever been in

a maternity ward

(spoiler show)

at all. That was all just strangely paced and felt a little too quickly resolved and too neatly done, but for a short story, it served another purpose that worked pretty well, so I'm split on this one.

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