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text 2017-08-27 15:42
Indiana - Progress update: I've read 34%.
Indiana - Sylvia Raphael,Naomi Schor,George Sand

Raymon is not only a creep, he's also a cad and a calculating jack-ass.


I hope Sand makes him suffer later in this novel, but something tells me he might get away with it all. 

Raymon felt that with a little skill he might deceive both these women simultaneously. ‘Madame,’ he said, going down on his knees before Indiana, ‘my presence here must seem an outrage to you; I am on my knees before you to beg forgiveness. Grant me a few moments in private, and I’ll explain . . .’

‘Say no more, Monsieur, and leave my room,’ cried Madame Delmare, recovering all the dignity of her position.

‘Go openly. Noun, open that door so that all the servants can see him and all the shame of such behaviour fall on him.’

Noun, thinking her situation had been discovered, fell to her knees beside Raymon.

Madame Delmare, saying nothing, looked at her with amazement. Raymon tried to grasp her hand, but she withdrew it indignantly. Red with anger, she got up and, pointing to the door, repeated:

‘Go; go, for your conduct is infamous. So that’s the means you wanted to use! You, Monsieur, hidden in my room like a thief! So it’s your habit to get into families like this. So that’s the pure attachment you were swearing to me yesterday evening!

That’s how you were to protect, respect, and defend me! That’s the way you worship me! You see a woman who has helped you with her own hands, who, to bring you back to life, has braved her husband’s anger. You deceive her with feigned gratitude, you swear to her a love worthy of her, and as a reward for her care, as a reward for her credulity, you want to surprise her in her sleep and hasten your success by some indescribable infamy. You bribe her maid, you almost sneak into her bed like an already accepted lover. You’re not afraid of letting her servants into the secret of an intimacy which doesn’t exist. . .

Go, Monsieur, you’ve taken care to open my eyes very quickly.

Leave, I say, don’t stay another moment in my house.

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text 2017-08-19 20:33
Halloween Bingo: Possibilities for squares

I have been playing a disgusting amount of Stardew Valley lately. I started a new farm a couple weeks ago (technically two new farms, but I quickly realized that while I love Stardew Valley fishing, I didn't love it enough to put up with the fishing-focused map). Now my little farmer is well on her way to marrying Sebastian. Although she's probably going to make friends with as many people in town as possible before actually marrying him...


Anyway, I need to rip myself away from Stardew Valley and try to remember how to write reviews and read for extended periods of time. I saw a few people's posts about what they might read for certain squares, and, although I originally figured I'd wing it, I decided it might be fun to come up with my own lists. So, here I go. This will mostly focus on things currently sitting in my TBR/e-TBR.


In some cases I've listed certain books more than once, since I couldn't decide which square they'd be best for. One thing has become clear to me after putting this post together: I'm going to have to dust off my e-reader.


In the Dark, Dark Woods:

- The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman  (I found a blog post that indicated this includes a creepy forest, but I don't know for sure that it counts. I borrowed this book from someone so long ago that I wince just thinking about it.)


Amateur Sleuth:

- A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder - Julie Anne Lindsey  

- Designed for Death - Jean Harrington  



- Gil's All Fright Diner - A. Lee Martinez  (apparently this has zombies, a vampire, and a werewolf)

- Vampire Vendetta - Alexis Morgan  

- Keeper of the Shadows - Alexandra Sokoloff  (according to a GR tag)

- I could also reread some of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake books for this and a few other squares, but that'll probably only happen if I'm desperate.


The Dead Will Walk:

- Gil's All Fright Diner - A. Lee Martinez  

- Devoured - Jason Brant  

- World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks  


Romantic Suspense:

- Shield of Justice - Radclyffe  (I'm pretty sure this is f/f romantic suspense)

- Tell Me Why - Stella Cameron  



- I could reread one of Terry Pratchett's witch books, but it'd have to be a library checkout because I don't own any of them.


Serial/Spree Killer:

- Death Note: Another Note - NisiOisiN 

- I could also reread a J.D. Robb book for this one.


Cozy Mystery:

- A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder - Julie Anne Lindsey  

- Never Buried - Edie Claire  

- Designed for Death - Jean Harrington  

- You'll Be the Death of Me! - Stacia Wolf  (I think?)



- Death Note: L, Change the World - M,Takeshi Obata,Tsugumi Ohba  (I say the death notes and shinigami count as supernatural)

- Demon Dog - Ally Blue 


Diverse Voices:

If Japanese authors count for this, I have a ton that would work.

- Spiral - Koji Suzuki,Glynne Walley  

- Parasite Eve - Hideaki Sena  

- Captcha Thief - Rosie Claverton  (technically - the author discusses her discomfort with labeling herself a "diverse voice" here)

- Seniors Sleuth by J.J. Chow (I seem to have picked this one up for free a while back, although it's now $2.99 - it can be found here)


Haunted Houses:

- The Banshee's Walk - Frank Tuttle  (this one's a maybe - the description makes it sound like it involves a haunted house, but I'm not 100% sure)



- Gil's All Fright Diner - A. Lee Martinez  

- Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs  (I think I read this one but never reviewed it)

- Secrets Of The Wolf - Karen Whiddon  (this is apparently the fourth book in a series, and I haven't read the other three - ugh)

- Howling Moon - C.T. Adams,Cathy Clamp  (OMG, another fourth book in a series where I haven't read any of the previous ones)

- Keeper of the Shadows - Alexandra Sokoloff  


Country House Mystery:

- The Twelve Clues of Christmas - Rhys Bowen  (I think this counts, and I suppose I could relisten to it. It might be better to just check something out from the library, though.)


American Horror Story:

I am probably going to have to check something out from the library for this one. All I can think of at the moment is Stephen King, who I stopped reading after Cujo, because that book depressed me.



- The Left Hand of Justice - Jess Faraday  (One GR review mentioned that the main character searches for "demons" - no clue whether this one actually has demons in it, so it only potentially works for this square)

- Alexey Dyed in Red - A.M. Valenza  

- Demon Dog - Ally Blue  (maybe?)

- The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox  

- Taming the Demon (Harlequin Nocturne) - Doranna Durgin  (one of the main characters wields a "demon blade")


Genre: Horror:

- Spiral - Koji Suzuki,Glynne Walley  

- Parasite Eve - Hideaki Sena  


Chilling Children:

- Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake 

- Game - Barry Lyga  (GR has "horror" as one of the top tags for this)


Terrifying Women:

- The Forbidden Game: The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill - L.J. Smith  (I may have to check out a library book for this square, because I think this is the closest thing I have to horror by a female author, and my vague memories of it say it probably doesn't count)


Darkest London:

- Whispers Under Ground - Ben Aaronovitch  (the other books took place in London, so my guess is this one does too)


Murder Most Foul:

I'll probably have any murder mystery I read that I can't use for one of the other squares count towards this one, since I have quite a few that would work.

- The Bishop's Pawn by Don Gutteridge (historical murder mystery - it can be found here)

- City of Stairs - Robert Jackson Bennett  

- Lessons in Love - Charlie Cochrane  (this one would be a reread)

- Death by Silver - Amy Griswold,Melissa Scott  


Locked Room Mystery:

- Tokyo Zodiac Murders (Detective Mitarai's Casebook) - Soji Shimada,Shika MacKenzie,Ross MacKenzie  (This isn't in my collection yet, but it's sitting in my Amazon shopping cart, so it's either that or ILL)

- The Mystery of the Yellow Room - Gaston Leroux  (not technically in my collection, but it can be downloaded for free via Project Gutenberg)

- Greenthieves - Alan Dean Foster  (the description makes this one sound like a sci-fi locked room mystery)



- Drumbeats - Neil Peart,Kevin J. Anderson  (Surely one of the stories in this anthology has monsters?)



This square won't be a problem at all. I own so much sci-fi with aliens.

- I could continue on with C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner series.

- One of James White's Sector General books

- Chanur's Venture - C.J. Cherryh  

- The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet - Becky Chambers  (I stalled on this one ages ago - I've been meaning to give it another shot)

- Halo: The Flood - William C. Dietz  

- Good Luck, Yukikaze - Chohei Kambayashi  (Yukikaze was so good, so it was a surprise that this one didn't work for me. I've been meaning to give it another shot, and it's been long enough since I read Yukikaze that maybe I won't be as prone to comparing the two. The aliens in this one are called the JAM.)

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text 2017-08-03 23:13
The Crowns of Croswald - D.E. Night

I tried to read it, a couple times but it was a struggle to get into it and I didn't even get good into the second chapter. I won this on a Booklikes Give-a-way and I had hoped I liked it but was nervous about it while I still tried to get past how I was feeling but there was just something about it that kept screaming: "No! Not for you!".


I can't sit here and tell anyone else how to feel about it because we all have different tastes, it's just not in mine.


It just seems a bit too young for my tastes, almost middle grade. Maybe it is and maybe that is why I can't get into it. Middle grade for me is hit or miss, mostly miss. There are some here and there that I read, get through & enjoy, some, I've even loved (i.e. Zorgamazoo, I loved! I think a lot of it was the narrator but if the story wasn't worth anything, not even the narrator could have saved it. Right now, I am also on Harry Potter, I do like the books but prefer the audio-books to just sitting and reading it, but, I'm off the topic of this book).


I am doing my review here because on Goodreads, I'd have marked it as read in order to put it down as DNF'd and it wouldn't be fair to mark it as read if I didn't even make it past chapter two. For me, to mark it as read, although I didn't finish it, I'd have to have gotten at least half to three-fourths of the way through it. 


So, I will just take it to my local used book store and hopefully there will be a young person who will find it and Fangirl/Fanboy all over it.


Best Wishes to this author, I hope you have much success in the world of writing. :-)

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review 2017-07-18 12:36
Culture Clash
The Daylight War - Peter V. Brett

Peter V. Bretts „Demon Cycle“ ist eine dieser Reihen, bei denen ich mich absichtlich stark zurückhalte. Als ich den Mehrteiler 2015 begann, wusste ich nicht, dass der finale fünfte Band „The Core“ erst zwei Jahre später im September 2017 erscheinen würde. Berauscht las ich die ersten beiden Bände, „Das Lied der Dunkelheit“ und „The Desert Spear“, nur um dann festzustellen, dass Band 4 und 5 noch gar nicht veröffentlich waren. Ich musste mir etwas einfallen lassen, um die Wartezeit zu überbrücken. Mir blieb nichts anderes übrig, als mir mit den Fortsetzungen extrem viel Zeit zu lassen. So kam es, dass ich geduldig zwei Jahre ausharrte, bis ich mir Band 3 „The Daylight War“ vornahm.


Einst waren Ahmann Jardir und Arlen Bales Brüder im Kampf gegen die Dämonen. Verrat kappte ihre Bande und entfachte einen Konflikt, der die gesamte Menschheit schwächt. Während Jardir den Titel des Shar’Dama Ka, des Erlösers, beansprucht und die Krasianer in den Norden führte, um den prophetischen Tageslichtkrieg für sich zu entscheiden, weigert sich Arlen, die Verehrung des einfachen Volkes anzunehmen. Statt die Menschen anzuführen, möchte er sie lehren, sich selbst verteidigen, sich selbst führen zu können. Der Zusammenprall der Kulturen spaltet die Menschheit zum denkbar ungünstigsten Zeitpunkt. Seit Arlen und Jardir die Horcling-Prinzen besiegten, sind die Angriffe der Dämonen aggressiver denn je. In Neumondnächten steigen ganze Armeen aus dem Horc auf und rennen gegen die Verteidigungslinien der Menschen an, auf der Suche nach den beiden Männern, in deren Zukunft eine Priesterin vor langer Zeit jeweils das Potential zum Erlöser entdeckte…


Als ich „The Daylight War“ beendete, vergab ich im Brustton der Überzeugung volle fünf Sterne. Seitdem sind einige Wochen vergangen und je mehr Zeit ins Land zog, je öfter ich über das Buch nachdachte, desto mehr kristallisierte sich heraus, dass diese Spitzenbewertung meinen Gefühlen nicht voll und ganz entspricht. Der dritte Band des „Demon Cycle“ ist hervorragend, aber er kann sich nur beinahe mit den Vorgängern messen. Peter V. Brett legte die Messlatte meiner Erwartungen mit den ersten beiden Bänden sagenhaft hoch an. Meiner Meinung nach konnte er dieses extrem ehrgeizige Niveau in „The Daylight War“ nicht beibehalten. Ich nehme ihm das nicht übel, weil ich verstehe und erkenne, warum diese Fortsetzung trotzdem ein unverzichtbarer Baustein für die übergreifende Geschichte ist. Nichtsdestotrotz hatte ich den Eindruck, dass es sich dabei um einen Zwischenband handelt, der insgesamt eher wenig inhaltlichen Fortschritt für die Reihe bietet. Stattdessen festigt Brett die Ausgangssituation und zeigt seinen Leser_innen, welchen zum Teil selbstgeschaffenen Hürden die Menschheit in ihrem Kampf gegen die dämonische Brut ausgesetzt ist. Auf der einen Seite beinhaltet das neue, wohlplatzierte Informationen über die Dämonen, die gerade umfangreich genug sind, um abscheuliche Schlussfolgerungen hinsichtlich ihrer Beziehung zur Oberfläche zuzulassen. Brett brachte mein Kopfkino durch geschickte Andeutungen in Gang; ich konnte mir selbst erschließen, warum sich die Situation mit den Horclingen innerhalb weniger Wochen unheilvoll verschärfte. Auf der anderen Seite beschreibt er das Aufeinanderprallen zweier Kulturen realistisch und nachvollziehbar, sodass für mich kein Zweifel besteht, dass die Konflikte zwischen Krasianern und dem Volk des Nordens nicht ohne Weiteres beigelegt werden können. Nicht einmal angesichts eines gemeinsamen Feindes oder der revolutionären gesellschaftlichen Veränderungen, die das Wüstenvolk aktuell durchlebt. Erstaunlicherweise sind die kulturellen Unterschiede der beiden Patriarchate nicht allzu groß, dafür allerdings äußerst schwerwiegend, was mir besonders die Geschichte von Jardirs erster Ehefrau Inevera im Vergleich zu Arlens Verlobter Renna vergegenwärtigte. Beide Frauen sind Produkte der Gesellschaftsnormen, die ihre Leben bestimmen. Ich habe Schwierigkeiten, Renna zu vertrauen. Sie mag rechtschaffene, edle Ziele verfolgen, doch ihre Methoden sind waghalsig und draufgängerisch. Sie bringt sich selbst und Arlen in Gefahr, was ich einfach nicht gutheißen kann. Für Inevera hingegen empfand ich von Anfang an leidenschaftliche Faszination, weil sie eine ungemein starke, intelligente und beeindruckende Frau ist, doch jetzt, da mir ihr Werdegang bewusst ist, bin ich zu ihrem größten Fan mutiert. Ich habe sie unterschätzt und mich in ihr getäuscht. Sie ist weniger berechnend und kalt, als ich angenommen hatte. Sie liebt Jardir und – was noch viel wichtiger ist – sie glaubt an ihn. In Inevera brennt ein Feuer, mit dem es meiner Ansicht nach keine andere Figur aufnehmen kann. Durch die Offenlegung ihrer Vergangenheit erreicht Peter V. Brett jetzt einen Punkt, an dem alle Protagonist_innen hinreichend vorgestellt wurden. Alle Motive und Triebfedern liegen auf dem Tisch – ich bin gespannt, was er daraus macht.


Ich sehe ein, dass Peter V. Brett das Tempo des „Demon Cycle“ drosseln musste. In den beiden Vorgängern entwickelte sich die Handlung rasant; wir rauschten durch die Biografien der Hauptfiguren und beobachteten, wie sie zu den Persönlichkeiten wurden, die wir heute kennen. Inevera war die letzte, die noch fehlte. Zusätzlich erlebten wir, wie sehr die Menschheit unter der Geißel der Dämonen leidet, wieso Kampf die einzige Option ist. Nun, mit „The Daylight War“, hat Brett uns genau da, wo er uns haben will. Er führte, nein, manövrierte uns an einen Wendepunkt. Ich denke, wir haben die Ausgangssituation erreicht. Jetzt geht es ans Eingemachte. Deshalb kann ich problemlos akzeptieren, dass dieser Band insgesamt etwas ereignisärmer ist. Ich betrachte ihn als kluges, strategisches Manöver. Aber musste Brett das Buch tatsächlich mit dem schlimmsten Cliffhanger aller Zeiten enden lassen? Ich schmolle und sterbe gleichzeitig vor Neugier. Sowas von fies. -.-

Source: wortmagieblog.wordpress.com/2017/07/18/peter-v-brett-the-daylight-war
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review 2017-06-21 17:45
Twenty Four Potential Children of Prophecy by Emily Martha Sorensen @CleanYAFantasy
Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy (The Numbers Just Keep Getting Bigger Book 1) - Emily Martha Sorensen

I have been a fan of Emily Martha Sorensen’s ever since I read Dragon’s Egg, so I was excited to get my hands on Twenty Four Potential Children of Prophecy, her new novella series.


Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy (The Numbers Just Keep Getting Bigger Book 1)

Amazon  /  Goodreads




Many times I find it hard to rate novellas. I like a lot of depth and detail in my stories, but sometimes the characters win me over, and Henina does that very nicely.


Henina is a fabulous character that kept me in stitches with her antics. She never stops talking and loves to argue. She’s in no hurry to get married and have children, like so many other girls.


She is an apprentice for her father, dumpster diving for items they can repair and sell.

“The days of the war are numbered…She will rule with wisdom and grace.”


Twenty four girls were rounded up and taken to the castle, Henina among them. Because of her personality, she never thought of herself as the chosen one.


A fun and quick read, filled with lots of smiles and chuckles.


I’m excited to meet her dog, Mud, and spend more time with her in Fifty Three Assassins With a Head Cold.


I found this hard to rate and bounced between 3 and 4…but because I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at Henina’s antics, loving her brash and witty personality, and left wanting more, I went high.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Twenty Four Potential Children of Prophecy by Emily Martha Sorensen.


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars


Read more here.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/friday-56-135-twenty-four-potential-children-of-prophecy-by-emily-martha-sorensen-cleanyafantasy
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