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review 2018-03-23 07:22
The Book Worm
The Book Worm - Mitch Silver

I was riveted during the prologue, but the author almost lost me completely on pages 7 and 8; anyone inclined to read this book should skip those pages.  Nothing of consequence happens, and you'll be left with a mental image you'll never be able to unsee.  


So given all that love and nausea happening before page 10, I was unsure of what the rest of the book was going to bring.  Fortunately, the story evened out for the better.  I went back to being lost in what is a fabulously decadent 'what if' fantasy of old school East vs. West.  There are a lot of names dropped in this tale: Noël Coward, Marlene Dietrich, the Kennedys, even Ian Flemming.  It was pure, escapist fun. 


Unfortunately, Silver didn't quite stick the landing.  He created an intensely intricate plot, but didn't give himself (or the publisher didn't give him) the pages to fully realise it.  The result is a somewhat rushed and muddy climax that falls a little flat for lack of, and I can't believe I'm saying this, drama.  I love what he wanted to do with it, but given more time and attention it could have been a breath-taking scene and that scene deserved the extra time and attention.  Instead, it ended up being not much more than someone yelling "Fire" in a theatre.  Finally, the last half dozen lines in the book should have been deleted. They were ridiculous, and of all the unrealistic things that happen in this book, they are by far, the most implausible.  


This author is not without talent; I was enthralled for 75% of this book and it was, in spite of its shortcomings, a fun and entertaining read.



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text 2018-03-22 08:21
Reading progress update: I've read 36 out of 291 pages.
The Book Worm - Mitch Silver

I don't know about this one; I was 100% sucked in at the prologue, but Silver's choice to mold his fictional president along the lines of the current orange wonder idiot, and a scene that involved... *ahem*, a renewal of his mile-high-club membership in Air Force One, damn near had me DNFing the book and left me with a dangerous impulse to gargle bleach.


Nobody of any political affiliation wants a mental image of that flabby, saggy, nasty mess getting it on stuck in their head.  That's just not o.k.  

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photo 2015-11-19 05:47
Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 Live Book Event

Bibliobules is an online and Live Event book community created by authors for authors, bloggers and readers. Our first event, Bookish Wonderland 2015 will take place Saturday, Dec. 12th in Pasdena, CA from 1pm to 6pm.

Meet the Authors
NY Times & USA Today Best Selling Author Melanie Shawn
Best Selling Author Jan Moran
Amazon Best Selling Author Martha Sweeney
Amazon Best Selling Author Elisa Marie Hopkins
Author Thomas Sweeney

$20 general admission early bird special ($30 at the door) - includes food/drinks/music/gifts/prizes and more

$75 Bibliobules Supporter admission (reg. $100) see website for details of special perks

Get YOUR Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bibliobules-bookish-wonderland-2015-tickets-19137305195

Book Signings + Food + Drinks + Gifts + Music + Photo Book + Giveaways + so much more

Hosted by:
Martha Sweeney
Elisa Marie Hopkins
Thomas Sweeney

The event will be streamed live via Periscope - be sure to connect and some readers who aren't at the event just might WIN an eBook, swag, paperback copies or other goodies!

Connect with Bibliobules:







Source: www.bibliobules.com
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review 2014-03-21 00:00
Early Birdy Gets the Worm: A PictureReading Book for Young Children
Early Birdy Gets the Worm: A PictureReading Book for Young Children - Bruce Lansky,Bill Bolton Early Birdy Gets the Worm: A Picture Reading Book for Young Children
Illustrated very colorful children's book about a bird and his morning. There is only one page of words. The story is told in the pictures of the book.
Good book for a child to speak what they are seeing on the pages as the story goes along.
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review 2013-12-11 08:04
Best Lowly Worm Book Ever - Richard Scarry

Lowly is a busy little worm. In this never-before published story by Richard Scarry we get to follow Lowly on a busy day.  We see his morning routine, his day at school, and finish up with his Good Night routine. In between we get to see Lowly play hide and seek, practice counting, and work with different community members.


This is definitely a book that you'll want to read more than once. There is so much to see on each page.

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