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review 2018-05-28 16:25
doesn't quite work for me
Beloved Lives - Marilyn J. Evans
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. And I gotta be honest here, it was very touch and go whether I would actually finish this! The story tells of April, and Mitch and Weston. April only has her say here, and I would probably have enjoyed in more if the guys had had a say. April and Winston have history, ancient history. And through time, they have, according to Weston, found each other and lived long and happy lives. But something doesn't ring true for April and she uses Mitch skill at hypnotherapy and past life regression to finally get some answers. Like I said, touch and go for a while. I got way past half way, and I still wasn't able to figure out what was going on, and where this was going. But I kept at it, hoping it would make sense at some point. It did, but only once it was all revealed in the book. It's not overly explicit, but there is some violence when they talk about how it all began. It's well written and I saw no editing or spelling errors. It just didn't work for me. But for a first time author, well done. 3 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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text 2018-05-16 16:07
REVIEW BY DEBBIE - Beloved Lives by Marilyn J. Evans
Beloved Lives - Marilyn J. Evans

She Must Choose Between Living Her Past and Creating a New Life 

April Robins is a mess. Her diet and wardrobe are disastrous, she's stopped exercising, and the nightmares are back—nightmares that started at puberty and didn't stop until she married. Now that she's divorced, the dreams are worse than ever, and April's malaise has her cat and her best friend, Trish, worried. 

April decides it's time to get her life back in order by running and eating better. She also agrees to attend a class Trish thinks will introduce them to new guys. When April meets the class instructor, Mitch van der Waals, an expert in the paranormal, she discovers they have a lot in common including a mutual attraction. When she and Mitch start dating, both cat and best friend approve. 

But when the hospital where April works as a medical technologist hires Dr. Weston, a handsome, new cardiologist, things get complicated. At her first meeting with Dr. Weston, April faints. As he shows more and more interest in her, she finds herself unaccountably affected by Weston, sometimes irritated, other times literally falling into a trance in his presence. 

April realizes Weston was a key player in her past lives as she struggles to find the root cause of her nightmares through past life regressions, sessions in the sleep lab, and strangely spontaneous trances. 

Does she have a choice between being who she is now and who she seems to have been over and over again? 

Solving the mysterious origins of the nightmares that have echoed down through April's many lives could be a matter of life and death, in this life and beyond. 

Readers of romance books about past lives like Angelfall by Susan Ee, The Immortal Rules by Julia Kagawa, and The Steward by Christopher Shields will love this paranormal romance and suspense book.


@DebbieReadsBook, #Paranormal, #Romance, 3 out of 5 (good)

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2018/04/20/Beloved-Lives-by-Marilyn-J-Evans
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review 2018-05-12 23:18
Beloved Rascals (Living Forest #10)
Beloved Rascals - Sam Campbell

Just like humans, the animal world is filled with rascally species that just make you shake your head in frustration and laugh at their antics.  Sam Campbell writes about both animals and humans in the tenth book of his Living Forest series, Beloved Rascals, as he and his wife Giny interact with a variety of said rascals from their own Sanctuary of Wegimind as well as in and around Canada’s Banff National Park.


The return to their island home begins on a somber note for the Campbells as they drive past a fire in the woods that is slowly growing, they get help and provide service of food and water for the numerous firefighters, forest rangers, and game wardens battling the blaze.  After rain ends the fire, the Campbells continue their journey home sadden by the loss of animal life and one burned crow, named Midnight, they intend to help mend.  Soon Midnight is joined by a pair of baby raccoons, a pair of porcupines, and an infant hare that escaped from a wolverine.  But the forest fire make the Campbells nervous and after a group of campers led by a guide they trusted left an open fire going on their property they post ‘No Trespassing’ signs.  But then a southern family, the Meadows, shows up excited to be near Sam Campbell and at the Sanctuary after unknowingly passed a downed trespass sign on their way to the Sanctuary.  However, the Campbells are impressed by their visitors excellent camping skills—though tenderfoots, they studied numerous books for proper camping etiquette—and their twins sons enthusiasm that they allow the family to stay after the Meadows find the fallen sign and apologize.  The Meadows appearance and enthusiasm for nature allows the Campbells to head to the Canadian Rockies—Banff National Park—to photograph and film wildlife as well as interact up close and personal on occasions with both animals and humans.  One of the latter is the local legend, Klondike, a former miner who is rumored to have a pet three-legged grizzly, but is notoriously hard to find.


Like the previous book, Beloved Rascals comes in slightly longer than the rest of the series at 244 pages making it the second longest of Campbell’s books.  As usually Campbell’s engaging prose makes the activities and misadventures of the numerous animals chronicled come alive in a very easy to read way.  The Canadian trip and the foreshadowing of Campbell’s meeting with Klondike pepper the book, but it does take away from the other things Campbell writes about resulting in a good balance.  But like the last book, Campbell laments that the actions and carelessness of others is slowly making him cut off the Sanctuary for other people in an effort to protect the land and the animals.


Beloved Rascals is quintessential Campbell with wildlife and human misadventures in the forests of North America, but once again shows the downside of human carelessness as well.  Spanning from the familiar Sanctuary to the spectacular Canadian Rockies, this book allows the reader to experience both sorrow and joy of the animal life in North America.

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review 2018-04-29 19:12
The Beloved Wild
The Beloved Wild - Melissa Ostrom
I liked this novel more than I had originally anticipated. I enjoyed reading about the journey Harriett took with her brother and I really enjoyed reading about Harriett. Harriett is headstrong yet there is a soft side about her that she doesn’t let come out. Like many, she wants a voice and she wants to be loved but as a female she doesn’t want many of the labels that accompany this title. Harriett is making her own trail in this novel.
Harriett lives with many of her siblings on her parent farm. Next door, lives Daniel Long. He has had his eyes on Harriett for quite some time but lately his eyes have been wandering to other females in the area. Harriett has taken for granted Daniel’s sentiments towards her but now that he is looking at other females she begins to wonder if Daniel still cares for her and whether they have a future together. I had to wonder as I read if they really cared for each other or if this relationship was based on convenience.
Gideon, Harriett’s brother, is ready to buy his land from the Holland Land Company, as he has saved enough money to purchase his own homestead. Being Harriett’s favorite brother, Harriett has made plans to leave with him only after settling her affairs with her parents and with Daniel. Let me just say, this was not a simple task for her to undertake. Harriett knows that it will be hard work setting up her brother’s homestead but she wants to help her brother out.
Their first stop for the night, Harriett cuts her hair and replaces her dress with some hand-me-downs from her brother. Gideon is shocked at the transformation of Harriett. Harriett unfolds her plan to Gideon and soon Harriett’s name is replaced with Freddy and Harriett will be disguised as a boy.
It’s an interesting journey as the two of them continue on. Harriett still has her determination and outspoken opinion as they meet up with some boys/men who have their own opinions. They also meet up with some familiar faces and I was sure things would get wild but some individuals kept their heads on and I was able to finally breathe again. This was a wonderful, adventurous novel, that I highly recommend.


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review 2018-02-25 14:43
We Found a Hat - Jon Klassen
We Found a Hat - Jon Klassen,Jon Klassen

The three books in the Hat trilogy are a single perfect entity: the same story (essentially) told from three different points of view. So simple, in tone and art, so nonjudgemental.  Klassen makes Hemingway and McCarthy look like poseurs.


Library copy

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