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review 2017-12-09 14:35
Lots happening here
Breath of Fire - Amanda Bouchet

In fact sometimes I felt like I was missing book.  There were several adventures in this story all leading up to a bit fight at the end and the Deus ex machina was used liberally, quite literally.  The Gods have a plan and it revolves around Catalia "Cat" Fisa.


I can see the author playing with some tropes in Fantasy and I hope she continues to poke gentle fun at some of them. Cat is a great characters and seriously does not take your rubbish, her sarcasm is huge fun for me, even if it's occasionally over the top, but having see glimpses of her family life I can understand why.

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review 2017-11-15 20:09
Stone Devil Duke (A Hold Your Breath Nov... Stone Devil Duke (A Hold Your Breath Novel) (Volume 1) - K.J. Jackson

Stone Devil Duke by is my first book by K.J. Jackson, but won't be my last.  Ms. Jackson has delivered a well-written book. The characters are phenomenal.  Kudos to Ms. Jackson for these awesome characters and their interaction.  Aggie is searching for her father's killers before they can kill her too.  Disguised as a hack driver, Aggie unwillingly picks up Devin when his carriage suffers a broken wheel.  Their story is packed with intrigue, action, drama and sizzle.  I totally loved reading Stone Devil Duke and look forward to reading more from K.J. Jackson in the future.  Stone Devil Duke is book 1 of the Hold Your Breath Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.


I voluntarily read a free copy of this book that I received from Bookfunnel.

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review 2017-09-25 17:51
Breath of Stone by Blair MacGregor - My Thoughts
Breath of Stone (Desert Rising Book 2) - Blair MacGregor

This little series - 2 books so far - is one of my favourite fantasy reads EVER.  (Blair's other full-length novel, Sword and Chant, which I think is set in the same universe at a far different time is really good too!)  It's smart, non-formulaic, adult, thoughtful, fun, action-packed and dilemma-filled.  But not the kinds of dilemmas that are huge and bombastically dramatic, but more personal, character-driven and complicated in their effects.  It's darkish, but never grim.  Serious, real shit is happening, but there's always a wee bit of hope.  :)

Blair writes beautifully.  Her prose is simple, yet filled with impact.  You FEEL the desert and the heat and the cold.  And her characters!  OMG, they are so rich and well-rounded, filled with wonderful qualities and all too human flaws.  Even the bad guys of the tale have multiple dimensions.

Speaking of the characters, all my old favourites are back and we are introduced to some new ones along the way.  Also, we see changes in some characters who are coming into their own.  One of them, Layla, who I despaired of in the first book, has grown and has some substance now.  I love authors that can do that, make me enjoy a character I once disliked or had no time for.  :)   

When I think of this book and its predecessor, I tend to put them in the same corner of my mind with Guy Gavriel Kay.  Wonderfully written, diverse characters drawn with skill and depth, a way of writing setting and location that puts you RIGHT THERE and just... well, just everything that's good.  (And the covers are gorgeous!)

This is one of those books that makes me wish I could write reviews that are pithy and fabulous, but sadly, that's not my forté.  I wanted to gobble the book up as quickly as I could, but I also wanted to take a long time and savour ever little bit of the journey - I think I ended up somewhere in between.  I cannot recommend this book, this series, highly enough!  I think they're little known in fantasy reader circles and that's a shame.  Blair is one of my very favourite fantasy authors, along with GGK, GRRM and Katherine Kurtz so go READ THEM!!!  :)

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review 2017-08-02 19:57
Last Breath - Karin Slaughter Last Breath - Karin Slaughter
Can't wait to read The Good Daughter now!
Where the book left off, I'm hoping the next one picks up at. It was a book I kept reading through to the end in one sitting. The flow was just easy.  The story surrounding Flora is pretty intense. The twists and turns the plot takes are not what you expect at all, but it becomes such a good thing. You really wanna slap the shit out of Flora by the end of it. at least I did.
So onto the next book now!
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review 2017-07-14 04:53
Review of "Breath of Heaven" (Well of Sorrows, #3) by Benjamin Tate (aka Joshua Palmatier)
Breath of Heaven - Benjamin Tate,Joshua Palmatier

Well written and kept me reading.  Still, somehow I could not connect with this final entry in the series.


The characters seemed distant to me.  Maybe just because it took so long after second book for me to read this one.  Maybe because I so loved his other series, Throne of Amenkor that began with The Skewed Throne, that it suffers by comparison.


It didn't help that there was a lot of action and battles taking places with lots of different — even though familiar from earlier books — characters where it was hard to invest.  Pretty glum with lots of dire straits, bad things happening, and outnumbered armies.  The only respite quite a few exciting heroic moments.


I really loved the first two books (okay, the very beginning was a bit too much wagon-train-taking-settlers-west for me but once I got into it I was hooked).  


The ending of this one *sigh* — well, in a way, I guess it came full circle?  

So much destruction despite a bit of deus ex machina,  that all three races are now wagon-train-ho to start new settlements.

(spoiler show)
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