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review 2019-01-11 14:25
ARC REVIEW Summer of Love by Sidney Bristol
The Love Barn #2, I'm loving the Lively's. The only weddings Benjamin Lively is worried about are the ones that take place at his families wedding venue The Love Barn. Benji is enjoying life and has no plans to settle down himself anytime soon that is until he sees Dixie again. Dixie Applewhite is finally free from her husband after a grueling two year long divorce she plans to make up for lost time and she decides a summer fling with her secret high school crush Benji is just the thing she needs.

Benji has had a crush on Dixie since high school but he respected that she was in a relationship with someone else. Dixie was with Jace since she was 13 and she always thought him her Prince Charming until he wasn't any more. Dixie realized he was controlling and she had changed so much about herself to please him and his mother; it wasn't worth it anymore she wanted to be back in charge of her life. Being single for the first time in forever Dixie wasn't ready for a full fledged relationship so Benji and her started with just friendship until the sexual tension couldn't be ignored. Benji's problem was that he was already half in love with Dixie and the longer they are together the more the fling becomes something real.

Overall, this was a good read. It's written in third person mainly from over the shoulder of Benji and Dixie.I love Sidney Bristol's writing she really brings her characters to life and you empathize with them so much. That little Texas town of Ransom has become so real for me. Elizabeth better get her own HEA, I don't care what series it's in she just needs one! I liked the progression of the relationship and how stubborn Dixie was. I loved the side story with Garth, Benji's older brother, that really showed how much a person, ie. Benji, can mature when they need to. The little tease about Garth and the next book at the end was nice, I was hoping that was going to happen so I can't wait for that book.    


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review 2018-06-05 00:00
Summer of Love: A Runaway Bride Romance
Summer of Love: A Runaway Bride Romance - Natalie Knight Summer of Love is classic Natalie Knight. Outrageous, entertaining, tantalizing fun. For Olivia and Huxley, a celebration of love quickly goes off the rails. Now their stuck cleaning up the mess. Runaway with this seductive duo. You won't regret it.
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review 2018-02-12 17:43
Summer Cinderella (Ventures in Love Book 2) - Nona Raines


Nona Raines tackles addiction, heartbreak, grief, fairy tales and interational romance. Summer Cinderella exists in the real world but has an element of fantasy. Adele is widow, struggling to rebuild her life after the lost of her husband. Money is tight, but love for her son pulls her through. When her heart is reawakened by a man of privilege, will she give herself the chance to love again? With hard hitting topics and a moving romance, Summer Cinderella gives the best of both worlds.

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review 2018-01-22 15:47
Love, Second Time Around: Large Print Edition (Summerfield Sweet Romance) (Volume 1) - Penny Appleton

Love, Second Time Around by Penny Appleton
Story starts out wth Maggie and she's heading to the seminar in Edinburgh. Through many sources of travel she does arrive, in time and sees her old friend Greg. They had often been on opposite sides of the table, both are fighting for their side to win-environmental oil issues.
She put a lot of work into her research and is a bit thrown off by finding him there. They do connect but she keeps her distance.
When they meet up later and spend the night at the same hotel after a conceert they draw closer. She needs the money to fix up her square cottage.
Love parts of the land and surrounding areas that are described. Love also the US locations as I've been through many. Love learning about the new places to explore.
Lvoe hearing about the horses and the places they are able to get to. When they meet for another meeting in the city her boss finds out she's spent time with Greg and she's fired. He does find out and I like hearing what he did about it. He has the solution if she will agree.
Love hearing of the native Indian customs and tradiitions. Love the escusions. You wonder if they will ever get to connect again. Love chats they had about their past lives and kids as they create new memories.
Can't wait to read more from this author. Wish some parts she had spent more time on with more details because I really like to learn new things.
Beautiful story! Love that it's about older people, not those in their 20's because the problems are different. This book has something for everybody to enjoy.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

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review 2017-10-09 00:00
Lakeside Love: An Amish Summer Novella
Lakeside Love: An Amish Summer Novella -... Lakeside Love: An Amish Summer Novella - Kathleen Fuller Esther is a plain jane type of girl who has a beautiful sister named Sarah. Judah works for the girls father on their farm and he has caught Esther's eye, but he has his eyes on Sarah who doesn't feel the same way. When englisher Rhett comes to stay on the farm and learn the amish way of life, he begins paying attention to Esther and not Sarah. As the summer days go by feelings begin to emerge and all four will find true love in their lives.
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