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review 2016-02-05 17:38
#15 In 2016: Sleeping With Her Enemy - Jenny Holiday
Sleeping with Her Enemy (Entangled Indulgence) - Jenny Holiday

Sleeping with her enemy
an adult contemporary romance
read as an ebook
she was left on her wedding day
he is a guy she loves to hate
they work in the same building
he could be her rebound guy
or something more
something they didn't expect
the story sounded exciting
unfortunately I didn't like the two main characters that much
I also didn't feel any chemistry between them
their romance was only ok for me
not a bad book, not a good one.

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text 2016-01-25 20:55
New Books: When Preorders Arrive Early ...
Brotherhood in Death - J.D. Robb
Every Word - Ellie Marney
STARS ABOVE: A Lunar Chronicles Collection (The Lunar Chronicles) - Marissa Meyer
My Kind of Wonderful - Jill Shalvis
Ice Like Fire - Sara Raasch
Magonia - Maria Dahvana Headley
The Distance from A to Z - Natalie Blitt
Pucked Up - Helena Hunting
Sleeping with Her Enemy (Entangled Indulgence) - Jenny Holiday

Six new print books and some new ebooks have found their way into my home in the last weeks. I'm especially excited about the print books, because three are preorders I'm extremely excited about (Brotherhood in Death, Stars above and My Kind of wonderful), others are part in series I have enjoyed so far (Every Word and Ice like fire) and one, Magonia, is the hardcover version of a book I really enjoyed.


Two of my preorders arrived a few days early and yes, I love when that happens. I already read two of the short stories in "Stars above" and they were great, today I started reading the new In Death novel and so far it's an amazing one.


The books
Brotherhood in death - JD Robb
Stars Above - Marissa Meyer
Every word - Ellie Marney
My kind of wonderful - Jill Shalvis
Ice like fire - Sara Raasch
Magonia - Maria Dahvana Headley


Ebooks I recently bought:
The Baller - Vi Keeland
The Distance from A to Z - Natalie Blitt
Sleeping with her enemy - Jenny Holiday
Pucked Up - Hunting and Oaken


Happy Reading!


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review 2015-11-16 15:28
The Billionaire's Christmas Proposal by Victoria James
The Billionaire's Christmas Proposal - Victoria James

This was a very cute Christmas romance with just about everything I wanted in it. Allison is a great person that just doesn't seem to see her worth many times. A social worker that takes care of her mouthy teen-age sister who suddenly finds herself homeless. The shelter she works at make be getting sold to a real estate tycoon and Christmas just seems like it's not going to be a very good one.

Ethan is in love with Allison - but she keeps turning him down. She's afraid to risk their friendship by trying something more. But when she is forced to turn to him for help she discovers new sides to Ethan that make it hard to resist him. I love how Ethan struggled with the wishes of his family versus his conscience and what Allison has asked him to help with. He's willing to put everything aside to try and help her and the shelter she loves so much. I especially liked his little bout of jealousy when they meet Allison's ex-boyfriend.

Ethan will need to get used to having not just a teen-ager around, but a strange little one-eyed dog that doesn't have a lot of manners - but he is incredibly cute. There is plenty of holiday cheer to find in this story and lots of great romantic scenes that are more than just gestures. I loved it!

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

Source: www.bittenbyromance.com/2015/11/the-billionaires-christmas-proposal-by.html
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review 2015-09-14 15:27
A Wife in Every Sense by Joanne Walsh
A Wife in Every Sense - Joanne Walsh

I really loved both of these characters - they had real life issues that rang true, and they were just good people that you enjoyed cheering for. But some of the aspects of their relationship just didn't ring as true as the characters themselves did. And I never quite understand the accidental pregnancy story these days. People - use a condom - have the conversation - it just makes it that more believable.

Kate is gun shy with ALL men. After a horrible experience in college where she was humiliated, she has sworn off dating completely. While I get that a little bit, you would think eventually she would find someone she couldn't resist - and maybe that time has come in the form of Aleksei and just not sooner. I loved her honesty with herself. She didn't always like what she thought, but she acknowledged it and tried to deal with it. She was a fun spirit that liked to take reasonable risks and have a good time without going crazy.

Aleksei is a nut you just want to crack. He's got this super tough business persona, but we see a softer side with his family and with Kate. You just know there's something going on and when you finally find out, you'll just love him even more. His family is amazing, and I loved how we got to get to know them a bit so they weren't just names on a page.

This was a fun romance, with some great characters, just the beginning concept threw me off a bit.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

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review 2015-08-21 20:17
Dodging Temptation by Avery Flynn
Dodging Temptation (Entangled Indulgence) (The Retreat) - Avery Flynn



Dodging Temptation begins when Harper takes a job to get away from the reporters following her around and all of the drama back home. But when the press followers her to her retreat one of the owners, Dodge, gets pissed. He wants her gone. She's a temptation and distraction that gets in his way of revenge. The only problem is Harper isn't leaving. She's going to do her job and be done with it no matter how attracted she is to Dodge. But when neither of them can fight the pull any longer things start to get a little crazy... 


I really liked this book. It had some funny parts, and a really feisty heroine and alpha male. I liked all of the characters in the book, and it also leaves room for more books to come with Dodge's brothers. 


The only thing that bugged was I kind of hated the way Dodge kept making crap up in his head. It really drove me crazy. Even when he knew it wasn't true he still believed it. In some ways he was kind of a coward in my opinion, and that just bugged me. 


Other than that this was a really nice steamy read that made me laugh! 

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