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review 2017-11-06 15:52
Monday Mini Review – Fiery Edge of Steel by Jill Archer @archer_jill
Fiery Edge of Steel (A Noon Onyx Novel) - Jill Archer

I was surprised by the originality of Jill Archer’s A Fiery Edge of Steel and wonder why I have not read any of her work before. My loss…


If you are looking for a fantastic demons and angels series, look no further.




Fiery Edge of Steel (Noon Onyx, #2)


Goodreads  /  Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA




A wonderfully original magical adventure and I am loving this mismatched band of travelers that gave me a laugh here and there as Noon Onyx and her band of angels battle to save The Shallows, fighting fabulous demons with their magic. I love how Noon Onyx grows and develops while on their mission and there are plenty of surprises and second chances along the way that kept me reading til the early hours of the morning. I won this book and now I wonder why it took me so long to read it.


I won this book and have not read the first Noon Onyx story, Dark Light of Day, by Jill Archer. Even though this is the second book in the series, I felt it filled in enough blanks, that my reading enjoyment did not suffer because of it. The result of their mission is wrapped up, but there is more to come and, if you are like me, you will want to know what happens on their next adventure and to know…what about Ari?


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars




Lucifer and his army triumphed at Armageddon, leaving humans and demons living in uncertain peace based on sacrifice and strict laws. It is up to those with mixed demon and human blood, the Host, to prevent society from falling into anarchy.


Noon Onyx is the first female Host in memory to wield the destructive waning magic that is used to maintain order among the demons. Her unique abilities, paired with a lack of control and reluctance to kill, have branded her as an outsider from her peers. Only her powerful lover, Ari Carmine, and a roguish and mysterious Angel, Rafe Sinclair, support her unconventional ways.


When Noon is shipped off to a remote outpost to investigate several unusual disappearances, a task which will most likely involve trying and killing the patron demon of that area, it seems Luck is not on her side. But when the outpost settlers claim that an ancient and evil foe has stepped out of legend to commit the crimes, Noon realizes that she could be facing something much worse than she ever imagined…


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/monday-mini-review-fiery-edge-of-steel-by-jill-archer-archer_jill
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text 2016-09-15 05:38
Cover Reveal: Pocket Full of Tinder (Noon Onyx #4) by Jill Archer

Pocket Full of Tinder: Noon Onyx Book 4

Jill Archer


Genre: Fantasy


Publisher: Black Willow


Noon Onyx is back!


In this long-awaited fourth installment, Jill Archer returns readers to the dangerous world of Halja, where demons, angels, and humans coexist in an uneasy state of détente.


Maegester-in-Training Noon Onyx feels like she’s done it all – mastered fiery magic, become an adept fighter, learned the law, killed countless demons, and survived having her heart broken by both love and an arrow, but now she’ll face her greatest challenge yet…





Far to the north lies an outpost famous for its unrest – Rockthorn Gorge. The town’s patron has specifically requested Noon’s help. Her assignment? Help the neophyte demon lord build his fiefdom and keep what’s his. The problem? Lord Aristos – Noon’s new employer – is her erstwhile lover, Ari Carmine, the aforementioned heartbreaker. And the number one thing he wants is her.


When Rockthorn Gorge’s viaduct is destroyed by Displodo, an enigmatic bomber, killing a dozen settlers and wounding scores more, Noon sets off early to aid in the search and rescue. Ari is listed among the missing and the suspects are legion. But Noon’s search is just the beginning. Her journey forces Noon to confront not only those she loves, but also enemies hell-bent on destroying them.




The claw-and-ball had been chewed clean off. It lay on a patch of sunny parquet floor, just to the right of an antique, aubergine wool rug now covered with the splintered remnants of an eleventh century pedestal table and one very large, ghastly looking, somewhat repentant barghest.


Nova’s head rested on her front paws as her gaze shifted warily from me to Miss Bister, Megiddo’s dormater, or house mother.


“Megiddo’s lobby is not a kennel, Miss Onyx. That”—she motioned dismissively toward Nova—“beast can no longer be housed here.”


I opened my mouth to respond, but Miss Bister continued speaking, her tone rising only infinitesimally, her back as stiff as Luck’s lance must have been, and her expression just as hard. She pointed toward the previously priceless, three-footed piece of furniture that was now a worthless, two-footed pile of kindling.


“No amount of money – or magic – can fix that, Nouiomo. It’s beyond repair. I warned you. I made an exception to my ‘no pets’ rule because you never cause trouble. You never forget your key; you promptly pick up your deliveries; you change your own light bulbs; you double bag your trash. You leave nothing behind in the bathroom; you don’t monopolize the washing machines; you are exceedingly polite to the lift operator; you don’t sing in the shower.”


I suppressed a sigh. After a year and a half of painstaking efforts, harrowing experiences, and endless hours of education, my worth had just been measured by the fact that I could change a light bulb. I’d mastered fiery magic, become an adept fighter, learned the law, killed countless demons (one regrettably, the others much less so), freed myriad immortals from an accursed, tortured bondage, and survived having my heart nearly destroyed by both love and an arrow, yet none of that meant bupkis next to the fact that I double bagged my trash. And yet…


I couldn’t really argue with Miss Bister either. Everything she’d said was true. And who was I to tell her what she should deem important? I respected that she valued domestic order and antiques. I did too, if not nearly as much as I valued the thing that now threatened our continued access to such. I glared at Nova, who swept one paw over her eyes as if she could hide from me and the evidence of what she’d done.


Barghests are giant hellhounds. They’re bigger than bears, fiercer than rabid raccoons, and uglier than naked mole rats. Their teeth are the size of railroad spikes, their claws as sharp as a sickle, their breath as foul as sewage gas. But they are also affectionate, brave, and loyal. What barghests lack in magic, they make up for in devotion. And even though I was plenty mad at Nova for chewing up Miss Bister’s table, I also knew it wasn’t Nova’s fault.


It was mine – for thinking the lobby of a demon law school dormitory would be a good place to keep her.


“Miss Bister, please,” I said. “I’m truly sorry. I know I can’t replace that exact table. But if you would just allow me to—”


“No,” Miss Bister said simply. “Either the beast goes… Or you do.”


I stared at the small, frail, magicless woman in front of me, trying desperately to think of some way to fix this problem. Wasn’t there something I could do, or say, or offer her that would make amends and convince her not to kick us out?


But all I could think of was how useless some of the things our society valued most were. As Miss Bister had pointed out, neither magic nor money would help. If I was going to repair the table, I’d need to find another way. Which would take time. And that meant I’d need to find somewhere else for us to sleep tonight. Because if the beast was going… I was too.


“Yes, Miss Bister,” I said. “I understand.”


She narrowed her eyes, slightly suspicious of my now gracious defeat since I’d just spent the last half-hour trying to persuade her to accept various forms of reparation. But then she nodded, handed me a couple of paper bin bags, and left.


I slid one bag inside the other and stooped down to pick up the slobbery remains of Nova’s mangled chew toy. When I finished, she came over to me and nudged my arm with her head. She let out a woofy whine.


Was she sorry? She darn well better be!


I gave her a scratch behind the ears.


“Now that you’ve sharpened your teeth on my former dormater’s furniture, are you ready to eat some real food for breakfast?”




Jill Archer writes dark, genre-bending fantasy from rural Maryland. Her novels include Dark Light of Day, Fiery Edge of Steel, White Heart of Justice, and Pocket Full of Tinder. She loves cats, coffee, books, movies, day tripping, and outdoor adventuring.



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text 2015-12-08 15:47
Guardian Angels in Romance Novels
Fallen - Erin McCarthy
A Touch of Crimson - Sylvia Day
Burning Skies - Caris Roane
Her Accidental Angel - Melisse Aires
Her Dark Angel - Felicity E. Heaton
Daniel's Gift - Barbara Freethy
Bedeviled Angel - Annette Blair
Under A Spell - Hannah Jayne
Dark Nights, Dark Dreams - Savannah Russe
White Heart of Justice - Jill Archer

Wings are sexy. Pretty, soft, feathery wings are especially hot. And if the winged ones job is to protect? Super Awesome!


Enjoy these Romances with Guardian Angels in the hero or heroine spot. 


My lists are never in any particular order. Enjoy!


1.  Fallen by Erin McCarthy


New Orleans, 1840s. Sent to watch over the decadent city, the angel Gabriel loses himself in the liquid pleasure of absinthe. So when his mistress, Anne, is murdered—and all evidence points to him—a foggy Gabriel cannot be sure he didn’t do it. His penance: to be forever denied love. Then in modern-day New Orleans he meets forensic scientist Sara Michaels...


2. A Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day


Adrian Mitchell is a powerful angel leading an elite Special Ops unit of Seraphim. His task is to punish the Fallen--angels who have become vampires--and command a restless pack of indentured lycans. But Adrian has suffered his own punishment for becoming involved with mortals--losing the woman he loves again and again. Now, after nearly two hundred years, he has found her--Shadoe--her soul once moreinhabiting a new body, with no memory of him. And this time, he won't let her go...


3. Burning Skies by Caris Roane


A vampire warrior in exile, Marcus Amargi resists the call to return to the ranks of the Guardians who fight the death vamp armies. Here on Mortal Earth, Marcus has another battle on his hands—the seductive lure of Havily Morgan. The woman meant for him. Whose blood he craves. The one who comes to him in dreams—and demands his surrender…


A beautiful immortal with extraordinary powers, Havily lives in the realm of Second Earth but, in her fantasies, yearns for her winged lover Marcus. Soon, their bond will be put to the ultimate test. When their bloodthirsty enemies set the night on fire with sky-blazing weapons, Marcus and Havily must unite body and soul, to unleash the full power of their passion—and fight fire with fire…


4. Her Dark Angel by Felicity Heaton Free!


An angel trapped in Hell for centuries, Apollyon is tired of guarding the Devil. He longs to break free and feel the wind in his feathers, but he cannot leave the endless darkness without permission from above. When he senses someone calling him, he seizes his chance for freedom, but soon discovers the call came from a beautiful woman he has watched over from Hell, a woman who casts a spell on him and awakens the darkest desires of his heart. 

Serenity is shocked when a wickedly sensual black-winged angel shows up in her city of Paris claiming that she called him when she was only casting a simple vengeance spell. He’s no other than the angel of death! When the lethally handsome warrior offers to obey her and give her revenge, Serenity can’t resist the temptation, but can she resist the forbidden hungers the dark angel stirs in her? 


5. Her Accidental Angel by Melisse Aires


The spell was a trick! 

Kari thinks a weight loss spell is worth a try. Unfortunately, the spell is a trick that unleashes a centuries old famine demon. 

Fallen Guardian Angel Rahmiel once defeated the demon and was bound so he could fight it if it ever descended to the earth again. But there is the little problem of his imprisonment in an ice prison. What he needs is a bonding ceremony with a human woman--like Kari.


6. Daniel's Gift by Barbara Freethy


In her impetuous summer of love, Jenny St. Claire found Luke Sheridan -- her dashing knight in intern's scrubs. But a fast-track future and rigid, ambitious parents drove passion out of Luke's life. And the summer ended, leaving Jenny with a broken heart... and a beautiful son, Danny, to help mend it. 

Years later it is tragedy that reunites them -- the father whom a son longs to know, and the mother who has tried desperately to forget. And as Luke and Jenny struggle to ignore the pain and desire reborn in a look and a touch, only the remarkable courage of a young boy -- and the help of a rather unorthodox guardian angel -- can offer them the most precious gift of all: a second chance at the love of a lifetime.


7. Bedeviled Angel by Annette Blair


At the Works Like Magick employment Agency in Salem, Massachusetts, matching clients in need with magical temps is a piece of cake, especially since sexy Chance Gordricson also happens to be heaven-sent. He's Kenya Saint-Denis's guardian angel. And when he's hired to keep an eye on her and the two surrogate children she's become saddled with, he just might fall prey to temptation.


8. Under a Spell by Hannah Jayne


Sophie Lawson was seriously hoping life at the UDA would get back to relative normal now that her boss Pete Sampson has been reinstated. Unfortunately, her new assignment is sending her undercover into a realm where even the most powerful paranormals fear to tread. . .her old high school. Being a human immune to magic is no defense against soulless picture-perfect mean girls--or a secret witch coven about to sacrifice a missing female student. And Sophie's Guardian, uber-proper Englishman Will, is determined to convince Sophie he's the kind of temptation she should indulge in permanently. Now as the clock ticks down to apocalypse, he and Sophie will have to summon every trick in the book to battle devilish illusion, lethal sorcery--and betrayals they'll never see coming . . .


9. Dark Nights, Dark Dreams by Savannah Russe


Government agent Susan Chase always kept her psychic abilities a secret. Now her secret is out and the C.I.A. needs her help. A highly classified all- female team of paranormal agents, Susan and her squad are now entrusted with the government’s most unusual and dangerous assignments.


10. White Heart of Justice by Jill Archer


ince Lucifer claimed victory at Armageddon, demons, angels, and humans have coexisted in uneasy harmony. Those with waning magic are trained to maintain peace and order. But hostilities are never far from erupting…

After years of denying her abilities, Noon Onyx, the first woman in history to wield waning magic, has embraced her power. She’s won the right to compete in the prestigious Laurel Crown Race—an event that will not only earn her the respect of her peers but also, if she wins, the right to control her future.
However, Noon’s task is nearly impossible: retrieve the White Heart of Justice, a mythical sword that disappeared hundreds of years ago. The sword is rumored to be hidden in a dangerous region of Halja that she is unlikely to return from. But Noon’s life isn’t the only thing hanging in the balance. The sword holds an awesome power that, in the wrong hands, could reboot the apocalypse—and Noon is the only one who can prevent Armageddon from starting again…


Did I miss your favorite? Let me know!


Vote on my Goodreads list: Guardian Angels in Romance Novels

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review 2013-06-29 00:00
Fiery Edge of Steel (A Noon Onyx Novel)
Fiery Edge of Steel (A Noon Onyx Novel) - Jill Archer “Fiery Edge of Steel” is a moving and fun story about choices and consequences and love. The story starts off after Noon’s break between her first year and second learning to be a Magistrates. Basically she is a member of the Host, and as such she has magic. Nothing unusual with the Host but in New Babylon thousands of years after the Apocalypse. There are Demons, Angels, The Host and Humans. Many demons are under the guidance and law of the Magistrates. The world build is a bit complex and the story is highly political, as are most fantasy novels. So pay attention and you will quickly go “oooohhh!

(Book one has AWESOME info-dumping and world-building before it starts and though it isn’t necessary to read this book, you will have a different experience if you don’t)

Noon is training to be a magistrate and is in a unique position. She is a woman and no woman in the history of the new world holds waning magic, the magic of death and destruction. Instead of the magic of healing as her mother has. Her twin brother Night is the one who ended up being the only male in the healing side of magic. This just explains some of what is going on. For those that are into world-building you will really want to read book one. This book could have been read as a standalone. If I had done it that way, I think I would not be pissy about how I felt about Noon in the beginning. She has a hard time accepting who she is even in the second book but the first book due to how she was raised and shielded or forced to hide who she is, she is hobbled facing her advanced schooling to become who she was born to be.

(When we left off with book one, I wanted to smack her! Of course it is a book about a girl growing up, new adult not YA – see below- and this one is no longer a new adult read.)

I had some interesting takes on a few of the things which I feel are very important to mention. First, this book is listed as urban fantasy and I think when you are trade published they have to box you into a genre. It is a genre bender and I would list it as a post apocalyptic, urban fantasy, mystery and thriller. The first book could easily be labeled as new adult because of of a first love and sex scenes. The second was not a new adult but she is growing up and though she still has not been able to completely control her magic and form that fiery edge of steel.

She still is being pressured by the two men in her life, Ari and Peter. Ari is new and works (ed) for her father as a demon hunter and is strong in the force of waning magic (insert Star Wars voice here). Peter is part of the host and has been working on learning how to find the spell to reverse her magic.

Ultimately it comes down to acceptance versus encouragement (I would LIKE to say something different but I do not want to taint your feelings towards Peter). If she chooses not to do one thing or do the other is she really following her dream? Or is she not facing reality… you decide

She never wanted her magic, she does not want to kill. Yet when the book opens she is suppose to do the magical equivalent of a stoning and she cannot.

What would you do?
I recommend this book if you like all of the genres mentioned. If you like your fantasy with a twist, blended with some evil, an incredible mystery, questions of femininity, light sexuality. A story which addresses accepting yourself for what you are, for growing into that acceptance instead facing things with the fight against change. If you want to read a strong female character who is not strong because she has kick ass magic skills (which she does) but is strong because she can show weakness and she has moral character which cause her to really BE. If you like seeing evil stomped on and have some epicly awesome fantasy swirls of fun! Oh grab this series and get ready for book three (see cover here).

A few interesting aspects from the two men in her life from both sides of the host…

to wane or not to wane…
Ari: “I love you for who you are while [Peter] wants to turn you into something you’re not.”
Peter: “I want to give you your life’s dream, Noon. And then I want to live that life with you.”
Ohhh and there is this awesome MacGuffin, the BLACK ONION, basically the magical equivalent to a Magic 8 ball.. OK a bit more than that, but it is coveted and ends up being more important to the continuation and certain familial relationships than you would expect it to be! I love when random objects are used as plot devices!
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review 2013-06-13 00:00
Fiery Edge of Steel (A Noon Onyx Novel)
Fiery Edge of Steel (A Noon Onyx Novel) - Jill Archer Review to come with blog tour next week. DEFINITELY NOT DISAPPOINTED.
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