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text 2020-04-23 02:08
Bristol F2 Fighter Aces of World War I - Jon Guttman

"BRISTOL F 2 FIGHTER ACES OF WORLD WAR I" offers the reader a concise history of an aircraft that, despite its initial dismal combat performance on the Western Front in April 1917 (owing to its erroneous use as a traditional 2-seater aircraft), later developed into one of the most successful combat aircraft of the war.

The Bristol F 2 was unique in that, while designed as a 2-seater aircraft for carrying out reconnaissance, photography, and bombing missions, it also had the speed and agility of a single-seat fighter with the benefit of an "extra sting in the tail" in the form of an observer armed with a twin Lewis machine gun on a swivel mount. Aside from service on the Western Front, the "Brisfit" would go on to distinguish itself in Italy and Palestine against the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Turks & Germans, respectively.

Like other Osprey books, this one is chock-full of photographs and color illustrations showing the Bristol F 2s that were flown by various pilots who "made ace" flying it in combat. Any aviation enthusiast and model airplane kit modeler will love this book.

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review 2020-04-08 14:56
 Dagger (Vegas MMA) - S.L. Sterling



Got to love me some Dagger! I loved the story as it was heart felt and one that tugged on one's heart strings.The story had really great characters Dagger aka Derrick was a MMA fight that was rough and tough on the outside but, we found him to be a big softie at heart on the inside.We loved no matter how bruised and battered and in pain he was he always retained his sense of humor and that sexy smile of his was panty melting and he left a many broken hearts in his wake.

Katy was one of those character you first meet and she seems a bit standoffish and unapproachable but, once you get to know the real her below the protective armor she is a sweet and kind and a loving soul who has been battered and bruised and abused by her ex and she is just trying to survive day by day.

We loved the chemistry this couple had and the easy friendship that turned into so much more.The story had a bit of intrigue and suspense and personal struggles for both characters who were both surviving in the only way they new how.

Overall this was a real good story with love-able characters that found love in the mist of the chaos that their lives were currently at at this particular moment in time and we loved how Katy woes although, were not the same as Daggers he could in some way relate to the things she was currently going through as he had a crazy ex himself and we loved how they easily bonded over crazy ex's and after everything Katy has be through Daggers size and job alone should make her run for the hills but, it did the exact opposite it made her feel safe,cherished and protected. I think this new series got off to a real great with Katy and Daggers story and we are looking forward to the next book in the series to come.

PS - Everyone should have a Dagger in their corner....

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text 2020-03-19 03:17
How To Stop Hair Loss - And Even Develop It Back

Do you face hair reduction? Want to learn the best suggestions and proven methods to stop and prevent baldness? Make sure you read this article. In this post, you will discover the very best and most effective tips to stop and cure alopecia.

Lack of proper treatment is a principal aspect for which we endure from random hair drop. If you want to know how to stop hair loss in ladies, you need to know that using due care of your hair is the best way to prevent hair drop. Hence, begin using care of this factor today onwards. Prior to you stage out each working day, make sure your hair has got proper interest. Now go via some every day treatment suggestions to stop hair loss in women.


There are numerous various types of shampoo for hair loss food loss with herbal ingredients. 1 of the best known of these is saw Palmetto. Saw palmetto seems to inhibit or stop DHT becoming made,while of course DHT shrinks follicles and causes them to shut or near contacting an end to your hair development.

Maintain a wholesome diet plan. When your diet plan does not include the right amount of nutrients your hair suffers. For a wholesome head of hair, make certain you are consuming plenty of Vitamin A, K, and Omega-three fatty acids. Vitamin A can be found in meals this kind of as carrots, mango and pumpkin whilst Vitamin K can be found in most citrus fruits. You can get Omega-3 fatty acids innuts and fish, flax seeds and olive oil.

The first step that you can take is to purchase a hair loss shampoo at the nearby drug store. You should purchase this as nicely as the hair reduction tonic. Purchasing these products together at the same time might get you a less expensive cost tea tree oil for hair than if you purchase them individually. You will most likely require each of these goods any way so you may as nicely not make it inconvenient for yourself later on.

There are some goods which attraction only to hair style. They tend to merely improve the volume and make your hair appear thicker and fuller. There are also shampoos that have genuine nutritional vitamins and minerals that would supposedly make your scalp more healthy and keep your hair stronger. These are deep-cleaning and stimulating goods. Of all these goods, make sure to comprehend initial what you are buying.

This situation almost usually prospects to total or partial baldness. As this kind of, individuals would eventually try to regain the hair that they've lost. But before that problem is tackled, there has to be a definite answer that could stop them from pulling their tresses away.

So what are you waiting for! With all these essential informations you can obtain from the Hair Once more! e-guide its about time you get your personal duplicate. You can visit their web site for more details.

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review 2019-06-30 22:35
Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys (The Factory Girls) - Mary Gibson

"GUNNER GIRLS AND FIGHTER BOYS" brings home to the reader the impact of the Second World War on the British people, combatants and civilians alike. The novel is mainly centered around a family (i.e. the Lloyds) in a neighborhood in London known as Bermondsey. Indeed, we first meet the Lloyds (Mum and Dad; their eldest daughter Peggy - and her husband George, an asthmatic who's a few years older than his wife and lives principally as a grafter, evading the law by hook and by crook through various black market activities; Jack, the Lloyds' only son who sometimes does a few jobs for George; and youngest daughter May, a bookworm and homebody) on Sunday, September 3, 1939 - the first day of war. An air raid alarm is sounded and while most of the Lloyds seek security in a community shelter, May is intent on ensuring that the Sunday dinner is not ruined. The full reality of Britain being at war with Germany still had a certain unreality to it. 

In the years to come, the war would exact a heavy toll on the Lloyds and Bermondsey itself. Lives would be radically changed, rudely upset, lost. And May through her service in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) - the women's branch of the British Army - would find her life profoundly altered. For anyone who wishes to understand in some way how the Second World War impacted upon those who experienced it, For that reason, I highly recommend reading "GUNNER GIRLS AND FIGHTER BOYS." It'll put you on an emotional roller coaster you won't soon forget.

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review 2019-05-22 06:06
Shadows You Left - Jude Sierra,Taylor Brooke

Erik asks River to give him a tattoo.  They find they are both attracted and try to see where it goes.  This is hard for Erik since he is often moving around and has trouble with trust.


River does not want to get his hopes up.  He knows Erik is struggling to define himself.  River normally sticks to his routine, however, his longing for Erik puts him at a whole new level.


This book has so much in it.  These characters are seriously in need of one another.  The story can be dark at times.  I actually liked how they were together and found that if I made it past the grit, there was good heat and and friendship.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review by Netgalley and its publisher.

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