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review 2018-08-03 04:42
Love is a Wildfire (Love in the Vineyards Book 4) by Kate Kisset
Love is a Wildfire - Kate Kisset


There must be something in the water in California wine country. Strong willed heroines, alpha males and delicious scenery set the stage for romance in Love is a Wildfire. Against the backdrop of a raging fire and an even hotter attraction, Kisset takes readers on an adventure unlike any other. Small town romance equals big city drama and makes for captivating storytelling.

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review 2018-05-21 00:24
Wildfire - Ilona Andrews


I think this book was the best of the series. We're finally getting down to where this family is able to survive with all of the powers pretty much known and the romance has taken a decidedly forward motion. Good series.

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text 2018-04-12 18:27
Fresh off the public library waitlist...
Wildfire - Ilona Andrews

...what a happy surprise.


The waitlist was such a long one, library patrons must be just devouring this book very quickly and being courteous enough to return it quickly.


I have a cat sprawled in a rare sunspot after months of gloomy gray days so I think 

I'll join hm and read.  


Totally ignoring all the pruning and spring cleaning I ought to be doing.  Maybe I'll stir enough to walk down the car-length driveway to get the mail later.


I've learned I never regret time spent with kitties.

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review 2018-02-12 05:54
Review: Wildfire by Ilona Andrews
Wildfire - Ilona Andrews

Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed


Nevada Baylor spent years keeping her truthseeker abilities under wraps.  Now that that her secret has been revealed, she must hone her powers and learn to navigate the world of a Prime.  Power and politics are something Nevada has long avoided, but she’s in the game now, so to speak. At her side is billionaire Prime Connor “Mad” Rogan, but Nevada’s emerging status as a power player means that their relationship will be tested as others flock to court and manipulate her.  And that isn’t the only strain on their burgeoning relationship – Connor’s ex-fiancée’s husband is missing and she has come to Nevada for help.  Between damsels-in-distress, a new threat to the Baylor family, and a conspiracy that threatens all she holds dear, Nevada may start wishing for the days where her biggest problem was that all of Houston might burn.


Wildfire is an intense, electric read.  Passion, danger, love, and magic are all woven together to form an intelligent, incredibly engaging story.


Nevada and Rogan are fascinating protagonists and one heck of a couple.  They are both strong, intelligent characters who butt heads but also respect one another’s abilities.  Falling in love has given them new sets of vulnerabilities, and I loved watching them navigate their new relationship.  Their love story is by turns sexy, romantic, and intense and I was rooting for them to overcome every obstacle.


Speaking of obstacles, there are a lot thrown in Nevada and Rogan’s way.  I hesitate to say too much for fear of spoiling the book.  Nevada has to decide how best to protect her family now that she’s a known truthseeker her terrifying paternal grandmother has found out about her.  She also a new case where Rogan’s needy ex-fiancée is wearing on her nerves and putting a strain on her relationship with Rogan.  Both of these storylines are compelling because they cause internal turmoil, which contrasts nicely with the external threat of the Caesar conspiracy.  This overarching series storyline is where the action ramps up to epic proportions in Wildfire.  Author duo Ilona Andrews brilliantly blends magic and mayhem for maximum thrills and I was so into this book that I hated it whenever real life intruded and I had to put it down.


Wildfire is the third book in the Hidden Legacy series and you definitely should read Burn for Me and White Hot before diving into this tale.  Rogan, Nevada, the entire Baylor family, and their friends have all grown over the course of the series and I loved watching each of them come into their own.  I really hope this isn’t the end of the Hidden Legacy series, because there is so much left to explore in this world.  The magic is phenomenally detailed and the way it’s used can be interesting, funny, frightening, and sometimes even sexy.  So while I finished Wildfire well-satisfied, I definitely don’t want to leave Nevada and Rogan’s world.  And trust me, you won’t either.

Source: www.joyfullyreviewed.net/reviewparent/wildfire-ilona-andrews
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review 2018-01-25 12:18
Just did a comfort-re-read
Wildfire - Ilona Andrews

And this was so so good.


It nearly reaches the "Kate Daniels" level for me.


I love Nevada, her family, the whole dynamic of who she is and why.


And of course her Connor.

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