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text 2019-02-20 06:00
Fire can disrupt unnaturally at any place


Fire can disrupt unnaturally at any place and circumstance. The only way to combat with such fiery situation is to be well versed with the predisposed measures against the disaster. A good knowledge of the mitigation measures can help you out in the unexpected situation and can constrain the probabilities of your losing a hard luck to similar kind of mayhems. Despite the availability, it is important to take an eye of the methodology to use such high end protection modules.

Nowadays, it is very easy to get a knack of how to make out the best from these devices owing to the HD video tutorials available online which is a fire extinguisher powder filling machine Manufacturers short cut to the manual handed over along with the device. The Crossfire Alarms are the basic fire alarms which have an inherent frequency hopping RF wireless communication and event positioning systems. Such alarms are meant to trepidate you in case of a fire eruption and therefore they are supposed to be fitted in areas under smoke. The cause can be one which remains to be; flames but the calamities can be many. It is of extreme importance to know the nature of the possible disaster that you might face which can be figured out depending upon the domestic settings of your place. The ultimate know how of the entire range of possibilities will keep you and your family secure and ensure the safety to a great extent bringing down the chances of calamity taking a toll on your lives. Therefore, it is advisable to attend the sessions for Home Fire Drill either physically or virtually.

If you do not have enough time but your safety is a matter of concern for you then it would be feasible to attend virtual classrooms and get a knack of such life saviors and their technicalities. The by-product of all human metabolic activities is mostly carbon monoxide which if increased in levels above the normal can cause carbon monoxide poisoning leading to suffocation. If a device is installed that has in built sensors to detect the levels of carbon monoxide then it can be a safety measure for all the dwellers of the premise. A thorough knowledge of how the Carbon Monoxide alarm works can probably give you early signs of warning and help you get away from all the chances of asphyxiation. The YouTube videos can be the best option which can be approached for all such information about the devices with brands Crossfire Alarms.


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text 2019-02-09 00:34
Reading progress update: I've read 158 out of 472 pages.
Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts
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review 2019-02-08 23:44
Diamond Fire - Ilona Andrews

For a novella, this was pretty good.  And the best part?  The event that carried the story was perpetuated by a child.  I wonder though, how long Catalina's arc will be.  She's only 18 at the moment.

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review 2019-02-03 23:49
Escape From Fire Island! by James H. English
Escape from Fire Island! - James H. English

This is a splendid take on the childhood favorite 'Choose Your Own Adventure' series. The 'A Date With Destiny' series only has one other title -  'Night of a Thousand Boyfriends'.


'Escape From Fire Island!' finds you and your narcissistic best friend Jose battling the weekend crowds to Fire Island only to have a zombie apocalypse break out almost as soon as you set out your towel.


First of all, let's get the bad stuff out of the way: some of the humor is dated. The jokes against drag queens and transsexuals can easily be taken the wrong way. There is a spirit of fun to the piece, but....urgh. On the other hand, the radioactive zombies' "tells" are a penchant for boas and calling you Mary as their press on nails slice open your throat, so some aggressive language against the queen zombies is to be expected.


The other problem I had was more mechanical, in several instances the exact page is duplicated: same text, same directions at the bottom, etc. Why not just have instructions go back to one page instead of wasting space? We could have fit in a couple more story threads with those pages.


Everything else about this book is amahzing. The cover design and interior illustrations call back to the original book series and it was a lot of fun seeing all the adventures to be had while saving Fire Island from Champagne Toast's zombie horde and/or President Bush's nukes. There were mermen, there were sexy secret agents, there were glory holes. It has everything.


I needed a good laugh, and you probably do too. This should do the trick.

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review 2019-02-02 03:11
A love letter to libraries
The Library Book - Susan Orlean

Right after I joined the library where I'm currently working the (now retired) Library Manager gave me an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) of a book that he said I'd "really like". Since we had known each other less than a week I took it at face value and slipped it into my desk drawer. Three months later and this book (now in published form) was returned by a patron who told me that it was one I just had to read. This recommendation coupled with the fact that the book still has several hundred people waiting on hold to read it made me dig back in my drawer for my copy. Almost immediately I started drafting an apology letter to the man who saw me coming from a mile away.


The Library Book by Susan Orlean is a love letter to literature, librarians, and most especially to libraries. The book begins with a brief glimpse of what happened on April 29, 1986 and one of the (alleged) main characters. This is a bit of a teaser to the mystery explored in the book but in my opinion the next chapter is the real heart of the book. Orlean takes us back to when she was a young library patron who had a special routine of visiting her local library with her mom and the visceral reaction she had many years later when entering the Los Angeles Central Library with her own son for the first time. During a tour of the historic building, she learned of the devastating fire that occurred there on April 29, 1986 and how the man accused was never charged. Hundreds of thousands of materials were either outright destroyed by the blaze or damaged by the smoke or water used to douse the flames. The cost to repair and replace these items (as well as repair the building) was in the millions and it still holds the record for the largest library fire in U.S. history. Orlean was intrigued by the crime and why no one was brought to justice. She spent 4 years tracing back through the history of the public library in Los Angeles (including all of the City Librarians) before she fully delved into the one and only suspect, Harry Peak, an aspiring actor who boasted to friends that he had been there on the day of the fire and more importantly that he was the one that set it off. 


If you're not particularly interested in the fire or the whoddunit aspect there's plenty more here to sink your teeth into because Orlean goes behind the scenes of the library to talk about its various departments, infrastructure, and ultimately what it's really like to work in a public library. She covers such topics as holds fulfillment, collection development (like what to do with hundreds of maps), working with the homeless, and working within a tight budget to bring programs to the masses. I took copious notes after reading this book but looking back I realize how the majority of them would completely spoil this book for you. As I went in totally blind (and loved every moment of it) I think you guys would benefit by doing the same. Try and get your hands on this one but be aware that you'll probably be waiting for a while to get it from your local library.

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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