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review 2017-11-01 08:00
The Devil's Star
The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbø,Jo Nesbø

I had read one book by Jo Nesbø and I liked it, so when I came across Marekors (in Dutch: Dodelijk Patroon) I wanted to read it.

Each fifth day, there's a ritual murder in Oslo. Harry Hole starts with his final weeks at the police due to his drinking problem. But he still gets involved in this case. So is his archenemy, Tom Waaler...

I didn't read all the books about Harry Hole yet, so I couldn't understand where everything about Tom Waaler was all about. But I guess that's my own mistake, because I didn't read them in the right order. I like the book. Especially in the beginning it starts with quite some murders and you are thrown right in to the story. I liked the writing style, it was fast and nice to read. It took me some time to get respect for the end of the book and the way Nesbo (forgive me that last letter) had made up the story.

But I start to think that alcoholism is an occupational disease for policemen...

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review 2017-10-17 03:17
Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush
Devils & Thieves - Jennifer Rush

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

This was an entertaining read! As soon as I read the description for this book, I knew that it was one that I would have to read. Motorcycle gangs and magic...yes, please! It took me a while to read this book but that had everything to do with my personal life and nothing to do with the book. One I really had the chance to sit down with the book, I ended up reading the final 2/3 of the story in a single day and really enjoyed the experience.

Jemmie lives in a world filled with magic. It can be hard for her sometimes because she does not want to use her magic and being around magic makes her feel ill at times. She has never really worked to hard at learning to control and use her own magic and has instead focused on self-medicating to cope with being around magic.

Jemmie has ties to the Black Devils group through her best friend, Alex, and her brother, Crowe. A gathering of the different groups has tensions at a high. Things get even more intense when several people go missing and nobody knows who to trust. Jemmie finds herself at the center of the mystery and is determined to help Crowe find out what is happening before it is too late.

There is a bit of a love triangle in this book. Jemmie and Crowe seem to belong together from the very start of the story even though they don't seem to realize it. There is another guy that seems to want a chance with Jemmie but I never really felt like he was a serious contender. Jemmie and Crowe do seem to have a lot of chemistry and I can't wait to see more of them together.

I would recommend this book to others. I thought that the world was rather interesting and the mystery was pretty exciting. I wouldn't say that this book ends in a cliffhanger but it did leave me pretty eager for the next book so that I can see what happens next. I definitely plan to read more from Jennifer Rush soon.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers via TheNovl.com.

Initial Thoughts
This was entertaining. I enjoyed the magic and how everything worked. Just enough romance and excitement to keep things interesting.

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review 2017-10-06 04:53
Like a good tv show in print
Bookburners - Jeffrey Veregge,Mur Lafferty,Max Gladstone,Margaret Dunlap,Mark W. Weaver,Brian Francis Slattery

I'm a little wary of multi-author narratives in print, which is a little goofy, considering that this is basically how all television is scripted. I love me some television, but, of course, it must be said that the strength of the singular vision -- the showrunner or creator -- is a huge factor in whether any given show is successful. (Successful to me, anyway; I'm not talking folding green. That's a whole other thing.) But I've been burned with uneven and unsatisfying multi-author novels before, so. I picked this is up because I've been slow-burning my way through Max Gladstone's Craft sequence. Maybe his name is top of the marquee because he's the best known of the writers, but I suspect not. This has his fingermarks on it, narratively speaking -- from the baroque murder mystery plotting to the strange other gods and devils.


But even if Gladstone wasn't the showrunner, if you will, whoever it was did an excellent job. I greatly enjoyed Bookburners, even despite my prejudice.. I felt like it overcame the lumpiness of multi-author novels I've read through what must have been good editorial control, which nevertheless allowed the individual writers to show off their specific style. Each section is episodic like television, with a mini-arc that has its own satisfaction. Sometimes the episodes were more mythology heavy, and that's fun too. The possibilities of the premise are no where near exhausted by the end, which is also a plus, given how many television shows / series / trilogies / whatever should be strangled after the first outing. How many Matrix movies are there, for example? Want to talk about season 2 of Heroes? or Lost?


Anyway, much fun was had by me.

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review 2017-09-27 22:06
Devils Unto Dust - Emma Berquist

So my second 2018 review book and I am not off to a great start. I think I shouldn't have read this one so close to reading Dread Nation because they were a lot alike. They both used S names for their zombies, Shamblers -Shakes, kind of hard to not want to call them the wrong name what I talked about it to friends...lol. 


It's kind of like a western, set back in the time after the civil war. A sickness breaks out and turns people into Shakes.They have some small towns but not a lot of progress going since they Shakes are everywhere, they have fences and wall to keep them out. Willie has to go looking for her pa and hires two hunters to talk her out of the town and to another town and it's a danger thing to do. 


Just really dull for me until about the last 25% and then it picked up a bit and I thought it had a decent ending. It ends like it could be a standalone though it could also have a sequel and that would work as well. 


My first two zombie books and they were both sort of dullsville. Now I know why I don't read them...lol. I wanted action and got very little. :(


Read for:

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review 2017-09-24 18:30
The Devil's Woods - Brian Moreland
The Devil's Woods - Brian Moreland

Brian Moreland is simply money in the bank. I have yet to read anything of his that I didn't love and The Devil's Woods is his best yet. Kyle and his brother and sister, Eric and Shawna, grew up on the Cree reservation until their mother divorced their father. Eric and Shawna have grown distant from their father, a university archeology professor and an alcoholic, but Kyle has still kept in touch with him through the years. When the siblings receive a call from their uncle Ray inviting them back to the reservation for a visit, Kyle thinks this may be a good way for all of them to reconnect after all these years. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they learn that their father is missing. Kyle attempts to piece together his father's last whereabouts with what he was investigating. What he learns is that their idyllic Canadian hideaway in the woods has an evil buried deep within where things are not as they would seem.



You can tell that Moreland did his research for The Devil's Woods. Its all in the details and his writing is spot on. You get invested in the siblings. Kyle is still mourning from the loss of his wife and you root for him to find happiness. Shawna is the free spirit rebellious type that shows her immaturity from time to time. Eric is the obnoxious womanizer that you want to see get what he has coming to him, yet there are times when he shows his human side and you almost sympathize with him. All of Moreland's characters have depth, no two dimensional cardboard stereotypes here. He also brings the Canadian woods to your doorstep. It feels like you're crunching over leaves, swatting the occasional mosquito and seeing that shadow disappear behind a tree trunk out of the corner of your eye. He really immerses you in his story. He also has done his homework to get the Cree culture and Canadian landscape just right. Moreland delivers another fantastic read and I can't wait for the next one.



5 Float Planes out of 5




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