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review 2018-09-16 19:24
Flamed with Courage:Notorious Devils (Cash Bar #3) by Hayley Faiman
Flamed with Courage:Notorious Devils (Cash Bar #3) - Hayley Faiman

All though this was not my favorite MC Romance book ever it was not the worst either. The story in the book was pretty good. I did have a problem with the way Free, the main man, treats Whitley the leading lady. This girl has basically been held hostage and has seen more in 3 years than most people will ever see in a full lifetime. Free "rescues" Whitley from the racist Aryan group. This group sees woman as breeders only. Free pretty much treats Whitley as his personal sex toy. He leaves her pretty much locked in his room with no food or water at first. Things like that started to turn me off about this book. There is also a pretty good story but you have to get past all the sex to read it. Yes I knew going into this book that there was lots of sex, language and violence. None of which really bother me but there are full chapters of sex and a few pages of the story line. I have to admit towards the middle of the book I was skipping over the sex scenes, they were hot scenes but I wanted to get back to the story line. I did really like all of the characters in the book, even when I was mad at Free.

There are actually a couple story lines at least for me in the book. Eighteen years ago Free's woman Gemma was beaten and raped. She became addicted to sleeping pills and ended up killing herself. Free's guilt has eaten away at him for almost 2 decades. The Notorious Devil's MC which Free is the VP of, are going around and destroying the camps of the Aryan group. When he see's Whitley he takes her with him instead of sending her with the other woman and children from the camps to shelters. Free just has a feeling that Whitley will bring him back to life and help him past his past.

Whitley's parents were killed 3 years before when she was 16 and she was taken to the Aryan camps and forced to watch the children and also help int he sick sex between the leaders and the kidnapped woman. She has seen so much murder, abuse, and yet has not been touched. She counts her blessings about being left alone, she also has learned to be a shadow, out of site out of mind. After being rescued by Free, Whitley begins to feel like she may just be able to have a life not filled with fear.

You get to watch both Free and Whitley heal and find love in the book.

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review 2018-08-06 14:10
A Duke in the Night (The Devils of Dover) - Kelly Bowen

This book took me some time to get through. I don’t think it was the book, or the plot, though, I think it was just life being busy. The plot was entertaining and the characters were good. The conflict was entertaining, too. However, the characters don’t pop off the page and the emotional tension was good, but there was something that it missed that when it came to work and life, this one didn’t drown it out. Some books, it doesn’t matter what is going on in life, I have to keep reading and this one seemed to lack that. I was fine with setting it aside to do other things. Did I enjoy the book, yes. Will I read book 2 real soon, definitely. Did I like the two main characters, for sure. It was good but there was something with the plot that didn't grab and hold me the whole time.

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review 2018-06-22 22:20
Das Fünfte Zeichen // The Devil's Star!!!
Das fünfte Zeichen - Jo Nesbø

German and english review
First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


Diesmal nur eine kurze und vor allem spoilerfreie Bewertung.



Ich bin so unheimlich froh, dass ich das Buch jetzt endlich hinter mir habe, dass liegt nicht an dem Buch an sich, sondern an einer besonderen Storyline, wenn ihr die Bücher lest, wisst ihr sicher was ich meine, wenn nicht, dann will ich nichts verraten. Aber es ist endlich überstanden, jetzt hab ich das Gefühl, dass ich irgendwie viel frischer in den Rest der Serie starten kann.


Den Fall fand ich wirklich richtig gut erzählt und auch wirklich spannend bis zum Schluss. Ich hatte zwar einen Verdacht, aber wie immer hab ich den zur Seite geschoben und am Ende war ich dem Ganzen doch näher als gedacht.


Am besten hat mich die Auflösung von der ein oder anderen Storyline gefallen, die in vorherigen Büchern schon angefangen wurde. Ihr wisst was ich meine. Ich dachte erst wir würden nicht sehr viel von Rakel und Oleg sehen, aber war froh, wie sich das im Laufe des Buches entwickelt hat. Es ist nicht wirklich ein Spoiler aber trotzdem VORSICHT: Der Moment in dem Oleg zu Harry Papa gesagt hat, hat bei mir für alle möglichen Gefühle gesorgt und obwohl die Situation angespannt war, hat es mich grinsen lassen wie ein totaler Idiot.




This time around it's just going to be a short and spoiler free review.


I'm just so very happy that I am finally done with this book, it's not about the book itself but one of the storylines. If you read the book, you know what I mean. If you haven't read it, I won't spoil anything. But I did it. It's finally done. Now I have the feeling that I can somehow start fresh and new into the rest of the series.


The case itself was really damn well told and kept me guessing until the very end. I can't say I never had a feeling but I always push it aside and at the end of it all, I always come pretty close.


What I loved the most, was that storylines from the books before were being wrapped up. You know what I mean. After the beginning, I didn't expect to see anything from Rakel and Oleg but I was so so SO happy how things developed throughout the book. It's not really that much of a spoiler but well, SPOILER, the moment when Oleg calls Harry dad, made me feel all the feels and even though the situation was super tense, I kept smiling like a total idiot.

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review 2018-04-15 03:16
Out in June
City of Devils - Paul French City of Devils - Paul French

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley


                Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom opens in 1935 at a club in the city of Shanghai.  Jones is going to met a gangster, and, of course, the shit hits the fan.  It is a Hollywood version of what Shanghai was like during the interwar years. Yet, there is some truth to it.  The city did have Badlands, and there were clubs that not only hired but catered to expatriates from America and Europe.  In his book City of Devils, Paul French presents the truth and while it does involve show girls there is a great more drugs, murder, and the looming threat of war.


                French details Shanghai, in particular Joe Farren and Jack Riley, two men who were sometimes engaged in legal business and sometimes in not so legal business.  Joe Farren started as a Fred Astaire or Vernon Castle type.  Escaping Vienna and touring Asia with his wife and the dance troupe they eventually started.  Farren is the dapper man, the married man with his wife Nellie.  He does resemble, at least in French’s description. 


                Riley is more of a gangster type.  American, blunt, and physical as opposed to dapper.  But not stupid, not stupid at all. His washing up at Shanghai isn’t so much to do with his performance ability. The two men are sometimes partners, sometimes rivals, sometimes enemies.


                In the story of the rise and fall of the two men, French also describes the imploding of Shanghai as an international colony forced upon the Chinese as well as the coming Second World War.  It isn’t just crime that causes the problems but also the Japanese and the shifting of power.


                At points, French introduces newspaper columns and Chinese views on what is occurring – either the view of the white men or the invading Japanese.  It is those bits that are the most moving and wonderful because they move the book beyond a simple history of the underworld.


                French writes with passion and vigor.  His prose is quite engrossing, and he does the best he can with limited sources.  What is most interesting (and hardy lest surprising) is that the women were harder to trace than the men.  It is to French’s credit that he shows the women as more than just molls or enablers.  In fact, a few of them are movers and shakers.


                The book is both engaging and engrossing.

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review 2018-03-15 00:00
Devils and Realist, Vol. 10
Devils and Realist, Vol. 10 - Madoka Tak... Devils and Realist, Vol. 10 - Madoka Takadono,Utako Yukihiro I'm not really liking this whole bit with Empusa and saving William. I kind of just want it to go back to hijinks and antics. It's starting to get serious, and that's not why I started reading this series. Also, William has failed at being a realist so, it kind of kills the title.
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