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quote 2018-04-27 06:14
“I’ll catch you when you land, Flash. Just don’t take too much time, because I’m already there, impatiently waiting for you.”

I blinked.

“You can’t make a joke about something like that, Dylan.”

“Who said I’m joking? You happened in a heartbeat Zoe, I had no chance.”
The Hardest Fall - Ella Maise

~~ Ella Maise, The Hardest Fall

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review 2018-04-25 05:26
The Hardest Fall - Ella Maise

Zoe & Dylan meet, then don't see one another for some time.  When they next meet, it is more of a formality.  Each has made an impression on the other.  College is hard enough without complications.  How to find another student?


Dylan is hoping to find Zoe.  Then one day, there she is.  He has been attracted since the very first time they met.  Finally, he can get to know her like he planned.  Only there are problems, pasts, and pain that might just get in the way first.


Such an incredible story.  I was captivated almost right away.  Hard to put down, I was eagerly reading each page.  The characters had obvious chemistry.  It was also clear right from the start they had more to offer one another.  Their story was lovely.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2018-01-24 21:02
Tell Me More
Tell Me More: Stories About the 12 Hardest Things I'm Learning to Say - Kelly Corrigan
When I read these types of books, I start to believe that anyone who has a story has the potential for writing a book. Somehow their story has to connect to the masses for it to sell, but nevertheless they have potential. They don’t have to tell us its going to be okay or end on a happy note, they just need to connect to their readers and be real.
Reading this short novel was like sitting down with a dear friend over lunch and just catching up on what was new. I found myself identifying with a few of her stories and for some of them, they made me stop and think. She was personable, someone I could relate to and I think we’d make great fence neighbors.
I liked this blessing. I think it might be one, I will use for it says so much yet it is so simple: “Thank you for the food before us, the people around us, and the love between us.”
I liked her point about Cleta, her grandmother. Kelly should have gotten to know her better, she should have tried to appreciate her like her father wanted her to. Kelly felt bad because she didn’t go visit her as much as she had planned to but it wasn’t all about the missed visits. It’s quality over quantity. It didn’t matter how much she visited, it’s what she did when she was there.
I really liked the I Love You chapter as there was so much truth in what she said. I love you covers the good times and the bad, the letdowns and the victories, the highs and the lows. “The first time the words pass between two people: electrifying. Ten thousand times later: cause for marvel. The last time: the dream you revisit over and over and over again. “
The last two chapters of this novel had me almost in tears. Kelly narrates to Liz, her dear friend who has passed away, how life is moving forward without her. Liz’s husband Andy still performs some of the traditions that Liz had started, they’ve just recently celebrated her birthday with a small gathering of her friends, Liz’s clothes are still hanging in her closet, and they’ve just decided how they’re going to celebrate her first death date. This was an emotional closure to a novel with a friend that I had just met.


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review 2017-04-03 22:41
The Hardest Thing by James Lear
The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery - James Lear

Books with way too much sex often feel to me like nothing is happening. OK sex is happening, but it is the same thing over and over (like saying or thinking "you are my everything" repeatedly).

And this also explains why sometimes books with a ton of sex do work for me. Like this one. So much sex. The protagonist uses sex for everything. Not just passion or love but also for exercise, friendliness, networking, embarrassing someone into not telling anyone they saw him, tactical advabtage in a fight, etc. But by the same token, it isn't the same thing over and over. Each time it is serving a purpose in the story and advancing the plot and usually the characterization as well. This book is a thriller, so it isn't like there wasn't other stuff happening, but this explains why I didn't get bored by all the sex.

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text 2015-08-08 11:10
Just $0.99 for a LIMITED TIME!
Dangerous Concoctions (Curvy Assignments Series Book 2) - Victoria Bright
He's So Fine (A BBW Stepbrother Romance) - Marie Mason
A Simple Change (Change Series Book 1) - J.L. Ostle,Laura Hampton
The Hardest of Changes (Change series Book 2) - J.L Ostle,Laura Hampton
When Fates Collide Box Set - Isabelle Richards
Big Bad Bear (Soldier Bears Book 1) - Terry Bolryder
And The Earth Moved: Romantic Comedy Cozy Mystery (Amber Reed CCIA Mystery Book 1) - Zanna Mackenzie
Uncovering You: The Complete First Boxset - Scarlett Edwards
The Billionaire's Desire: The Complete Series - Cassie Cross
Stone Deep: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance (Stone Brothers Book 3) - Shauna Kruse,Tess Oliver,Elizabeth Anna Hart

These keepers are books that you can get under a dollar for a short while.  Here are some greats at a low low price!!


eBooks only:


Dangerous Concoctions by Victoria Bright


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He's So Fine by Marie Mason



A Simple Change by JL Ostle



Big Bad Bear by Terry Bolryder



And The Earth Moved by Zanna MacKenzie




Stone Deep by Tess Oliver & Anna Hart FOR PRE-ORDER



The Reason I Breathe by Cory Cyr


Amazon ** Barnes & Noble


Home or Her Bear by Harmony Raines



The Hardest of Changes



BOXED SETS of eBooks:


The Billionaire's Desire:The Complete Series by Cassie Cross



When Fates Collide Box Set by Isabelle Richards

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Uncovering You:The Complete First Boxed Set by Scarlett Edwards



Protect and Serve:Soldiers, SEALs and Cops: Contemporary Heroes by J.M. Madden (Author), Sharon Hamilton (Author), Amity Cross (Author), Stacy Green (Author), Allie K. Adams (Author), HIldie McQueen (Author), Cheryl Bradshaw (Author), Carra Copelin (Author), Jenna Bennett(Author)      FOR PRE-ORDER


Amazon ** KOBO ** iBooks

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