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review 2017-11-22 20:33
The Sentinel - A Jane Harper Horror Novel
The Sentinel (A Jane Harper Horror Novel) - Jeremy Bishop

It all starts when an anti-whaling ship rams a whaler off the coast of Greenland and the whaler, instead of turning the other cheek, rams it right back, rather more disastrously. But then the whaler explodes.


How? Why? What happened?


Read it and see. Then follow the adventures of the few survivors on a frozen island inhabited by "draugre", Viking revenants - zombies under another, older name.


I liked the narrator, Jane Harper, a real kick-ass ex-military-brat, who responds with a sarcastic quip to everything Greenland and the paranormal can throw at her, but I have to say that while I found the story and the setting exciting I didn't really get any feeling of "horror" - as promised in the subtitle.


As a horror story I would say it fails - 3 stars at most. As a thriller with an unusual setting and a very strong female protagonist, it succeeds - 4 or 5 stars.


So 4 stars.


And I shall definitely read the sequel, The Raven.



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review 2017-11-07 20:18
Well that's another thing done...
Barrel Proof - Layla Reyne

'Barrel Proof' is the final installment for 'Agents Irish and Whiskey' and like the first two books in this series 'Barrel Proof' is 100% smooth.


We get answers to the events of the past and Aidan and Jamie continue to work through their obstacles making the bond between them stronger. I loved the ending for these two. Yes, they got their HEA and it was tempered with a nice touch of realism. 


And for this final story I was once again treated to Tristan James bringing the voices of Aidan, Jamie and the rest of the characters in this story to life. 


I guess my only real problem here is that I'm at the end of the journey with these books...for the first time around, but I have zero doubt that this will become one of my go to listens I just want to hear an awesome story read to me by an awesome narrator...nope, I'm not done with Agents Irish and Whiskey by any means we're just taking a short break while I listen to a few more books and then I'm gettin' back together with these two hot as hell men for another listen.

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review 2017-11-07 19:45
So that thing I did...well, there's more...
Cask Strength - Layla Reyne

'Cask Strength' is the second book in 'Agents Irish and Whiskey' and definitely every bit as good as the first one. 


Aidan and Jamie take a step back to the life that Jamie came from as Jamie goes undercover in the sport of basketball. What starts out as an investigation into illegal betting and identity theft soon turns out to be more with possible ties into another case that Jamie and Aidan have been investigating...something that ties into the death of Aidan's husband nearly a year ago.


Once again Tristan James's narration only helped to enhance my enjoyment of this story giving even more dimension and depth to the story and the characters. 


As the mystery surrounding the death of Aidan's husband and his former partner grows so do the feelings that Aidan and Jamie share for each other. Agents Irish and Whiskey is a fast paced and intense story and the danger, mystery, intrigue and passion in these stories are all off the charts. 


Highly recommended!

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review 2017-11-07 19:25
So I did this thing...
Single Malt - Layla Reyne,Tristan James

I've heard so many good things about this series and when I saw them for sale as audio books my 'buy-now' finger went to work and that was all she wrote, the deal was done and they were mine. 


Action, intrigue, romance...it's all here and I loved it. Aidan Talley and Jameson Walker were for me a totally perfect pairing and I was all in from the word go with this series. 


Layla Reyne has created an intriguing story filled with a collection of interesting and unusual characters that were brought to life for me by the awesome narration of Tristan James. 


So there you have it short, sweet and to the point I loved the characters, the story and the audio narration only made it all that much more enjoyable and of course I happily went on to  'Cask Strength' the next book in this wonderful romantic adventure.

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review 2017-11-03 03:17
So what's a unicorn to do when...
By Fairy Means or Foul - Meghan Maslow,Greg Boudreaux

he loses his horn...well, he goes to a private detective of course and not just any private detective but one who's the offspring of a dragon and a fairy and when he can't pay the P.I.'s fee of course you offer up your sex slave who just happens to be a wizard who well...can't wizard because he can't seem to find a familiar...it's a long story and if you want to make this even more fun you listen to it on audio.


So right about now you're probably wondering 'Seriously Karen are you for real?' and in answer to that question...Yes I am, is this book...no, it's total fantasy and humor from start to finish and of all the things in existence humor is probably the most subjective thing going and honestly what's funny for one person this week may not be funny to that same person next week but for me this week, this one was funny. Some parts were obviously funnier than others and the parts that I found funny may not be what amuses someone else...although there was a pretty epic magic carpet ride that happened.


'By Fairy Means or Foul' is an amusing, tongue in cheek adventure set in the world of the fae and other mystical creatures. It's tongue in cheek humor that's over the top and I have to admit I'm not sure I would have found it as entertaining if I hadn't been listening to the audio book. Greg Boudreaux (also known as Greg Tremblay) was the narrator for this story and as always he did an excellent job with this one offering up a variety of very entertaining voices.


'By Fairy Means or Foul' is a story that's pure fun and entertainment and seriously when you have a story that starts with a unicorn who's lost his horn and has a non-wizard wizard sex slave going to a dragon/fairy PI to hire him to retrieve said horn and leaves his aforementioned sex-slave as payment, not to mention that said unicorn is just not a nice dude add in an epic magic carpet ride, knitting trolls, cross-stitching dwarves and other creatures of dubious origins who our PI also known as Twig and the non-wizard wizard known as Quinn encounter in their efforts to retrieve the missing unicorn horn and well really there's no serious moments here but you can be prepared for some fun and maybe even some sexy times.


This may not be everyone's cup of tea but it worked for me and I have to admit this story on audio was purely delightful and I was laughing out loud on more than one occasion.


An audio copy of this book was gifted to me by my awesome friend Jewel who won a copy generously provided by the author at GRL this year. Thank you to both of these lovely people for providing me with hours of listening fun.

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