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review 2016-07-30 04:07
Something From The Nightside!
Something from the Nightside - Simon R. Green

Really enjoyed listening to this book. The voices were well done (for the most part... listening to a man try to create the voice of an upper class lady was more hilarious than successful).

I loved the characters, they all have creative and interesting names (well those from the nightside) and fascinating back stories, I wouldn't mine learning more about Sally Shooter's & Johns History! I believe there was a little bit of romance in it *wink wink, nudge nudge* lol. speaking of romance I did feel that the..... relationship was a bit odd between Johanna and John, obviously at the end you get a better understanding of why, but thats not what I'm talking about, even under all those circumstance John was so quick to use the L word, which for a character like him I imagine is rather odd, maybe it was because of the circumstance, (view spoiler) or because of what he thought he could have had. Either way it went from 0-60 very quickly.

I didn't get a strong idea of what John's powers were, except for the whole 'seeing' thing, which I imagine is definitely useful, but not quite sure how that makes him a big player? I was kind of hoping for more outlandish magical powers. Though I suppose it is more unique than the usual powers the MC is given.

The nightside itself was incredible! Green has a vivid imagination and looks like he put all his crazy, fantastic and sometimes horrid ideas all in the one place, the nightside. From the sounds of it, nightside is similar to a drug (except of course it's actually a place) its addictive, makes you feel alive and vibrant but bad for your health. Actually it vaguely reminds me of Kate Daniels' Atlanta except its filled with British people, and less furry creatures. Mainly expect nothing but crazy shit.

I also got a little sneak peak of book 2, and now I'm desperate to listen to it!! sounds amazing. Especially that Sorrow lady.

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review 2016-05-29 18:46
Chaucer and the Doctor of Physic
Chaucer and the Doctor of Physic - Philippa Morgan

Chaucer and the Doctor of Physic subtitles itself as "a medieval murder mystery."


Well, there is plenty of murder, but I cast serious doubt on the presence of the other two concepts. 


The quality of the writing is adequate, but where are the adjectives, the color and spice, that would bring the medieval setting (specifically, 1373) to life?  It's all very bland.


Also, Chaucer doesn't do a great ton of solving mysteries (one of his companions does more - but he's not a poet still world-famous after being dead 600 years).


In addition, the narrative structure is curious.  A lot of it is narrated by Chaucer.  But some of it is narrated by others in the story, and then there's the parts, unusual for a mystery novel, where an omniscient narrator takes over.  And many of the characters are very flat.


That said, I did like the fact that Chaucer, racking his brains for a bedtime story, came up with the tale of Chanticleer.

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review 2014-10-02 20:45
Death in the Physic Garden by Karen Lowe: interesting but muddled thriller
Death in the Physic Garden (Star Gardens Mysteries Book 1) - Karen Lowe

This is a quite interesting cosy crime thriller involving new garden designer Fern (love that name!) and the unexpected murder of her first client. The plot line is gripping enough but it does get very confusing, especially towards the end when a lot of things happen very quickly indeed. The ending could do with a bit more teasing out in fact, in my view.


Fern is a strong character however and I enjoyed the juxtaposition between her love of gardening and the really quite frightening things going on around her. The descriptions of the plants are also truly lovely, and I learnt a lot about them as well, which was nice.


However, some of the writing itself is rather clumsy - for instance there are scenes with a lot of point of view changes between Fern and Ross Drummond, the policeman investigating the murder. This only serves to push the reader out of the story, as we're not quite sure who we should be rooting (ha!) for.


Which brings me to Ross. Sorry, as I know he's supposed to be one of those straightforward and strong-minded "salt of the earth"-type policemen, but I really disliked him, and was utterly unconvinced about his supposedly growing attraction to Fern, and her positive response. He's really not suited for her at all, and some of his actions were just crass. Fern - bless her - can do a lot better than this!


So a pleasant read, but I could have done without the romance. 3 stars.

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review 2014-08-31 05:11
Review: Warlord's Honor: Krystile Warriors series [Kindle Edition]
Warlord's Honor (Krystile Warriors) - L.W. Browning,Brandye Flowers

Two Civilizations come together...


The Conglomerate: a large trading council that takes what it wants from it's members even at the expense of the people. They forbid any of their members to trade with worlds and civilizations outside of the Conglomerate, leaving people to buy off of the Black Market or starve. They have complete control over the MX: eMpaths with eXtra abilities. The Empaths are woman raised in what is essential slavery, knowing that they must always obey the rules and do their job, or else they will die. Claire "accepts" a job working with the Krystile Warlords, knowing that the Conglomerate is looking to betray them.


The Krystile Warlords: a group of barbarian warriors who control the Krystile, which the Conglomerate will do anything to possess. The Warlords may be considered barbarians and work as mercenaries, but they have strict code of honor. Koda, the Warlord Leader, will do what is necessary to protect his people.. especially his mate.


The Prophecy: In his generation, a Prophecy foretells that Koda's men will find the MX and provide them with sanctuary. This is a sanctuary that they will desperately need as the MX program is cancelled and a bounty put on the head of every MX.


Claire and Koda come together in this powerful and sweet tale about two civilizations clashing as they strive to understand each other. While the story does include sex, it furthers the story and is well-written. The rest of the story, minus the sex, is also well written and leaves you with wanting to know the future of the MX, the Krystile Warlords, and the Conglomerate.


NOTE: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



If Warlord's Honor is a book that interests you, the kindle version is currently available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00H30I99O/?tag=shasworofboo-20.


If you enjoyed my review, I would appreciate if you could mark it as being helpful on Amazon as well, as this is useful to both the reviewer and the author. I have included the link to the Amazon review in the Source section at the bottom of this review.

Source: www.amazon.com/review/R1RA5542JD7P0G/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00H30I99O
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text 2013-12-02 08:17
Unterm Strich ... der Oktober / November
Septimus Heap 1: Magyk [Gebundene Ausgabe] by Sage, Angie; Zug, Mark - Angie Sage
Flyte - Angie Sage
Physic - Angie Sage
Septimus Heap 4: Queste - Angie Sage

Nachdem ich in den letzten Wochen recht umfassend mit Uni, Arbeit und der Behebung von Internetproblemen im Speziellen sowie Computerproblemen im Allgemeinen beschäftigt war und auch jetzt noch bin, dachte ich mir, dass ich zur Besänftigung meines schlechten Gewissens wenigstens mal meine längst überfällige (aber eher unspektakuläre) Bilanz für Oktober und November hier abliefere.


Vorzuweisen habe ich die ersten vier Teile der Septimus Heap-Reihe von Angie Sage, die auch nach dem gefühlt zehnten Durchlauf immernoch so viel Spaß machen wie beim ersten Mal. Ursprünglich war ja mein Plan, dass ich relativ zeitnah zur Veröffentlichung des siebten und letzten Buches mit den ersten sechs fertig werde, aber naja - Pläne sind halt so eine Sache für sich... Bis zum Ende dieses Jahres will ich alle sieben Teile aber definitiv abgeschlossen haben, so! Nächsten Jahr habe ich dann viel Zeit, consoul und bucheule bei ihrem Vorhaben, alle Bände am Stück zu lesen, zu begleiten.


Bis dahin dauert es aber noch ein wenig und ich wünsche Euch allen eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit!

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