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review 2017-08-17 05:59
Make Me Forget (The Walker Brothers) by Amanda Adams
Make Me Forget (The Walker Brothers Book 4) - Amanda Adams


Neither character is what they seem. Each has their own cross to bear when it comes to matters of the heart. Ms. Adams is a master of disguises. Laura is a woman on the run. While Derek is a man waiting for that special someone. Make Me Forget blends intriging mystery with charming romance. A breathless dance of chance and romance.

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review 2017-08-15 22:39
Emma in the Night - Wendy Walker

I think this has to be one of the most dysfunctional families that I have ever read about in fiction. The mother suffers from a narcissistic condition that keeps her making sure that she is the best at everything there is. Her daughters must constantly tell her that she is the best mom. Her husband has to constantly tell her that she is the best wife and he has to insure that he does nothing to convey any other message. The penalties for not following the rules of the mother are very severe. You can be cut out of the mother's life very easily. A punishment that really messes with children, young and old alike.

The mother in this book has started a war and the daughters are done with being soldiers on a battlefield. The results are very dangerous in this well written book. I do have to say that I did not finish the first book written by this author. I didn't realize that until I had finished this one, however. My main concern was that there was a lot of psychological chatter and diagnoses. Something I was not expecting in the first book. With this book I went into it just knowing that two sisters ran away and one reappeared after three years. I think I enjoyed this one a lot better because I had no preconceived notions and the "psych" jargon didn't really bother. Actually, it was very interesting.

I read this book all in one sitting and will definitely take another look at Wendy Walker's first book as I didn't finish it the first time.

Thanks to St. Martin's Press and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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review 2017-08-15 06:18
Emma in the Night
Emma in the Night - Wendy Walker

By: Wendy Walker

ISBN: 978-1250141439

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Publication Date:  8/8/2017

Format: Hardcover

My Rating:  5 Stars + 


Talented Wendy Walker returns following her standout debut, All is Not Forgotten—landing on my Top Books of 2016, with another gripping and twisty, addictive psychological suspense thriller EMMA IN THE NIGHT revolving around narcissistic personality disorder and abuse. 

Top Books of 2017! 5 Stars + 

Two girls go missing. Three years later, only one comes home. What happened to Emma?

One of the most difficult things to understand in life is how someone who professes to love you can then go on to abuse you. Combine narcissistic behavior with obsession, insecurity, control, jealousy, love, hate, and revenge, and you have a nasty evil person. 

Emotional coercion, blame, guilt, manipulation, negative comparison, jealousy, and possessiveness. (great character traits for a parent, right)? 

Judy Martin (well I do like the name), but she is one evil horrible person. Her daughters call her Mrs. Martin. Readers will despise her. She lives to be the center of attention. 

Walker does an outstanding job with her characters. (I cannot imagine how difficult this book was to write). Judy inflicts pain (her ways and motives) onto everyone around her. A devil of a mother. She manipulates everyone around her. Everything is a game. Even Emma gets caught up in the game. 

Everything is a competition. Not sure how either of these girls had time to live a normal life. Game on every day. Like an endless tennis match. 

Two daughters. Emma and Cass Tanner. 

Their mother remarried a guy she was having an affair with. Mr. Martin. Their biological dad is Owen. 

The two girls have been missing for three years. 

Cass was 15 and her older sister Emma was 17. No one knew whether they were dead or alive? 

Now Cass shows up on her mother’s doorstep. She claims her sister is on an island and she escaped and needs help in rescuing her and her baby girl. Who knew she was pregnant?

Of course, at the time of the original investigation, there was the FBI psychologist, Abigail Winter (Abby) who was engrossed in the case. She herself lived with a narcissistic mother and was a pro on the subject.

Now Cass returns without Emma. 

Is she telling the truth? Can she provide enough clues to lead them to her sister Emma? Are they really on an island? Apparently, her sister had a horrible argument with Judy the night she left and went to the beach. Cass hid in her car.

A man and woman who befriended them, turned against them and held them hostage. For three years they attempted to escape. 

What is this family hiding? Everyone seems to be hiding a dark secret. From Mr. Martin (step-dad), his son—Hunter, Owen—the dad, Judy, Emma, and Cass. 

Wow, this is one dysfunctional family! Nerve-wracking suspense. Walker knows how to build suspense with unreliable narrators. You know something is coming. Something is lurking around the corner. Which one will outsmart the other in this cat and mouse game?

You know there is a scheme, a plan; however, you are not sure where this story will lead. What is Judy hiding? Mr. Martin? Cass? Hunter?

The author keeps you guessing from the first page to the last. From slow burning manipulation, Walker hits on all cylinders. 


I had a lot going on in my life during the reading of this book; however, I found myself rushing to get back to this saga. This subject is one I did quite a bit of research on years ago and have read many books on the subject. My ex-husband (I emphasize "EX" for 20 yrs. now), was a true narcissistic personality. He could give Judy a few lessons. Will give you chills. 

Reading this book brought back all these dangerous, manipulative, and scary personality traits and their sense of entitlement, which he handed down to his own sons. (Thank goodness I did not have any children with him; however, mine saw the damage) and we were able to get away from this life after five years. 

Narcissistic abuse was originally just defined as a specific form of emotional abuse of children by narcissistic parents, parental narcissistic abuse, where parents who require the child to give up their own wants and feelings in order to serve the parent's needs for esteem. 

It is real. You can be assured a narcissist can have “intellectual empathy” and no emotional empathy. Not in their vocabulary. If faced with a narcissist, you will ask yourself, “How much abuse am I prepared to take?” RUN! However, if you are a child, this is somewhat difficult to do. 

How could an island be any worse than living with Mr. and Mrs. Martin? There has to be a good reason to return. Yes, it was. 

Walker works her way back to that night slowly as all the pieces unravel for dynamite ending. Outstanding twists, intense characterizations, and interesting subject matter make EMMA IN THE NIGHT a top psychological thriller. 

I also purchased the audiobook and Therese Plummer and Julia Whelan provided an edge- of-your-seat award-winning performance!

What an intense mind-bending page-turner! Move this one to the top of your list. A devilish cat and mouse game. Who will win in the end? Read and find out. . . 

Read more on the author’s website Behind the Book. Good Stuff! 

A special thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for an early reading copy. 


Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/single-post/2017/03/09/Emma-in-the-Night
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review 2017-08-11 21:21
An activist's life
Reverend Addie Wyatt: Faith and the Fight for Labor, Gender, and Racial Equality (Women in American History) - Marcia Walker-McWilliams

If you were to draw a Venn diagram consisting of 20th century unionism, the African civil-rights movement, and second-wave feminism, you would find Addie Wyatt where they intersect. Over the course of her long and busy life she served as a union official, a civil rights activist, and as a campaigner for women's rights. In this book, Marcia Walker-McWilliams details the range of Wyatt's activities, showing how her myriad rights campaigns were tied together by the common threads of determination, personal experience, and faith.


Born in Mississippi, Addie Cameron was moved to Chicago at a young age by her parents. After marrying her high-school sweetheart soon after their graduation, she sought employment as a secretary only to find her opportunities limited by her race. It was as a worker in an Armour and Company packinghouse that Addie Wyatt that she became a member of the progressive United Packinghouse Workers of America, for whom she subsequently worked as an organizer. Walker-McWilliams describes the Wyatt family's life during these years as surprisingly diverse, with Addie's skills as a pianist enabling her to participate in the vibrant gospel music scene Chicago enjoyed at that time.


Wyatt's position within the union enabled her to lend considerable support to the civil rights movement as it came to national prominence in the 1950s, and her growing prominence within it opened up opportunities to participate in key conferences and national commissions. By the end of the 1960s Wyatt also played an important role in the women's movement, and she worked (albeit in vain) for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Her efforts on behalf of Harold Washington's 1983 campaign for the mayoralty of Chicago proved more fruitful, and even in retirement she lent her support to the successful efforts to unionize the Delta Pride catfish processing plant in her former home state of Mississippi, as she never stopped standing up for the causes in which she believed.


Walker-McWilliams's book provides an insightful examination of Wyatt's life and times. The author's description of the role Wyatt's faith played in her life is particularly well-done, as it demonstrates the many ways in which it motivated and empowered Wyatt though hardscrabble beginnings and the frustrations of life as an African American woman in a world dominated by white men. It is a shame that such an interesting and accomplished person isn't better known to Americans, though hopefully this biography will help her gain the recognition she so richly deserves.

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text 2017-08-11 13:54
Reading Updates for May, June and July 2017
Punisher Max: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 (The Punisher (2004-2009)) - Garth Ennis,Darick Robertson,Lewis Larosa,Leandro Fernandez,Tim Bradstreet
Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes
The Color Purple (The Color Purple Collection) - Alice Walker


I"m not sure why but I've yet again found myself distanced from BL as I was in the earlier months of this year. I'm trying to get back into participating on the site a bit more and noted that I'm way behind on posting what I've been reading in that time.

The good news is that I've caught up with most of my reading challenges for the year and should manage to read over my 150 goal.



Yearly reading challenge update (May) - 60/150


Read in May - 7

Audio - 4

Novel/novella - 3

Graphic Novels - 0




The Color Purple (The Color Purple Collection) - Alice Walker




Wolf Land - Jonathan Janz




Dirty Rocker Boys - Bobbie Brown,Caroline RyderThe Sinister Mr. Corpse - Jeff StrandDead Harvest - Chris F. Holm




James and the Giant Peach - Roald DahlThe Flex Diet - James Beckerman





Yearly reading challenge update (June) -72 /150


Read in June - 12

Audio - 2

Novel/novella - 5

Graphic Novels - 5




Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes




Krampus: The Yule Lord - BromRobert Bloch's Psycho: Sanitarium - Chet WilliamsonThe Light is the Darkness - Laird Barron




The Last Chord - Douglas WynneThe Grief Frequency - Kealan Patrick BurkeWild Night Is Calling - J.A. Konrath,Ann Voss Peterson






Bob's Burgers Ongoing #1: Digital Exclusive Edition - Rachel Hastings,Justin Hook,Mike Olsen,Jeff Drake,Ben Dickerson,Brian Hall,Mark Von Der Heide,Adam Beechen,JC McNamee,Frank Forte,Steven Theis,Tom Riggin,Mario D'Anna,Adam Phillips,Hector Reynoso,Anthony AguinaldoBob's Burgers Ongoing #2: Digital Exclusive Edition - Rachel Hastings,Jeff Drake,Brian Hall,Steven Theis,Joe Healy,Emiko SawanoboriBob's Burgers Ongoing #3: Digital Exclusive Edition - Loren Bouchard,Rachel Hastings,Anneliese Waddington,Brian Hall,Anthony Aguinaldo,Hector Reynoso,Mike GuerenaBob's Burgers Ongoing #4 - Justin Hook,Rachel Hastings,Anneliese Waddington,Tom Riggin,Tom Connor,Marcelo BenavidesEvil Ernie: Godeater #1: Digital Exclusive Edition - Justin Jordan,Keith Davidsen,Colton Worley,Cezar Razek




Yearly reading challenge update (July) -  98/150


Read in July - 26

Audio - 0

Novel/novella - 9

Graphic Novels - 17




Punisher Max: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 (The Punisher (2004-2009)) - Garth Ennis,Darick Robertson,Lewis Larosa,Leandro Fernandez,Tim Bradstreet




Ghouls - Edward LeeA Dust Bowl Tale of Bonnie and Clyde: A Short Story - James Lee Burke




Fables, Vol. 1: Legends in Exile - James Jean,Craig Hamilton,Lan Medina,Steve Leialoha,Bill WillinghamFrom Ashes - Sandy DeLucaRoadkill - Joseph D'LaceyShadowed - Bill GauthierGreat Divide #1 - Ben Fisher,Adam MarkiewiczThe Brothers Grimm: Illuminated Fairy Tales, Vol. 1 [Kindle in Motion] - Brothers Grimm ,Kali Ciesemier,Wesley Allsbrook,Daniel Krall,Peter Diamond,Ashley Mackenzie,Nicolas Rix,Rovina Cai,M.S. CorleyHis Work To See - Richard WrightFor Those Who Dream Monsters - Anna Taborska,Steve Upham,Charles Black,Reggie Oliver,Reggie OliverDawn / Vampirella - Joseph Michael Linsner




Spying on Gods - David G. Barnett




The Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man #1: Digital Exclusive Edition - Van Jensen,Ron SalasKiss #1 - Amy Chu,Kewber BaalCage Hero #1 (of 4): Digital Exclusive Edition - Ian Parker,Kevin Eastman,Rik Hoskin,Renato ReiCage Hero #2: Digital Exclusive Edition - Ian Parker,Kevin Eastman,Rik Hoskin,Renato ReiCage Hero #3: Digital Exclusive Edition - Ian Parker,Kevin Eastman,Rik Hoskin,Renato ReiCage Hero #4: Digital Exclusive Edition - Ian Parker,Rik Hoskin,Kevin Eastman,Renato Rei






Homies #1 - David Gonzales,Elliott Serrano,Andrew HuertaHonor: Protect. Serve. Beat. Burn. (Fire I) - Bill JemasSlab: The Doctor Is in (Fire I) - Brian FinkelsteinMedic: Flatline (Fire I) - Brian FinkelsteinIntertwined #1 - Fabrice Sapolsky,Fred Pham-ChuongThe Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered #1 (The Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered Vol. 1) - Fran Striker,Bert Whitman AssociatesThe Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered #2 (The Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered Vol. 1) - Fran Striker,Bert Whitman Associates





Total reading challenge 98/150 (65%)


A-Z Challenge - 18/26 (69%)


Graphic novels challenge - 37/50 (74%)


Random TBR Challenge - 6/25 (24%)


Just lagging behind in the TBR challenge, have managed to catch up with everything else.


On a personal note it's been a stressful few months with insurance repair issues and the insurance company only just denying my claim after pissing around for a few months. I have now had to go back to my former insurer to lodge a claim, very frustrating, especially as I had wanted my property to go on the market at the end of September/early October. Trying not to panic but hopefully things will go a little bit smoother over the next few months.

Still leaving in December so nothings changing that and to be honest it can't come soon enough.



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