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review 2018-09-12 07:35
Kissing In Cars - Sara Hassinger Ney

Molly discovers her Senior Year is not all it's cracked up to be, yet. Then she spies the most popular guy in school was nearby in her study hall.  The attraction between them flares bright and quick.


Weston finds himself befriending a very good looking girl he never planned to talk to.  When danger lurks, he feels the urge to defend.  Can he say the right things to convince her to give him a chance?  Their choices from here on out could mean forever.


Such a great story.  I was enthralled before I knew it.  The characters are both really clever, and hot.  The banter is fast and quick witted.  The heat just sparks right off the page - beware!  I loved how this series has begun and cannot wait to read the next installment.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-03-30 00:00
Kiss and Make Up
Kiss and Make Up - Faye Robertson Tabby and Eli are at a crossroads. Both have dreams they want to follow and have yet to fulfill. Tabby as a make up artist and Eli as a stuntman. Neither expect to be bitten by the love bug while working together on a movie set. Now they have to decide which is more important their careers or the feelings they have for each other. I was given an ARC of Kiss and Make up by Serenity Woods for an honest review. This is a beautiful story of two people that are faced with the unexpected. I enjoyed this story and would highly recommend to anyone who loves romance.
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text 2014-10-08 16:06
Aotearoa: New Zealand Romance
Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss Book 1) - Nalini Singh
Just This Once - Rosalind James
What the Librarian Did. Karina Bliss. La Cinderella - Karina Bliss
Close to the Wind - Zana Bell
Caught on Camera with the CEO - Natalie Anderson
Talking Dirty with the CEO - Jackie Ashenden
Artistic License - Elle Pierson
In Too Deep - Tracey Alvarez
Kiss and Make Up (Entangled Indulgence) - Faye Robertson
White-Hot Christmas - Serenity Woods

It is midweek. I feel in need of a vacation. I am lazy travler. I can't stand being trapped in an airplane for hours. It must be the cat in me. 


So, lets pick up a book and go far, far away-- Aotearoa, The Long White Cloud, New Zealand. Going, going, gone.


Here are some wonderful Romance set in New Zealand to take you there! (My lists are never in any particular order). Sometimes, the accent is enough. 



1. Just This Once (Escape to New Zealand Book 1) by Rosalind James 

2. Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss Book 1) by Nalini Singh

3. What the Librarian Did by Karina Bliss

4. Close to the Wind (Choc Lit) by Zana Bell 

5. Caught on Camera with the CEO by Natalie Anderson 

6. Talking Dirty with the CEO by Jackie Ashenden

7. Artistic License by Elle Pierson 

8. In Too Deep (Due South, #1)  by Tracey Alvarez 

9. Kiss and Make Up  by Faye Robertson 

10. White-Hot Christmas by Serenity Woods 



Do you know a way to go to New Zealand via a Romance Novel? Let me know!


If you would like to see some Kiwi and Aussie Eye Candy, visit my Pinterest Board: Kiwis and Aussies in Love. 


To vote for the best of best on New Zealand Set Romances, go to my Goodreads list: Aotearoa: New Zealand Romance.  

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review 2014-02-08 00:00
Kiss and Make Up (Diary of a Crush)
Kiss and Make Up - Sarra Manning 5 Words: Obsessive, psycho, growing-up, toxic, angsty.

Oh Edie, what has happened to you? You're just not the same girl any more. I liked you more when I was younger.

This whole series is basically a re-read of my teenage years. I couldn't resist those gorgeous new covers.

This is still fluffy and fun, but Edie is all kinds of stalker-obsessive-psycho and it's scary. As this book is written as her diary it's a crazy-mad ride. And it was just too much for me. Edie is relentless in her pursuit of Dylan. Dylan is a Grade A dick. Dylan's new girlfriend Veronique is only slightly more bat-shit than Edie. And Veronique's brother Carter is as toxic as they come.

If you like toxic, poisonous relationships then look no further as this book has them in spades. I guess that's why I can't stop reading this series.

This is a guilty pleasure read for me. Sarra Manning will always be the Queen of Teen to me. When I was the same age as the protagonist I related much more to her. But now that I'm a lot older I just don't get it.

But hey, we do crazy things in the name of love.
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review 2013-11-30 17:02
Book Review: Kiss and Make Up by Sarra Manning
Kiss and Make Up - Sarra Manning

Aww man. I genuinely liked French Kiss, though I had a few issues with it, primarily stemming from the lack of character and relationship development and the heavy reliance on the undeniably electrifying chemistry. And while I still enjoyed reading Kiss and Make Up, we have definitely hit guilty pleasure territory now, because this was a hot damn mess.

As the title and blurb indicate, while things ended rather rosily for Edie and Dylan at the end of book 1, all is not well in this book. Soon after they get together, they hit a major speed bump. But that undeniable chemistry is still there. So their relationship is a huge mess and needs a shit ton of work, and thus we are left with a considerable dose of romantic mellodrama in this installment.

The thing is Edie started grating on my nerves a lot in this book. We certainly got to see more of her personality here, but it was mostly just naivete and indecisiveness. Those are two extremely frustrating character traits. She pines after Dylan here, especially when he appears to have moved on. She practically throws herself at him while he has a new girlfriend, trying to break them up. She just makes all the wrong choices. Then he has his hot-and-cold attitude going on again which frustrates me to no end, and she's extremely bad about just telling him no. Then Carter, who is obviously bad news, shows up and puts the moves on her and she just tries to convince herself that that's a good idea, in spite of all the advice of her friends.

I spent a lot of my reading time just shaking my head at this book and at Edie, sighing, because she seems so lost and, to a certain extent, pathetic. It still did read as realistic and sort of relatable though, because I think many of us have gone through that kind of desperate all-consuming crushing romance thing in high school. First loves are devastating like that. So I did still somewhat understand where Edie's behavior was coming from, but I just wished that she would get a clue (sooner than I did in my own experience). That did keep me turning the pages, ultimately, because I wanted to see that growth in her and see that it would get better. And the ending definitely delivered on that note.

I was also upset at the loss of Shona and Trent, who both made the first book so much more enjoyable. I did enjoy getting to know some of the new characters, like Poppy, and seeing Edie's experiences of being in a band. I mean, that's pretty cool. I was frustrated though at the lack of family presence in this book (her parents seriously go on vacation leaving her on her own for two months). I do, however, want to give massive praise to how the virginity issue is dealt with in this book. Sarra Manning really knows how to bring up teenage sex in books, and I ultimately loved how that was done.


Summing Up:


It's a bit of a mixed bag. This book was a hot mess, because Edie was a hot mess. But at the end you could definitely tell that both Edie and Dylan had grown, and their relationship would probably be stronger for it. I just am not really a fan of that romantic mellodrama part of most relationships, so it wasn't totally enjoyable to me. However, I did blaze through it - it was a quick, light read, and I have plenty of hope that I'll enjoy the series finale more.


GIF it to me straight!



Recommended To:

Fans of realistic, relatable romance and hot chemistry.


Snuggly Oranges - YA Book Blog

Source: www.snugglyoranges.com/2013/10/book-review-kiss-and-make-up-by-sarra
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