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review 2018-09-22 08:39
The Wicked Baron by Mary Lancaster
The Wicked Baron - Mary Lancaster

Gillyflower "Gillie" Muir is straddling a line. She needs to host card parties at her home, a mere six months after her father's death, or risk destitution. On the other hand, she's ostracized by the "good" women of the little town of Blackhaven, including a countess, because of those parties. It looks like no one truly knows what is looks like to have to earn a living. And then an enigmatic stranger enters Gillie's dull and dreary life.

David Keath, the tenth Baron of Wickenden, is bored and tired of his persona of the Wicked Baron. So he decides to come to the coastal town of Blackhaven partly as a favor to his ex-mistress and partly to relieve his boredom. Little does he know the "hussy" that's supposedly bewitched his ex-mistress's son, is as far removed from a gaming-den temptress as she could possibly be...And that he will end up bewitched in the end. But first, he has to save Gillie from her various messes...And then from the one he put her in.

This was a cute, funny, quirky little story that certainly would've deserved a higher rating if it wasn't for the fact it didn't seem it took itself very seriously.

I loved the heroine. She was a genuinely good person, thinking of everybody else first (even the Wicked Baron) but herself and when she loved, she loved fully, without reservations, and was willing to do anything first to save the man she loved and then to keep him.
The Wicked Baron, on the other hand, needed some marinating time to ingratiate himself. He always seemed to have an ulterior motive for all he did. Even after the original ulterior motive was known, there still seemed like there was something brewing in his head, and he pretty much remained an enigma for the entire story and even at the end. I actually more scenes told from his point of view, since his feelings for Gillie seemed rather rushed and out-of-the-blue.

The rest of the cast provided a nice little backdrop for these two protagonists, from the brawny servant, to the slightly deaf aunt, the seemingly flighty brother, the earnest pretender for Gillie's hand, the dragon-y matron, the good-natured count and his sisters...They were a quirky bunch and they worked both inside the story and to compliment the two protagonists.

Then there were the various sub-plots. The romance was as quirky as the rest of it, sweet from the heroine's part, slightly hole-y from the hero's part (it felt like there were scenes missing, to connect the appropriate dots and believe what we were presented). The suspense seemed added more as an afterthought than an actual sub-plot in order to push Gillie and Wickenden together and once more, there appeared to be something missing. Why was Wickenden on the beach that night when the traitors were captured? Did he come to Blackhaven for that as well, or did he just tag along for the fun of it? Also, what happened to the traitors afterward?
This wasn't the only hole in the plot, or a loose end. We never got to learn the truth about the Spanish woman, for example. Was she who she claimed to be or just someone seeking a better life? Why didn't Kit make a bigger fuss that night on the road? Supposedly, Gillie made him see reason, but we didn't see that scene at all, etc.

There were bits and pieces missing throughout the story; scenes or mere sentences to bring it all together and make everything make sense in the end. Hence the quirkiness. Not only in the cast of characters, but in the story itself.

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review 2018-09-22 02:50
I loved the honesty between the hero and heroine.
A Wicked Wager - Adele Clee

This story was intriguing. I loved the honesty of Juliet and Devlin despite the revenge that drove him. He was able to look at the good side of his situation, and together these two found a strong love and support. Juliet's past and misuse by her family tugged at my heart. Not only does this story have a wonderful HEA, but their journey to love included finding out the truth that led Devlin to his revenge. The secrets of the past get cleared up with some surprising results. 

I received an ARC of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

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review 2018-09-20 14:04
Wicked Wedding - Sawyer Bennett

We met Andrew Collings in the book Wicked Envy, which ended up being Dane and Avril's love story even though Drew was heavily involved in their story line. Now it is time for Drew to get his own happy ending.

Drew just finished throwing his best friends, Dane and Avril, the best wedding reception that money can buy. He truly is happy that they found love. On his way back to his condo from the reception, Drew sees a woman, in a bridal gown along the highway wanting to hitchhike. Drew decides to stop and offer his help.

Brynne Adams is pissed. Having just found out minutes before her wedding ceremony that her fiance cheated on her with her maid of honor AND his best man in a threesome, Brynne bolts out of the church and needs to get out of dodge. While riding with Drew, she gets a feeling of safety. She can't explain it, but she knows it's the right decision to be with him now. Drew proposes that they go get stinking drunk so that she will feel better. While drunk, Drew also proposes that they go get married....why waste a beautiful wedding gown, plus he still had his tux on. They find out they can get it annulled in 2o days, so they go for it.

What neither of them expected was that they would both end up falling hard for the other. Everything was perfect and magical, even the sex...until Brynne finds out Drew's little secret. It takes a lot of love and a huge leap of faith for Brynne to be able get past Drew's little omission. In the end, love wins out and Drew and Brynne get their happy ever after!

I just loved this story! Both of these characters were so fun. I just love a nerdy, sexy guy and Brynne fit his personality perfectly! Great sexy, fun read!

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review 2018-09-18 23:22
Wicked Wedding (Left at the Altar, #4) by Sawyer Bennett
Wicked Wedding - Sawyer Bennett



Just when you think you have your life all figured out, fate steps in and throws a curve ball. Brynne and Andrew are that for each other. A second chance to hopefully get it right. Two strangers let down by love find consolation in each other's arms. Wicked Wedding is the cherry on top of that much longed for ice cream sundae. Sawyer Bennett takes a bite out of heartache and adds a tasty helping of happily ever after. Revenge may be best served cold, but the temptation is hot with Ms. Bennett at the helm.

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review 2018-09-18 06:48
Wicked Angel by Taylor Caldwell
Wicked Angel - Taylor Caldwell

I've read many books whose main character was an evil child, but the one in this story was truly despicable. I don't say this often, (and I have never said it about a child in real life, as I have never met a true monster like this one), but this is one child I would truly consider admitting to a mental institution. Ugh, he gave me the shivers...

The mother wasn't any better.


Thank goodness it was fictional. (I hate to think that there might actually be children like this in the world).


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