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review 2017-02-10 07:05
Blog Tour w/Review - Planned Seduction
Planned Seduction BT Banner
Today is our stop on the blog tour for Planned Seduction! Grab your copy today and follow along the tour for all the fantastic release info.
Planned Seduction 
About Planned Seduction: 
He has a plan she can’t refuse.
Daniel Tanner’s been in love with Amy since they were teenagers. If she would only give him a chance to show her how good they could be together, he could convince her the fiery attraction between them won’t burn up and ruin their friendship.
Amy Morgan’s had a front row seat to the parade of women coming in and out of Daniel’s life for years, so she’s not interested in risking what they have for something that would eventually end with her heart being broken by her best friend. And life has taught her broken hearts is the way love always ends.
But no one knows Amy better than Daniel, and he’s devised a plan to show her they can have it all.
(This book has been previously published. It is re-releasing as part of Entangled Publishing’s Brazen Line.)   
Get Your Copy: 
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Planned Seduction (The Seduction Series)Planned Seduction by Jess Dee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Daniel & Amy have been best friends for the better part of two decades. Daniel is ready for the next level of this relationship. He has a plan. Now to play it out.

Amy has trust issues from her past that she cannot seem to get beyond. She already trusts Daniel though, right? Their attraction is heating up. To take a chance and find happiness.... or walk away for good?

Seriously HOT read! I loved the moments between the main characters. The genuine love of a bet friend is real and can become more. I am excited for the next book in this Seduction series.

***This copy was given in exchange of an honest review only.

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About Jess Dee: 
 An avid romance reader since her early teens, Jess knew one day, when she grew up, she’d have to write her own love stories. And she did. Although the first one was pretty awful. But once she discovered it was okay to leave the bedroom door open in her romance novels, she decided to leave everything open. Buttons, zips, pants, number of lovers...Which is why her books are all steamy erotic romances. Jess’s first published story was originally contracted in 2005. Since then, she’s completed over 30 books, and is finally doing the work she loves most—writing romance.  

While Jess lived most of her life in South Africa, the last fourteen years have been spent in Australia. From the fast-paced Sydney lifestyle to the laid-back islands and beaches, there’s always another gorgeous Aussie setting for a contemporary romance.   
Connect with Jess: 
 Author Website: http://jessdee.com/ 
 Author Blog:     http://jessdee.com/blog/ 
 Author Twitter: @jessdeewriter 

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review 2017-02-07 08:30
Planned Seduction (The Seduction Series) - Jess Dee

Daniel & Amy have been best friends for the better part of two decades.  Daniel is ready for the next level of this relationship.  He has a plan.  Now to play it out.


Amy has trust issues from her past that she cannot seem to get beyond.  She already trusts Daniel though, right?  Their attraction is heating up.  To take a chance and find happiness.... or walk away for good?


Seriously HOT read!  I loved the moments between the main characters.  The genuine love of a bet friend is real and can become more.  I am excited for the next book in this Seduction series.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange of an honest review only.

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review 2017-01-23 00:00
Brazen Virtue (SS/BV #2)
Brazen Virtue (SS/BV #2) - Nora Roberts Please note that I gave this book 2.5 stars and rounded it up to 3 stars for the purposes of this review here.

Trigger warning: rape.

I read this for Romance Book Bingo: Love is Murder square.

So book #2 definitely does not work as well as book #1 does. The story-line felt very rushed (the hero declares his love for the heroine before they even make love, proposes marriage after they make love for the first time) and the serial rapist/murderer did not work real well. The two leads had no real chemistry and I was more happy to see the return of Tess and Ben then to spend anytime with the new heroine and hero.

Our heroine (Grace McCabe) is a famous murder mystery writer. She comes to visit her sister Kathleen who has relocated back to their hometown of DC. Kathleen is going through a contentious divorce and is working as phone sex operator during her nights when she is not teaching by days. Now I weirdly found this charming. Considering our environment today, someone calling up someone who is willing to just talk about their sexual fantasies seems pretty PG-13 right now. Unfortunately, a hacker who has somehow (it is never explained) hacked into the phone sex company's phone and computer listens in whenever Kathleen takes a call. Kathleen has become the perfect woman to him, and he wants a relationship with her. Yeah relationship in this case equals rape. Eventually Twisted Don Juan shows up and rapes and murders Kathleen. This causes Grace to interact more with Kathleen's next door neighbor, DC detective, Ed Jackson.

We got to know a little bit about Ed in book #1. I found him endearing and weird in that book, and off-putting as anything in this book. No worries, Grace irritated the life out of me too. Ed pretty much falls instantly in love with Grace as soon as he sees her. When he finds out she is his favorite mystery author he is pretty much in heaven. When Grace's sister is found raped and murdered by an unknown assailant, Ed decides no matter what he is going to find the killer.

These two as romance leads really doesn't work. I don't know if it was Ed's insta-love that put me off, or the fact that Grace takes a phone call while at Ed's and talks to his mom off screen about everyone in his family. It was weird and dancing towards creepy.

Also, I am five years old, but Ed's description of a big tall mountain man, with a big red bushy beard did not appeal to me at all. I just kept thinking every-time Grace kissed him she probably got a mouthful of hair. Also the sex scenes were vanilla/boring. I never got the feeling that Grace was in love with Ed. He was there for her at a terrible time in her life. But his insta-love thing would have had most women running the other way.

Secondary character development in this one is really lacking. Having Ed's family off-screen was a big miss. Roberts should have included them. Or heck have Ed call them back after the weird personal phone call his mother had with Grace. Grace's parents come into town to bury one daughter and just disappear. It was an odd choice. Most families, or at least mine would have been calling me day and night asking me to check the locks on the doors and windows. The serial rapist was lame as anything. I also hated Tess being involved with this and her maybe taking over counseling for the guy. At least the ending throws that random plot out of the window though. Speaking of Tess, her and Ben's re-appearance was great. I wish we spent more time with them.

The writing was so-so in this one. I just felt everything that worked well in the first book, just didn't work well here. I think us going back and forth between Ed, Grace, Tess, Ben, the serial rapist, the potential and actual victims in the book made it feel crowded. As I said in my first review, this was a great look into what makes Robert's "In Death" books work so well now. She definitely got some practice in. This one sadly was just not a home-run. There's a side-plot about the real Kathleen that gets dealt with too quickly. I wish that Roberts had dealt more on the fact that the sister that Grace thought she knew, wasn't who she thought she was.
The setting of DC unlike with the previous book is just confined to Ed and Grace's homes. I do not ever want to read again about someone renovating their house. It's boring. At one point I was all why are we spending time on them talking about dry-wall? And then I realized I didn't care and wanted to finish the book.

The ending was lackluster. There is no real oomph to the reveal like in book #1 since readers are informed of who the bad guy is in this one earlier on.

This has nothing to do with the review, but I was so surprised when I went to check this out via Overdrive and had my Kindle sending me a message saying this book is in your library. Color me shocked. I apparently bought this back in 2011 and I have no memory of reading it. So take that little factoid as you will if you feel like taking a spin at this series.
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review 2016-12-09 19:27
Brazen B Squad # 1
Brazen: B-Squad Book One - Avery Flynn Title: Brazen Author: Avery Flynn Publisher: A. F. Series: B Squad # 1 Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Five Review: "Brazen" by Avery Flynn My Thoughts.... I loved B Squad #1 series...'Brazen' that definitely is 'bold and pacts quite a punch.' It is definitely one of those read that once you start reading you will not want to put it down until the very end. For this read is full of a little bit of it all from being a not only a heart pounding ride, fast paced read, lots of fun banter, insults, revenge plots, betrayal, blackmail, kidnapping, drama, twist and turns and plenty of hot steamy erotica sex from the two main characters [Taz Hazard {alpha kickass hero}and Bianca Sutherland{kickass heroine}] that will keep your attention. There are some interesting secondary characters[from the B Squad Security and Investigations] who are on a mission to find their missing kidnapped friend Gidget. Will this be a easy mission for them? What all will happen when Taz's ex wife appears? This will turn quite interesting when the 'Coven' girls [who were 'Five women, strong, independent, best friends and had been through a horrible experience at the high class boarding school they had once attended] believe their friend Bianca has been wronged by Taz. I loved that wax shave given by Elise! It seems like Taz had forgotten to tell Bianca about his ex wife. Now, why was that? Was Taz married or not? Now I don't want to leave out the six men in B Squad who were mostly 'tall, dark, muscular and gorgeous.' I did find all the characters well developed, portrayed and oh so believable that will keep you turning the pages to see what will be happening next in this fast paced read. Anyway it seems like this team are on a case that deals with a dangerous drug kingpin [who had kidnapped one of their best friends] and dealt with a horrible drug called 'Genie's Wish'[a hallucinogenic drug].What will happen when Taz and Bianca go undercover at a 'Lifestyler Resort, where clothing is optional? While this is a romantic read be ready for a sexy suspenseful romantic read. I don't want to spoil it for the reader other than to say this is one good read to pick up and the reader will get all the answers to the previous asked questions. It will be quite a interesting read to see how this will all turn out for Taz and Bianca.
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text 2016-10-03 03:01
Reading Update: 15%
Love's Brazen Fire - Betina Krahn

Precisely fitted breeches hugged his manly loins,


Is this cut next to the slim fit in the Levi aisle?

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