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review 2018-12-11 19:29
Invitation to the Dance
Invitation to the Dance - Tamara Allen

This is another great novel from Ms. Allen. She's got a special knack for capturing NYC of the late 1800s and early 1900s. In this case we've got earnest newspaper reporter Charlie Kohlbeck and a recent hire editor Will Nesmith. They start off as adversaries but become grudging allies after their boss assigns them to work together on a society piece trying to track down the elusive Lord Belcourt. Charlie's inventive work ethics gets them into a bit of subterfuge against Will's better sense, but he proves just as curious as Charlie and their truce soon grows into friendship and more.


There's a bit of a mystery here

though I figured it out after that encounter Charlie spied between Belcourt and Knox, and then had to wait for the majority of the book for Charlie and Will to figure it out. And so I also figured how that would benefit Charlie and Will once their ruse was out.

(spoiler show)

Rose and Archie, and Caroline and Hilda were great supporting characters and even Violet had her moments. Watching Charlie and Will becoming friends and more in Ms. Allen's typical quiet romance was a treat. They're well-suited to each other and even their bickering is endearing. I could shake my head at their less-than-honest antics, but they're both so lovable and sincere in their own ways that I couldn't bring myself to do it. :D

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review 2018-12-11 16:14
Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers
Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers - Lennox Randon
This novel begins quickly as two, long-time friends take their dogs out for a walk and apprehend a pair of serious criminals. As a result of their success, these two single guys must now try to reinvent themselves in a new city and end up finding out that it’s hard to let go of their past. It’s a great story that I found both intriguing and humorous.
Noah and Lee have been friends since they were young. As they take their dogs out for a run in Maquoketa State Park, they run into some trouble. The two friends locate and apprehend the suspects after gunshots were exchanged, following a confrontation. The police make the arrest and after Noah and Lee have made their statements, the two friends are placed in the Witness Protection Program. No longer in Iowa, the two are moved to Texas, where eventually they are reunited with their dogs.
In the Witness Protection Program, the two friends must make an overhaul of themselves: changing their appearances, their jobs, and they must not reference their previous lives. Easier said than done, with these two. Noah used to be on the police force and this will always run through his blood. His first job doesn’t go so well and being in a new community is hard for him. Lee on the other hand is a flirt, he is all over the place. His “I know a guy” stories, allow him to talk about their previous lives with anyone. These talks also get the two of them into a secret of line of business that the Witness Protection Program is unaware of.
Instead of laying low and keeping quiet, the two of them seem to be out in the open a lot, which gets them in trouble with their contact in the Program. They both are single so I anticipated some dating to occur in the book, which did happen. It was interesting how the two friends handled this, as they were not supposed to reveal their past to anyone.
I liked the quick pace of the book and I liked the characters. I liked how the characters fed off each other and their light-heartedness. I enjoyed the struggles they had trying to remain under the radar and their business venture together was entertaining. This novel wasn’t deep, it was a light and fun novel to read. I was glad our book club read this novel as I don’t think I would have picked it up otherwise.


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review 2018-12-10 03:38
The Leading Lady (Half Moon House #2) by Deb Marlowe
The Leading Lady (Half Moon House Series) - Deb Marlowe

The Leading Lady (Half Moon House Series) - Deb Marlowe 


What a pleasure to pick up a book by a new to me author and thoroughly enjoy it! <3 
This is the second book in the series but it can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read the first one yet I never felt lost or like I needed to read the first one first. 
I love enemies to lovers stories and this one hit the mark in all the right places. Callie is smart, determined, caring, and knows how to fight against injustices in a world where men set the rules. Although Truitt was at first hesitant of working alongside such woman, he learned to admire her both as a fighter and as a woman. Their romance had the perfect pace and their chemistry, in and outside the bedroom, was perfect as well. They made have made a few mistakes towards the end but overall they made a pretty good team. I think they are one of my favorite couples ever. 

So the romance was wonderful but it was not the only good thing about the book. Not exactly a story about spies it had some its elements. The suspense was engaging from the start and it kept me turning the pages even when it wasn’t about the two main characters, which is always a good thing. Most of the story takes place in France and I loved that the author didn’t use any “accented” dialogue nor used unnecessary situations to remind me where the story was taking place. 
With complex, fun characters; suspense, action, and romance, this is a story I definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys stories outside ballrooms. 

*I received this book at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher*

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review 2018-11-29 18:47
Review: "Rise: A Gay Fairy Tale" (Gay Fairy Tales, #2) by Leta Blake & Keira Andrews
Rise: A Gay Fairy Tale - Keira Andrews,Leta Blake


~ 4.5 stars ~


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review 2018-11-25 12:42
Secret Lovers (Love and Friendship #1) by Shelley Munro
Secret Lovers - Shelley Munro



Connor and Maggie know how to be friends. The confusion starts when attraction comes into the equation. Shelly Munro sets out to steam up bookshelves with a whole lot of heart and a ton of confusion. Secret Lovers has an obvious plot. What happens when friendship and romance collide? Captivating storytelling.

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