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review 2017-06-14 00:40
Born of Defiance (A League Novel) - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Talyn and Felicia's story is different than the others in the series. For one, it's events coincide and run parallel with book 1, Born of Night, so it takes place at the very beginning. Also what throws it off is the fact that Talyn is Fain Hauk's full grown son and Fain doesn't know of him. Because of this Talyn has grown up as a "lack-Vest", which means one of his parents is unknown or in the case of Fain, an Outcast (a disinherited male). Because of this distinction, he is also looked upon as sub-par or a "mongrel dog" and treated with no respect at all. He is put through so much abuse and set backs yet he keeps fighting for the life he wants. Felicia is a female who was acknowledged by her father but her mother and father were not married, ever, so she also has a tough road a head of her just not as bad as Talyn. When they meet, Talyn contracts her to be his paid companion, he is tired of being alone and there is something sweet and innocent about Felicia that draws him in. They can't help but fall in love and fight for each other during this supercharged intense adventure where a government coup is started to overthrow the corrupt Andarian government and put Nykerian as heir and his mother as queen. The villains were bad, the conflicts were intense, Talyn did seem to take a lot of beatings that were intense and the fact that they can never legally be together (married) because his father won't claim him (yet) is tragic. It was a very enjoyable story and this couple, I think, deserve their happy ending so much more so than the other couples in the series. These two went through so much, some unbelievable (his countless beatings and tortures), and they remained hopeful for a future for each other. It was a good story.

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review 2017-06-14 00:00
The Duke of Defiance
The Duke of Defiance - Darcy Burke What fascinates me most is Ms. Burke's ability to always surprise her readers. Not allowing herself to be pigeonholed means the skies the limit for this talented author. No matter the genre, she keeps the romance fresh, the tales intriguing and hearts aflame with her creative mind and powerful stories. Bran and Joanna are only the latest in a long line of exciting heroes and captivating heroines. The Duke of Defiance is an adorable tale that speaks of hope, courage and second chances in the face of some heartbreaking obstacles. It took the innocence of a child to help these wanderers find their way home.
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review 2017-04-23 04:33
Resistance series
Resistance - Carla Jablonski,Leland Purvis,Hilary Sycamore
Defiance - Carla Jablonski,Leland Purvis
Victory - Carla Jablonski,Leland Purvis



This is a great middle-grade graphic novel series on the French resistance during World War II. Kids play their part and there is danger, but it is not overwhelming. My son brought this series home from his school library. He loved it and wanted to share it with me. I love when he does that!!

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text 2017-04-09 01:11
Defiance 01 La notte della rivolta
Defiance - La notte della rivolta - Stephanie Tyler

Questa serie è ambientata in un mondo post apocalittico. La terra è stata devastata da calamità naturali che hanno sterminato l'umanità e l'hanno riportata ad un epoca pre-tecnologica. Vige la legge del più forte e della violenza.
In questo nuovo mondo il Defiance Motorcycle Club ha resistito e prosperato. Fondato da ex militari survivalisti, il Defiance si era preparato alla fine del mondo e quando il Caos era arrivato li aveva trovati pronti e aveva salvato le loro famiglie.
Ma la legge del Defiance è durissima e le donne sono considerate proprietà, sottomesse ai loro uomini, senza possibilità di riscatto perché lasciare il Defiance significa morte certa.
A questo stato di cose si ribella Tru Tennyson, bella intelligente e indipendente desidera un destino diverso da quello della madre, così fugge nel mondo esterno ..... anni dopo però sarà costretta a tornare per salvarsi la vita e a chiedere la protezione di Caspar il più violento e letale dei guardiani.
Defiance ricorda la serie cinematografica di Mad Max, il primo capitolo mi è piaciuto molto, peccato che in Italia la serie sia stata interrotta, probabilmente perché considerata troppo "brutale". Un vero peccato secondo me, merita davvero, spero che riprendano la pubblicazione in futuro.

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review 2017-02-02 23:02
IN Defiance (An Ivy Nash Thriller, Book 1) - John W. Mefford

I have been following John Mefford’s work ever since I read his Booker series. When I discovered that, he would be releasing a new series I could not wait to find out more about his new heroine Ivy Nash. She is a special investigator for Child Protective Services, who is a firm believer in fighting for the wellbeing of children. These beliefs were due to the poor treatment she received as a child. She grew up in a variety of foster homes, which led to her having first-hand experience as to what children who grew up in the same conditions had to face.


Ivy is one of those characters that readers of this genre would love. She is strong, independent, and not one to back down at the first sign of trouble. She was determined not to allow the pain from her past to dictate her present. These traits were demonstrated when she went above and beyond to prove the innocence of a ten-year-old boy who had confessed to murder. Was he guilty or was he just another victim who fell prey to his circumstances?


From the moment, I began the story I knew it was going an entertaining read. I found the story to be interesting, well-written and thought-provoking with well-developed characters. It highlighted the problems of foster care, where children instead of feeling safe, find themselves in abusive situations and facing a variety of atrocities. In addition to the thrilling ride, there were some heart-breaking moments. This seems to be a worldwide epidemic.)


This was quite the page-turner, which had me guessing from one moment to the next. There were tense moments that had me on the edge of my seat while I anxiously awaited the outcome. There are several stories taking place that appears unrelated, however, as the story progressed the connection became evident.


This is a great start to what appears to be another exciting series by Mr. Mefford. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next installment.

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