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review 2016-09-28 03:47
In His Keeping: The Dealer of Souls Book 1 - T.J. Adams

I won this book from a Booklikes giveaway. In His Keeping: The Dealer of Souls Book 1 is the first book I have read by T.J. Adams. This book was very interesting. It was a little confusing in the beginning. The story kept switching from the past to the present with too many characters. But once I got to the main story line I really enjoyed the book. 

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review 2016-03-24 08:29
In His Keeping (The Dealer of Souls #1) by T.J. Adams
In His Keeping: The Dealer of Souls Book 1 - T.J. Adams

At eighteen, Elise Duxten must end her life. Her younger sister, Marly, lies dead because of her. To pay for her crimes she sell’s her soul to the devil in exchange for her sister’s life.

Matrix, King of the crossroads, the Devil’s right hand man for the last twenty years, is willing to make the deal, eager for another pawn. To sweeten the exchange he gives her one year to mourn her decision before he takes her for good.

In that year he's determined to torment her, driven by envy at the strength in her soul. Though having lived years apart, the same heartless man, Manx Sloazan, destroyed their lives.

With her remaining life, Elise must teach her sister to live without her and find the courage to say goodbye. It won't be easy. Sloazan is determined to make Elise pay for a bungled drug sale and Matrix wants to torture her soul. Or does he?

With Elise, Matrix has discovered something he thought he'd lost. His heart. But he is the devil's, without the ability to choose. When the time comes, will he be prepared to let her go in order to save her soul? Or will the Devil make sure he gets what is his due?










My Review:

I actually rated this book up because I believe in its potential to be so much more than what we have gotten so far. Although I feel like there could be some changes I do like the crossroads thing and the fact that Elise lives knowing the so called axe is swinging over her head which most people ignore on a daily basis. I do think that Elise should have been aged to be older and also made a tad more mature, I believe it would have suited the story more appropriately but her maturity wasn't too bad an issue.

The conversational flow could have used some expanding on because there isn't a whole lot of direction of who is saying what and who is replying but it isn't too often that it becomes an issue. I really wish that the author has expanded on the cross roads stuff but its still a decent read. Needs a lot of work though.





My Rating:




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Note: Received a digital copy in a giveaway from the Author


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review 2016-03-13 08:01
In His Keeping: The Dealer of Souls Book 1 - T.J. Adams

Given for an honest review.

Great read. I enjoyed it.

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review 2015-08-31 18:44
Keep Me Safe Book Review
Keep Me Safe: A Slow Burn Novel - Maya Banks

I actually read the second one in the Slow Burn series first and I'm glad I did. I felt like I knew the characters better because this one is pretty much all action and didn't really allow me to know the characters as much as book two. Not to mention the second one is much better.


Remy St. Claire has been on the run for most of her life. Her stalker on her every move. And now refusing to use her powers to help those in need. But then Caleb Deveraux shows up on her doorstep forcing her to use her psychic powers to help find his missing sister. But Caleb never knew what consequences her powers had in for her.


I enjoyed the audiobook for this one but like I said, book two is just much better. The plot for this was a bit silly and over dramatic and Remy is a bit too much of a damsel in distress for me. She was whiny 90% of the time (while yes with good reasoning to be), I just wish she would have sucked it up for once like our female protagonist does in the second one.


I liked Caleb, but not as much as Beau. The two are a bit too similar in tastes but Caleb comes off much too knight in shining armor for me to thoroughly love.


My other complain is how this book randomly goes into other POV'S than Caleb and Remy. Which I didn't find necessary, especially Tory's two or three chapter POV. I'd rather just have a book about her.


We'll see how the third one goes as I already have it on hold through my library.

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review 2015-08-12 14:47
In His Keeping Book Review
In His Keeping - Maya Banks

Ahh, definitely a guilty pleasure for me. Not the greatest writing out there but I loved the audiobook for this. So much fun. I was never bored and loved the characters. Plus, a fast paced plot made it feel much more like an action book than a romance. 


Arie has always hidden her powers from the world. Ever since she was a young baby her parents have sheltered her, afraid what the world would do if they knew about her abilities. Then when she's attacked and uses her powers to protect herself and her parent's are kidnapped Arie's world is turned upside down. She goes to Beau Devereaux for help. Never did she expect to fall in love along the way. 


So this isn't the best book out there. The writing is a bit too repetitive for me. I heard the word vulnerable so many times I easily was annoyed. But other than that it was a really fun book to listen to. 


I did not read the first one in the series but I will be listening to it soon.  It didn't take anything out of the story as this can definitely be read as a stand a lone. But, I already put it on hold from my library. We'll see if I like it as much as this one. 

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