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review 2020-01-28 18:45
DEEP SILENCE by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter
Deep Silence (Joe Ledger #10) - Jonathan Maberry,Ray Porter

What a ride!


Here we join Captain Ledger and the DMS team, once again facing bad publicity and once again, saving the world.


Everyone is here, including Mr. Church, Aunt Sally and Ghost. Instead of Doctor Hu, we now have Doc Holiday, and, (of course), she's related to the real Doc Holiday.


This series has been a huge part of my life over the past 6 months. I feel like I know all of these people, (and Ghost), as well as, or maybe even better than, my own family. In fact, I like these people MORE than most of my own family.


Thanks to Jonathan Maberry and Ray Porter for the many, many hours of enjoyment I've spent with the Department of Military Sciences. I'm looking forward to joining everyone again in RAGE: ROGUE TEAM INTERNATIONAL.


Until then? HOOAH!


*I rejoined Audible solely due to this series. I was tired of waiting for the audios to come in at the library. Plus, the library didn't have them all on audio. I do not for one second regret this decision.*

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review 2019-12-22 17:05
DOGS OF WAR by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter
Dogs of War - Jonathan Maberry

DOGS OF WAR was another hit with me!


Ray Porter gives Joe Ledger heart. When Joe is worried about his family or about completing a mission, I worry right there along with him. Porter brings life to Maberry's work and they both have made Joe Ledger part of MY family. I would never have thought that this series would work so well. Action and military type stuff is not my bag. Maberry and Porter have MADE it my bag and I'm happy and grateful for that. They have provided a wonderful distraction from real life these last few months. It was just what I needed.


Highly recommended!


*I rejoined Audible so that I wouldn't have to wait on the library's list anymore.*

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review 2019-11-26 01:28
KILL SWITCH by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter
Kill Switch: A Joe Ledger Novel - Jonathan Maberry

I know I’ve said this about previous books in this series, but this is my favorite entry as of now. 


 Having the advantage of starting a series once it’s already finished-I know Joe will make it through. Everyone else though? I genuinely was afraid for Top, Bunny, Church, and the gang. 


I enjoyed the references to Lovecraft and other pulp fiction writers and combined with the real tension I felt for these characters- I feel this volume surpassed the others. 


Bring on the next book! 


* I downloaded the audio of this book free from my local library. Libraries RULE! *

** Listening to these free library downloads has hooked me on this series. As such, I’ve rejoined Audible so I don’t have to wait for library holds to arrive. So, attention publishers! Free access to books and audiobooks at local libraries can and does lead to actual sales. **

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review 2019-11-06 18:45
Predator One by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter
Predator One: A Joe Ledger Novel - Jonathan Maberry

This was another action packed thriller from the team of Jonathan Maberry, the author, and Ray Porter, the narrator.



There was a bit of down time in this one, while Joe was out of the picture for a bit, but wow! Towards the end things accelerated so quickly I could barely catch my breath. I'm looking forward  to continuing on to the next volume in the series.


I found the audio at my library and there's only 1 person waiting for it, so I requested a hold and by the time I'm done with the audio I'm currently reading, I'll be back with my beloved Joe again.



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review 2019-09-20 18:45
Assassin's Code by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter
Assassin's Code - Jonathan Maberry

ASSASSIN'S CODE is another fine entry in the Joe Ledger series!


Filled with Ledger's sense of humor and fighting nuclear terrorism on a global scale, this book featured everything I've come to love about this series. Yes, Grace is gone, but now we have Ghost to love, and Violin. (I'll say nothing more about her because...spoilers.)


There were a few villains here from previous books that finally got what was coming to them, and maybe one or two who did not. I guess we'll have to wait until the next book and see what happens.


Ray Porter is the voice of Ledger to me, and because of his work I'm continuing on with this military/action/dark fiction story. Usually military action type tales don't do anything for me, but with Ray Porter speaking in Ledger's voice, I now find this series to be MUST READS, or maybe MUST LISTENS! I can hardly wait for the next one! Recommended!


*Thanks to my local library for the free audiobook download! Libraries RULE!*

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