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review 2018-04-25 21:06
Book Review of Vicious Rumer: Haunted. Hunted. Cursed. You've Never Met Anybody Like Rumer Cross by Joshua Winning
Vicious Rumer: Haunted. Hunted. Cursed. You've Never Met Anybody Like Rumer Cross - Joshua Winning

‘A gripping and moody psychological thriller. It'll keep you up all night’ – Closer Magazine


Rumer Cross is cursed.


Scraping by working for a dingy London detective agency, she lives in the shadow of her mother, a violent criminal dubbed the ‘Witch Assassin’ whose bloodthirsty rampage terrorised London for over a decade.


Raised by foster families who never understood her and terrified she could one day turn into her mother, Rumer has become detached and self-reliant. But when she’s targeted by a vicious mobster who believes she’s hiding an occult relic, she’s drawn into the very world she’s been fighting to avoid.


Hunted by assassins and haunted by her mother’s dark legacy, Rumer must also confront a terrible truth: that she’s cursed, because no matter what she does, everybody she’s ever grown close to has died screaming.


Review 4.5 rounded up to 5*


This is an intriguing crime thriller set in London, England. I loved it!


Rumer is a fascinating character. I found myself not only liking her, but also feeling sorry for her, though I also wanted to shake her at times too. She is nineteen years old, but seems more mature. This is due to her upbringing I think. She has grown up in foster care, knowing that her mother was a notorious assassin. Unfortunately, she believes herself to be cursed as everyone she comes to care for dies in the most terrible ways. Working for a private detective as a shadow (someone who follows, watches and listens to garner information), she is thrown into a life and death struggle when a mobster turns his attention in her direction seeking an occult relic last known to be in the possession of her mother, who died several years previously.


Although not YA like the author's previous works, this is an intriguing crime thriller that instantly caught my attention when I read the synopsis. Knowing that I would also be taken on an amazing journey was a bonus.


I started reading and didn't put the book down until I'd completed it. The story is told through Rumer's eyes and in first person. I found myself fascinated with Rumer and her life. I cannot imagine how knowing that you are the progeny of a criminal/assassin (even if deceased) would affect your life. Rumer emotionally distances herself from everyone in the hope that she will not 'kill' like her mother. She carries around a huge burden of guilt for things that she has no control over too. Understandable in some ways, annoying in others hence my desire to shake her at times.


There are several interesting characters introduced. Rumer's employer is Julian Hart and runs Hart Detective Agency, but he is only in a few scenes so didn't really get a feel for this character. Reverend Mara is the name of the mobster who is after Rumer and I found him to be a strange character. He is obsessed with locating an occult weapon called the Crook Spear. Then there is Bolt, an ex-policeman who befriends Rumer. I would have liked to have gotten to know him a lot more as there seems to be some chemistry between him and Rumer and would have liked for the author to have explored this a bit more. There are also a few other characters introduced, like George for instance and someone thought to be long dead.


Vicious Rumer is a pulse pounding read full of action, danger and violence. There are several twists and turns that surprised me and I found myself on an emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to end. I did find some scenes disturbing, particularly the one containing George and I shed a couple of tears for not only him, but Rumer too.

The occult weapon with the weird name is not what I thought it would be. However, so as not to spoil it, I will not say what kind of weapon it is. I will say that when it was disclosed I was completely thrown; I had a completely different weapon in mind. The end of the story sent chills up my spine. There could potentially be a sequel as it finishes ambiguously and ominously.


Joshua Winning has written an intriguing crime thriller with a kick-ass heroine. I love his fast paced writing style, and the story flowed beautifully. He is one of only a handful of male authors who I have added to my favourite authors list and I can't wait to see what he will come up with in the future.


Due to the nature of the story (danger, violence, bloodshed), I do not recommend this book to young readers or those of a nervous disposition. I do, however, highly recommend this book if you love crime thrillers with kick-ass heroines. - Lynn Worton

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review 2018-02-28 03:08
Ever the Hunted - Erin Summerill

This is a very solid book with above par writing, a decent plotline and characters you can get behind. My main gripe was the sloooow pacing at times (typical for a traveling yarn) and the confusing romance. "I love you but you don't love me but then you love me and now you don't again and in the end I'm not sure how I feel now GRRRRR!!!!! The few major plot twists were pretty easily sussed out and the ending was weird but still satisfying in its own way. I will most likely check out book #2 from the library but I'm not compelled to do so anytime soon.

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review 2017-12-12 18:55
Ever the Hunted - Erin Summerill

So this was my favourite cover design of the last couple years. Sadly, the story didn't live up to my admittedly high expectations. Wanted to quit by 1/3 of the way through and speed-read the last third. Gonna try to articulate just what didn't work for me because someone else might not have the same complaints.


Mostly, the use of language just rubbed me the wrong way. In the author notes, she talks about moving a lot, growing up overseas etc., so maybe she's using language in a way that's more appealing elsewhere? But to me, there just seemed to be a lot of awkward turns of phrases, so I couldn't stop editing it in my head...And her metaphors just annoyed me. So my sense was that this didn't get a good enough line edit/the author ignored her line edit and did a lot of idiosyncratic overwriting. But maybe that's just my take on it lol.


The fantasy world and premise wasn't bad, but it just didn't grip my attention the way it needed to. I didn't really feel the stakes - and there's some tough stuff that launches the adventure, so I should have been able to feel that emotional resonance. Nope. Left me cold. Ditto for the romance - lots of fawning descriptions of Male Love Interest's person. Seemed more icky than appealing. The main character shouldn't feel like a creeper for having a crush. Don't know what went wrong here, and again, maybe it's just me that feels that way.


Overall story was pretty low-impact. Medieval-fantasy type world you've seen before. Girl with archery skills sets out to hunt down her father's killer (who she has a crush on) while facing execution herself. Dystopian-type shenanigans occur after a long road trip which goes about how you'd expect. The final page twist is actually a relatively good one, if you care about the romance subplot, and MC is never more interesting than when she starts displaying some powers and getting a handle on those. 


Dunno, I usually don't pan a book this harshly, but for a trad pubbed major YA Fantasy release, this just didn't live up to my expectations. *HOWEVER* - it is a debut, and a duology, and I'm up for the sequel on NetGalley, so I'll give this author another shot, and maybe take a look at her next book/series to see if some of the kinks get ironed out...

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review 2017-11-22 15:12
Forever Hunted - Carolina Montague Forever Hunted - Carolina Montague

Kim had been murdered twenty hours ago. Now Kim was on the run from her killers. If they caught her this time and killed her she wouldn’t be coming back. Rakesh was her love, and miracle. Rakesh scanned every bit of news  and Kim asked if there was  news of the virus. Rakesh said nothing that tells him how more than ten thousand died in one night. He said this virus was different from any seen before. According to some information Rakesh’s contact had sent him the injection Kim had been given by Professor Singh was a blend of virus and complex substances for the elderly. That is why it took longer to kill the initial victims. Kim was no longer human she was a vampire. Kim asked if there was anything they could do, anything that will stop the virus.? Rakesh  said first they had to survive. First they were going to Arizona as rakesh had contacts there, places they could stay. Then Rakesh added there was some things he had to tell her before they landed. He told Kim- the one -Kronos- who is chasing them knows  Rakesh. They had been like brothers. This made their escape more  difficult. There were some place the man didn’t know about. Also they couldn’t contact Sean- Rakesh;s contact- until they had better equipment. He added all of the Born-Ones will be inclined to turn on her because he made Kim like him. That held a death sentence. Rakesh told Kim she would have to get used to her new senses. Kim was in the very first stages of Transformation. Rakesh promised it would get easier. When Kim woke from the nightmare of her death, she had fed from Rakesh. Kim had only been a vampire for a couple hours now. Kim had been a olympic gymnast. Born Ones were committed to protecting humans. But they protected their own first. Rakesh told him that his family was trying to find a cure to battle the virus. Because of Kronos Lim and Rakesh had been branded traitors.

I couldn’t really connect with the characters of this book. I am not sure why but it just did not keep my attention It seemed to drag for me. I am sure others will love this book, it just wasn’t for me

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review 2017-10-08 14:45
Hunted: An Eternal Guardians Novella - Elisabeth Naughton

If I ever doubted that I need to read this series, now I don't.

I loved that this book explores the ruthless side of the ancient gods, something that I've missed reading about, to be honest. I liked the fact that Zeus is portrayed as a bad guy, and I'm super excited to see how that will play out in future stories.

Erebus is pretty much a mystery for the entire story. I didn't feel like we get to know him well enough, but that is appropriate, since he doesn't know himself all that much. He doesn't remember his past, he doesn't know much beyond being a slave to the gods, and that makes him hard to understand to be honest. I would have wanted to see that side explored a bit more, but since this is a novella I kind of get why his story remains a mystery. All I know is that he is pretty sexy.

Sera is a good heroine. I spent a lot of time wondering about her, but once the full story was revealed, I understood why she ran away, why she stole something precious to Zeus, and why she tried everything in her power to keep the god from getting the object back. I truly felt sorry for her, especially once her past was revealed. I also couldn't help but admire how stubborn she was, even though it made no sense at the time.

I got to the end of this book and, I'll be honest, I was a bit miffed that it ended as fast as it did. I wanted to read more, which I'll definitely do, because all this mystery surrounding the war between Zeus and everybody else is making me curious. Also, I love how Sirens are portrayed in these books, like they're the ultimate army that Zeus has. Or does he?

The book is pretty sexy, and Erebus and Sera have a ton of chemistry *fans self*. I also like how they eventually allow themselves to be vulnerable around each other. I'm only sorry we didn't get to see more than a glimpse into their past as trainer and trainee. I bet that was fun. The book is really fast paced and I finished it pretty quickly. The ending was surprising, especially by how simple it all turned out to be, which I loved.

As I said before, I'll definitely be reading the entire series in the future, because I'm truly curious to see how it all started and also what it all means.

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