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review 2020-04-19 21:43
Before by Bethany Kris - Bethany-Kris

This a was a great novella getting a little bit of an insight into Lev's life before he became Andino Marcello's enforcer.This story was heartfelt as Lev's life was not and easy one which lead him to do unconventional things in order to survive but, for just a blimp in time one women fired his blood and made him smile.Gigi was a sweetheart and she is more than just a beautiful face because we found her to be funny ,sweet,kind and one who owns her sexuality and in future books we think she will be a force to be reckoned with.We loved getting to know these characters down right to the old lady as the were all quite love-able already and we can't wait to read what comes next from then."Loved it !"

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review 2019-12-08 04:48
I’m very possibly becoming addicted to this author’s stories...
Promises (Single Dads #3) - RJ Scott

It seems whenever I see a story with her name attached, I’m right there with my grabbie, gimmie hands to get a copy to read and I have yet to be disappointed.


“Promise” is the third book in Ms Scott’s ‘Single Dads’ series. This is Leo and Jason’s story.  We met Leo for the first time in “Single” book #1 of this series and now that his roommates Sean and Eric have each gotten their HEA, it’s Leo’s turn and who better for a cop to fall for, than an ex-con who seems to have more than a couple of secrets.


We met Jason in “Today” book #2, when he saved Eric’s life. When Jason shows up on Leo’s doorstep looking for Eric after his release from prison. Eric’s told him if he ever needed help he could come to him and when Leo sees Jason tired, beaten, ready to drop in his tracks and holding on for all he’s worth to a sweet little girl that he says is his daughter Leo couldn’t imagine someone more in need of help and despite the caution that his instincts are telling him to exercise…Leo’s quickly becomes determined to protect Jason…consequences be damned.


I’ve liked Leo from the beginning of this series and with this book we get an even closer look at this character. Leo’s past isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, he’s got demons of his own that are driving him and as he becomes more and more involved with Jason, he’s forced to confront the past that he’s kept diligently locked away.


Both men are more than a little bit aware of the attraction they share for each other, and for their own reasons they are equally determined to deny it at first. But as Jason’s secrets come to light, Leo begins to see that Jason isn’t what he seems to be and that his story is more complex than any of them realized.


I’ve enjoyed all of the stories in this series and this is probably one of the few times that I can honestly say when it comes to a favorite pairing, at this point in the series, I’m hard pressed to say that I have one.  So far, I’ve found each couple to hold their own unique appeal for me.


I loved watching Leo and Jason try to resist the inevitable, these two men just worked the chemistry was right and as if that wasn’t enough there was Daisy…Jason’s adorable 3…going on 4 year old daughter who not only wormed her way into Leo’s heart without even trying but found a spot in mine as well.


This story also gave us a bit more of a glimpse into the family that helped to make Leo the man that he is and that was fun. I love stories that have those over the top, in your face, gregarious families and Leo’s family is one that I’d definitely like to see more of.

I had thought maybe since this all started with 3 roommates…Sean, Eric and Leo that this story just might be the end of things but this is not the case and I’m so pleased to know that there are more ‘Single Dads’ to come.




An ARC of “Promises” Single Dads #3 was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-11-23 19:54
I've spent the past few days in auditory heaven...
Today (Single Dads #2) - Sean Crisden,RJ Scott

This is code talk for I've been listening to audio books narrated by some of my favorites and at the top of that list are RJ Scott books narrated by Sean Crisden.


I've really enjoyed reading Ms. Scott's latest series "Single Dads" but I honestly find that I've enjoying the audio books as much or maybe just a teensy bit more. I'm a fan of having the continuity of the same narrator throughout a series but I do have to admit that while it's not as much of a sticking point for me when the MCs change from story to story. I was glad to see that this didn't happen with this book. I'm a total fan of Sean Crisden and truth be told judging by the number of books he's narrated for this author, I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe she's also a fan. Whatever, the cause of this I am most definitely in favor or it continuing.


"Today" is the second book in the "Single Dads" series and it essentially picks up where "Single" left off with Sean and Ash's wedding. It's our first on page glimpse of Brady and we get more of Eric the sweet and very hunky firefighter who was Sean's roommate and indirectly the reason that Sean and Ash met or at least the reason for how they met but that's another story from another book so back to the Brady and Eric story...


Ok so if you're not familiar with a condition known as DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) do yourself a favor and take a minute to google and get a basic sense of what it is. It's a real thing folks and if you're like me, in spite of spending over 15 years working in healthcare it wasn't something that I was familiar with and the few minutes that I spent googling this as well as being informative gave me a better insight and helped me to be more compassionate towards Brady's character than I think I might have otherwise been allowing me to also enjoy the story more.


Otherwise I can easily imagine finding myself getting frustrated with Brady and probably not enjoying the story as much as I wanted to. Having at least a basic understanding of Brady's condition and how it could affect him allowed me to see Brady with a better appreciation for the understated strength of character that he had. I admit at times I can be a klutz but what Brady deals with in terms of his DCD and dyslexia takes his challenges well beyond that and understanding this allowed me to see more clearly how this would also impact his social skills and his self esteem...so for me, Brady became someone who was far more courageous than his character appeared to be at first glance and I was able to truly appreciate the understated strength that he had...not to mention if being a single parent to a newborn baby of your own is a challenge than I'm not sure what category having Brady's challenges and parenting two children while trying to deal with their grief and your own puts a person into and honestly I have a very solid appreciation for the fact that it's unlikely I'll ever have to find out.


Eric's got his dream job of being a firefighter and while he's not to hard on the eyes, he also knows that in spite of that fact and thanks to his size he's someone who either inspires intimidation or the desire to call him 'Daddy' and be controlled in most of the men that he dates...especially those who are on the smaller side, Creating an added challenge when it comes to looking for a partner and at the heart of things Eric's a lonely guy and he's tired of Mr. RightNow and he's hoping to find his own Mr. Right especially after seeing one of his best friends find theirs.


While this one was a little slow to draw me in at the beginning in the end it definitely got there and once again I found myself enjoying a sweet, low angst romance that left me with a lot of warm fuzzies and definitely looking forward to the next story.


I can so easily see myself listening to these stories over and over again because once again RJ Scott + Sean Crisden = audio bliss!!!



An audio book of "Today" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-10-24 08:38
Christmas with the Single Dad (The Single Dads of Seattle Book 5) by: Whitley Cox
Christmas with the Single Dad (The Single Dads of Seattle Book 5) - Whitley Cox



Christmas with the Single Dad is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between my ereader and great storytelling. Aurora and Zak are a beautiful distraction for open hearts everywhere. Love found the right people at the wrong time. Can fate show them that happy endings are more than just a fantasy. Cox delivers hope that leaves a real, lasting impact on the heart.

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review 2019-08-17 20:52
It's time to check out the audio version....
Single (Single Dads #1) - Sean Crisden,RJ Scott

I really enjoyed reading this story in e-book format. I don't imagine it comes as a surprise to anyone who follows my reviews that I'm definitely an RJ Scott fan. While I can't say I've read all of her books, I can say I'm giving it my best shot and I'm doing the same for the audio releases especially when they're narrated by Sean Crisden, who just happens to be one of my favorite narrators.


So here we go once again heading bravely into that scary world of not just new parenthood but new and single parenthood with Ash. Who quite honestly didn't annoy me nearly as much this time and maybe that's because I took a few moments to ponder that same time in history in my life, although I was lucky enough to have a partner to share all the trials and tribulations with and I think remembering that helped me to realize that quite honestly Ash's world was just a little bit scarier than mine. I do know I never owned 4 strollers which I have to admit I found that mildly amusing and not in a bad way. 


As cliche as this may sound being a parent is both the hardest and most rewarding challenge a person can ever have. if you're lucky and you get a few things right than you get see a cute and very dependent baby grow and become this amazing person before your eyes it's a pretty awe inspiring event. So for Ash to be nervous and worried and yes...even a little bit paranoid really isn't an inappropriate response to whats going on in his life. He simply wants to be the best parent he can be for little Mia and it's a lot of responsibility for two people much less one. 


I found myself becoming even more of a fan of Ash's neighbors Ash's love interest doctor Sean and his housemates paramedic Eric, officer Leo and his dog Cap. These men were all simply awesome I'd love to have them for neighbors. I mean seriously how safe would you feel with this trio living right next door? and the author's created a trio of genuinely nice guys...hot and sexy, nice guys but definitely nice guys.


Sean's gently patience was the perfect balance for Ash's new parent paranoia and anxiety and I loved the interactions between these two men. Theirs was a sweet and low angst story of romance meeting the real life of being a parent.


With Sean Crisden as the narrator and the sweet and slow burn that Ash and Sean's (the character not the narrator) relationship developed at, Ms Scott has once again created a series that I'm already a big fan of and looking forward to enjoying more of. 



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