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review 2019-01-20 23:03
Great Continuation of Davenport
Naked Prey (Lucas Davenport, #14) - John Sandford

Well we have Lucas fairly happy and settled in this one with a new wife and baby. However, Lucas is feeling restless since he doesn't have anything big to work on. Apparently thinking it up causes something ugly this way to come and Lucas is quickly sent off to figure out if a black man and white woman being hung together is a lynching or something else. I think Sandford did well in this one with giving you a clue to who is linked to the two people who were murdered, without giving away until Lucas realizes it, what they were all up to. And then you get to see who all was involved. I think the wrap up to things could have been done better and I have to say that I don't buy the one antagonist being cowed by his mother since we saw what happened with him and his mother when he was 11. It just felt off to me and I think Sandford wanted to try to explain away this character's guilt in order for the explosive ending.


This book is just Lucas and Del being sent by Rose Marie and the governor to figure out if a interracial couple was lynched. Even though readers know that something is going on, you don't get the whole picture until around the 50 percent mark of the book and even then you don't get everything until after that. I really have to say that is much better than when Sandford would tell you the bad guy who Lucas is just tying to track down the whole book. It gets old after a while. 


Lucas is more mellow in this one. I like Lucas when he's not acting like he's not seen a woman before. He and Del working together are great and have great moments of hilarity. We are introduced to a new character in this one, pre-teen Letty who is going to become important to the series. We also get an African American reporter that Lucas decides to befriend in order to get bigger favors down the road. I hope he shows up again. 


I do have to say that the first part of the book drags a bit here and there, but everything smooths out after a while. You are then just holding your breath hoping Lucas and Del make it out alive. 


The ending was really good, but as I said above, I think Sandford just messed with the pathology of the one bad guy because it made zero sense about what went on when it was revealed by Sandford. I think he just did it to make the ending more bad ass (I get it) but then he needed to rewrite the beginning with the bad guy.

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review 2019-01-05 21:49
I Came to Praise Clara Rinker
Mortal Prey - John Sandford

Sigh. Wow. Sandford holds nothing back in this 13th book in the Lucas Davenport series. He brings back Clara Rinker and we are on for a wild ride. I really had no issues with anything except the ending, I wanted a different one, which probably says more about me than anything else.


In "Mortal Prey" we have Lucas and Weather planning their wedding and expecting their first child together. Lucas is going crazy with plans for their new house coming together and also with him planning on leaving the Minnesota PD to go and work for Rose Marie when she moves over to a new department as well. When the FBI calls up Lucas to ask for his help with Rinker, he decides why not, he still feels like he owes Rinker after she tried to kill him. And Lucas also admires Rinker especially after he is provided background on her life.


Sandford makes this a book about Rinker too. We get even more details about her and what she's been doing since she went on the run. And you actually will wish her well on her quest to take out the mafia after they kill her lover and cause her to miscarry. And you feel a bit sad, because Rinker had dreams of what her life was going to be, and now it's all up in smoke.

We have some old favs from the FBI returning, Mallard and Malone, and those two keep making some mistakes with Lucas coming along to fix. And we have new characters that Lucas meets in St. Louis. 


The writing is very good. I cracked up a few times. And I have to say that I loved the women in this book. They definitely end up outsmarting a lot of men. Part of me wishes that Sandford had written a separate series for Rinker. The flow was very good too. I kept being happy when Rinker was getting away with everything. 


The ending definitely shows you a big loss to Lucas that I don't even think he was expecting. 

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review 2019-01-05 21:34
Chosen Prey Rebounds After the Last Prey Book
Chosen Prey - John Sandford

We get to see who Lucas chose after the mess of the last Prey book (spoiler: Weather) and how they are dealing with each other months later. Still ambivalent about what things mean, the two are back together, stronger than before. Lucas is dealing with a shake up though professionally. The chief who he has been working for is not likely to get re-appointed, which means Lucas is going to have to go too. If that's enough, it appears a murder is leading Lucas and his team to investigate what it appears to be another serial killer on the loose in Minnesota.


Lucas in this one seems to be a step behind a serial killer. Readers find out pretty fast who the killer is, so you may end up frustrated with Lucas and company for not moving faster on James Qatar (his name is in the synopsis). I do have to laugh at Lucas once again being smoothed out a little so he's not acting like a psycho around every attractive female he meets. There are still jokes about him and Weather, and I do like that Weather acknowledges Lucas's past partners and the only one she's not here for is Lucas's old friend. Thank God that character doesn't pop up again. I think that Lucas works as a character for his determination to catch the bad guys. He's not stupid, and though you end up loathing some of his choices in order to punish the bad people who he comes across, you sometimes end up rooting for him.


We have our usual suspects of Marcy, Del, Sloan, and others. Marcy is still recovering from her injuries after the last book, and even gets a better love interest in this one. 


James Qatar is a mess of a man. He stalks woman, takes, their pictures, and draws them in crude pornographic poses. We have no idea how depraved he is until you start to realize how long he has been doing what he has.


We get introduced to a new character in this one, Terry Marshall, who has a connection to the case. I am going to admit, I was tempted to give this four stars because it was pretty obvious what was going to happen with Terry. I held off though because the last book was a pile of mess and I had to give this 5 stars by default.


The writing was much crispier in this one. Sandfford leads you through the plot and the myriad of characters and keeps his eye on the endgame. The flow was much improved too.


The ending ends on a sad and hopeful note for the future of Lucas. 

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review 2018-12-29 23:52
Terrible and the Return of Lucas and his Magic Penis
Easy Prey (Lucas Davenport, #11) - John Sandford

Gah. Why did Sandford even write this mess of a book?! It made zero sense plot wise, the development of characters was flushed down the toilet, and really we had pages and pages of Lucas angsting over sleeping with someone that had sex (willingly) with her own brother. I just needed a bleach bath after finishing this book.


Look, long story short, "Easy Prey" is about a model and another woman being found murdered. There are a ton of suspects. Nothing makes sense though because Sandford just wrote this book to really be about Lucas and his magical penis again. We have three, count them people, there women who are vying to be with Lucas in this one.


One, is an ex-model that Lucas is attracted to because she has scars on her face. No, I am not kidding. 


Second, is his old college girlfriend who he was a massive ass to and screamed on one day. She is going through a mid-life crisis about being in a perfect marriage, with great kids, but still thinking about having sex with Lucas cause, reasons. At least Lucas called her out on her mess though, even if he was still thinking about having sex with her, to just help her out. Gah.

Third, is Weather. Most readers fell for her and thought her and Lucas were perfect together. Now we have her back and seeming to be looking to try again with Lucas after the events that drove them apart. Lucas wants to be with her, but after maybe having sex with woman #1 and #2 a few dozen times. It's gross. The book ends with one of them calling him and so we don't know who Lucas chooses.

There is zero development of anyone else in this one. I got nothing. I am still perplexed at the why behind the murders (because nothing made sense).


This book was a total turkey. 

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review 2018-12-29 23:44
Introduction to Davenport's Moriarty
Certain Prey (Lucas Davenport, #10) - John Sandford

Every great detective needs their Moriarty, and in "Certain Prey" Lucas Davenport finds her. This is the introduction to Clara Rinker. Clara and Lucas go toe to toe (though he doesn't realize it) when Lucas and his group start looking into what looks like a professional hit on a rich socialite with a not very bright husband (seriously you guys, it hurt to read this guy talking). When the FBI lets Lucas know this may be connected to a hit woman that has been doing this for years that has never been caught, Lucas wonders if he has her and someone else in the cross-hairs. The ending was a surprise to me, especially since Sanford usually writes his bad guys as truly evil and no redeeming value, I won't be surprised if many people out there won't end up liking Clara. 


Lucas is doing a bit better now that things between him and ex-girlfriend Weather are very much over. What he needs is a new case to sink his teeth into. When a rich socialite is found murdered, Lucas starts to wonder who out there would want her dead. When all signs points to a professional hit with the FBI giving him tips here and there, Lucas starts to narrow down who would want this woman dead.

First off, Sandford does a great job of developing Clara. We get her backstory and we get to see what moves her. When you get to see her interacting with her client who ordered the hit, you can see why she ended up liking this person. However, Sandford shows you that Clara has a code, and the person who hired her 100 percent does not.

The person who ordered the hit was a surprise. The why behind it was madness too. I kind of loved it though because of what happens in the end (no spoilers). Talk about be careful what you wish for. And this person I thought was developed nicely by Sandford too.


Lucas in this one was much more focused (thank goodness) and when he figures out what is going on, does what he has to in order to bring at least one of the guilty parties to justice. I know that many readers don't like Lucas's methods, but it didn't really bother me in this one. Especially when you see the rampage the killers get up to. Lucas ended things with his detective and they are now friends, but still circling each other. I hate it when Sandford does that no one can resist Lucas thing, but it taps down on it in this and the preceding books. What until the next book though, it was hot garbage there.


The writing was much tighter and the flow was great. I rank this book as number two in the series with "Winter Prey" as number one.


The ending left things up in the air with our Moriarty and I for one, could not be happier. 

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