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review 2017-10-31 17:25
Enough Space for Everyone Else - J. Donald Monk

This was a surprisingly cool book. First published as a Kickstarter project in diversity in comics/graphic novels, the format is like a short story compilation, with dozens of artists weighing in for 2-6 page comics in wildly different styles.


Disclaimer: I received a copy via Goodreads Giveaways, which doesn't require reviews but more-or-less hopes to stimulate them. Mission accomplished; I'd never have come across this book on my own, but I'm glad to have discovered it!


Some of my favourite entries told a story with only images, no text/dialogue, or dug into heartwarming/tearjerker tales of children and families. Every story is space themed, so aliens, space travel, exotic alien worlds etc. There are just a few text stories as well interspersed throughout.


Most stories were more artistic, by which I mean they explored a theme or presented ambiguity in a fairly delicate way, while just a couple strayed pretty far into the preachy/heavy-handed side of making a point, but taken overall it was an enjoyable (and at times, impressive) read.


Mostly safe for kids/families IMO - the 'diversity' aspect included author backgrounds and various races (+ aliens, of course) being depicted, and while there were at least a few LGBTQ+ relationships depicted or implied, there wasn't sexual content shown beyond kissing. And violence was minimal; more implied than graphic. Parental guidance recommended, I guess.


In terms of format, the dimensions are huge, floppy, coffee-table format with big, glossy printing. Very cool to see the comics in that format, rather than on cheap, tiny paperbacks or on a screen - but also a little awkward to read. Think artbook rather than beach read; it's not going to fit in your pocket.


Overall, an impressive effort, and it's great to see people stretching boundaries and investing to bring work like this into print.



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review 2015-09-16 22:08
Quick read
Undertow: A compilation of short beach stories - Elizabeth SaFleur

Undertow by Elizabeth SaFleur is a fun, quick read.  Ava and Bret's story is well written and loaded with humor, spice and drama.  This short read is perfect for those with limited time for reading.  I look forward to reading more from Elizabeth SaFleur in the future.  Undertow is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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text 2015-06-27 09:25
Texas Energy Exploration, LLC Salt-Dome Locations and Method of Compilation

The salt-dome location map (plate 1) was compiled from eight recently published sources: Anderson and others, 1973; New Orleans and Lafayette Geological Societies, 1973; Halbouty, 1979; Martin, 1980; Louisiana Geological Survey, 198la and 1981b; U.S. Department of the Interior, 1983; and Jackson and Seni, 1984. Four of these references display both size and location of the salt domes by giving their outlines at various depths: New Orleans and Lafayette Geological Societies (1973) at 10,000 feet; Martin (1980) from 5,000 to 8,500 feet (the depth range representative of one second of two-way travel time on a seismic survey, where the depth depends on the nature of the sediment overlying the dome); U.S. Department of the Interior (1983) at an unspecified depth; and Jackson and Seni (1984) at 10,000 feet. Four sources aided in locating the salt domes although they did not show their shape. Anderson and others (1973) shows only dome locations. The other three sources (Halbouty, 1979; and Louisiana Geological Survey, 198la and 1981b) show the location of salt domes not related to hydrocarbon production and the location and size of oil and gas fields that have a spatial association with possible salt domes.




Halbouty (1979) lists only those fields where the presence of salt has been confirmed by drilling. Oil and gas fields displayed on the Louisiana Geological Survey (198la and 1981b) references were used only to augment the other six sources. Fields located above and around the perimeter of structures that were presumed domes adds validity to the other sources. The importance of maintaining consistency between references while plotting dome locations on plate 1 required that the salt domes be split into two groups, offshore and onshore domes. Offshore domes were located by aligning latitude and longitude lines because the references disagree on the exact location of offshore area boundaries.


The offshore area boundaries for this map were taken from the U.S. Department of the Interior (1983). Onshore domes were located by aligning county and parish boundaries because all sources did not have latitude and longitude lines, and those that did have lines did not agree on their exact location in reference to county and parish boundaries. Although map projections and scales varied among and within reference maps, a good fit was achieved through repeated registration across the map and the use of a variable-scale copying machine. The locations of salt domes that penetrate the base of individual layers (aquifers and permeable zones) are posted at the approximate center of the dome structure in figures 2-11.


The number of salt domes that penetrate the base of each layer ranges from a high of 154 for layer 9 (lower Pliocene-upper Miocene deposits) to a low of 29 for layer 6, the upper Claiborne aquifer (fig. 12). Younger layers generally extend farther downdip (gulfward), which explains how a younger layer can be penetrated by more domes than an older layer. The distribution of salt domes among the salt-dome basins is quite variable (fig. 13). The percentage of domes within each basin with known depths and penetrating into the gulf coast aquifers (above the top of the Midway confining unit) also varies widely. About 44 percent of the domes have unknown depth and 44 percent penetrate the top of the Midway confining unit, whereas only in 12 percent of the domes is the top of salt deeper than the top of the Midway. The Midway confining unit was chosen to differentiate depths because it is an areally extensive, massive marine clay. Above it are the gulf coast aquifers (Grubb, 1984) and below it are Cretaceous sediments. The depths of most of the offshore salt domes are unknown (fig. 13).


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review 2015-06-25 00:00
Undertow: A compilation of short beach stories
Undertow: A compilation of short beach stories - Elizabeth SaFleur

Undertow: A compilation of short beach stories

Riptide by Elizabeth SaFleur
Cheated on, dumped and fired—all by the same man—Ava Hollins’ only goal on her Caribbean vacation was to forget men existed. When she wins hot, wealthy, resort owner, Bret Wright, during a charity “man auction,” she’s not sure what to do with her suddenly acquired “love slave.” Fortunately, for Ava, Bret knows exactly what to do with her.

The Break by Rachel De Lune
When Victoria Abbott makes the hard journey back to her quaint, seaside hometown in Wales, she's unprepared for the guilt that claws at her. At the same time, she's instantly calmed by being on the sands where she spent time as a child. Her self-imposed rules never before gave her a shot at true happiness and she's not sure if she can face a second chance. But when she walks into Aeron Morgan's life, all that changes.
Aeron Morgan has all he wants from life. A financially successful business and the house of his dreams sitting on the cliff overlooking Oxwich bay. Until Victoria Abbott walks into sight. Not content with a one night stand, he wants Victoria to accept him and his darkest desires, forcing her to become the woman he knows is under her suit of armor. With her independence on the line Victoria grapples with choosing her dreams over what she's worked so hard for all her life.

Backwater Blessing by Kris Michaels
When Cole, Mr. FBI, and Logan, local cop and reigning Ice Princess, hook up to solve a case of Mississippi corruption at the highest judicial levels, sparks fly. Their attraction is hotter than the sultry southern sun. She wants to hate him—but she can’t. And Cole would never commit career suicide by staying in a backwater Mississippi town…not for any woman…especially not for Isabella Logan Church.

Undertow by Patricia A. Knight
Former Army Ranger, Max Harper didn’t know the young woman playing fetch on the beach with his therapy dog—but he wanted to. From his first meeting with Holiday Jones, her fresh beauty and soft heart swept him away. The wounded veteran knew he wanted forever with Holiday. There is just one small problem. She thinks he’s someone he’s not. When his down-to-earth Holiday learns who Max really is, love might not be enough—for no matter how generous a woman’s heart, it’s difficult to forgive deception.

My Review:
You know when summer has reared its head when three authors gather together to bring us a steamy anthology full of sand, surf and sex. (Although its mostly the latter) that's okay with me.
I enjoy little quickie stories that I can fit into a busy schedule yet still enjoy the the tale the author/s have created.
Each installment stands out as an individual even if you only enjoy just one of the installments in the end its worth picking up because they're all good authors. The Break is great for the laughs, Backwater Blessing is good for the sexy, and Undertow follows through with the perfect bow. I mean really, how friggen cute.
All the authors have done a fantastic job creating characters to love and adore even with the limited amount of space to create a full novel they still color many hearts to the perfect pitch.

My Rating:
4 Stars

Reviewed By:
Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the author.

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review 2015-04-19 20:57
Petal the Owl - A Five-Book Compilation - Joy Findlay

I didn't read this to my 2 year old but I did end up reading this to my 8 year old. K really liked it, even the two books at the end that were about counting and colors.

You have an owl named Petal and she is the main owl in all the books. 

In Petal Loves Spring time we learn that Petal is different than other owls as she likes to stay awake during the day but sleep at night. This making the season Spring her favorite season as of the colorful changes that happen.

The second book is Petal's First Winter she learns how cold it is in this one and knows that after a day of flying and seeing what changes winter brings she can cuddle up next to her mother.

Book three Petal the Nature Owl Petal gets to see what Summer is about and she ends up eating too many berries which cause her to have a tummy ache and we all can relate to that at some point. 

Book four Petal the Owl Colors, we just learn about colors such as brown, green, red. This one I would say is good for the younger kids.

Last but not least is book five Petal the Owl Numbers. With this last book we got to count up to ten and yet again this one is great for the younger kids to learn how to count.


Overall the stories were really cute and I highly recommend them. I was surprised K liked this as much as he did I figured he would give me something about them being too much like a baby story but he wanted me to read them all at one time. The illustrations were very bright and colorful and I know that right there will for sure hold the children's interest. 


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