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review 2019-01-18 18:21
A Second Chance (The Chronicles of St Mary's) - Jodi Taylor


(that's not a rabbit)

I thought this was only a 3 book series!



"Then Dr. Bairstow, his voice harsh with urgency said, 'Leon. Get out. They're here. RUN!'


How am I supposed to resist that last line!

Sucked into another one.



Off to Amazon to see if I have enough gift card money left.

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review 2019-01-16 14:44
ARC REVIEW Cowboy Braver by Carolyn Brown


Cowboy BraveLonghorn Canyon #3, Yay this isn't the last one! Longhorn Canyon Ranch is a working ranch that in the summer takes on some city kids on the verge of being troublemakers and teaches them about ranching and other stuff. We've already seen the oldest of the Maguire brother's find true love and their best friend/foreman find true love, Justin wasn't looking he didn't even think he was ready to settle down but the moment he set eyes on Emily Baker everything changed.

Emily is the events coordinator at a retirement community and one group she deals with heard about the Longhorn Canyon Ranch and their work with kids and asked Emily if she could arrange a special trip for them to the ranch. By all appearances Emily is a city girl but there is more to her than meets the eye. The attraction between them is instant but Emily is determined not to fall for a cowboy. Justin has never felt this way about anyone and he's determined to show Emily he means it. Aside from Emily's family that she hasn't told him about another obstacle is Justin's mother who took an instant dislike toward Emily automatically assuming she's a golddigger.

Overall, this was another really good read from Carolyn Brown. I loved Emily and Justin and all the hyjinks that the Fab Five get into are hysterical. Even though Justin's mom kind of plays the part of the bad guy in this book Emily really is her own worst enemy. The Bonus Book Second Chance Cowboy by A.J. Pine is a book I have previously read it's the first book of the of Crossroads Ranch series and is really good. So as a two for one deal this one is really good one both books are entertaining and fantastic reads.     


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review 2019-01-14 13:34
Good Story and Good Characters
Keeper - Kim Chance

The Dragon’s Horde was a comic book store in a small town in Georgia. Lainey managed to get the last bit of standing space in the store. She was wedged in between a display of anime novels and a large cardboard Captain America. Lainey used her S A T prep book as a barrier between her and the thong of cosplayers and super nerds in the store,it was Superhero Saturday and the shop was packed with every die- hard fan within fifty miles. With little to do in the small town the Horde’s monthly meetings were as big a deal as San Diego's Comic Con.  Lainey thought Maggie really owed her. Maggie was her best friend. Lainey tried to tune out the noise as she needs to have fifty new vocabulary words memorized by the end of the night. Lainey decided she needed some fresh air as she tries to get to the exit a guy dressed as Thor said “ Now where are you going pretty lady?” Lainey tried to figure out an escape from this guy. Than she saw a tall guy wearing a dark gray t shirt and started to head his way. He looked about as thrilled as she did to be stuck here. Lainey yelled “ Babe, there you are” and  walked over to him and put her arm through his. Than the guy pulled away but only to put his arm around her and pulled her closer to his body. He said his friend had paid him twenty dollars to drive him here. Than he said “ down with some light reading?” Than Lainey said the test was in two days, she was graduating early and had to get at least a 2200 to get into her top schools . The science programs were pretty competitive. Than Lainey thanked him and told him she was Lainey and he said he wa Ty.Lainey went to leave as Maggie was going for coffee with Heath. As she started walking to her car she heard her name called. Yet she didn’t recognize anyone around her.  A tall figure of a woman walked out of the shadows of a building. She stood apart from the crowd. Than Looney noticed the woman’s green dress and green overcoat were stained with blood. Than Lainey stumbled back and when she looked again the woman was gone. Then she heard Lainey yelled and she went to get in her car and the woman was behind her and grabbed her with her icu hand and grabbed her above her elbow. As soon as their skin touched a wave if electric energy went through her body . The wave of energy intensified with each beat of her heart. Lainey passed out. Than Lainey came to by her car door and everything hurt. Lainey than had to work through a panic attack . Lainey called  Maggie and asked her to meet her and Maddie said of course and than Lainey decided there had to be a logical explanation as Lainey is very logical. The scientific method had never failed her before. Most of the pain had left her body. But right above her elbow is the very spot where the woman had grabbed her there was an angry red handprint. Lainey called Maggie and asked her to come meet her. Maggie suggested they use a spirit board- ouija board- and they could try to contact the woman. Than Maggie mentioned talking to Serena who Lainey thought was crazy. Serina who was her uncle’s girlfriend and Lainey had known Serina her whole life.Serena was a seer and psychic. She was like family. Lainey’s uncle Garrett took her in when Lainey’s parents died. It had been the two of them and Serena. Lainey  went to her room to study the last picture of her and her parents she was only a baby that had fallen from the book. Than Lainey noticed noticed the necklace her mother wore was the same one the woman wore that had grabbed her. Than Lainey saw the woman again. Lainey has flashbacks and nightmares about the lady covered in blood. Lainey is a powerful witch and her uncle has known all along. Lainey is Du Cermont. Now he finally tells her. Garrett isn’t her blood uncle. Lainey has magical powers but has no control over them. Ty is Lainey’s guardian and Lainey was his Calling which meant he stood beside her. . The Master is an evil being that had been killing generations of Lainey’s family to get a spell that was stolen from him and placed in the Grimoire.

I enjoyed this book. I loved how Lainey and Maggie’s  relationship. I also loved how Maggie stood close to Lainey no matter what. I did feel there weren’t answered by the end of this book. Lainey annoyed me at times. I hated how Ty betrayed Lainey. I chuckled at times while reading this. Especially with Maggie’s character. I did really enjoy the fast pace and plot. I loved the characters and the twists in this book and I recommend this.

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review 2019-01-07 14:52
a good solid 4 star read!
Inciting a Riot (Riot MC #2) - Karen Renee
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. 6 years ago, Lorraine caught Cary (Vamp) in their bed with two other women and her world imploded. Now, he's back and fighting dirty. Fighting for Rainy's love, and for her life, when an ex turns nasty. This is book two in the Riot MC series, and I have not read book one. I'll come back, in a minute, to why I think I probably should have. For the most part, I DID enjoy this, I really did. There are just a couple of things that let it down, for ME. It's told ALMOST entirely from Rainy's point of view, in the first person. While it's clear, after a very short time who is speaking, it would have been nice to have been told. We do get a bit of Cary, in the third person, but not nearly enough for my liking! I needed MORE Cary. At several points along the way, Cary says something happened to him a few months ago, but it was never clarified just WHAT gave him the epiphany he had that made he realise who he needed to make his life complete. THIS is where I think I should have read book one first. Maybe THAT event is in that book. I NEEDED to know what happened, and we are not told that here. On a positive note, because it is mostly only Rainy who speaks, the MC stuff takes a bit of a back seat and I did like that. I wasn't too clear whether these guys are into all the illegal stuff that often comes with MC books, but I really don't care. These guys love their woman, hard, and everyone seems happy. Except Trixie, she's not a happy bunnie and I want her to be! Please Ms Renee, make Trixie happy! I did like the way the nutty ex thing so so darn complicated! So,, because of that missing information, because I needed more of Cary, and because I DID read it in one sitting. . . 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2019-01-06 14:20
Last Chance Proposal
Last Chance Proposal - Barbara DeLeo



















What would you do, if your son's grandparents tried to take your son away from you, because you were absent from his life for most of the years, and you are not considered capable at all of having a child on your own? Well, one of the leads from this truly wonderfully built romance novel, thinks things through and decides to give his crazy plan a chance. What's his crazy plan? To travel all the way to New Zealand with his son, to once again meet the one woman he really loved but decided to leave behind and move far away from her, because he wasn't sure enough he was worthy enough of her love. Anyway, as he finally meets her after all of those years of them being apart, he asks her to be his pretend wife for a year, so he can prove to the courts that he's capable of having a child, but this time with a potential mother by his son's side. She eventually agrees to his crazy plan, and thus the sparks that were once alive, are once again reborn, and the two leads are finally given back the chance at love. But shall they get rid of their differences, shall they both realize that they were always meant to be, shall his son bring them closer together and ignite that passion they've once shared with one another? I've got to say that as far as romance novels go, this is by far one of the best that I've read, for it offers every single thing any romance novel should offer, but especially that forgotten love that's been given a chance to live again between two people who have always loved each other.  



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