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review 2017-05-29 18:25
Immortal Rider
Immortal Rider - Larissa Ione

I read the first books in Ione's Demonica series, I for some reason never considered reading any of the books in the spinoff Lords of Deliverance. I should have started these a while ago. These sit perfectly with the books I normally read. Glad I waited though, this definitely pulled me out of a reading slump.


I love that the characters from Demonica also appear in this. It was nice to get updates on them. I do think I may reread those books because I feel I have forgotten bits of them.


This seriously put me in mind of Showalter's LOTU books with the demon possessed Ares, a good thing in my opinion considering they are among my favorite books. 


This is has everything you want in a paranormal romance. The unique characters, the smutty sex, the hero with a bad side, etc. I tend to not love books in this genre where one of the main characters is human, but Ione's found a way to make the human unique and really drag her into thus world. I like how the female Cara grows into what she becomes but also holds true to her roots.


Bravo! Thank you book for pulling me from my slump. On to the next book just so happens I have a copy I rescued from a trash can at the airport about a year ago, still even smells like pickles.

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review 2017-04-17 15:47
Review: Razr by Larissa Ione
Razr: A Demonica Underworld Novella - Larissa Ione

Razr is a battle angel who hasn’t quite fallen, yet is banished from Heaven because of a costly mistake made by his team a century ago. He and his teammates lost three of Heaven’s most valuable weapons, the Gems of Enoch, and got their human custodians killed. Now he serves Azagoth (the Grim Reaper) and must be brutally punished until he can right the wrongs of his past.


Jedda is a world-renowned gem expert who is really a gem elf who can sense minerals’ energy, enabling her to locate precious jewels. Unknown to her clients, and any outside the elven realm, she needs this energy to live, doing what she must to survive. However, when she is forced by a Fallen to locate the Gems of Enoch, she realizes she may be in over her head.


Razr is the fourth Demonica novella that focuses on the beings who live in and rule over the Underworld. While the first two novellas had close ties to the overall Demonica storylines, the more recent titles are very much independent, with Razr opening up and expanding the universe’s mythology to include elves and their realms. This new world gives the series the potential to start entirely new story arcs, leaving Demonica entirely.


Razr and Jedda seem to be made for one another as the story progresses and we learn the nature of both the gem elf and the Gems of Enoch. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts right from the start, and their predestined feel allows the characters to reach “I love you” in only a few short days. I like that both are pretty open and honest, risking themselves for the other. And while the outcome is somewhat predictable, I still enjoyed how the author makes everything work by the end.


Razr is another fun story in the Demonica series. However, I’m finding that the novellas lack the depth and complexity of the full-length stories. While the novellas are entertaining and I enjoy them, I miss the series novels. The quick to I love you and crazy escapades in such a short timeframe are getting a bit repetitive and over the top for my continued consumption, and I really hope Ms. Ione opts to bring readers a full-length story soon. 


My Rating: B/B-

Review copy provided by Inkslinger blog tour

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review 2017-01-23 14:47
Blood Red Kiss
Blood Red Kiss - Gena Showalter,Kresley Cole,Larissa Ione

The Warlord Wants Forever - Immortals After Dark, Book 1 - Kresley Cole - 4 Stars - Nikolai Wroth, Myst the Coveted - I read this book previously as a part of Playing Easy to Get. My previous review

Forsaken by Night - MoonBound Clan Vampires, Book 2.5 - Larissa Ione- Stars - CHARACTER NAMES - I will come back to this when I read this series

Dark Swan - Otherworld Assassin, Book 2.5 - Gena Showalter - 2 Stars - Lilica Swan, Dallas Guiterrez - I’m torn on this one. I enjoyed the story overall but man it took forever for me to read it. Lilica was all things strong and loyal. Dallas is very gruff on the outside but a bit of a marshmallow on the inside. I adored his friendship with Devyn. Despite great characters I tended to fall asleep every time I picked up this book. So while I appreciate the world, the story and the delicious sexual tension between Dallas and Lilica I have to give this story a 2.

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review 2016-10-11 18:33
Blood Red Kiss
Blood Red Kiss - Gena Showalter,Kresley Cole,Larissa Ione

I love Cole's Immortals After Dark series. I am a bit put off that this is not a new story for the series. It is the first one,  “The Warlord Wants Forever.” It did have a rewrite though, but the story is as I remember, but a bit better written. One less star for not being brand spanking new. 


Ione is an author I have just recently read. Though I did find out that I did read a few books from her a while ago. This is a good addition to her MoonBound Clan Vampires. This helped to push me towards continuing with her books. So far I have a meh feeling most of what I have read, but I really liked this one. She write vampire differently than what I have experienced from others.


I am really liking that Showalter's contribution to this has brought a new series, rather spinoff, to my attention. Otherworld Assassins is very close to the top of my to read pile. I love this author.


This is a good anthology for anyone wanting to find new paranormal romance authors to read. Though I find it hard to imagine that fans of the genre have not yet tried them out, they are big names.

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review 2016-10-01 14:34
Review: Blood Red Kiss Anthology
Blood Red Kiss - Gena Showalter,Kresley Cole,Larissa Ione

The first title in the Blood Red Kiss anthology is a re-release of the first Immortals After Dark (IAD) title, “The Warlord Wants Forever,” which was originally released in 2006, and I read and reviewed in January 2011. This was taken from my original review; I did not re-read the story.


“The Warlord Wants Forever” is a sexy romance between a Valkyrie warrior, Myst, and a turned vampire warlord, Wroth. She uses Wroth for information and then makes her escape, yet Myst does not kill the vampire – sworn enemy of the Valkyrie. For five years she cannot forget the warlord she left in misery and constant pain (the reason why he is in pain is pretty clever and humorous).  When Wroth finally catches up with Myst in “modern day” New Orleans, he claims her for himself. But can each overcome their pain and prejudice and fall in love?


The pace of the story is quick – which makes sense giving the shorter, novella-length format. Myst and Wroth’s romance is full of tension, violence and passionate sex. At one point, Wroth claims a sacred prize belonging to Myst which gives him complete and utter control over her. He abuses this power, and although he doesn’t use it to rape her, he forces her to face her lust and desirous feelings for Wroth.


What I adore about the romance is that when faced with ugly truths about themselves and their situation, Wroth allows their desire and love to come full-circle without the use of his stolen power.  The both realize “what is meant to be” and grow stronger because of it.


Overall, a promising start to the IAD series. I love the snarky lines and smexy males. 


“Forsaken by Night” is the second offering in the anthology. It is a brand new, long-awaited MoonBound Clan novella from Larissa Ione. It features Lobo, a vampire loosely associated with the MoonBound Clan. Lobo was banished from Moonbound over twelve years ago after he shifted to resemble another vampire, a rare and much-feared power Lobo possesses as a skinwalker. Lobo’s constant companion is a smarter-than-average wolf Tehya, who continually projects the image of a specific woman into his mind. When a poacher fatally wounds Tehya, Lobo commits the ultimate taboo and shifts to look like Moonbound Clan chief, Hunter, so he can enter their territory and get the help Tehya requires to survive.


Tehya and Lobo make an interesting, unique couple. They fit together well, after spending 12 years together as man and wolf. The author makes it clear that while neither felt anything sexual toward the other in those first years, they had formed a bond that was more than wolf and man and definitely not master/pet. Their attraction is mutual and immediate, thanks in large part to Tehya’s abilities to mentally connect to Lobo when she was a wolf. I liked their loner-by-nature, yet perfect as a pair chemistry.


Overall, Forsaken by Night was a real treat for Moonbound Clan fans like myself. I had series love for the series and interesting mythology after the first two books and have been waiting for more from this series. I hope this means Ms. Ione will be turning out more soon!


The final story in this offering is “Dark Swan,” a new novella in Gena Showalter’s  Otherworld Assassin series. I’ve never read any of the titles in the series, and was glad that the story was written to work well as a standalone. However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t a little overwhelmed by the incredibly detailed and complex mythology Gena presents in her story.


The prologue introduces readers to the Swan sisters, alien-human hybrids developed in a lab in an effort to create the ultimate super soldier. Trinity is firstborn and most beautiful, Jade is a mental mess, and the youngest, the darkest, Lilica, can control humans with her voice. They were experimented on and treated awfully. 


Fast-forward to present day when Alien Investigation and Removal agent Dallas Gutierrez has a premonition that Trinity, now the queen of the Schön (a monster that has sex to spread the Schön disease or it will eat away at her, turning her into a zombie), is going to start causing series trouble. Dallas finds himself attracted to and bonded with Lilica, and he intends to use her in order to capture and destroy Trinity.


“Dark Swan” was quite a bit of a wild ride for me. The numerous alien races and hybrids were a lot to take in, as were the many rules of the world. At times, I felt like the author just made up new powers and rules for the powers as she went along. Regardless, “Dark Swan” was a fun read, and definitely piqued my interest for the series on whole. Dallas and Lilica may have been forced together due to circumstance, but their mating felt like it was written in the stars, so to speak. The author makes a great case that they fell in love rather than the bond just bringing them together. The constant state of arousal in both, along with their banter, which gave way to compromise and trust, made for an entertaining read.


Blood Red Kiss is a powerhouse anthology from three masters of paranormal storytelling. The stories are entertaining, exciting, and sexy. The publisher has also tossed in some background info on the IAD Series and included a silly group text of the three authors procrastinating while under deadlines.


My Rating: B, Liked It

Review copy provided by Netgalley

Originally posted at That's What I'm Talking About

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