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review 2020-04-18 07:23
Book Review for My Holiday Secret Jackson Kane
My Holiday Secret - Jackson Kane,Roxy Sinclaire


I have to say that this was one hot and funny read ! The characters were down right hilarious and the whole entire time we were reading about this dysfunctional family the only thing that came to mind is that this is just like that movie with Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation and we just laughed harder.


The Holiday started of great with a hot sexy guy and a really hot bang but,from then on it was just a total disaster but, meeting your mystery man yet again just may have turned out to be your saving grace as well as your Christmas Miracle.


Overall for such a short Holiday read that was packed with a whole lot of laughs and one that you when when your not even looking love might of come a knocking.


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text 2020-04-13 00:50
 Andino + Haven: The Complete Duet by Bethany-Kris - Bethany-Kris



Let's start off by saying that Bethany Kris is one of our all time favorite authors as her character's are intriguing,broken,deadly,love-able and she creates tons of drama,suspense,romance and awesome bad guys that always keeps us glued to the pages the entire time and Andino's Duet was all these things and more.

The character's in this current tale  were totally awesome.I will have to admit that we have had a little bit of a lovehate relationship with Andino up to this point but, In this story we really saw Andino in a whole different light and we loved what we saw.Andino was all about family first meaning the mafia,but this time around Andino went to the extreme to see that his families safety and welfare of his mafia family and that of his families legacy . His family members were to protected at all cost and the threat to them gone once and for all.
We loved that Andino was smart ,conniving,cumming, a master manipulator in this tale but, what we loved most is that Andino was bitten by the love bug like so many others in his family and its the perfect time as his life is currently messy and hard and has tons of obstacles in his way but,  he is working hard to obtain what he desires the most and it will be all the more rewarding if things play out the way he hopes they will. One thing that we always loved the most about Andino is his devotion to John whether it is watching his back or having it and also never treating him differently because of his struggling issues with mental illness.
Haven was a breath of fresh air and we loved her sassiness,winning personality,loyalty and her sexy good looks and her devotion to her family and friends and the lengths she goes to seeing them happy and healthy.We loved the little firecracker with her tell it like it is attitude and her attitude is just the right thing to shake things up in Andino's regimented world.We loved seeing a whole other side of Andino just by loving Haven and spending every free moment he had to spend with her as she calmed all the cogs that were always moving in his brain and with Haven he could turn it all off and just be Andino the man and not Andino the Don.
Andino with his dog Snaps priceless !
This tale took us on one heck of a ride with a very messy love story and a story that looked bleak and unattainable to having tons of drama,suspense,intrigue and a great cast of characters as those Marcello's are the bomb and that is including their women.This story was filled with a lot of moving parts and twists and turns keeping us constantly engrossed in the pages.Andino is playing one of the biggest chess games of his life to see if his play and his biggest gamble will play out the way he wants it to and then he would  be rewarded  with the only women he has ever loved and his desire to spend a lifetime with the women who stole his heart that is his everything and is his equal in every way.
"A beautiful written story and we absolutely loved it !"


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review 2020-04-12 22:56
Book Review for He Hates Me by Isabella Starling and Rina Kent
He Hates Me (Hate & Love Duet, #1) - Isabella Starling,Rina Kent


Omg ! this was one intense read.The story drew you right in from the very first chapters and kept you glued to the pages the entire time.I have to say that reading this story made me feel edgy and uncomfortable and if I am being honest scared out of my whits most of the time because Jasper scared the hell out of me right from the onset of meeting him.I could not help but, be drawn to the dark and dangerous man and I can see why Georgina is being drawn to the man as he's a bit of a mystery but,  mostly she craves his dominance and the darkness that housed within him.
Georgina is in a rut in her life every day is the same old boring thing but, after meeting Jasper her life is anything but, because Jasper is  utter chaos and the sexy as sin man has gotten under her skin.I loved Georgina she at first seems tamed and timid but, in reality she is a she-cat with claws.
Jasper is dark ,dangerous and killer for the mob but, now you can add stalker to his resume. Georgina aka Petal has gotten under his skin as well and now he is playing a very dangerous of cat and mouse with his prey Petal but, at this point it is anybody's guess who will come out on top as he is obsessed and protective of her all the while toying with his prey and at the same time plans to take her life at some point when he is done with her but, will he ever be able to be done with her? .That is the million dollar question....
The story was suspenseful and intriguing and had a cast of great characters that we thoroughly enjoyed.This story got off to a wonderful start and I can't wait to see what happens next.Omg ! Omg ! We just loved it !I loved this duo as they did a amazing job drawing us into their web of darkness !
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review 2020-04-10 22:21
Derek (Grim Sinners Book 5) - LeAnn Ashers



This was a great addition to this ongoing series.We loved it from beginning to end of the story as I was action packed and intriguing and had a really great cast of characters.

We loved the chemistry Derek and Brittany had together they truly made a awesome couple and they were so hot together.We loved when a story draws you right in from the very first chapters and when this happens to us we are going to love it and we did that.We were on the seat of out pants the entire time !The old ladies were the bomb in this story this time around what bad*****!This story was filled with tons of drama and suspense and a whole lot of love.The story a time or two even made me laugh out loud.

This current story made it on to a favorites list.This story was a long time coming considering this couple played a cat a mouse game for and entire year .

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review 2020-03-03 23:19
Creeping Beautiful Kindle Edition - 'JA Huss'

OMG ! What and intense and riveting read this was! " I was on the seat of my pants the entire time until the end." Omg ! I am still reeling for this book even after reading it.

Talk about complicated characters "well", this one was loaded with them as they were all mysterious and dangerous and all held mind blowing secrets.

I cannot explain how much I loved this story as it was complicated and intriguing and mysterious and one that you knew eventually would turn into one heck of a complex love triangle. There were parts unraveling throughout the story I did not see coming.All the characters simply amazing,The plot itself was a little unnerving but, drew you in from the very first pages so much so you could not put it down."The ending omg ! what a shocker and had there been another book I would have picked it up a dove right back in again and would have huddle under the covers in bed and not come out until that book was finished too."I can't wait to see what happens next.The story mind boggling at times it was a bit confusing but, when turned the pages and the story start unfolding the players all started making sense.

Final thoughts

"This is the best romantic suspense read for us so far for 2020! " "We didn't want the story to end!"



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