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review 2019-01-07 21:04
Highlander Ever After - Paula Quinn

Great characters and entertaining plot made for yet another great MacGregor story in a long line of great stories following several generations from the same family.  This one follows the heir to the chieftain, Adam, and a woman sworn to marry him by the machinations of the Queen and future king of England. They definitely had a rocky start to their marriage but Adam is persistent and doesn’t give up on trying to make Sina feel welcomed on Skye, until they receive a letter from the new king demanding her return. At first he doesn’t seem inclined to fight for a woman that from the get-go told him she loved another, but distance does help the heart grow fonder and weeks after her return to London he comes to win her back. I enjoyed their story and I am glad that it does work out among all parties involved in the end. Sweet. Passionate. Exciting. And enjoyable all around.

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review 2019-01-07 14:51
ARC REVIEW Highlander Ever After by Paula Quinn
The Seduction of Miss Amelia Bell - Paula Quinn
The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd - Paula Quinn
The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchanan - Paula Quinn
The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor - Paula Quinn
The Taming of Malcolm Grant (The MacGregors: Highland Heirs) - Paula Quinn
A Highlander's Christmas Kiss (Highland Heirs) - Paula Quinn
The Scott's Bride - Paula Quinn
Laird of the Black Isle - Paula Quinn

Highlander Ever After (The MacGregors: Highland Heirs, #8)

The MacGregors: Highland Heirs #8, I jumped into this series at the halfway point but it was okay because each book pretty much reads as a standalone. I love Paula Quinn's writing style it's part of the reason I keep coming back to her books, whatever trope she's using she has the MacGregors make it their own. Another reason I keep coming back is that I love this family. The MacGregors' are warm and welcoming to friends and are just as fierce warriors as they are fiercely loyal to those who prove they are worthy. The family also has very close, very secret ties to Queen Anne so when she orders Adam MacGregor, the reluctant heir of the clan, to marry one of her ladies in waiting they have no choice but to follow her orders. Melusina de Arenburg was raised for court life she was a trusted Lady in Waiting and the bastard daughter of the heir to the throne; part of keeping her safe was keeping her unclaimed. Sina looked upon Queen Anne as a best friend and an almost mother like figure so she couldn't understand it when Anne orders her to the Highlands to marry someone from a very infamous clan rather than the man she wants to marry.

Sina is pretty much a spoiled brat when she gets there, acting like she's the only one who had her life disrupted, once she realizes they aren't the barbarians she thought they were and that her new family isn't all that bad she starts to open her heart to Adam, who she finds attractive as much as she hates that she does. Adam is nothing but patient with her, he gets aggravated and pissed off but he sympathizes with her and he likes her. Eventually they start to warm up to each other and fall in love unfortunately Queen Anne dies not to long after the wedding and soon enough Sina's father sends for her and she has to go back to London where the marriage will be annulled.

The second half of this book takes place in London where Adam tries to prove he's worthy of staying married to Sina, but under the disguise of someone else. Sina also along the way learns some very disturbing news that makes her long for Adam all the more. Normally I don't care for the books that take place in the King/Queen's Court with all those people and their power hungry machinations and backstabbing not knowing who to trust but there are a few exceptions and this is one of them.

Overall, this was such a good book. I hate to see the MacGregors go I really hope this isn't the last of them and that maybe the next generation will be up to a few adventures. 

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review 2018-12-31 00:06
The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend's Sister by Meghan Quinn
The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend's Sister - Meghan Quinn


Am so tired of hearing people say that nice girls finish last. Meghan Quinn throws that adage right out the window with Julia. She's the girl that constantly gets overlooked, until the day somebody got caught looking back. It's love at first sight for golden boy Bram Scott, when he sees his best friend's sister for the first time. The guy with all the right moves, proceeded to fall flat on his face. Now that he finally has her in his sights, all bets are off. He knows what he wants and will use any means necessary to get it. Failure is not an option. He's playing for keeps. The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend's Sister uses humor to knock down stereotypes and deliver some valuable truths. Quinn is good at laughing her way right into a heart with her at times unconventional, but always irresistible characters.

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review 2018-12-21 03:47
Audiobook Review: Three Blind Dates (Dating by Numbers, #1) by Meghan Quinn (Author), Ava Erickson (Narrator), Aidan Snow (Narrator)
Three Blind Dates - Meghan Quinn


She's been looking for love in all the wrong places. Will this be the time she finally gets it right? Meghan Quinn has never been afraid to put her humorous side on display. In my opinion that's what makes her characters so endearing. We're all flawed and her stories remind us it's okay to own the imperfections in ourselves. Three Blind Dates is an irresistible look at love from every angle. The good, the bad and the ugly, through the eyes of a successful heroine. Her neuroses are a tad eccentric, but no less lovable. Noely longs for a life to call her own. Away from the spotlight and the celebrity. She craves something real. Quinn warms the heart with hints of wisdom, humorous dialogue and captivating characters. A win all the way around.

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review 2018-12-05 00:00
Laird of the Mist
Laird of the Mist - Paula Quinn I kinda of started to lose focus. So many books and all that.
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