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review 2017-06-20 22:44
She-Hulk (2005-2009) #1 - Dan Slott,Juan Bobillo,Greg Horn

This posits that Jennifer Walters is a smart, studious lawyer, and She-Hulk is an uncontrollable party girl.   It's actually an intriguing supposition, if it hadn't been dealt with the way it had been. 


See, Jennifer Walters is embarrassed that people might sleep with She-Hulk and wake up to see her.   It's the look on their faces that make her want to be She-Hulk all the time.   And again, this could be an interesting conundrum, if only Jennifer thought about this.   (Like the way the model she's dating tells her she's too shallow.   She just fumes, instead of considering that maybe if she spent more time as Jennifer she'd be less shallow - since that's what this book seems to be saying.)


There were a couple fun moments, but mostly I really didn't like this direction.   She-Hulk did feel shallow, and portraying her as a bimbo didn't make sense to me given how others seemed to worship She-Hulk until Jennifer thought it was better to be She-Hulk.   I find Jennifer to be not only more thoughtful - of others, as well as more thoughtful in general - but also more interesting, so I wasn't happy with the direction this went in, to be honest. 


The art was actually nice, but not enough to save this book from the writing.

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review 2017-02-06 02:47
Jen continues to struggle
Hulk (2016-) #2 - Mariko Tamaki,Nico Leon,Jeff Dekal

And I find this incredibly compelling.   She has good days and bad days and manages to laugh and smile with her assistant.   However, she also still curls up into balls and hits things - with Hulk strength - and is having a little trouble maintaining her work life and self-care at the same time. 


And this is the thing: traumatized people, and depressed people?   They can work hard to hide it, and get very good at that.   They also aren't necessarily fragile all the time.   They can have good days, or moments, and bad.  They aren't unwell on anyone else's schedule.   In other words: this feels like a realistic and compassionate take. Marvel not only gets bolder in its storytelling, but tells more relevant stories. 


And I am loving this.   No superheroics as of yet, but there's more than enough here to keep me not only occupied, but happily so.  


There's a little more revelation about Jen's client - and her still mysterious friend, a little more about Jen's current mental state, and more of her just getting through day by day.   I hope this continues to be excellent and real and relevant.   


Highly recommended!  I wanted to support more women-oriented books during Newbury's Marvel buy one, get one free sale.  This is the best buy yet, and I actually only got one at first and went back the next day for two. 


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review 2017-02-06 02:38
Jen is traumatized, and it shows very clearly
Hulk (2016-) #1 - Mariko Tamaki,Nico Leon,Jeff Dekal

Marvel is more and more concerned with the trauma of war - or of fighting at the very least.   Their heroes are now scarred mentally - and dealing with  it in a proactive, and positive way.  


When Jennifer Walters is almost killed, and ends up in a coma, she wakes to find that an Avenger, Hawkeye, has killed her cousin, Bruce Banner.   At his request.   In addition, Hakweye is prosecuted by Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, and yet he still is aquitted.   


Jen is trying to simply be what she was before she was turned into the She-Hulk: a lawyer. It doesn't help that she curls into balls, and still rages, but someone suggested that she watch cooking shows on youtube.   She doesn't cook - but they calm her down. 


She's treading a very fine line, and although her work helping a NuHuman stay in her house, is helping her... 


It may not be enough.   She's energized by her work, and seeing justice done, but her new client may have another sinister benefactor she doesn't know about - and one can be energized and passionate about their work, but still succumb to bouts of terror.   Jen still suffers, and she's trying to balance work with self-care.   It's hard. 


It's also the first time I'm truly in love with this character.   I've said about myself that sometimes the hardest thing isn't doing anything extraordinary, but simply getting through a tremendously shitty day.   And Jen feels stronger for how low she's been brought down.   She's going through the roughest patch in her life - and making it day by day.   And somehow I respect her more for this than her heroics.   It's a bold choice to show her this vulnerable, and I believe it's paid off already.   This is, in my mind, Jennifer Walter's best series: I feel more for her, I feel so much sympathy even in the first two issues that are already out. 


I'll be getting more of this series, although given how much Marvel I buy and that they don't give codes out anymore, I may wait for a Comixology sale before indulging in more of this!

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review 2017-01-24 11:49
A-Force Presents Vol. 1 - G. Willow Wils... A-Force Presents Vol. 1 - G. Willow Wilson,Nathan Edmondson,Kelly Sue Deconnick,Jason Aaron,Phil Noto,David Lopez,Adrian Alphona,Russell Dauterman

Episode 1 of several Marvel Superheroines.  I had previously read Thor and Ms Marvel and found both quite good, this added some heroines to graphic novels I have to search out. She-Hulk looks very interesting but Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is not my type.

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review 2016-06-25 01:37
Just not doing it for me...
Timely Comics: The Totally Awesome Hulk #1 (Timely Comics (2016)) - Greg Pak,Frank Cho

There's a new Hulk, he's a teen, and you wouldn't like him when he's horny.   Or at least, I don't.   See, when Amadeus Cho turns into the Hulk, his teenage hormones go crazy and he hits on every single woman ever. 


I get they're trying to do something different with the Hulk, but the sexual harassment gets old reeeeeal quick.   (A woman tells him she's not available because boyfriend and he continues.)  Even Cho's sister, who tries to keep him in check, doesn't save this series, not completely.  


That being said: there's some clever banter, and some potential interesting things going on.   Like Cho worshiped Banner as The Hulk, but also insists he isn't like Banner.   The psychological disconnect could be fascinating.  The fact that he is actually sexually harassing these women could get interesting if Marvel chooses to address this, and I think they should.   They've been so good about being friendly to almost all their readers in general, and then this.  


Not sure I'll continue this series at this point, and I only started because I had credit on Amazon and this was the first three issues for three dollars.  (The Timely Comics imprint are cheap compilations of the beginnings of series, obviously in the hopes that people will continue.)

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