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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-11-12 18:36
Stalker: Thriller - Louise Voss,Mark Edw... Stalker: Thriller - Louise Voss,Mark Edwards,Beate Brammertz

€ 9,99 [D] inkl. MwSt. 


€ 10,30 [A] |  CHF 13,90* 


(* empf. VK-Preis) 


Taschenbuch, BroschurISBN: 978-3-442-74571-5




Erschienen: 14.08.2017 




Alex Parkinson ist wie vom Blitz getroffen, als er seine Dozentin aus dem Schreibkurs zum ersten Mal sieht. Siobhan ist wunderschön, intelligent und teilt auch noch seine große Leidenschaft: das Schreiben. Niemals zuvor hat er jemanden so sehr geliebt. Doch wie kann er Siobhan davon überzeugen, dass sie zusammengehören? Besessen von der Idee, sein Leben mit ihr zu teilen, findet Alex heraus, wo Siobhan wohnt, verliert seinen Job für sie, macht ihr Geschenke, kümmert sich um ihre Katze, liest in ihrem Tagebuch. Alex würde alles für Siobhan tun – bis plötzlich eine junge Frau tot vor ihrem Haus liegt …

Meine Meinung:


Ich bin durch den ja sehr aussagekräftigen Titel auf das Buch aufmerksam geworden. Ich habe bisher zwei Stalkingromane gelesen, da mich das Thema sehr interessiert. Freundlicherweise wurde mir das Buch zu Rezensionszwecken vom Verlag zur Verfügung gestellt.

Der Einstieg in das Buch ist mir anfangs nicht ganz so leicht gefallen, habe mich nach einiger Zeit aber gut herein gefunden. 

Das Buch fängt direkt ziemlich heftig an, da geht es ja um den Mord an die unbeteiligte junge Frau. 

Ich muss aber sagen, dass ich insgesamt den ersten Teil nicht sonderlich spannend fand, dies kam zum Glück später noch. 

Im zweiten Teil ging es dann richtig zur Sache. Ich hatte nie mit den vielen kompletten Wendungen und Veränderungen der Charaktere gerechnet. Ab da war das Buch ein absoluter Pageturner für mich. Andererseits fand ich diese Wendung aber auch etwas unrealistisch und auch sehr heftig. Genau das hat das Buch aber auch irgendwie besonders gemacht. 

Alles in allem war dies ein interessantes Buch über Stalking, auch, dass sich die Dinge wenden können. Von mir gibt es eine Kauf- und Leseempfehlung für alle, die gerne etwas mit dieser Thematik lesen möchten. Von mir bekommt das Buch 4 Sterne. 

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review 2017-07-03 13:25
The Lucky Ones - Mark Edwards

Here we have a villain who punishes people if they've been good and also if they've been bad too - there's just no pleasing some people! The killer ensures people are at their most happiest, then they die and Imogen Evans has to work fast to ensure no one else suffers the same fate, so there is much toing and froing across the lovely county of Shropshire. Definitely a thriller, a thriller with lots of suspense to keep everyone gripped. Every time I thought I knew whodunnit, it turns out I didn't. Loved the story and twist at the end. Not a book for a work commute as you might just forget to get off so make sure you have plenty of time because once started, you will want to finish it, with as few interruptions as possible!

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review 2017-07-01 04:54
The Lucky Ones
The Lucky Ones - Mark Edwards

By: Mark Edwards 

ISBN: 978-1477848272

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer 

Publication Date:  6/15/2017 

Format: Other

My Rating: 5 Stars


Bestselling author, Mark Edwards returns following (2016)The Devil’s Work with his latest THE LUCKY ONES a twisty psycho-thriller featuring a serial killer who wants his victims to die happy. 

Perfectly happy and ready to die. A killer who tries to make his victims’ lives perfect before he kills them. 

Set in Shropshire, we meet a detective, an average man who desires a better life, and a killer. Told from different POV with two parts. 

Who will be “The Lucky Ones?” Does he "make" them happy? How does the murderer know what needs fixing in their lives? 

Detective Imogen Evans knew bodies were not discovered in picturesque places like this. Her first serial killer, the man the tabloids called the Shropshire Viper had struck –a snake, fangs glistening with venom for the third time.

A killer who likes a little cocktail of morphine to keep his victims smiling.


Ben Holland is newly separated (cheating wife), raising an eleven-year-old son, Ollie on his own. Things are not going well and his finances are strained. His mom has terminal cancer. He is down on his luck. However, soon his luck may change. 

The killer is one evil guy (of course Edwards is no stranger to unique twists). The Viper wants his victims to die in bliss. He wants them to die happy. He manipulates their lives and circumstances and turns their life around, to end their life on a good note. 

There does not seem to be a link between the victims and DI Inspector Imogen Evans is driven to solve this crime before he strikes next. The Secret of Happy Place. Why does their body turn up in their “happy place?”

Intense! If you are a fan of talented "thriller King", Mark Edwards— you have come to expect gripping, entertaining and a well-crafted twisty plot with characters who come alive on the page. 

From suspenseful plotting and solid character development, this complex fast-paced page-turner will keep fans reading into the wee hours of the morning— nothing predictable here! 

Top-of-the-line thriller writing with remarkable skill. For fans of Stephen King, Linwood Barclay, Paul Cleave, and Jennifer Hillier. For new readers who enjoy a mix of crime, humor, and psychological— suspense, mystery, horror, and thriller.

If you have not read Follow You Home (2015), highly recommend —one of my favorites! Top Books of 2015. 

A special thank you to Thomas & Mercer for an early reading copy. 

Also purchased the audiobook narrated by Simon Mattacks for an edge-of-your-seat chilling performance.




Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/single-post/2017/03/01/The-Lucky-Ones
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review 2017-04-08 20:33
The Lucky Ones.
The Lucky Ones - Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards gives good psychological thriller. Its been true since he started writing them but each book has been better than the last and The Lucky Ones was really excellent, with that genuine addictive quality and a clever, fast moving, considered plot that keeps things nicely unpredictable.


The Lucky Ones is kind of a hybrid serial killer/psychological thriller, as ever the author has created some memorable characters – then thrown them into untenable situations and messed with their happy place (in this case literally) It is gripping stuff, as bodies pile up and nobody can get a handle on anything – in the meantime we follow along with Ben and son Ollie as they both come to terms with a marital split, but suddenly find themselves caught up in something much worse.


I loved the setting here – so beautifully tranquil which made the odd dead body suddenly lying around all the more real – I also thought the police procedural elements were beautifully layered into the wider plot so it all read perfectly, as the story twists and turns towards its ultimate solution you’ll be hanging off every page.


Look to be honest I’m a bit numbed to this genre now reading so  widely in it as I do, but whilst there are occasional good ones and many more enjoyable ones and the very very odd incredible one, I know that with this author I’m in safe hands. I never do anything less than bang through them, completely engaged, immersed into whatever story is being told, the characters never fail to stay with me and I’m never quite sure what I’m going to get. Quality writing, quality storytelling, imaginative plotting and a damn fine read, that I know but as for the rest, well its a mystery.


Whilst I think that “The Magpies” will remain definitively my favourite novel from Mark Edwards (is that somewhat of a challenge? Absolutely!) The Lucky Ones is without doubt one of the best. So yes. Highly Recommended.


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review 2016-12-22 17:11
The Devil's Work - Mark Edwards

Wow - just had to keep reading until the very last word. No interruptions allowed and that doesn't happen very often! Sophie thinks she has found her dream job when her daughter Daisy starts nursery. What could be better than working for a publisher of children's books? Things don't go smoothly from day one and she feels someone has got it in for her but just how much, she has yet to find out. This is one of those books which grab you from the first line and snatches you away like a super fast lift. Brilliant story and I was sorry to reach the end!

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