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review 2019-11-18 15:34
Review: Magic Edge (Dragon Born Alexandria #1) by Ella Summers
Magic Edge (Dragon Born Alexandria Book 1) - Ella Summers
Magic Edge
Dragon Born Alexandria #1
Ella Summers
Urban Fantasy
Night Spark Media
November 8, 2015
Kindle Unlimited


Mercenary mage Alex Dering has spent most of her life killing deadly monsters for only peanuts in return—until the world’s most legendary immortal hires her for a prestigious assignment in Europe. In return for hunting down misbehaving supernaturals, he’s going to pay her a boatload of cash.


But a straightforward slash and burn extermination in Zurich gets a whole lot more complicated for Alex when a gang of vampires steals one piece of a magical artifact that, once assembled, has the power to kill every supernatural in the city. Well out of her depth, she’s forced into a precarious partnership with a notorious assassin, a man as seductive as he is deadly. With a band of killers hot on their trail, Alex has no choice but to trust him—even if that trust could expose her most guarded secret.






Magic Edge is book one in the Dragon Born Alexandria series by Ella Summers. Now I am trying to read the series in order with all the other Dragon Born world books.


This book reminded me of the Hidden Legacy series; because of all the magic and we had this one scene that was similar to the chained up scene in Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews. Is this series as good as Andrews, no, but it was still entertaining.


We get assassins, hate groups, magic orb’s with apocalyptic tendencies, and lots of action.


Alex is Serafina’s sister. She’s headstrong, reckless, and confident. She’s a bad ass, dragon born and hides her magic. Then we have Logan an assassin. When we meet him he’s a mystery and you wonder about him throughout the story. When the author reveals something big about him it’s a surprise and an interesting twist.


We do get a few secondary characters. I enjoyed them. One character was Marek who is Alex’s friend and bit of comic relief. He doesn’t know what she is, but that doesn’t stop her from making friends.


The hate group, the Convictionites, are a cult of humans who have known about magic and it’s creatures. They seek to destroy that world and to do so they use magic even though they hate it.


Logan and Alex are rivals forced to work together. They are attracted to each other right way and it’s a very strong attraction. Their is lots of sexual tension between them and their first kiss is HAWT. Both are a little crazy and have their own demons, but they kinda complement each other.


Magic Edge was an ok read. It’s a fun fluff with a magic edge. It’s fast-paced and full of action.


Rated: 3 Stars


You do need to read the Dragon Born World series in order:


  • Mercenary Magic (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 1)
  • Magic Edge (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 1)
  • Magic Games (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 2)
  • Magic Nights (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 3)
  • Blood Magic (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 2)
  • Magic Kingdom (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 3)
  • Fairy Magic (Dragon Born Awakening, Book 1)
  • Rival Magic (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 4)
  • Shadow World: A Dragon Born Trilogy
  • Spirit Magic (Dragon Born Awakening, Book 2)
  • Magic Immortal (Dragon Born Awakening, Book 3)
  • Shadow Magic (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 4)


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Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2019/11/review-magic-edge-dragon-born-alexandria-1-by-ella-summers
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review 2019-11-14 17:48
"Shattered Bonds - Jane Yellowrock #13" by Faith Hunter - a reboot of the series?
Shattered Bonds - Faith Hunter,Khristine Hvam

"Dark Queen" brought the long story arc of Jane Yellowrock's relationship with Leo Pellissier, Vampire Master of The City of New Orleans to a dramatic close and found Jane putting her affairs in order and slipping away to die on an estate in the Appalachian Mountains where Beast can survive.

If none of that makes sense to you, then head back to the beginning of the series and settle down for a fun ride with strong characters, complex relationships and an ever-evolving world of vampires, witches and weres.

If it does make sense to you, then the good news is that "Shattered Bonds" gives a promising basis for rebooting the series in a slightly different direction.

I was pleased to see that Jane and Beast are centre stage in this novel. I always enjoy Beast's appearances but this storyline develops the relationship between Jane and Beast in a convincing and interesting way.

The ensemble cast that makes up Jane's adopted family, the Younger Brothers and George Dumas plus the extended Yellowrock Clan are all in play plus Molly Trueblood's family (husband, children and all her sisters).

There's another, apparently invincible and extremely nasty, Son Of Darkness to face and Jane is still dying of a magic-related cancer.

This is a novel where the intense scenes that shape the relationships between the characters are the ones that shine; where Jane makes some very unconventional choices, even for Jane and where Faith Hunter once again comes up with a plot that plausibly twists what we thought we knew into a new shape.


Khristine Hvam does her usual splendid job with the narration. Click on the SoundCloud link below to hear a sample.

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review 2019-11-14 15:45
Audiobook Review: Sapphire Flames (Hidden Legacy #4) by Ilona Andrews (Narrator: Emily Rankin)
Sapphire Flames (Hidden Legacy #4) - Ilona Andrews
Sapphire Flames
Hidden Legacy #4
Ilona Andrews (Narrator: Emily Rankin)
Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy
August 27th 2019
12 hours and 32 minutes


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrew comes an enthralling new trilogy set in the Hidden Legacy world, where magic means power, and family bloodlines are the new currency of society…


In a world where magic is the key to power and wealth, Catalina Baylor is a Prime, the highest rank of magic user, and the Head of her House. Catalina has always been afraid to use her unique powers, but when her friend’s mother and sister are murdered, Catalina risks her reputation and safety to unravel the mystery.


But behind the scenes powerful forces are at work, and one of them is Alessandro Sagredo, the Italian Prime who was once Catalina’s teenage crush. Dangerous and unpredictable, Alessandro’s true motives are unclear, but he’s drawn to Catalina like a moth to a flame.


To help her friend, Catalina must test the limits of her extraordinary powers, but doing so may cost her both her House–and her heart.




Barnes & Noble





I love diving into an Andrews novel. I can always expect to feel a verity of emotions. To be sucked into the story and swept away.


When we start, Sapphire Flames, 3 years have passed since the Baylor family came out as a house. Their safety buffer is coming to an end.


We meet up with Runa who we’ve seen briefly in a another novel. Her mother and sister are found dead and Runa has deiced to hire the Baylor family to find the killer. This case becomes much more complex then expected and Catalina has to face many dangers and choices.


Catalina is now 21, a Prime, and head of the Baylor House since her sister’s nuptials. I enjoyed Catalina and her tack charge attitude. She has to manage a lot in Sapphire Flames. She’s strong, independent, selfless, determined and brave. She handled herself well and proved to be a worthy adversary. We see a significant growth with Catalina from when we first meet her as the shy quiet type to the head of a House.


Alessandro Sagredo swoops in when Catalina finds herself in danger. He appears to be one thing, but he’s something else. He plays the pretty boy, but there are so many layers to him that I cannot wait to peel each one away.


These two have a wonderful back-and-forth banter full of snark and sparks. Although there was a hint of romance, it was not an integral part of the plot. The focus was on solving a crime and putting an end to a network of assassins.


The story moves along quickly. The double-murder mysteries are intriguing and our ending leaves you wondering what will come next. The wording-building is extraordinary and the surprises will shock you. Their is much much more going on then we know.


I was hooked from the first word and couldn’t stop until the end. I can’t wait for the next novel. Sapphire Flamescan be read as a standalone in that the Andrews Team provides sufficient background information, but I’d recommend reading the series in order.


Narration: Emily Rankin did a wonderful job. Her voices are comfortable and distinctive. I enjoyed her performance of Bug and Alessandro. I felt for Catalina; because Rankin vividly brings out her emotions and makes you feel for her. I’d recommend the audio.


Rated: 4.5 Stars


Was this review helpful? If so, please consider liking it on Goodreads (Angela)!












I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2019/11/audiobook-review-sapphire-flames-hidden-legacy-4-by-ilona-andrews-narrator-emily-rankin
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review 2019-11-13 15:50
Audiobook Review: Wolf Rain (Psy-Changeling Trinity #3) by Nalini Singh (Narrator: Angela Dawe)
Wolf Rain - Nalini Singh
Wolf Rain
Psy-Changeling Trinity #3
Nalini Singh (Narrator: Angela Dawe)
Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy
Tantor Audio
June 4, 2019
13 hours and 26 minutes


New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes us on a new adventure in this next novel of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series…


The end of Silence was supposed to create a better world for future generations. But trust is broken, and the alliance between Psy, Changeling, and human is thin. The problems that led to Silence are back in full force. Because Silence fixed nothing, just hid the problems.


This time, the Psy have to find a real answer to their problems—if one exists. Or their race will soon go extinct in a cascade of violence. The answer begins with an empath who is attuned to monsters—and who is going to charm a wolf into loving her despite his own demons.


Contains mature themes.




Barnes & Noble


Book Depository




Wolf Rain is book three in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series by Nalini Singh. 

Singh never disappoints! 


In Wolf Rain we go back to the SnowDancer pack. 


Alexei is a lieutenant in the SnowDancer pack. I recognized him, but it took some memory jogging to fully pick out who he is. He used to be fun loving and outgoing, but with a tragedy in his past he’s become more recluse and not as easy going. It was intestine learning more about Alexi and seeing his struggle. Even with the pretty boy looks he’s a fighter. He wouldn’t be a lieutenant otherwise. I liked how he tried to give Memory her space and time for her to figure out who she is. He’s also got a sweet side that only the cubs and Memory see. It was touching seeing him evolve and resolve the past trauma with Memory by his side.


Memory is an E-Psy who’s been kept prisoner since childhood by another Psy. This other Psy has used Memory’s unique abilities to make himself a better murder. She’s a fighter. The emotional, mentally, and physically abuse she goes through is tough, but through it all she never gave up hope. I adored that she took the time to become her own person. I also found her unique ability interesting. Who knows, maybe it’s the key to preventing the PsyNet from collapsing. 


As usual Singh combines a verity of elements regarding the Psy and shattering of Silence as well as a sensual and emotionally rich romance. I just adore this world and can’t wait to see where things go from here.


Narration: Angela Dawe has a great range of voices and accents. I could distinguish each character. The other thing I love about the audio is that the emotional struggles our characters face come across in such a real way that I became engrossed and couldn’t stop listening. I absolutely loved the audio. 


Rated: 5 Stars


Was this review helpful? If so, please consider liking it on Goodreads (Angela)!









Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2019/11/audiobook-review-wolf-rain-psy-changeling-trinity-3-by-nalini-singh-narrator-angela-dawe
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text 2019-11-09 20:49
OK - my cranky old guy won - abandoned at 25% because I can't take any more of this writing.
Unchained - Shayne Silvers

I suspect there's a good story here but I'm only going to find out what it is if someone makes a TV series.


I can't cope with the text. It doesn't work and every time it fails. I'm pulled away from the story.


What finally made me give in was a chapter in which our heroine goes to a fancy auction to make a bid on an important artefact. The words used to describe the people in the crowd and our heroine's reaction to them left me baffled.


It started with describing a man in the crowd by saying:


"He looked deceptively strong."


What does that mean? If he looks strong then where's the deception? If he's stronger than he looks how can you tell you're being deceived only by looking at him?


Then I got the reaction of the crowd to a dominant male described as:


"Those around him gave him a discreet, but wide berth. Several paces around him remained empty." 


What part of giving someone a wide berth is discrete? How do you do that?


Then I got this description of the route down into the auction hall:


"The stairs were half that of the ones we had entered,"


I think the author means to say there were half as many stairs but WHY NOT SAY THAT.


A paragraph later, as the crowd starts to move to the auction hall, I got:


"I made no move as I turned back to the man who had mistaken me."

How do you do that? How do you simultaneously make no move and turn back?


What finally broke my will to read were two encounters within a few pages, with the word "Belaying":


"Faint creases marred the corners of his eyes, belying that he was no stranger to laughter."




"No one stood near the book now, belying that they had recorded the video prior to auction."


This made me want to give the author my impersonation of Mandy Patinkin in "The Princess Bride" and say:




I want to read a book to enjoy it, not to have it keep summoning my inner-snark, so I'm going to let *Unchained* remain unfinished.


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