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review 2017-05-18 12:00
My Soulmate's Secrets by darkroses
My Soulmate's Secrets - darkroses My Soulmate's Secrets - darkroses
Twelve year old Sam is rescued following prolonged abuse at the hands of child sex trafficker Azazel and his daughter Meg. Sixteen year old Dean cannot handle getting his brother and soulmate back in such a damaged state. Their father John and his brother Bobby do their best to help Sam recover some normality.

This is a long fanfic full of angst and introspection. Unbeta'd so expect typos and grammar mistakes.


Source: archiveofourown.org/works/3558917?view_full_work=true
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review 2017-03-12 04:15
Best fit
True Souls (The Soulmates Series Book 2) - Michele Gantz

This story is a prequel for the acclaimed Entwined Souls.  I recommend reading them in order, if possible.  Prepare for a burning hot read!


Michelle AKA Belle meets Jax after school from a new friend.  The instant connection is off the charts.  The air literally sizzles when they are in the same room.


Jax wants to stay away.  She is young, a friend to his sister.  The urge to be with her is clawing under his skin.  He wants to protect her.  The kisses are molten.  She is his.


This was such a fast paced read!  So much going on, and bless this author, with the flashbacks - it is easier to understand.  I loved the chemistry, even though it was quick.  Sometimes love just is.  I give this book a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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text 2016-06-10 17:37
Some rambling about soulmate romances and Robin D. Owens' Celta series

[Background info: I read books 1-4 of the Celta series many years ago. I recently reread book 5, Heart Quest, and I don’t think I’ve ever read any of the books beyond that one.]


Looking over my Celta books, I noticed I had books 5 through 9, except for book 7, Heart Fate. I took a closer look at book 7 and realized why I’d passed on that one. It’s Tinne Holly’s book.


For those who are unfamiliar with the Celta series, the books are all basically soulmate romances (called HeartMates here). In Heart Quest it’s mentioned that Tinne Holly knows who his HeartMate is and that she’s already married. I can’t remember if the earlier books gave more details, but it seemed to me like Tinne decided to try to move on.


Unlike a lot of romance readers, I actually like the soulmate trope. However, even I’m willing to admit that authors often use it as a crutch and/or avoid really digging into its implications. Tinne’s situation was interesting, because it seemed to show that not only do HeartMate relationships not always work out, but that the people involved can still end up in happy relationships. Tinne and his wife, Genista, respected each other and were mutually attracted to each other. Their marriage hit a serious bump at the end of Heart Quest, and a book that focused on them trying to get past that, even though they weren’t HeartMates, could have been really good. However, a quickie look at the Amazon page for Heart Fate tells me

that the two of them get divorced and the romance is then between Tinne and his HeartMate.

(spoiler show)


I don’t really know what I’m trying to say with this post. I suppose Heart Quest just got me thinking about soulmate romances. They can be fun, but some aspects of them are just disappointing. ::sigh::

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review 2016-04-08 00:46
My April InD'tale Magazine Review #2
Soulmate (Teen Paranormal Romance Series) (The Soulmate Series Book 1) - Kellie McAllen

Full review can be found HERE

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2016/04/my-2016-april-indtale-magazine-reviews.html
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review 2016-02-17 00:00
Alpha's Soulmate: M/M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alphas' Fated Mates Book 1)
Alpha's Soulmate: M/M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alphas' Fated Mates Book 1) - Kellan Larkin Well, this was quite awful.

The writing was so clinical, so emotionless.

“We have to get married first,” said Clay. “True, true.” I looked outside the window; the sunlight was so bright that it was blinding. “So you’d like to get married?” I looked back at him. “Yes, I would. This is your cue to go ring shopping and all of that. And then we can plan our wedding.”

Wow, how romantic….
And after this talk, how can the proposal be a big surprise???

The proposal had been perfect. In late fall, we had gone on a ski trip. I hadn’t suspected anything. I had just thought we were taking a vacation together.

And oh God, the sex scenes….

”Let’s come together,” I said.
“Are you ready? One, two, three…”


They decide they want kids when they’re drinking coffee, like it’s a thing you order online. And of course everyone is happy when the kid is ‘out of everyone’s hair’…

Shifters had a significantly shorter gestation period than humans, as well as a shorter childhood. By the time a year rolled around, our child would be ready to start preschool and would be out of everyone’s hair.

This is not an author for me.
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